Hihihi Everybody!

I was going to post about the amazing Emily Wells,

and I will, soon soon, like later today or tomorrow.

But I had to take a second to just be in the now, as they say.

Now is a strange time.

If there is only one thing that is available to everyone now,

It is to streamline your intentions.

Mars and the Moon are close in Libra today

and you can feel Mars approaching Saturn

Whatever we got from the Venus/Sun transit is wrapping up,

if it was real it will last, and if not,

thank heaven for fleeting kisses of every shape and kind.


reality focus

incredible discipline
capable of overcoming enormous hardship

they meet in Libra = relationships.

there is a lot of finality going down, and about to go down!

As if we haven’t had enough!

I don’t write this shiz,

I just report it.

It has never been easier to know what matters, what counts.

The Sky is a war zone lately, more than it is not.

All around me I see people who have gotten their asses kicked thourougly.

Looking worse for wear is all the rage.

Whatever is not feeding you right now, you don’t need it.

Those people who wanna waste your time, you can’t have them.

and if you are the one… if you are the one wasting your own time,

just begin now.

Begin to take yourself seriously.

Commit to yourself. No one can stop you.

Fall down, get up, that simple.

Whatev the hoops you have to jump through,

you will jump, no need to get caught up in forms,

when you can totally flow as pure energy.

There is no need to let anyone dictate the terms of your existence.

See your life with your own eyes,

and enjoy it.

Sadness, rage, despair, frustration, even boredom has a flavor we would be so shortchanged not to taste.

As you read this your blood flows in and out of your precious heart like a f*cking marvel,

which it absolutely is.

….and now some stupidity to make you smile.



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