More on the Full Moon in Aquarius as promised !

This is a pretty special Moon,

coming as it does with the support of nearly the Whole Sky.


The Sun and Mercury in Leo,

Jupiter and Venus in Gemini,

Mars and Saturn in Libra,

Uranus in Aries, North Node in Sag.

Basically everyone gives this Moon a stamp of Approval,

which doesn’t mean an easy time, but rather a dynamic positive time,


which is further boosted by slow change up artist Pluto in Cap!

We can still expect that we may not have the whole story,
as Mercury retro continues into next week,

But this should (please god!)
move some stuck energy and increase forward motion
in areas you have been working to see progress.

Particularly any genius ideas or innovations
any ways you are trying to individuate… that’s Aqua territory

The rulers of Aquarius, are Saturn (in this case in Libra,)
an Air sign as is Aquarius, and Uranus in Aries, Fire!

Fire and Air are a good match, as they align willpower with brilliance,

and we should see some of that in evidence!

Things have been so harsh, so convoluted,

that although likely the weekend was pleasant enough,

we were all still internally processing all that came before it.

…and truthfully it’s not like this weekend didn’t have ramifications of its’ own.

and that is really a mark of our time right now.


It’s all significant.

like it or lump it… hahaha (Ijustsaidlikeitorlumpit! whosaysthat!!?)

love YOU!!!


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