The Moon moves to Aqua a little later today,

and we should be able to breathe through whatev is coming our way.

Plans * Ideas * Schemes * Puzzles

That’s a grand trine in Air,

Take Advantage of your smarts.

and the people you know…. well, don’t take advantage of them!

but talk to them!

They may have the pieces to your puzzle and if the pieces don’t fit?….

then you will know something you did not know before and…

to sport an old cliche, Knowledge is Power.

People are moving fast, accidents are possible,

actual physical accidents

it’s alright to move quickly and do it deliberately while paying attention.

Pay attention to the structures of things in your life,

Who is Who

The roles are changing.

I can not say this strongly enough.

Lord Shorty breaks down the structure so you can see how the cut is made!

Doesn’t that feel so GOOD?!?!

>listen: now, and for the next few weeks People may go off!!!

Let them go!

and stay out of the way.

Don’t React. Act.

Stampeding Buffalo should not be stopped,

just avoided…. they can go over the cliff all by their lonesome….

You got better things to do and can’t be bothered.

Ima leave it out on some South African fashion photography by Chris Saunders.

Love him!

Check it Here



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