Welcome to your Monday!

This Week is POTENT!

Full Moon in Capricorn Mañana,

Cardinal T-Square

and Mars finally gets the F*cking Hell out of Virgo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It goes over to Libra, to start this biz for realz
not that Libra has a rep. for being decisive,
but just watch, as changes are made!

Libra is Bossypants w/a smile


Action and reaction.

Ruled by Venus:

you know, LOVE, Desire, Money, Value

and in the case of Libra specifically BALANCE.

It’s the scales.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is your MIND.

So, you know, we get out of our heads

start interacting….

and things go bonkers!

They do kinda go bonkers though!

About that Full Moon in Cap:

Full moons are EMOTIONAL

Something Capricorn can have a hard time expressing.

My father was a Capricorn Moon.

I will never forget how, when I was a child,

He would give me a hug at home,

BEFORE we took a cab to the airport,

so that he wouldn’t have to hug me in public when he put me on the plane!

That’s an extreme case!

This Full Moons is intense.

I want to remind you:

Fear is not a good basis for decision making.

Fear is not a strategy, and Capricorn is nothing if not strategic.

Tune in tomorrow…

for more about the madness…

PJ is a Libra Sun/Jupiter Conjunct with Mars exalted in Capricorn.
She’s got the Vibe…

Watching her warm up and catch up with herself performing

just beautiful

the look on her face of pure pleasure that she wrote this song and gets to sing it.




oh, and p.s.

She is wearing a GOWN! How Libra is that!

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  1. AstroCat says:

    pj makes gaga sound bieber

  2. o_lightning says:

    haha! 🙂

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