April 14, 2014


Echos of 1999 and even early 2000?
I like this drama better, it’s more slippery! hahaha!!
Can I say that?! (go Pisces !)

I couldn’t possibly have written more about the Eclipse.

A mountain is piled up behind me if you are curious!*
Full Moon loaded with everything.
Full Moon Deluxe with extra sauce!

Mars still retro,
the changes won’t be fully enacted until he suits up and grabs his sword
on May 19th.

Can we see the shape of what’s to come?
Absolutely, as long as you factor in the random!
Is there a plot twist? Naturellement!

Love YOU!!!



*Eclipse posts:

Videos where I talk to you!

Thinking about surfing!

Long ramble Full of details

Have a Beautiful Day!!!


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Cardinal Cross, Lunar Eclipse in Libra 2014

tumblr_n2rnk67v291qj0dyfo4_400 *

There is so much to say, I can hardly seem to say it.
It’s quite a thing to live this astrology…
But you know ALLLLL about that, just as well as I do.
Could we be like doctors ~First do no harm~ ?


I don’t think it’s going to be that simple…

A swirl of activity, no rest for the restless.
Can you sleep?
Or is sleep an easy out, climb aboard and let dreamland find you…
The surreal marries the banal, and has so many mismatched babies.

Keep juggling and don’t put that glass down either.
Are you holding your breath?

NGS Picture ID:377673

As we move through April, remember that this change is a process, not fully encapsulated in any one single day.
A 2 year culmination ?
We can trace these threads to 2008

and yet, and yet…Crisis Calling!!!
If not Crisis, then surely Crossroads has dialed you up & would like to have a word.

Lunar Eclipse, Pluto Station Retro, Cardinal Grand Cross Exact, Solar Eclipse.
There is something for everyone!
Time is speeding up! How many things can happen how fast?

Before and After
some things will end

When I think about our Eclipses
I remind myself that they are Venus ruled
& that Venus is in the place she likes best.

Venus = Value(s) Relationships (Libra) & Resources (Taurus)
Key words for Pisces?
intuition, fantasy, compassion, letting go


On our April 14/15th Lunar Eclipse in Libra:
Mercury conjuncts Uranus in the Grand Cross Configuration =
Surprise Message

Are we walking into a trap!?
It hardly seems subtle enough, more like an ambush


Something that turns us upside down or slips the ground we stand on sideways.
We get news! Pallas in LEO trines the Sun, & sextiles the Moon & North Node.
Recognition: we will have an acute analysis & likely we don’t keep quiet.

In the chaos of becoming, in the midst of everyone else becoming too…
Will we know which chance to take?…. well we might actually

Universe style course corrections are the norm,
this doesn’t mean you take what you are given.
It means the big picture parameters will be set by the hand of god.

It’s up to you to re-frame,
to translate your experience
into something workable for you, and negotiate from there.

Pisces, remember, flexibility, charm

Trust yourself
Open the door to higher guidance
What does the most relaxed version of yourself have to offer this scenario?
What would you say if you were feeling FREE?

Make it a rule to take excellent care of your body so far as you are able.
Have sex as often as possible, yes really! It’s all about the release.
What you want, is to keep your conduit to pleasure open.
Venus in Pisces insists.

Compassion, Altruism, Allure, Acceptance, Kind clever words, $!,
Friends, Family, Favors Owed:

what resources do you have?

Faith & Hope, Strongest & Best
Jupiter and Venus can give you the confidence to go on and not give up,
To keep opening doors and asking questions,
Follow through, could be that’s what it takes.

Can you do that while being pulled in all directions and squeezed through the eye of a needle?

don’t worry about it, you already are


you can operate from a place where your heart feels open,
a place where you feel internally relaxed, despite external circumstance

Could this Full Moon deliver a dose of disillusionment?
When illusions are leaving, freedom is close at hand.

Venus has the final word here:
What do you like?
What (whom) do you want?
All in? Or out?

Relationships are the main feature of the story,
(& not only romantic relationships, friends and enemies count!)
A dramatic solution presents itself…
but you don’t have to bite like a fish on a hook.
As ever, key word for Libra:


Venus/Chiron/Neptune trine Jupiter looks like using your individuality as a conduit
for expanding your life, opening to a new outcome.

Work it through.
Pluto turns retrograde on the 14th.
We won’t be finished until every stone is turned over,
but you don’t have to turn them all yourself.

