Lead Up to the New Moon in Aquarius 2016


Who has been watching things crack, split, break, and fracture?

As we lead up to the JOLT that is the New Moon in Aquarius on the 8/9th of February.
Many of these may yet be repaired.
tho soon enough we will arrive at a permanent alteration

It’s as though a mini Merc-Retro with an extra heap of sharp edged synchronicities.
Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn, suggest you don’t whine about your trouble.

Money, control, communion, don’t think fear is not playing a hand.
How can he not? In Capricorn fear is huge!

You calculate, in fact you calculate your advantage. Look to the bottom line.
Should you go for it?
You should try, compile the data,
and realize, (thank gods) It’s ALLLLLL about to change!

Love YOU!!!!



lonnie *Lonnie Holley!

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February 2, 2016


Sagittarius Moon

Still a little bit of time to play out, while we wait for the reboot
that is the Chinese New Year, our New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th.
It’s the Fire Monkey this time.
A good year to take a chance if you are clever, and a bad one if you are not!
Hard to believe how fast things are happening, while we fumble along, making them happen.

~ Yearning for permanence, and who wouldn’t?
Longing to believe it will last forever,
But what does? Nothing I know of.

Even the things that seem to stand still
Flow slowly into other forms.

The beloved’s first and only lesson:
Everything that is, becomes.

– Gregory Orr ~

Hard to keep inside the box today, as our dreams spill out, spill over.

Love YOU!!!


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January 29, 2016


A catalyst is a good thing to have as the Libra Moon trines the Aquarius Sun and goes on to Square Mercury/Pluto and oppose Uranus.
Duck and cover Crabs. Or set a goal. Activate. Shell UP! Pincers DOWN!

There may be an element of surprise!

Do be ruthless, but only in a way that could be described as healthy.
Pull those weeds!
Jupiter holds tight to the North Node, setting up a promise to be fulfilled by the balance of the year.

You will have to respond, but you can do your reacting in private.
Mercury in Capricorn adores self-control.

With the Sun and Moon in Air, being social is a given.
Making and breaking connections.
Electric, unsubtle. Sharp.

Some possibilities emerge over the next month as Saturn trines .
It’s foreshadowing. Saturn begins his retrograde by the end of March.
Think of this moment as ground work.


What shifts and breaks only set a stage?
Does what comes together show where the glue is needed?
This is new territory, and someone has to walk here first.

Love YOU!!!!



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January 27, 2016






Isn’t it early still?

Somehow I feel as though we are in the midnight,
the impossible bottom of the well of 2016.
Is it the end of times?!
Not again???

When I remember that we are only now closing out January,
that there may be time to win at this yet….
…doesn’t it feel that way this year for some reason?
A battle to be waged for concrete gains and ground to be taken?

I will succeed I will succeed I will succeed I will succeed.


Will Power in Evidence. Or lack it.

A press to make the intangible tangible.
Thank Saturn square Neptune for that vibe,
when they pull out of tight alignment as now, we begin to make progress.
I think we slow up when the aspect is tight.
As if leaning in to blur our vision, and simultaneously become more deeply aware.

No matter, return to it, over and over.
Take a breath, no really, take one.

Begin again.

Hope as a pulse, an erratic staccato heartbeat
as we navigate our raft under waning moonlight.
A wave perpetually cresting above us, does it dissipate, vanish, evaporate, or crash?

Row anyway, that’s the theme.
You’re not really alone, alliances are forming.

The Moon in Virgo trines Pluto today, and moves to Libra for Thursday Friday, Saturday to square Pluto and be opposed by Uranus.

Sweet today, and salty through the weekend.
A push, the results of necessary dialog, Mercury holds fast to Pluto, that could be the temptation factor I talked about HERE, it’s better used as a catalyst.
For goodness sake, get where you are going!

and uhhhh if something burns your hand…. do like our Libra poster man did back in the day.



Love YOU!!!


Lyrics for Make Time by Dark Dark Dark:

*I’ll take you swimming follow me.
Make time when there is none, for the sea

I’ll keep on living incomplete,
As long as I still wake up from my dreams.
They’ll see the end of our own street,
We don’t make time where there is none, move your feet!

