December 27, 2012

Pretty soon the Moon will cross from Gemini to Crab.
It’s a good day to work creatively,
To take charge, but gently, and for the greater good.
Mars into Aqua feels fresh and dynamic…

What’s new with you?

Here is one for EVERYBODY a la Mars in Aqua:

right on! I LOVE them!!!

New groups and associations forming?
Banding together under common interests?
Going your own quirky way?

I just read Raphael Saadiq in a Prisus advert. saying:

-Conformity erodes the soul.-

I’ll give you a song of his later!

That is a very Aquarian maneuver, combining ethics,(including the ethics of commercials) actual inspiration, and a rather direct message to the masses.

(Raphael is a multiple Taurus, but his Sun is driven by a retrograde Uranus conjunct Pluto, in Virgo.) Sorry!! Tangent!

Use your power as an individual for the benefit of everyone.
The more you individuate and rock it,
the more others feel inspired and comfortable doing the same.

If haters show up to hate,
hey man don’t deprive them of their favorite activity,
it’s got nothing to do with you!



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