Odd or Evil, Cardinal T-Square Exact, Love, Venus in Cancer, Chiron

To have a good day is more than I expect, sometimes.
But I did enjoy the one that started with my child asking,
while looking at the calendar, “Is today an odd or evil day?”
-whiskey river

just kidding!

We will totally not be evil today,
as today is one of those days where the whole world seems to pivot,
and remake itself anew based on your actions.

With Venus involved,
this is about love
It is also about values, money and family
and whether you continue on with someone in your life,
or say goodbye forever.

How about those tricky ones where you say goodbye,
but you have to continue to deal.

Do you realize you were wrong?
Or have you never been more right?

Is it not a matter of right and wrong, but just a matter of NOW
and then,

……way back in the time that used to be…

Diplomacy is required.

Once more:
Today is one of those days where the whole world seems to pivot,
and remake itself anew based on your actions

This is from smarty pants Abraham Maslow who had so much to do with creating the idea of self-actualization.

~ People tend to be reluctant to go through the fluctuations, and destabilization necessary to escape to a higher order, preferring to retain their usual rigid reality, determined to hang on to their present structure. It’s a natural tendency to resist the unknown and to want to protect the established structure/ego.

Not only do we hang on to our psychopathology, but we tend to evade personal growth because it brings fear, awe, feelings of weakness and inadequacy. We resist, we deny our best side, our talents, our finest impulses, our highest potentialities, our creativeness.~

This happens, but lets have fun for a moment thinking about all those times we don’t.
The times we recognize and have compassion for our imperfect selves

We release ourselves from having to be perfect,
We begin to grow like a plant toward the sunlight of who we are really

The moments we change our actions because we know there is a better way.
The times we are open to our highest selves and the feeling is so beautiful,
that for a moment it feels endless.

When we believe in ourselves and take the risk
The times we affirm who we are and what we can be

The hours of repetition, hard work and commitment that bring us where we are going.
Those days when we are open to infinite pleasure, which is the birthright of being alive.

Is today an odd or evil day?

Odd I hope.

p.s. the Mercury Shadow Zone vibe has been ridic…
connections and comuniques may be random, missing, or hard to follow…

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Odd or Evil, Cardinal T-Square Exact, Love, Venus in Cancer, Chiron

  1. M says:

    Alright, today’s post actually made me hold back in the name of diplomacy, something I’m ordinarily pretty good at, tho in this case I REALLY didn’t want to…
    I really wanted to undiplomatically explode in the name of “I’m right, you’re wrong, & I’m gonna leave you a quivering, bloody mess in the face of my rightness”. But you made me stop & think.
    I can always do that tomorrow, if I still feel like that would be right, right?? ‘Cuz maybe just maybe, there’s a better way, & if the world’s being re-made today based on my actions, maybe I don’t want it so bloody…

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hi M! That sounds wise. Things continue to pivot! Yeah, you can always annihilate at a later date. ; )

    It’s not so much being right or wrong these days, I think… (at least for me)
    It’s about forward motion… getting where you are going. xoxoxo

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