I’ll build you a boat out of lightning and fill it with pearls, we’ll float worlds end and touch in return just to prove the impossible possible; sure you’ll be there where our time comes.
You feel the same thing we’re waiting and waiting, and stop,
I feel faint from accepting this terrible loss, in time you thought you’d say its just gone; we’ll make time when there is none!

I’ll build you a boat with big diamonds and fill it with stars, hear the base drums so far off. Be there tomorrow, get some rest, all that’s left is a few hundred miles. We’ll make time when there is none!
You feel the same thing we’re waiting and waiting, and stop, I feel faint from accepting this terrible loss in time you thought you’d say its just gone; we’ll make time when there is none!
You feel the same thing we’re waiting and waiting, and stop, I feel faint from accepting this terrible loss in time you thought you’d say its just gone; we’ll make time when there is none!

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Mercury Direct on Pluto, Jupiter conjunct North Node, January 25, 2016





Is your brain coming back?
*Are you able to take control one more time of your life and the ambitions you hold?

After the contact you made with your ex,
or the seedy underbelly of your own consciousness,
ex-family ex-friend, ex-love,

Are there still hooks and tendrils pulling you somewhere you don’t belong?
Is there something left to understand, a bond that may yet be of some use?

Is/Was there a emo conflict with an opportunity embedded within?
Financial or otherwise?
Or not?
Did you kick them in the pants and move on?

Are you back?

Capricorn Mercury hovers within a few degrees of Pluto for the rest of the month.
As it does, we continue working with boundaries and definitions.
It’s not all done yet.
It won’t be until February 3rd or so that we get some clearance.
But by now, it’s possible that we know our own mind.

If not now, very soon, because Pluto doesn’t really make mistakes.
He invites YOU to make them.

you can always say ~ no thank you!~

Talk Now. Say what you want to say.

A few years back I was asked during a consult,
~ What is the difference between fate and free will? ~
And similarly,
~ How do we know what we are experiencing?
As in,
~ Are some things destiny, and others somehow not?~

I think fate often arrives as a situation, and free will is what you do with it.

Of course not all situations are fated.
We will see some that are though, as the North Node travels with Jupiter and Chiron keeps very near the South Node.

Asking us to stop repeating, by tempting us to repeat.

How can we free ourselves from who we have been, without discarding our intrinsic and valuable idiosyncrasy, our beautiful warped and imperfect humanity?
What does it mean to be real?
To, as they say ~ live the dream~ ?

The answer arrives as an embrace, practically, helpfully, quietly, devotedly we collect details we have overlooked as well as missed opportunities to craft new potentials.

Is there something there?
There absolutely must be!

How do I know?
It’s in the stars, lol!
As Jupiter moves back, he comes into alignment with Pluto.
That some deep support, and strong ambitions.

It does get complicated by Mars retro in April, but again we are going back for something needed. It’s not a capricious return.

On May 9th, Jupiter stations at 13 degrees Virgo
and he finally moves ahead to 14 degrees on June first.

(By the end of June, Scorpio Mars agrees with a forward motion sextile.)

That’s nearly a full month devoted to 13 degrees Virgo!
Do you have any planets at 13 Mutable?
Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini

or 13 Earth?

Look at your chart and see what is small that will be writ large.
See where you try your best and may yet succeed!
In that time, there will be a seed ready to be planted.

For Now, look to 14/15 Capricorn,
as well as Aries, Cancer, Libra,
anything within 5 degrees

What information arrives?!

Love YOU!!!!!


*especially for the Mercury Ruled Gemini and Virgo!

~After an old Hasidic master died, his followers sat around, talking about his life. One person wondered aloud, “What was the most important thing in the world for the master?” They all thought about it. Another responded, after a time, “Whatever he happened to be doing at the time.
– Susan Murphy~ via whiskey river

You know about this potential planet hiding behind Neptune, right?
I Do think Bowie must be involved!

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Full Moon in Leo January 23, 2016





Stark, dramatic, revolutionary, stressful, as the clarity that comes may be unwelcome, or difficult to use. The standoff is at 3 degrees Leo/Aqua.

Between Leo and Aquarius, Performer and Audience, the urge to individuate is strong.
It may actually be possible to enjoy the atmosphere. Expend energy, go out into the wide world, see a show of some kind if at all you can.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto, much as it did on the 19th/20 of December,
still backwards, unfinished biz, or new biz from an unfinished source.
I’ll put it this way, it’s very strong news, and however tiny a package it arrives in, this information will splay out to cover not only space but time.

