Don’t let this happen to you Kittens!

Everyone is Keyed Up one way or another,

and as the Sun moves to Libra on Saturday…

once again the gloves come off.

Libra likes fair.

Saturn, who as we know is


is wrapping up it’s 2plus years in his exaltation in Libra.

Yes from now until October 6th is the finale…

Consequences fo sho in October as Saturn moves to Scorpio!

So Saturday the Sun arrives to shine a light on what is actually going down.

As the Cardinal T-Square forms again

Now, all Next Week, the Weekend…

Get ready for a reckoning.

It’s ugly, which Libra hates,

but there is no one who can go pound for pound,

and not give up until all accounts are balanced

the way Libra (and specifically Saturn in Libra) can do it.

Saturn can Do it To Death

How Libra is that Video?!?!!

Not in the video, but at the beginning of the song on the actual album,

James asks “Fellas, how should we do it?”

Fred Wesley and the whole crew answer ” DO IT TO DEATH”

Thank you Immortal Gods the JB’s!

You do your part:

Balance your personal accounts.

Come correct interpersonally,

and that means take no shorts as well.

Your toes are not for stepping on, as I’m certain you know.

It must be said over the next week:

Woe unto you, you sneaky bastard, if in fact you are a sneaky bastard.

Today the Moon is in Sagittarius, which helps the vibe stay upbeat.

Get some exercise! No Really! You will feel better.

Venus in Leo still squares Mars in Scorpio.

The Diva vrs the Sexy Darkness,

could be fun, or just ridic drama.

Make no mistake there is WAR all around you

and you are probably in it much deeper than you think.

Fight Fair, don’t forget about pleasure and joy, and laughter.

I do believe laughter keeps us sane.

…. and now a word from our sponsor….

Eddie Izzard on intelligent design:

thanks Eddie!

Listen, all you Lovely Libras will have a birthday message out from me real soon!

I would never forget about you!!!


Have a beautiful weekend!!!



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  1. o_lightning says:

    throwing up is an Opera! Best line of the day! xoxo

  2. Django Hulphers says:

    I love this dancing. It’s making me all jerky and twitchy.

  3. Lux says:

    Hell yeah, thank you :0).

  4. o_lightning says:

    You’re so welcome Lux!

    Django, I love the dancing too! I also love how individual everyone’s style is. No generic short skirts, or boring tee-shirts, etc..

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