~Like this, he took the edge of the turf beside me and pulled it…he clothed himself in this and in the land that lay below. And as crumbs fall from a coat as you move it, the falls, the lake, and the green valleys beyond were spilled downward and tipped away toward the sea. With the land rolling and ruined…The River was tipped and spilled even after this, until it ran as a thread which thread became a thousand streams, as many as the threads of my weaving. And the land was a new shape. Only then was my grandfather satisfied.~ Diana Wynne Jones

Love YOU!!!


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April 8, 2014 Leo Moon



I always love that Leo rules the heart and the back.
Your core, the center, the Sun.
Stand up proud Lions,
hold your center erect, and radiate.

If life is an art, how best to live it?
Passion can’t be faked, although skills too come in handy.
It is that respect for ourselves that leads to brilliance.
You’ve got to feel dazzling in order to shine.

Leo Moon wants recognition, our feelings must be seen.
an emotional performance?
the joy of existence?
the joy of even the sorrow of existence?

This song tears the soul right out of my chest.
Why is it we always feel with our heart, or chest?
It never happens that my soul is about to be torn from my leg!

Plenty going on that we can’t see, oh but we will, soon enough…
and whatev it is that we ourselves are doing… isn’t that just what someone else is about to learn?

The event horizon is thick with happenings.
A web, an obstacle course, not just of feelings but of circumstance.
What happens?

Love YOU!!!


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Cardinal Cross, Venus in Pisces, Merc in Aries, Eclipse! April 2014


On the 5th of April, Venus entered Pisces.
On the 7th of April Mercury entered Aries,

Venus in Pisces shares
but she is also lonely, impersonal, a visionary lover.
Solitude that’s her place,
Or maybe she is dancing, drinking in sensation,
not aligned to any one lover, instead, open to all

Mercury in Aries is an original thinker.
A Hero, Honesty, a letter written in ALL CAPS!
Competition! He enjoys kicking a wasp nest as much as anyone,
In Aries, Mercury fights for the joy of it.
Fortune favors the bold!

Sharp words and a kind heart.

Aries Mercury speaks without thinking, be aware.
It’s mostly Earth that’s missing right now,
& the Air we have is dispassionate, but not detached.
we have Water, and we have Fire, here comes the steam.

Is it hard to see in heat of the steam-room?
A little*

Watch as Jupiter opens doors for Venus,

Venus takes her place in exaltation, to co-mingle with Neptune and Chiron.
Passive individual allure, mystery attracts.
Venus in Pisces wants love, money, pleasure, art, but not to keep.
Rather, she is in it for the experience,
kindness offered with an open hand.
Jupiter in Crab is a gardener, who loves to see each flower grow.

Wide open perspective and generosity are rewarded,
Jupiter startles awake (uranus) a lucky chance.
as beauty (venus) brings opportunities that could otherwise be missed.
Jupiter co-rules Pisces, right alongside Neptune.

NGS Picture ID:581937

In Pisces, Venus will sacrifice.
Ruled by Jupiter in Crab, that sacrifice will not be death,
as it might be, if ruled by Scorpio.

a mountain spring, or holy water,
something that disperses inside you, an ethereal life giving quality

Crab and Pisces, Devotion and Acceptance.
Freedom is involved in this,
the freedom to let go, as the river branches,
as someone makes their own mistakes,
or pick them up when they fall.

The more responsibility you take for your place in your life at the moment,
the more control you have, the better you feel.
It’s a mix of owning your life, while accepting that so much is out of your hands
when the wave comes,
we float like a bubble on the curve

Still breathing,
as long as you are reading this, breath is blessing you with consciousness,
and in that consciousness there is an opening to a new world.


Venus in Pisces asks us to allow things to happen.

To make room for the unforeseen positive outcome,
for possibility

to not abandon our humanity as we deal with a ruthless, unforgiving and unstable bottom line

This week the Full Moon we are building towards on April 14/15th is
a Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra.**

First come the endings
Count it as active now.
can there be a beginning mixed in? yes, naturally, some endings are like that

Actions with unexpected consequence,
reality is always a surprise no matter how far away you see it coming.

Words with a knife edge of finality will be spoken.

Forgiveness is a easy word to say, a hard one to learn,
I was well grown before I knew anything about it.
If you need a shortcut, try this:
if something is hurting you, if something wants to leave, LET GO.

Internal triggers pressed by events NOW
Things Change.


