New Ideas, Lhasa, and Love

Happy Wednesday Y’all,

So things do lighten up a bit today. Less pas-agg and more easy breezy.
Yes it’s all still a big dark deal, but you can start to shine some light in the corners…
and breathe!

As Venus and Mercury move in to Sagg. Let the blabbing begin.
Talk about it, philosophize, speculate,
with support from the Moon and Neptune in Aqua,

Could be you just had a really great idea!
Or at any rate, LET GO!

You only have one life to live Hott Stuff, and it’s a full time job.
Haters gotta hate, and you gotta be you!

You know who might have liked today, one of my personal hero’s Lhasa de Sela.
An uber Libra, with a Gemini Moon, Venus in Leo, and Jupiter in Sagg.
Her chart would have caught a lot of support from the sky today,
so let’s listen to a song in honor of Lhasa.

I have heard this song so many times but never looked up the lyrics until today.
Peces. It’s about fishes right? Here are the lyrcis:

The virgin combs her hair
Between curtains and veils
Her hair is of gold
And the combs of fine silver

But look how they drink
The fish in the river
Look how they drink
To see god born

They drink and they drink and they drink again
The fish in the water to see god’s birth

The virgin goes walking and she goes
Walking all alone
And she has no company
But the child, by his little hand

The virgin washes swaddling clothes
And hangs them on the rosemary
The songbirds sing
And the rosemary blooms

So this is the birth of Christ, as the birth of a new idea.
Perfect for today, and honestly so full of lovely Pisces imagery and symbolism.
Love it!



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