I do think things are starting to pick up speed! I dunno if I would say it’s all going according to plan, but it’s all beginning to go, and there is perhaps, some plan discernible in the various machinations at work.

So this band, The hoof and the Heel is not half bad…

Sure the vid. is a little stagey but I’ve seen them play and they were the real deal.

What’s up with the name though?

“If I held out my hand, would you take it or mistake it
For I understand, and you hold it without waking….

Stolen moments keep on passing us by
I just don’t like that dirty look in your eyes
While we watched the fireworks fighting in the sky
Calling us in the night
To the place that we’re bound
You had to know Something
Quit messing me around……..”

Now for something sad/happy, or happy/sad.. is it?

After all with Jupiter in the works, you sometimes don’t know which endings are opportunities, and which chances are luck…

p.s. Tomorrow looks potent!



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3 Responses to Exxxcellent….

  1. M says:

    Love you back!

  2. M says:

    Cuz you’re doin it again… that thing where your thoughts directly relate to something I was just thinking, or saying… also for cool songs!

  3. o_lightning says:


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