Am I describing a virus that arrives as single cell, or the news that you are pregnant from that one night you spent with the circus performer? Circumstances may vary.

A square from Uranus to the Mercury/Pluto conjunction threatens to tip over the apple cart, as Uranus rules the Aquarius Sun. Aqua’s traditional ruler Saturn sends a trine as if to cement your galvanized reaction. This is real, it did happen.

Astrology can be startlingly literal. There may be intimacy, excrement, disease or money on the table, yes your actual table.

Venus moves to Capricorn, Mars remains in Scorpio.
These are rather mercenary power placements.

Sharp, status and security oriented, do not cross this line.
Who is going to pay, can I afford it, what is the long term plan here?
Fixed energy. A change you don’t want to make.

Virgo Jupiter conjunct the North Node expands the Merc/Pluto information and opposes Chiron/South Node as if to say
~I’m not with that dork.~ ~ I’ve grown beyond it!~ or even ~ ewww, don’t get that on me!~

For best results embrace who you are, as you are, and let others do the same.
Drinks will be spilled.

It does seem as though when it’s over, we are left looking to the future,
and for that we can be grateful!

Love YOU!!!




Kamasi Washington!!! I didn’t even know!!

double p.s.

So Beautiful! A flower in space.

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Astrological 2016


~ Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill.

Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt.

Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench.

Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity.

-Lao Tzu~

2016 is a year of unusual themes. It’s moody and evasive. Flighty, with a stubborn streak. 2016 harbors hesitations and reversals, that dishearten and provoke. There are broad strokes of luck as well as tiny tributaries of intrigue that fraction off into a series of unknown waterways. Are you going in the right directions? Earnest hard work is favored, but no real guarantee of success. In 2016, even more than is usual, we don’t know which dreams will come true. Your path is circuitous. The way is long.



Can you have a solid foundation when the real, (Saturn), fights with the imaginary, (Neptune)?
The abstract, the imaginary is real too… isn’t it?
Isn’t imagination real?


Do we, or do we not, use it to discover?

Which lines of thinking open up to beautifully rich avenues, when are you daydreaming?
Are you wasting time, for what will never be, and never was either?
Is some kind of value is found there, but to what end, and at what cost?
and yet…




In 20016 do you take charge and attempt to win by doing everything right,
crossing t’s and dotting i’s? As if a super-virgo?

Can you swashbuckle ahead? Or, do you allow things to unfold?
Is it possible now, in 2016, to be ambitious?
Or is it the accidents that cause our opportunities this year?

Saturn in Sag. can play as pompous intolerance, or populist ethics.
Neptune elevates and distorts.
Isolate or Overshare?
Is there another way?

This year, themes of Morality, Ethnicity, Integrity, Education, Ethics, Justice, and Freedom of Speech continue to dominate. Also we see an upswing in rhetoric, bait and switch, and intentional misdirection. Tolerance, patience, solidarity are possible, but so is reactionary and overwhelming self defense style isolatory line drawing.

Choose wisely.


Right off at the end of 2015, the beginning of 2016, our gentlemanly heroes are dying. It’s goodbye to these Capricorn musicians, figures that share the quality of being impossible to co-opt, even as they participate in the most worldly concerns, hard working musicians who manage to blend aspiration with inspiration, never losing sight of the bottom line. Alan Toussaint, David Bowie, even Lemmy. These three lived their lives as an art, making the world turn for them, on their terms, succeeding by virtue of dedication, ambition, curiosity and style.

The paradox was, they sold themselves, (image), while never selling themselves, (integrity), eternal, incorruptible. This is what we want, and must cultivate for 2016.

Remain curious! Innovate! Turn life into art, on your own terms, while keeping your head. Perhaps in death they highlight an example of how to live now, when we need them, perhaps they have lent their assistance to the collective, in a more pervasive less tangible form. Could it be that the deaths of these particular heroes make us aware, as our Pisces/Virgo Eclipses are likely to, that what we have lost is the key to our wholeness, to find the magic embedded within our practicality. A symbiosis. Only what I have lost is what I possess forever.


