Already thinking about Wednesdays Full Moon in Aqua!

Way To kick off August!

I like it. There are opportunities for everyone,

although what they are depends on your chart.

With all the Gemini and Libra action there is a lot to support this Moon,
and whatev Revelations/Culminations it provides.

I made a little Video, which is maybe not all that illuminating,
but it does give me a chance to say hi to everybody in person…

whether that is good or not…..

well we have to learn by doing…

Am I right?

I’ll talk more about the Full Moon tomorrow.

For today, get some work done Y’all! The Moon is in Capricorn.

As I feel it should be.

Is not Monday the Official Day of the Capricon Moon?!

I think it is.

Work work Workerbee.

Yes Ric Ocasek is a lunar Capricorn!

Conjunct Jupiter, in the 11th house, that gives him a little bit of Aqua flavor
to the Cappy Moon excellence.

Aries Sun and Mars!

Who but an Aries would name their band the Cars!

Awesome Possum!



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