How you see yourself is HUGE!

I mean, the way you see yourself matters.

The stories you tell yourself,

the possibilities you give yourself,

the places you allow for yourself to grow.

and of VAST m*therf*cking importance is the room you give yourself to be imperfect;

to try and botch it, and not give up, not even in a dogged “Never give up!” way.

But just in a relaxed, “So that wasn’t all there, let me go again.”

Take the pressure of yourself so you can get there.

If you’re coming from the heart, you are doing it right.

As long as you are learning you will make mistakes.

Let’s always ALWAYS be learning.

Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow.

Will you do that with me?

Meanwhile from inside your head….

Click click click

Is that the sound of the pieces falling in to place?

They will do that a little today if you let them.

I think Nina Simone is the Empress of all Pisces!

The biggest changes today come from shifting your perspective toward your circumstances,

rather than changing the circumstances themselves…

….that comes later in the month..

Love YOU!!!!


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  1. sophiepiscesmoon says:

    wow, what a woman. So rare to see someone who is channeling ‘themselves’ so purely and intensely. No mask, no fear, just ‘me’ / ‘I’, take it or leave it. And using the instrument: voice /body / piano to do so.

  2. o_lightning says:

    She is astonishing! and a great argument for Pisces having access to the energy of all 12 signs. xox

    • sophiepiscesmoon says:

      Ah, yes. When she gets up at the end, she seems like a lion, raw power and this isn’t what you imagine at all with pisces. The complexity of dealing with all that inside must be intense. Knowing my moon, the emotional register is wide and ever changing! Good food for thought when considering neptune energies.

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