In the past three days I have gotten five wasp stings

All in the same part of the same hand.

Messages from the world around me are so pointed yet so oblique.

What is the proper response to five wasp stings in one place?

Is it universal delivery acupuncture?

It seems like we have all been stung quite a bit, and now we just have to float with it

at least over the weekend, and let the chips fall where they may.

The hands of Justice are already at work

It’s never to late to start a war, or be lethally angry.

If that is where you are headed, wait until next week.

Saturday especially, people are fierce!

So, this weekend is that epic Aries Moon

Dos and Don’ts:

don’t hang out with crazy people

do dress well

don’t pick fights

do be active

also pay attention, watch and learn

I learned about a tiny dragon.



I’m going to get on that tiny dragon and ride through the air into tiny battle

against tiny fearsome warriors!

Meanwhile, I’ll listen to this:

especially this second song! True <3 4evah! Gotta listen to all three though... it's a song cycle Have a Beautiful Weekend! Love YOU!!! XoX

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  1. sophiepiscesmoon says:

    I feel a bit numb after this week. I might sit on my tiny dragon at home and look at the moon out the window. Or maybe just go buy some plants to nurture. I just want to get through to 5th Oct with my sanity intact. I have been remembering your advice about turbulence, and trying to flow and move with it rather than go rigid (brace, brace!). But I had a lot of metaphorical wasp makes you just want to react! Hope your hand heals soon. x

  2. ASTROCAT says:

    so if u have a tiny dragon it’s ok to fly into battle but otherwise wait? and what hand of justice is it u refer to? seems to be about as rare as the tiny dragon. maybe it will make its rare apprearance soon

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Astrocat, I think when you have a tiny dragon you get to do all kinds of things you don’t get to do otherwise.;)
      Mine hasn’t shown up yet. Justice is Saturn. In Libra, now, soon to be in Scorpio for 2plus years, starting October 6th.
      Anyone who has not learned their Libra lessons of balance and fairness can expect some schoolin as we move into Scorpio.
      Saturn does not move quickly. he is the old man. Father Time. xox

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hi sophiepiscesmoon, I can relate! I hope the view of the moon is soothing. My hand is getting better fast. Thank You! xox

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