On April 28/29th, we begin a story that plays out for 6months,
& in many cases much longer: New Moon Eclipse.

Love YOU!!!


I’ll be writing more & make some movies about the Eclipses!
Oh Yes I will!!!

*~Surfers have the odd habit of saying “I drowned” when they mean “I almost drowned.” Drowning, after all, feels like almost drowning until it feels like nothing. When I ask Dollar to explain the sensation of almost drowning, his answer, and the way he holds his face as he says it, makes me feel that the question is an intrusive one. “It’s just depressing and lonely,” he says, not making eye contact. “The lights start turning off, literally. It blinks in your mind and goes black. Pretty soon, it’s just lights out and you’re done.” He pauses awkwardly. “It’s really fucking weird.”

Surf contests might be the strangest of all athletic competitions.They’re not fair, and they can’t be. Each wave presents a different set of challenges, and depending on how many happen to break during a heat — and on a surfer’s own tenacity — he might catch one or five or none…He can take off on as many or as few as he likes, and often there are multiple men to a wave.
… Getting barreled (traveling as the wave curls above you, creating a tunnel) is objectively the most impressive feat in surfing, and it is always the thing that nonsurfers assume must just be an optical illusion. When Skindog finally emerges, he’s still standing. The crowd cheers.
Skindog’s wave is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Or insane. Or a slow, silent what the fuck. Such a big wave produces such a crude reaction that there’s really no need for more precise vocabulary. Maybe surfers talk the way they do because they’re used to being amazed, and that carries over into their ordinary interactions. This wave does not inspire nuanced feelings in me. Basically, I’m just like, dude.~ -Alice Gregory

**Visible in in much of North and South America!


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New Moon in Aries, Cardinal Cross, Eclipses, April 2014


Uncertainty is what you want to grab a hold of
because uncertainty is what you can be sure of.

Things are going to change now.
You change what you can, and so does everyone else.
On your MARK, SET, BEGIN!!

Are you thinking about taking a risk?
How long has this been comin’ on?

In what ways will the changing structure of MONEY
& POWER impact your life ?

Can you fight fair when it’s all about power inequality?
Listen, fair or not fair, don’t fight.
You can maneuver.
& May the best artist win.


What’s needed is a clever mixture of sincerity and guile.
A light touch to move a heavy rock requires a lever.

Don’t let anyone else frame the landscape for you.
The way you see things is so much of what you see.
Let that be innovative, frame and re-frame
until you arrive with something workable, and even that may change again.
Changes are sudden, but results take time.

Right now it’s like a blocked sink that will turn suddenly to a whirlpool.
Will you get sucked in?
On what beach will it spit you out with shells clinging to your hair?


maybe it’s a little flame,
a candle that catches the house afire and you crawl away blackened and bloody, coughing and gasping from smoke scorched lungs?

It’s not only disaster,

It could be the best thing that ever happened.

An uprooting SO DEEP,
that it takes down the tree that has been overshadowing your whole life.

The roots just strangling you, and the heavy branches ensuring that no light is getting in.

The hand of fate is at work here,
but it’s not really so personal,
even when events impact you on the most intimate level.
It’s about the times we live thorough.

Return to your core before any big decision.
Ask yourself, is this right? Is it right?
Wait until you feel that hit of certainty,
if you can’t find it, remind yourself that life is a process,
you are a verb!


Chaos opens opportunities,
it’s not about getting it right the first time.
Flexibility matters, we are not aiming to be an oak here, try for bamboo.
Adaptable, bendy.

Innovate & operate with skill and precision.
remember the scene changes may be sudden, but
there are retrogrades,
+ dealing with old friends and foes takes skill, &

No matter how it strikes you,
we are in some kind of beginning…

Now is when problems that have dogged you can be kicked into high gear and solved,
Obliterated or rendered obsolete.
Whole lifelong limitations can be abandoned by the wayside with this astrology.
In a new world, you can become someone new.

Love YOU!!!!



if you are down for a ramble, I got one for you!


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Jupiter and Uranus Redux


Jupiter and Uranus are right back
where they were, for the Full Moon of August 20th 2013
Jupiter @ 11 Crab, Uranus @ 12 Aries.

Back in August, the Leo Sun/Aquarian Moon was hi-lighting Uranus’ position in the T-Square. Right now, it’s all about the Aries Sun.
Aries: the beginning, Square Pluto,
Square Jupiter, opposite Mars.

