just an observation

Just a little PSA:
for setting your New Moon intentions

We know we should set new intentions, right? But this is easier said than done.

It’s not like a new years resolution.

It’s more experiential.

Take some time and actually imagine what it would be like,
if the things you wanted to be true, were true.

What would you have to do to get them, make them happen, realize them?

Now close that gap in small practical ways every day,

and never stop visualizing limitlessly all relaxed and happy

how it feels to do and be that.

Try it out on yourself.

Let knowing what you want, what you are growing towards, guide your intentions, every breath.

Here is a good block of writing from Annie Dillard~

“Thomas Merton wrote, “there is always a temptation to diddle around in the contemplative life, making itsy-bitsy statues.”

There is always an enormous temptation in all of life to diddle around making itsy-bitsy friends and meals and journeys for itsy-bitsy years on end.

It is so self-conscious, so apparently moral, simply to step aside from the gaps where the creeks and winds pour down, saying, I never merited this grace, quite rightly, and then to sulk along the rest of your days on the edge of rage.

I won’t have it. The world is wilder than that in all directions, more dangerous and bitter, more extravagant and bright. We are making hay when we should be making whoopee; we are raising tomatoes when we should be raising Cain, or Lazarus.”

that diagram is the work of Keri Smith



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  1. Mandy says:

    I’ve been a tomboy all my life. My kids have seen me in a dress once. I started wearing loose summer dresses this spring – wow!! Talk about expansion – why didn’t I do this years ago? The feeling of not being constricted is amazing (my lower chakras love me for this). I even stepped it up a notch and don’t wear underwear. Holy cow man, freedom and liberation. Little things sure can make a huge difference.

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