September 14, 2012

Hey Dude,

How’s it hangin’?

I said that just to make you Virgos cringe!

It’s your birthday season, Somebody’s got to tease you up!
I was just explaining getting your period to an 8 year old, and then
I wondered briefly if I should stop making a video I was considering,
because I’m not ovulating and that is when strippers make their best tips…
Yes!! When they are ovulating! (Yes! I read the study!)

‘course technically I’m not a stripper…
So check the emphasis on TABOO Scorpio type topics.

That is where we are bound.
This is the prequel, Mars in Scorpio Square Venus in LEO
but the real movie is going to begin on OCTOBER 6th.

Put the date in your calendar.

Things are not about to get easy breezy.
Oh no my friend. Dark and Deep.
Make sure you gots your scuba gear.

We are going deeper.
Meanwhile….. This weekend…..


New Moon in Virgo Saturday

Smarten Up and Clear Out
Clean Up, Plan

Get yourself Refreshed and Pulled Together

Get ready for Next Tuesday

Deep forces.
Yes, next Tuesday Pluto is finally direct and Squaring Uranus most dramatically.

From Tuesday on,
It is pretty much one thing after the other for pretty much the rest of September!
Not like one pesky thing… no no no more like the real deal.

Cardinal T-Square City

when Saturn Scoots over to Scorpio on October 6th,
Things get stark. Very Very stark.

for the Virgos and co. let’s have the definition of stark:

rigid in or as if in death
strong, robust
utter, sheer
barren, desolate

(1) : having few or no ornaments : bare
(2) : harsh, blunt

That Stark.

Let’s hope you can play the hand you are dealt

This weekend….?
Streamline Simplify.


p.s. Stop panicking about relationships.
do your best BE REAL and give it to God.
That’s all you can do now.

Love YOU!!!

double p.s.

totally just jumped around to this silly song…
you can do it too..

no judgement. haha


triple p.s.

in case you are wondering that photo up top is from A Woman is a Woman
one of my all time favorites by Goddard. And it features some true Scorpio Action.
“A French striptease artist is desperate to become a mother. When her reluctant boyfriend suggests his best friend to impregnate her, feelings become complicated when she accepts.”
Watch it! Plus, how cute are Jean-Claude Brialy and Anna Karina ?!

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