Mutable Signs take precedence this year. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.
We are distractible, irrational, flexible, uncertain, changeable, and top notch short term problem solvers.


Cardinal Uranus and Pluto uncouple, but continue to shift the ground beneath our feet.

Mars, Jupiter, and naturally Mercury go retrograde.

Simultaneously, we know that we can’t wait now, can’t just sit this one out.


Are we supposed to let it happen?or fight against it?
Who has the strength?
Altruistic or ideological factors can motivate us.
Even self-preservation can be overridden by the wish to do good or dissolve.




Don’t forget you have to eat,
or the Taurus/Scorpio Venus/Mars emphasis in 2016 will be forced to remind you!
But what is life without art, without the art of life itself?

Moving ahead under adverse conditions, that’s part of it.

With the exception of a short kickoff in Aquarius,
all the Mercury retrogrades this year are Earth.

Our retrogrades ask us to rethink the practical,
It’s Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn telling us that our practicalities will be reworked and re-imagined.
Money money money. & Control.
It’s a security thing, and there is none.


Echos of a 1970’s style disillusionment and disassociation.

MARS RETROGRADES April 17- June 29/30th

Mars slows to a crawl on April 5, at 8 Sagittarius.
He won’t make it to 9 until August 23rd.
On the 18th of April, he beings to retrace his steps.

Mars arrives back in Scorpio May 28th and stays through August 4th.
He moves as far back as 23 degrees by June 18th.
He’ll sit there until June 29th.
Then in it’s direct motion.
We are back to Sagittarius Mars on August 3rd and he finally departs for the home of his exaltation, Capricorn on September 28th.

The question is posed in regard to your actions
as Mars stations on April 17 in Sagittarius,
an answer takes shape near June 29th at 23 Scorpio.

The strength to accomplish comes from within or because of entanglements,
Look to the houses of your chart, to see where the action is.

Neither placement is a weak Mars, on the contrary,
in Scorpio, Mars is in his rulership.

Howev, both have a potential weak spot, Sag. Mars does things on the fly.
Scorpio’s machinations may collapse on them.

Best case, use the retrograde to slow it down, to work unususally, from the inside out.
Access your deep motivation. Sagittarius brings hope and just enthusiasm to the cause.Scorpio Mars of course will succeed through passionate focus, obsession.

annnnd Merc Retro plays into it

Showgirls playing chess between shows at Latin Quarter Nightclub

Showgirls playing chess between shows at Latin Quarter Nightclub

There will be a Mercury retro in Taurus while Mars is retro in Sagittarius,
because 2016 is cute like that. Mercury turns back at 23 Taurus, sort of as a warm up for Mars who will later turn direct at 23 Scorpio.
Mercury is retrograde on the 29th of April, and direct on May 22nd at 14 degrees.

It’s all about the Taurus/Scorpio axis
A Mars/Mercury, and in a sense, Venus/Mars puzzle at 23 degrees
that plays out over half a year. ~to have and to hold.~

Do you have fixed planets near 23?
Who goes there?

Ultimately a solution arrives, based again on value and persistence.
What to do with your inheritance, such as it is…
The uses of ruthlessness or entanglement.
The value of power.

You are going to have to think and then think again.
What will you exchange in order to get your physical needs met?

What else with Mars?


A Mars Saturn Conjunction. August 23. Hold it right there!
Neptune Squares the conjunction.
In a sense, could be the delirious culmination of an year long project, or the tip of a series of culminations.

This year works in waves, one leading to the next, as this moment segues into August 25, and September 1st, which I’ll talk about later on.

Mars conjuncts Pluto October 18/19th, that sticks around to be activated/act on the Crab Moon the 21st of October.



Libra’s and Libra rising, your luck starts here! Suddenly, we can negotiate! Partnership is back! Jupiter is so much more powerful in Libra, than he was in Virgo, and in it he begins to act in accordance and resonate with the rest of the sky.

Group projects, artistic opportunities, here Jupiter can support Saturn in Sagittarius and inflate Uranus in Aries. Connections will be made, visions brought to life. Extra boost for Cardinal & Air. Libra Sun and rising September 2016 begins a personal new year!



