For the New Moon in Cancer

Read your Rising as well!!

In all of these areas you have suffered, that’s why you begin again.

, The Whole Shebang. Give yourself some time to Journal around this one, and plant the seeds you want to grow. With all of this deep energy, in 6 months you should be climbing jack’s beanstalk. Feed your dreams!

Leo, Your Secret place, fears too, that tangled garden deep in your soul, what flowers are blooming uncontrollably? Whose thoughts are you carrying around? Do those belong to you? Give yourself permission to see what is in your heart.

, Your place in the Community, your circle of friends, remember you gotta bend so you don’t break! Compromise co-operate, be the friend you want to have!

, Your Career and Public image. Do you need or want a mentor to help you? By now, you know well you have to take it in manageable steps. Plot your course, streamline your vision.

, Look Beyond. Do you want to travel, to learn something new, or is it just time to revisit the larger themes? People from other cultures, even just from across town have something to teach you… the road to power beckons, better show up as a student, ready to learn.

Sagittarius, New Moon = New Friends, and maybe even sexy ones who want to play with you! Things are shifting and we know you love new opportunities! You’re not going to be stuck out on your own forever.

Capricorn, Partners who Balance you. Yes you are evolving so rapidly it’s hard to remember if your shirt is even right side out!(kidding! I know your shirt is ALWAYS right side out. You still need love. This New Moon helps you let go of the past, and walk in to the present with a clear heart.

, Daily life you crazy workerbee! A fresh start for your health and routines. New Pets? Take care of your body. When it feels good, you feel good! Your health is irreplaceable!

Pisces, Do you want to Party with me? Kidding!! Keyword: Creative! Love affairs, a glammed up image, there may be too many people commin’ atcha, children and art projects, what about romance, what do you really wish for?

Aries, Home and Family, your core self. Who you are from the inside out.
Not just your mama issues, but the real you, the one with a secret sentimental heart.
Refresh and reconnect with you deep inside and the people who are your home.

Taurus, Renew your mind. Siblings friends and thinking.
~You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.~ That’s the one.
Give yourself a fresh start. Begin now!

Gemini, Money, your values, and what you do to make it.
Hey scaredy-cat, are you gonna follow your heart? I mean it! You know better than anyone right now that life is short. Let go of the fear, and find your passion, commit to it.

There you have it!

I know it’s cheezy but I <3 this song! How can you not!?

Start over with me!!!!

Love YOU!!!!


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    oh! is one of my faves along with this one …

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    Thanks Astrocat! I love that one too!

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