Chiron trine Jupiter & sextile Pluto still a major player,
just as he was in that moment.
Take a min and LOOK BACK.

See what I mean?

& see too how far we have come.

Love YOU!!!!


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April 3, 2014


Wipe away your resistance to all those pesky tangled threads…
the Moon is in Gemini,
Where would the interest be, if results were all sequential &
the river flowed smooth each day?

Plenty to keep you busy,
and no telling the results,

What happens is fo real though,
Mercury trine Saturn
with enough work, will our dreams come true?
Is compromise getting results?

Are you beginning to see new important information that can change the plan?

Saturn still retro ’till July 20th,
it’s just not a done deal yet.
Keep in motion,
a moving target is harder to hit!

Love YOU!!!



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Capricorn and Scorpio Make Love to Pisces and Crab

Which does more for you, innocence, or experience?
Do you keep your innocence if you can remember it?

What is it worth,
knowing all the people you’ve been?

If you are comfortable with finality,
you stand to gain in the weeks ahead.

I’m watching some people with Pluto on their Sun just acing it.
Using their increased gravity to make mountains move to them.

Eartha Kitt*

As the noose tightens our distractions glow brighter.

Would you like to come over?
Would you like to come over for a drink?
Would you like to come over for a drink even though you are married and will regret this for eternity?

Oh Morality, always stepping in where you are not wanted,
you tight lipped little bitch.

Not a good month to abandon your ethics.
The hangover these days is just beyond.

Who is going out for bread and never coming back?

Chiron is doing some heavy lifting to solve this dilema,
The x-rays of the past have arrived in your mailbox.
You might not want to look before you sit down.
Self awareness more than anything can keep you out of trouble,
if you can’t repeat the past,
as Axl used to say ‘oh where do we go?’

The birth of the New is Aries territory.
Uranus signifies an adventure:
it is the mark of a hero that he has to think on his feet.

Love YOU!!!



* Eartha Kitt, the one and only.
Capricorn Sun & Mercury, Crab Moon/Pluto/North Node,
Saturn/Asc in Sag. Like so many singers Ms Kitt had Mars in Taurus.
Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius which is what you need to play Catwoman.
Neptune in LEO!

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April 2, 2014


A gum wrapper glinting in the sunlight, under a dusty film that blankets everything
those parking lots, potholed and decrepit,

Cracking that thin sheet of ice with the toe of your shoe,
& where is that shoe now?
Where is your red jacket?
Do you ever remember losing them?
But you’ve had this shirt since you were 17.

Itchy and restless,
as if answers could come from asked questions

it takes more than a conversation…
more than a walk around the block

~Problems that remain persistently insolvable should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way.- Alan Watts~

Love YOU!!!


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April 1, 2014, Cardinal Grand Cross


WhiterabbitWhiterabbit! Whew! That said,
Happy April!

The Moon is in Taurus,
& the Aries Sun Uranus conjunction just comin’ on.

Please yourself if it’s not going to hurt anybody.
Good day for pleasure, for athletic sex and dancing.
Do something that makes your body happy.

Or go outside away from whatev and whoev it is you usually do…
A long walk someplace new, out on your own?

Conflicting impulses in the mix

Not really lighthearted
If changes get made, value is on the chopping block.
deep feelings are right there where you can get at them,
& there is support to make alterations for the right reasons.

If you can’t do it yet,
you may find it’s staring at you anyway.

the police show up for the protagonist in Nicki’s song …
might have to learn to swim… we can’t hold our breath forev

It’s alright, you and the new can take a moment
to look at the contours of the map, before you heave your anchor out of the water, or should I say ~jump out of the plane~
Sometimes you get pushed though…
parachute OPEN!!!

Could even be a series of thoughts that you are ready to stop having.
Reinvention comes from both directions now,
within, and without.

Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn.
What do they want from you?

it’s simple enough to say we change, but change what?
Our beliefs, the bottom line, our vision of the future,
family, freedom, responsibility…
the themes are large because the pillars that hold up our lives are shifting,
move one, and you are bound to move them all.

A new alignment.
Getting comfortable with the realities of power.
It does matter.
Mars Saturn and Pluto actually agree on that.

Neptune/Chiron in Pisces adds the whole surreal overtone,
I would say an undertone, but it’s right there on top!
Working with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, Neptune changes the fabric of who it’s possible to be!
Our lady of the Miracle of Acceptance.

Love YOU!!!




It do get stuck in your head!

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