Lemmy, a Saturn Figure as Saturn moves to Scorpio

This Week:

Wake up and be 3million times the grownup you have ever been.

Take no shortcuts.

Don’t act like a baby or you will have your head bitten off by a mongoose.

Ditto for any snake-like behavior.

This is for real.

What would Lemmy do?

Such an brilliant Saturn figure.

“We just wouldn’t die.”

Is it wrong to love Lemmy so deeply and for so long?


No, scratch that,

What would you do if this was your last two weeks to make things right?

Ladies and Gents, in the interpersonal realm, this is your last two weeks to make things right…

….before you begin to feel the very real effects of having made them wrong!

Do your best.

You are free to care, to cut your losses, to do what you feel you must.

make the call

walk away



I tried so hard to pick a fav, but it could not be done.
I got you a random top 99 Motorhead Vids…

Know what?

Saying something doesn’t make it true.

What did you do?

What will you do?

This is not the time when you get your wishes answered,

unless your wish involves dealing with the results of all your choices.

Both good and misguided choices bring results and this, (karma) is what we face now.

September is about really accepting with all your heart,

that no human can be everything you want them to be,

and deciding to love them anyway.

Or not. Some people just can’t be loved by you.

Not in that way.

Everyone’s pathology is on display at this point.





Depth is not always pretty.

It’s heavy, sticky, and the reason there are stains on your new dress.

It’s very hard to accept that certain people just don’t care about you.

Accept it.

They don’t, and there are people that by now… you know better than to care about anyway.

Now is not the time to kid yourself.

put the slap from Moonstruck up on Friday, and I went ahead and watched the whole movie.

It was great, in part because Lorreta asks for her due from everyone at all times.
She doesn’t want just whatever she is given. Respect. It’s not a dirty word.

In the end she has to deal with the fact that love is ultimately a mystery,
and that when you love,
acceptance of the imperfect, inconvenient nature of the loved one
is the price we pay for loving at all.

As we will find out in October, without depth… there is nothing.

Love YOU!!!


The best part of that video is just watching Lemmy’s face.


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