November 23, 2012

The shape of things that can’t be easily measured
Turn, pivot, and change.

Monday evening Mercury goes direct in Scorpio. THANK YOU MERCURY!

This week:

A Huge Jupiter/Neptune Powered Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon
in Gemini on Wednesday.

Venus Conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio

Mars Conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and Squares Uranus in Aries.

It looks like depth, power, commitment and the pain of making a choice.

For the Eclipse:
how do you feel(Moon) about the new information (Gemini)?

You may have to re-frame the info coming in
from the Eclipse more than once,
to understand it in any kind of practical way.

What is needed is some kind of freedom,
the kind that comes when you choose.
You let go of all the choices you didn’t make.
You are finally not looking over your shoulder, you commit.

No matter how you decide, doors slam shut as you open some others.

We will see results this week, and they will be significant.

The landscape is being redrawn, and what vision emerges by the end of the week,
is both informative and potent.

Power plays, yes,

Recalibration, yes

Hidden info coming to light, yes

Cruelty, possibly

Sacrifice, maybe, but not for nothing. Venus Conjunct Saturn knows value

Commitment: one way or another.

To yourself, to someone else,
the stars are practically screaming:

– Now that you know the deal, FOCUS and COMMIT-

but wait, wait until you have ALLLLLLLLLLL the info
After Mercury Direct, After the Eclipse,

While you wait, hang loose and float flexibly if possible,
there will be plenty to react to…

Don’t react, RESPOND and only if you want to.
No answer is an answer,

or it is, at least until such a time as there is an answer you want to make.

(why do I get the feeling I will be called on to take my own advise here?)

With Mars in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and Square Uranus,
your commitment to achievable goals will be called into question
by unforeseen circumstances, NO DOUBT.

Capricorn is the one who must climb back on the horse after being thrown.
Being humble, committed, and deep is rewarded this week.
Changing to a NEW Innovative (Uranus in Aries) strategy to get where you are going is A- OK.
Think (Capricorn) long term (Scorpio) schemes.

So let’s begin here, with new information coming in.

Here it comes… What are you saying?
What are people saying to you?

Love YOU!!!


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