As ever with Eclipses, there will be a something of a vortex of loss that suctions us into the future. Experiencing Eclipses is the closest that most of us will get to space travel.~warp speed~ And always a sensation of contact, so you know what you are missing and then a tearing away, to drop you off on a alien planet, where life begins to take form in a unexpected direction.

Our Eclipse this year are on the Pisces/Virgo Axis more than they are not.

Our first is March 8th at 18.52 degrees Pisces.
Sun conjunct Moon conjunct Chiron and in Pisces.
That’s a New Moon!
What happens? Do we win by losing?
Something is bittersweet.

Still, Saturn beautifully trines Uranus, and Jupiter opposes the Lunation/conjunction.
Mercury touches Neptune, and Venus trails behind in Aquarius.

Next, the Full Moon Eclipse is sort of a throw back, one last Libra/Aries Eclipse on the 23 of March with the Sun and Mercury at 2 and 3 degrees, to be sure we know how to play fair and who is calling the shots.

For the second set, in August, we have an Aquarius/Leo Full Moon Eclipse on the 18th, at 25.52 degrees,
Again Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius square Netune.
Dogmatic/Religious/Ideology hits a blockade and your belief may be tarnished here.
Dissipation, Refusal. Dramatics are not favored there.
Few choices. Accept. Let go.



*Then for the 1st of September a New Moon Virgo Eclipse.

The Sun and Moon at 9 Virgo, Mercury, the North Node, and Jupiter in ALL Virgo.
The theme: For goodness sake, pay attention and try to help!

Jupiter in Virgo does seem to go out with a bang this year, handing out prizes that may have been withheld until the last moment. To get yours, be specific, be humble, serve others, and do what you say you will do.

Venus is at home in Libra, Mars and Saturn between 10 and 14 Sag. Neptune at 10 Pisces, the outlet of course is Gemini. Mutable signs and placements, mark your calendar!

Last of the year, a Pisces Lunar Eclipse on September 16th,

A Full Moon, with the Moon conjunct Chiron, The emphasis here is on release.
You can’t stop anyone from doing anything. A little self-acceptance will go a long way.
Sagittarius Mars trines Uranus and squares the Sun. The archer shoots, something said or revealed may come back to haunt as a retro Mercury trines Pluto.



Another theme this year is the Mutable Cross, rapid, uncertain, perhaps even inconclusive changes. Key word to cope: Flexibility.

The New Moon on June 4th gives us a decent looking Mutable Cross,
and August 25th gives us a dramatic one!

For the week of June 4th, busy, busy, busy!

For August 25th,
Saturn conjuncts Mars at 10 Sagittarius,
Sun/Venus/Mercury/Jupiter and the north node all in Virgo,
Neptune at 10 Pisces,Chiron in opposition to the Virgo pile up at 23 degrees
the Moon sliding below in Gemini, to activate the entire sky at noon.
Uranus is inconjunct the Virgo , and Pluto sends a trine.

There is a sense of finality on that one. Rewards and punishment before moving on to
the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo/Pisces on the 1st of September.* (See above)

All Mutable energetics ask us to change to suit the unforeseeable and the unexpected.
Keep your head, make it up as you go along, but practically, or what you imagine is practically, until you know better.

~What will it take to make your dreams real?~



A massively huge fate-y New Moon in Crab on July 4th. Rich with past connections, threads from other lives, AND, absolute new opportunities. There is some luck here, a definite yes, as doors open, and quite a bit of pressure that goes along with it. Mars and Neptune to trine in Scorpio and Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo sextiles, Pluto opposes, Mercury, and Venus, surround the Sun and Moon.

It will be another month, before it’s perfectly clear and Saturn gives you permission to fly, but the set up is plain. The start of something big, especially for Water and Earth,
and likely, though not painless or simple, good news.

this July, the Crab Sun, Mercury, and Venus give Pluto and Uranus something to play with, which in turn activates all Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. The upside, is yes you can make Changes, as needed. ALSO, many will be made for you.

By July, Uranus is as far as 24 degrees, newly touching those as yet unaffected.
He is less an earthquake now, (Uranus’ contact with Pluto is waning),
and more of an electric current. Surprise! Wide awake.
As ever tho, an X-RAY!
A flash of light, taking darkness away for a brave reveal.

