The Moon is in Scorpio.

Mercury in Libra,

‘course Mars is still chillin in Scorpio too

the Sun, you know it, Virgo.

So at best, you politely (libra) offer help (virgo) that is actually in your best interests (scorpio)

At no time do you show your hand or get emo.

Got that?

it makes a T-Square with Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Libra,
and it shoots an arrow aimed right at the crabs.

It can be very surprising what people will say.
You might be surprised at what you say.


Pay attention

Watch and Learn

Scorpio and Virgo are an ace team at details.

What you need to know, you will find out.

Which dominoes will fall this week?

Plot, Plan, Analyze,

do it all with a smile on your face.

You are not insincere, you are canny, and there is a difference!

Lhasa de Sela has a song..
She was a Libra: Sun Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, with Mars in Virgo.



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