I dunno how many of you follow your transits closely,
or check out your progressed chart,

but these can be illuminating!

If you want to check your transits and progressions skip on over
to www.astro.com they have got it all for charts!

I’ve got progressed my Mercury sitting in the Middle of my Merc./Mars Conjunction in LEO,

which is Opposed by my Progressed Moon in Aqua meanwhile…

my progressed MARS is on my Natal Moon exactly.

In transits
: Mercury is exactly on my Mars, and you know what?

Transiting MARS is conjunct my natal Uranus.

hahahahahaha! AHhahahahah!

You think I’m a little keyed up?!


If I don’t watch it, I may wind up strapped to a tiger like this poor girl

Who can relate?

How is the Glory of Mercury in LEO going backwards in your life affecting you?!

I’ll confess to some awesome creative moments and studying like a fiend.

More than a couple people I know are rethinking their hair (leo)

or their art (leo) self doubt is naturally on the prowl

The obvious email, text and phone snafus are de rigueur

and have shown up admirably.

Do tell in the comments, what’s up with the retrograde in your world?

When you need something….FELA

everytime yo.

always makes me feel so good to hear him sing “I no be gentleman at all.”


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