I woke up with a few words about sensationalism on my mind.

I am a naturally enthused person. I have Moon Jupiter!

I’m like, YAY!

Howevs I want to make it real clear, c’est quoi the purpose of my excitement?!

Yesterday I wrote about themes of Liberation, and Opportunity, etc…
with the coming Full Moon.


No one (sadly) or (thankfully) is going to come along and release everyone from

prison… We know this.

But it can be tempting to say – Oh this amazing moon is going to fix me all up!-

Not so.

and peeps can even get a bit bitter!

That punk ass bitch moon didn’t do a thing for me!

The planets just keep rolling right around,

and from now through 2015 they really will,

or I should say WE will

under their influence and to some extent guidance,

really will change the structure and nature

of our lives and of life in our cultures.

The 1950’s in America, was quite different than the 1960’s after all,

and we are certainly in the midst of the biggest Astrology of our lifetime,

and as RANDOM as things get, and they do get random,

we are the key players, and in our own lives, certainly

the most important people we will ever meet!

So really, what I am talking about is mapping energy,

which is my job, and helping people to align themselves with it,

and use it to get where they would like to go.

To help people learn to live in the ways they would like to live,

and to use the whole of themselves fully in the lives they are in!

To use your energy best

one of the most important things you can do

is be aware of it!

If you are pissed off, well that’s a very good thing to know!

If your soul is starving,why is that!? And what does it need to eat?!


if you want to talk more drop me a line!

meanwhile, let’s dance



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