Be nice to yourself today.

The Moon is waning…

On Saturday it’s a very clear New Moon in Virgo.

The New Moon is when you plant the seeds you want to grow.

Right now, let go.

It’s not a bad day to coast if you can.

There is plenty to think about, and next week is going to be hectic.

Oh Bob!

it does make me feel good….

Love YOU!!!


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  1. Tam says:

    Loved Bob!

    I hope you have some happy little clouds in your life this week!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thanks Tam! You are so sweet! I listened to this song about five times today! xoxox

  3. o_lightning says:

    With all that belief I’m curious about his Jupiter/sag situation. He is so great!

  4. Tam says:

    He was born October 29, 1942 in Daytona Beach, FL

    I don’t know the birth time. Jupiter in Cancer and probably Moon in Cancer.

    Venus conjunct Sun in Scorpio

  5. o_lightning says:

    Interesting! Jupiter in Cancer does make for a very loving persona. He wants to help everyone paint! And he kept at it with that Scorp. dedication. Nice!

    thanks Tam!

  6. Django Hulphers says:

    I love that painting. Do you know who artist is?

  7. o_lightning says:

    Hi Django, I’m sorry I can’t remember who painted that.

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