It’s a big weekend.

It’s almost like 5 weekends in one.

Uranus Square Pluto = Game Changer

Saturn and Venus about to move

Reality, as they say, is all around us

Things begin for Real,

No More Preliminaries

The past and the present co-exist like a mofo

Is there any such thing as time?

Is the drama of life all lived concurrently?

are we being born and simultaneously dying?

Are we taking that first step

Falling down the stairs

And running into the ocean as a child with no fear

Are we hiding in the corner under the stairwell hoping we will never be found?

Are we lying in a field in summer, the ordinary summer air providing immeasurable pleasure?

That horrid looping nightmare you can’t forget

That person you will never forgive

The one who kissed you and your heart was wild with joy

All happening now?

See what Dr Lanza Says

Let’s take the long view this weekend.

and catch some advise from old people.

Saturn figures come in handy when you are at a loss

This man planted 16 THOUSAND trees for himself and the giant tortoises he loves

The trees impress me as much as the tortises,
and I LOVE tortises!

The Moon is in Leo

I think Naomi Shelton can represent Leo Style Full On.

George Oppen writes

how shall I light
this room that measures years

and years not miracles….
but a direction
of things in us burning burning for we are not still…



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  1. Tam says:

    Cool video about the island!

  2. o_lightning says:

    I know, right? What a sweetheart!

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