Jupiter in Cancer Opposes Pluto in Capricorn

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Jupiter Opposition Pluto


Faith Meets Death

Is it reinvention in the extreme?
A struggle between Optimism and Compulsion?
Can you ever be on only one side?

What I am actually seeing in lives all around me,
is something like Death himself stealing your bicycle.

Just as you were heading out, ready, you thought.
Having had the support of the Grand Trine in Water,
balanced, considered, and the lure of a new horizon that much dearer to your heart,
seaming to offer something to everyone…

A practical grand adventure,
a wish that comes from the part of you that still believes…

What exactly is going on here?

Your big escape is not so easy,
Houdini is about to drown.

A sense of freedom, the promise of the future
destiny offers not one open glittering door as it had seemed,
but rather a thicket.

A dark wood full of glimmering lights,
and you with a twisted ankle.

It’s more than a fly in the ointment or
the realization that your hands in someone else’s pockets will not stand for long.

It’s not that you wont get where you are going,
it’s ~ how WILL you get there?~


no car, no bicycle, just you and the dusty road.
Oh! But this road is a 7 lane highway, and these trucks are roaring past us,
you CAN get a ride, but it’s their car, and wait! Where are they headed?!
That’s not it! That’s not my direction! It’s it destiny or a travesty?!
Why am I in this car?!


Perhaps, it’s simpler to say you are as free as you are desperate,
But that is absolutely incorrect!
Give fear nothing to eat, and she will die.

What is need is a sense of personal POWER, and some Deep Ingenuity.
Freedom comes with calm commitment, your commitment to your own life.

The terrain promises to keep changing, and we all are (for the moment)
obligated, not so much to finish what we started in 2007,
as to accept that we are still playing that hand.

Cardinal T-Square

There is a guaranteed surprise in this,
as in all surprises, you will not see it coming…
even if, somehow, a glimmer made it in to your consciousness…

every baby that is born is a surprise, to the very pregnant mama

Miracles are involved, it’s an extraordinarily large story…
Transformations, and plot twists, angels dressed as devils and so often, the reverse.

There are mirages and missed chances,
boats launched and treasures sunk.

In all of this,
Jupiter Opposition Pluto,
with both planets Squaring Uranus
Asks that you locate your inner Freedom and Security.

Find that which can not be taken, by charm or by force.

Polica lyrics, often worth a look, here especially.

Remember that both Uranus and Pluto are still retrograde.
The landscapes they alter are as internal as they are physical.

Partnerships come into focus:
Love grows you. Love you share.
It’s a particularly bad time to make deals with the Devil,
there will in fact be hell to pay.

Saturn in Scorpio, never out of the loop in these years.
TRUST. What is it?
Do you trust yourself?

Maybe along some lines, says Neptune, Is this a meaningless question?

What is being asked is,
Can you commit to yourself and to those you love?
To your story, to giving yourself what you need to survive?


Crab Jupiter Opposition Capricorn Pluto
Is that when Dad beats Mom with all four children watching?
Or when Mom leaves the man who beats her, because she must.
Personal Power
What’s to be done with it?
is it how the next chapter goes?

The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 20th is going to have plenty to say about all this.
Sparks shooting in all directions.

Keep your heart straight and keep loving.

breathe deep.

Love YOU!!!!


* this photo comes from an adventurous fashion blog, long a favorite, Kingdom of Style

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