PSYCHOTIC I mean uh… Full Moon in Aries

Because this week is PSYCHOTIC I mean MAGIC

It’s going to help to have a game plan.

A plan that involves streamlining your motivations and your involvements.

We are talking about a Giant Full Moon in Aries this weekend

The Full Moon in Aries is Conjunct Uranus and Square Pluto.

Venus in Leo continues to Square Mars in Scorpio

Intensity builds starting NOW

Really, your main hope is to call on all the Saturn/Libra at your disposal

and be mature, gracious, polite,

and give everyone plenty of rope to hang themselves,

while you get your nails did… feel me?

Or ah… pimp your ride…

get outside in nature…watch the game… work out…whatev people do…

Plan, take notes,

Being in your body is a good idea, exercising, having sex

chillin with the people you love the best and cutting everyone some slack

Realize Right Now

(see how bossypants it gets!)

That people are going OFF

and VOW not to be one of them,

unless of course you are like a brave and crazy channel of higher goodness ; O

Be SOUL MOTIVATED this week.

Come from deep inside

Courage. Take Heart.

There is only one person on this earth you control

Be clear, realistic and think long term.

Nothing frantic.

Measured and Balanced

Put Saturn on your side.

This man right here is your best friend:

Don’t do anything He wouldn’t do.

He does not get triggered by the evil sh*t that people say.

This week you don’t get an easy answer.

And to deal requires, manners, self-control and faith.

Let’s just say Michael Cera in this video is not your hero.

What are the chances he wakes up in a field with mud mashed on his face,

and in trouble with his folks?

No you don’t….

Love YOU!!!!


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