Comfort Zone, Jupiter/Saturn

Yesterday I posted a cute graphic about getting out of your comfort zone.

just an observation

The idea is that getting out of our comfort zones

is something that expands our experience,

and thus our minds,

our emotions

and our capacities.

Jupiter= Big

Today I want to talk about what that really means.

For example, I am a fairly adventurous person.

My comfort zone involves what is commonly seen as taking risks.

If given the choice, I will usually opt for the thing I have never tried,

because, you know, I want to try it!

Guess what is out of my comfort zone ?

Meeting people’s parents. TRUE.

As a child I lived in a really hostile environment.

It was pretty much a given that things would be better if I didn’t exist.

As I grew up, people’s parents didn’t like me,
and I couldn’t wait to get out from under what I imagined to be their judgmental eyes and scrutiny.

See what I’m getting at… ?

It depends what you like, and it depends what you’re like.

Suddenly moving to Mozambique?

No problem!

Dinner with old people? Oh help!!!

Getting out of your comfort zone is good for EVERYONE.

Even me!

Patience is a stretch for an Aries

and Decisiveness for a Libra

Gemini wants to Analyze… and these are cliches,

but you get the idea…

What constitutes an adventure for you?

Tell me about it in the comments!



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