I woke up this morning and felt fear vibrating through my body
and I had to wonder why.

It’s because I don’t like making people angry.

I have hard core childhood conditioning that makes me avoid it like anything.

besides that, I’m not scared of much!

and I’m not really sure what I think will happen if people are mad at me,

Will I melt like a cube of sugar?

am I really that sweet?

maybe not kittens, maybe not.

The sky today:

We are out of the Merc. Retro shadow zone….
hopefully calls will stop being missed and computers will behave themselves,
and the boy/girl that you really want to call you, they ought to go ahead and give you a call!
That was the most intense shadow zone in recent memory! Madness!!!

It’s nearly VIRGO time!!!

Those earthly magicians giving form to ideas, perfecting ummmm…


Virgos are totally unsung heroes, they make sure you have the all the pieces of the puzzle,

‘Course they may not want to finish it, because then the fun would be over!
Don’t worry Virgo! Finish it and move on! There is always more stuff to fix.

Mars is moving to Scorpio on Thursday, decisive action and backroom MANEUVERS.


We are in it kittens, and the word of the day is FORCEFUL.

Can you say forceful?

I knew you could.

Mars in Scorpio is a little preview of where we are headed when Saturn arrives in October.

The future is here.

“The greater danger for most of us
is not that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it.”
– Michelangelo

Now is when we say goodbye to the old life,

to whatev has sustained you this far

not any more….

that little scrap of blankie gets ripped out of your fist.

good bye good bye.

Love YOU!!!!


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