Moon In Aquarius.

Detach, Activate, Move On.

undercurrent of pain and unsatisfied desires…

all the paths not taken

Where the roads split, the break is so sharp, you will never find your way back.

It’s as if your home burnt to the ground.

And yet you carry it with you….

there is no past that is not also present, and that’s the rub.

Dear Photograph….

Don’t get stuck there. It’s a beautiful site…
but today you must keep the energy moving.

~ and when there is a promise of a storm, if you want change in your life, walk into it.
If you get on the other side you will be different~

I think Bernice Regan Johnson says that…

Love YOU!!!


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  1. Shay says:

    Thank you, first of all, for this clarity. I feel like a lunatic tonight, so full of heavy hearted downtrodden hope and still so empty of human contact. That real human interaction, palm to palm, on a common journey kind of connection. My heart hurts with an aching dullness that feels like it will sink me into blissful orbit around this pit of gloom. I’m ready for it. Too tired to fight it anymore tonight. But I don’t feel it through and through. There are still gold colored phoenixes waiting to fly through the bars of my rib-cage. My body hurts but thank god/dess for that feeling. I will carry on. Through this crossroad time. Through this shadow age. My heart is on fire and my body made of water. I’ll cry and try to paint. This too shall pass…

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thanks for writing Shay! Crossroads time it is. Keep breathing. You are strong enough for this. xoxoxxo

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