November 5, 2012

There is a truth embedded in every lie.
Usually more than one. The why of the lie; that is the truth for you to find.

I wish I could say November looks like a beautiful month. It doesn’t look like that. It looks like a crime scene or a prison break, it looks like something that happens in the dark and no one knows what it really means until later. Was that an innocent man escaping?

It looks like the scripts are lost, the actors make up their lines, and you, the director, are blindfolded and can’t see the audience faces. What is that sound? Are they laughing or crying? Everyone has gone silent, is it over, or merely a dramatic pause for effect? If you speak now, will you ruin it? If you wait will they go home?

Mercury goes spinning backwards, Neptune slides ahead.

Mid-month there is a Huge Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct the North Node,
amidst Mercury Square Neptune. It’s an opportunity to tell the truth if only you know what it is.

Sometimes you have to choose in the dark.

Sometimes you can’t know IF if you are in the dark,
it looks… well it looks reasonably bright in here, I mean…

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to November 5, 2012

  1. cc says:

    no wonder my head is so foggy.. my gemini mercury is hit hard by the current sky.
    the solar eclipse will be conj MC and pluto. should i fear that my secrets will be exposed in the public eye? or anyway they are exposed (pluto) in the public eye (MC)
    today i just realized that you can fade in someone’s soul and the fact that they love/admire/appreciate you at some point in your life should never be taken for granted.
    i love your blog

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey CC, thanks for writing! I <3 comments! I'm super tripped out under current transits as well, it's pretty funny! I kind of like the Merc/Neptune vibe, but I'm glad no one is following me around with a camera! Ahahha! Maybe you will get some recognition for your (pluto) dedication? That certainly seems true that one can fade in another's heart, although I always hope that some spark remains. I'm so happy you love my blog! Having people love it makes it really worthwhile. xoxxoxx

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