Happy Birthday Virgos!!!!

What is that crisp woodsy scent I smell in the air?
and that whirwhirwhir sound?

Why it’s all the Virgos of the world sharpening their pencils

and getting ready to write and draw!
No surprise that September is when we go back to school.

Virgo is a sign that is both mental and physical.
They are magicians, bringing form to ideas,
and CRAFTSMAN! Big time.

If you want to know how the parts make up the whole, ask a Virgo!

Although ruled by Mercury (communication)
Virgo is an Earth sign,
sure they can be way chatty,
but they are interested in the potential impact of the information,
not just news for it’s own sake…. see that little bit of info might come in handy
to help someone out of a pickle, and Virgos live to help.

Happy to play white knight or sometimes whiny victim.
They either need help or give it….. as long as it’s not too messy….
they are not in it for the drama and emotional highs (see Scorpio for that)

Instead Virgo truly, actually, really, wants to help and make things better.
Virgo perfects things!
You, me, them, this sentence…..
they have knack for knowing just what would make everything that much more realized!

In Honor of Virgo we must check out this site,
Because the fact is, YOU ARE GOOD AT THINGS

Virgo rules the details and as we all know, that’s where the devil is!
If you want a highly skilled lover look no further:
Let’s just say Virgo has done their homework.
The search for perfection knows no bounds!

‘Course being the servant of the zodiac has it’s drawbacks,
it’s easy to get down on yourself,
when you can always see how you could have done better,
no matter the scenario.
If you love a Virgo APPRECIATE THEM!!!!
They will nearly go out of there skin with happiness.

Show and tell them what a wonderful job they did!
…. and better yet, clean their car or do their dishes…
bring them a tiny present!

You know with Virgo, it’s the little things!



Great year for creativity Virgos! and.… who has fallen in love?!

Watch your tongue these days because with Mars in your Solar Third House,
your words are SHARP! Cutting words bring harsh results,

So go easy!

Love YOU!!!!


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