Saturn in Libra, Loss in Relationship

I heard this song today

and it made me want to talk about Saturn and Loss.

So I made you a vid. Can you tell I’m having a Moon/Neptune transit?!


I have such strong Neptune on my Moon in my Natal Chart that it’s a case of biz as usual,
or extra-usual, if you know what I mean…

How is your week treating you?

I’m looking forward to Venus moving in to Leo. That’s right! You heard me!

Should be fun! Lions start purring on Thursday.

Good for Cancers, a little $ in pocket…

Venus in Leo is going to Square Mars in Scorpio…

and I have ringside seats!

I like them both! If nothing else we can be sexy and well dressed! Yes?!

More about that laterz




How could I leave out Mercury?!!?

It’s over there in Virgo getting Opposed as well!
Le Sigh

Merc is thoughts… You get the picture….

Love YOU!!!

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