Happy Friday!

The Sun in Virgo Opposes Neptune in Pisces, and when that happens,

there is a story somewhere….

Who is the victim?

Who is the savior?

Who is the real bad guy? (Will the real Bad Guy please stand up!!)

It’s a good weekend for smooching, provided you have someone to smooch…

Who is the dreamer?

I think it’s me.

the middle of that song kinda makes me smash my eardrums with a fork….

but the images are SO Pretty! Not to be missed.

and the captions! “Heaven is where you and I kiss each other”

A grown woman asked me if I was part fairy the other day!

Not kidding!! If I was, would I know it?!
Sakes Alive!

If someone asks you, does that mean you can be part fairy from now on?
Is that all it takes?

In other news,

Mars is in Scorpio Y’all,

SUCH a Scorp. Song!!!

Love it!! Not one casual thing about it!

Scorpio is serious biz!

Mars in Scorpio is going to go ahead and try to get what it wants.

How fun that is depends on who does the wanting,

and with the Sun/Neptune Opposition what roles you give each other in the story you are telling…

The Moon is in Sagittarius over the weekend,
and we may see some of this too!

Sagittarius is happy just to take the “walk”

when I was in high-school “taking a walk” was a euphemism for “doing it”


Have a fun weekend kittens,

catch you on the flipside…


“A great many people don’t know how to laugh at all. A man can give himself away completely by his laughter, so that you suddenly learn all of his innermost secrets. Laughter calls first of all for sincerity, and where does one find sincerity? Sincere and unspiteful laughter is mirth. A man’s mirth is a feature that gives away the whole man, from head to foot. Someone’s character won’t be cracked for a long time, then the man bursts out laughing somehow quite sincerely, and his whole character suddenly opens up as if on the flat of your hand. Only a man of the loftiest and happiest development knows how to be mirthful infectiously, that is, irresistibly and goodheartedly. I’m not speaking of his mental development, but of his character, of the whole man. And so, if you want to discern a man and know his soul, you must look, not at how he keeps silent, or how he speaks, or how he weeps, or even how he is stirred by the noblest ideas, but you had better look at him when he laughs. If a man has a good laugh, it means he’s a good man.”
– Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Whiskey River

Love YOU!!!!!

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  1. Astrocat says:

    I have a silent laugh. What does that mean? I laugh more than anyone I know tho. And I’ve met a few fairies along the way too.


  2. sophiepiscesmoon says:

    what a wonderful quote – and so true. Also, what you wrote yesterday about virgo season and the sound of pencils being sharpened was very funny. I couldn’t resist sending it to a dear virgo of mine, it’s good to gently tease them for their ways. I have virgo rising so I’m sympathetic to their plight 😉

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