By Mid September, Mars comes along to help Uranus change your life.
The trine between Sagittarius Mars and Uranus in Aries, if a brief but active window from the 15 of September to the 20th. Fight for your beliefs and win?

After that Mars goes Cardinal.

As with any Cardinal sign, Key word, BEGIN.
Mars in Capricorn has strategic plans.
Back in BIZ, and fully functional.
October sees Mars Pluto trine the North Node.
~show us your power move!~


Innovation. Invention. Discovery.
A series of game changing revelatory technologies, ideas and constructs will arrive now.
These will be the result of active stimulating exchange, unusual public discourse and flashes of personal genius.


When does it happen? Early on in 2016 February through March, Saturn trines Uranus as a preview,It’s beautiful.Then as Saturn has a retrograde, the two don’t sync up again until the end of November.

From November Saturn and Uranus work arm in arm,
continuing because of a second Saturn retrograde, well into 2017.

THIS is good Mojo.
If you want to change your life. You will have the strength to innovate. No Joke!.

Check your chart!
In spite of a floating uneasy astro-climate
Again, again, again, we move toward the NEW.

As we arrive in December, the sky is nearly all Fire and Air and Earth.
The bulk of the action in male signs.

Jupiter opposes Uranus, FREE FREE FREE, both of them squaring Pluto in Cap.
Will the old guard be taken down?

Sure, but it doesn’t look that brutal.

Opportunities to expand, to go beyond, hinge on a restructuring, of business, of the old world. It seems possible that there will be many such openings, with the North Node in Virgo, we know which ones are right. Choose altruism, choose craftsmanship, be discerning. It’s not about the flashy glamour job, it’s the unsung hero.


In December, Uranus trines Saturn,
as Jupiter in Libra sextiles Saturn and opposes Uranus in Aries.

Saturn in Sagittarius becomes a moderator.
Jupiter in Libra shares a beautiful sextile, and mutual reception with Saturn in Sagittarius,
as Saturn is exalted in Libra, and Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius.

December 2016 is when we begin to more fully cash in on the potential of Saturn in Sag.
You can establish lasting benefits. The two edges of our ordinary life, contraction and expansion, work closely with each other, and to our benefit.

We certainly come out of 2016 stronger than we go in to it.
By the end of it, it’s not about ~how do you feel?~ it’s about what you are doing!
Which is what so many of us long for, a certain emotional/philosophical clarity and a worthy goal.

Isn’t it odd that we can’t fast forward to that moment.
We do actually have to earn it. To fight apathy, to feel our way in the dark, to course correct with a faulty compass and a prayer.

Our guides for 2016 suggest that ethics matter, that the humility is key, and that healthy is as healthy does, without our dreams we are sunk, and we must learn to embed them in the ordinary flow of our existence.

For the bulk of this year, no easy answers, mostly because outcomes ARE actually uncertain.
The best results will come from ~consistency,~ or what will have to double as, the ability to rally, to reinvent, to regroup, to restart, to reinvest in our lives and the lives of those we care for over and over.

Love YOU!!!!




Nothing will bring him back, but look, there is David Bowie in the stars!


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January 11, 2016


Gone at the New Moon in Capricorn, his own sign, a few days after his 69th birthday.

The NY Times has an article HERE
MSN has one HERE

Sun/Mars Mercury in Cap.
Moon Saturn Pluto and Part of Fourtune in Leo. Aquarius (of course) rising.
Venus on his Midheaven, Jupiter and Chiron nearby in Scorpio.
Bowie’s North Node was naturally in Gemini,
with a loose conjunction to his chart ruler Uranus.
His Neptune was in Libra in the 8th square his Sun conjunction,
sextile his Moon conjunction, and trine his Uranus/ North Node.

Fittingly Bowie’s first albums were on Mercury records.

A New Moon to mark the beginning of his afterlife.
It seems to me the sign of a man who died unafraid.

There’s too many songs, I can’t link them all.
Play your favorites, listen to his newest work.

Love YOU!!!


KEXP is streaming his songs all day HERE

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Jupiter and Mercury Retro, New Moon in Capricorn


Mercury moves back to Capricorn, Jupiter turns back to support the Sun.
Call up your old friends and biz partners?
Venus and Saturn join at 11 degrees Sagittarius

The New Moon in Capricorn holds a lot of power.

