MARS/MOON/PLUTO and the rest of the crew kickin’ it atcha

No Joke No doubt

Here is really great article if you are interested in changing who you can become and what you allow yourself accomplish. I did skip the wall of text and read from the diagram on.
Change, it’s a beautiful thing, and def. our lot here on earth.

*Life is Change* has been my mantra ever since Pluto hit Capricorn in 2008.
Before that I had a feeling, but I just didn’t know.

These times we live in = AMAZING

and now for today

I hear Anna’s voice in my head saying

“Lights Camera Action!”


So Mars is active today.

Highly Active.

The best you can be is effective, the worst?

Hot headed and pissing in the wind.

and something a little less organized:

and finally:


somebody ought to redo that tiger biz, seriously!

Oh wait, they did! Dragonslayer hits it,

but it’s just not metal enough

I’ll spare you the video.

Get Sh*t done.

Kisses !!!

hahaha… still laughing.

Love YOU!!!

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