Astro Tavi Gevinson

So who made it through the Saturn Venus crackdown…?

Just what was the set up

now that we are nearly past the Saturn and Venus stations,

How did it turn out?

Go Venus GO! Move it!

Sparkle Magic Venus in Gemini is finally direct!

Progress can be made with art projects now,

You should have a handle on your love biz,
at least for the moment
and the $ too, improving in the next few…

Still plenty of disasters and surprises,

but progress can enter the picture.

Gemini are the eternal teenagers always up for cool music and gadgets

fashion and fun!

talk talk talking
about what they read and who they’ve seen

and what they heard…

making connections and passing along the latest news!

I want to give a shout out to Tavi Gevinson,

I have been checking her blog

the style rookie

since she was a wee lass in 2008 and Tavi is now 16!

Do you guys know about her, she is amazing!!!

She also has an online zine for teens

and her Ted Talk was pretty rad!


did you watch all the way through
and get to the part about how we should all should just be Stevie Nicks?!
Tavi, this is for you!

Dunno if Tavi Gevinson is a Gem, but I’d bet a fair chunk of change she’s got some..

Sparkly eye make up and all!

‘Course with Gemini there is always the distractibility factor,

which is what I happily offer you today.

Let’s go with the Virgins since we are on a teen trip!

I’ll tell you everything I know… perfect Gemini Magic



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