The Sun and the Moon come together at 19 degrees
in a Retro-Mercury Pluto sandwich.
Uranus Squares, Jupiter trines. Chiron sextiles

Merc in Capricorn still squares Scorpio Mars,
& Neptune begins to take some of the sting out.

You want this beginning, even if it won’t run smooth, and it won’t.

I promise it won’t.


Our past gets the boot, a vacuum sucks it away,
new life, new time,
and it fights back by sending ghosts.

You become aware of what you have and have not.
Second guessing

How narrowly and purely you missed your chances.
What chances you have left.

All I want to do is sleep.
It’s the Pluto. Can I wait it out?
Every one of us has a secret on some level, and there is absolutely no one to tell.


Neptune and Saturn, it’s a slow motion car crash,
or are we only dreaming?

Boredom or contentment?

Can you trust yourself now to make the choices you have to make?

With nearly half of your puzzle pieces misshapen,
you do still have to solve the puzzle.

As for the mistakes you’ve made, you’ll tell as few people as possible.
Keep it under wraps, handle your biz.

The funny thing about information is that all of it is useful.
There is nothing you can know, that your brilliant mind can’t find a use for.

Where there is a will, there will be a way.
There is a will now.


and a way is coming.

It’s not that you have to go backward, because you can see right on the face of it that you can’t! A neon sign reads

::::: NEW CHALLENGES :::::

They put that up for you!
yeah they did.

It’s ALSO not that you have outrun the demons exactly.
They lurk, and as the Horse of Power
always says to Ivan-Tsarevitch, ~ the trouble is not yet, the trouble is still to come. ~

How many people will now re-think their public image,
in particular their career?

right up at the top of the chart, that significator of accomplishment,
belonging and becoming.

Of who and what you are.

What you have made of yourself.
Have you “made it’?

Fear of Achievement


In a way it boils down to, do you want to do ~that~ all day?
or are you willing to do it for the gains you’ll make?

For who you get to be when you do it?
Can you make yourself?


Hold it right there, you know that’s the wrong approach.
And yet, who hasn’t walked on the wrong road to get to the right place?


what a blissful feeling to walk on the right road to get to the right place!
And then again,
that right road often has no amenities.

Is it a matter of not dreaming big enough?
Asking for too little, and hoping the rest will land in your lap?

Do begin again on this new Moon as a professional, handling your life as though it, the whole thing was a job,
YES,even if you are unemployed.


In the last day or two time has been running out of my bottle as though we could actually get to an end. Poured faster and faster. The things I haven’t done, piling up beside the hard won slow growth forest of the things I have. Go back and fix it, finish it, realize you are too late, or the disparate overlapping awareness, creates an uneasy unusable time.

There seems to be a edge here, and a blurry line that covers it.
So you could cross without meaning.


And perhaps this is what these retrogrades will address,
time to catch up with yourself.

Errrr. NO. Def. Not. Not at all.

Simply a free fall under adverse conditions. Do jump. Do take the risk.
But for goodness sake check your parachute first.

In the Tale of the Firebird I referenced above, Ivan-Tsarevitch has to cast himself into the cauldron to succeed against the villain. He has to trust in the symbol of his pure nature, (the girl he loves) that’s ancient wisdom. So is this ~ Trust Allah, but first tie your camel to a post~

Love YOU!!!


wherever you can, remove the space between you and what you want.

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January 4, 2016


… um wow! Mercury Retro Much?
I haven’t seen a shadow zone this active in years!


At least you find out what you need to know
amidst breakdowns, wrong turns, hold ups, tech trauma and delays.

The sense of foreboding is gone.
Now you know where you are, right in the soup!
Swim for that crouton on the left!

Mars in Scorpio squares Mercury in Aquarius.
Sun/Pluto Squares Uranus.
Shocking information?
Poor impulse control?


Keep breathing.
You are being allowed to penetrate the surface.

What to do with the additional information?
Don’t be in a frantic hurry to solve or undo complex scenarios,


Howev, no letting fear hold you either.
Take measured steps, in fact measure them yourself.
The most effective moves this time, are fairly private.
Be aware, tho, it’s a winding f*cking road!

Internal revolution?
YES. &
External bravery.

feel me?

Love YOU!!!





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