Welcome to September!

Bold Aries Moon Today.

With Mars in Scorpio to back it up.

How nice is that?!

Sting is the Aries in that clip, and Mr Twin Peaks is the Scorpio

Sorry if my sense of humor doesn’t translate, but that clip makes me smile.

Try to make Aries and Scorpio work together: be Strategic and Effective.

I like the energy boost, especially after the weekend,

where honestly, I felt like this:

The weekend required that we all submit to our circumstances,
how good that feels prob. depends on what they are…

Could have been tripped out casual happy times,

or the true crush of disillusionment… a little of both?

Today Venus Squares Saturn, and later the Moon Opposes it.

Venus/Saturn =

Real love

Limited love

Love that you have to Work for

Love that Overcomes Obstacles

Love you Reject

Love that Rejects you

True Love

Love that causes Sacrifice

Grown Up Love

Love you feel in your bones

All you peeps with Capricorn and Venus/Saturn in aspect know what I’m talking about.

Moon/Saturn and Capricorn Moon is similar, and carries a tinge of depression,

Of the seriousness and weight of life.

Venus Saturn often hurts to feel

and when you have it,

it is all too easy to reject someone before they can reject you…

especially if you like them!

Wouldn’t it be simpler if you only liked them a little bit..

How can you know?

Saturn wants evidence, and Venus after all is usually a feeling….

Venus Saturn is more comfortable alone, where no one can harm them…

but then they get lonesome….

Love is risky, no doubt!

It’s also where we learn the most.

The drive to accept and comprehend another human has got to be the most beautiful thing going.

Plus kissing! Let’s not forget about kissing!

Is trust what love is?

I wonder this all the time, maybe not, but so related!

The more you understand the more you love.

So Venus activates Saturn in Libra today,

Not just for lovers, but also for families.

What are your responsibilities…

What limitations has love placed on your lifestyle

and your wallet.?

What’s the Saturn in Libra message?

Who are you saying goodbye to, and why?

It’s all about: Balance. Fairness. Reciprocity.

We will all be forced to finish what we started one way or another.

If finishing it is ending it, that counts too.



Whether you like it or no, casual romance is pretty f*cking dead.

Things get real.

Fantasy = Passé

If you want something, GO FOR IT!

But do look twice before you cross the street.

Pluto turns direct mid-month,
at the New Moon in Virgo.

Look out Kittens: It’s ON!

When Pluto kicks into high gear… no more messing around.



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  1. sophiepiscesmoon says:

    As a solitary venus square saturn this is spot on…oh, so lonely…but oh so safe! I agree love is trust, and trust takes work…working on it, working on it! You’re making me want to watch Dune again!

  2. o_lightning says:

    I hear you sophiepiscesmoon! Venus/Saturn is a major player for me. Real LOVE. Yeah, It’s been a while, but Dune didn’t look half bad in the clip!

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