Lot’s of Air in the sky today: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn.

Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Libra respectively.

Thoughts, ideas, communication

Your obligations to the people you partner with, at work and at home.

Uranus in Aries =

Restless Individuation

Overthrowing the Past

Still heading in to that giant Aries Full Moon

One way to use this energy productively is

to face the truth about your life and yourself with courage and honor.

Aries is a HERO!

The more shy and reclusive among us may gather their wits and bravery.

Energetically some of you will start to see things pivot now.

As bad as it’s been, and as 1000% bats as this weekend promises to be,

Some of you who have been doing your best will begin to have the tides turn in your favor.

Facing reality is a factor.

The house lights will come up, and the actors will go home.

If this story you are in is a true story, tell me, what is it about?


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