October 1, 2014


Moon Pluto in Capricorn,

and not only that,
Moon Pluto Uranus,
who wants to be someone new?

Can do:

Integrate the past, and go on becoming.
Eyes Open.
Letting go, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Staying connected to all the real power in your life.
Your loving heart,
Totally free.

Mars in Sagittarius moving our futures along Grand Fire Trine style,

Saturn in DEATH,
Venus on a course to catch the Sun in Libra,
(she’ll make it at 2 degrees Scorp. on the 25th)

Neptune trines a wavering Mercury…
as we all prepare to hear that the past which is past, is never past,
Or is it?

Love YOU!!!


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September 30, 2014

Lady Agnew of Lohnaw

Do you say what is on your mind?
Well do you?

We have this:

& again:

On the other side of the coin…

I do see progress arriving.
Inch by inch we are taking territory.

The thing is to grab it when you see it!
But when are you seeing it?

Can we form a Neptune Alliance?
Oh the blurries…

I try to pretend I remember what common sense looks like…
I make an educated guess…

As wild as these photos are of the protests in Hong Kong

isn’t there a surreal gentleness, at least in the pictures…the umbrellas repelling tear gas.

Pisces Neptune trine Scorpio Mercury,
the real story?
the whole story?

There is nothing gentle about police attacking protesters with chemical weapons, a reported 26 people taken to the hospital and 148 people arrested.

~Oh how Neptune obscures and presents! An image, an ideal. True, untrue.~

It’s found somewhere else, the willingness to continue on, and the fact that both sides, police and protesters slept where they landed. The photos are not of looting or destruction, but of faith, closing your eyes as you stake your life on what you believe in.

Love YOU!!!


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September 29, 2014


Sagittarius Moon/Mars!

Grand Fire Trine!

Taking action from an usual perspective?

Moon/Mars hits Chiron ow! Move right thru it.
Embrace Yourself!

Who are you supposed to be anyway?!

Venus moves into her home sign of Libra tonight,
which I expect to come as a relief.


Mercury at 0 Scorpio.

Who can see around the corner?
Certainly not me at this juncture, the retrograde looks fierce!
Mercury in Scorpio brings up the ~mess with it~ level…
uneasy potential
give it a poke to see what happens…

should you do that?

honestly, I couldn’t say…
or not without your specifics!
No mud, no lotus.

But move in the direction that you feel brings you to life!


Love YOU!!!

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Saturn in Sagittarius… a tangent…


Reward the just and punish the unjust, insofar as you are able,
as you move through your life…?

Is that a Job for you or God(s)?

It’s a Saturn in Sagittarius question, sparked by this post HERE
Who is the Judge?
and how far out of your way should you go for justice?

Love YOU!!!


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The Square from Jupiter to Saturn


I posed this question about my life:

~Maybe it’s a lesson in failure… cut your losses…
stop trying to make everything work out…
move on to something new?
I really don’t know what is correct.~

via text to one of my besties.

That’s the Astrology.

Trine from Jupiter to Uranus says -Yes You Can!-
~Here is your lucky break~

Saturn finishing his tour de Scorpio, now with Pluto Direct,
tells us
~Stop f*cking around! The dress rehearsal is OVER. Unrecoverable losses are possible both emotionally and physically. This time it counts.~

Is it f*cking around to take your lucky break?

Especially when you know Cardinal Chaos is coming in the form of Eclipses!
DUDE! Surprises!!!

Well, is it?


That is the square from Leo Jupiter to Scorpio Saturn,
Integrity vrs Self Preservation in challenging times.

Our winch is getting tightend,
Jupiter now at 15 LEO, and moving ahead,
Saturn inching along at 20 Scorp.

What lenses can we use to see more clearly?

~If not now, when?
Ok now.

~But what now?

~Can we grow without putting ourselves in danger?

~What criteria can we use to establish worthwhile battles?

~Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

~If you wait for a perfect day to make your move…
you will be waiting a long long while.

~If the certainty of goodbye is a victory,
and is it?
….is the uncertainty of a hello also a victory?

~Is the last one holding on the winner?

~What did you win?

~True devotion is?

~True devotion to self?
and if we are not devoted to ourselves who will be?


We KNOW it is time to be revolutionary.

That is a tricky puzzle, when
revolutionary and reactionary are diametrically opposed, as they are now.

The clearest perspective here is going to come in the form of long term thinking,
(Saturn) about your future (Jupiter)

Realizing that the square will be integrated by the ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius this winter.

Take the long view,
with eye toward structuring your life toward spiritual freedom.
You want to be able to live with who you have been, and who you will become.

The ultra magnificent epic-ness of this Merc retro (oct. 4- 25th)
suggests that we will be going over it:
and by it, I mean the challenges that face us:


go cardinal go cardinal go.go.go.cardinal
cardinal signs baby, making changes.

You don’t have to get it right the first time,
you may not be able to get it right the first time.
What is asked for here is genuine heart.

As those bumper-stickers say: the best things in life aren’t things.

~Chrissy Zebby Tempo, My Ancestors~ is the best album I have heard in ages!
Hard to feel like a total loss when early Velvets/Sabbath style Afro-Pop is still discoverable! LOVE it SOOOO Much



Love YOU!!!


apparently WATER is the oldest magic on earth!

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September 25, 2014


Cardinal T-square
pushing us into situations we have mixed emotions about.

Internal conflict and the search for harmony
Libra Moon, Uranus opposes, Pluto Squares


Love YOU


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September 24, 2014


Use your Libra Powers to handle your Pluto situations.

Libra Powers = POWERS of NICENESS!

Calm composed compassion.

You GOT this!

The space that gives everyone the freedom of their perspective,
and the respect they cannot do without.

A connection that links you together

meanwhile… you are free to think your own thoughts…

There is an undercurrent/undertow for sure, but ride the wave.

Love YOU!!!


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September 23, 2014


New Moon,

The balance of year. The moment we wait to see what is becoming.


We won’t have to wait long… oh the complications!

Let’s have a little cool out.

a deep breath to begin again.

The Sun and Moon meet.

The idea of wholeness. The idea of a wholeness unseen.
inner and outer resources,
inner and outer worlds
our need and our becoming.
The past, & what stands before us, invisible, unwritten.

Love YOU!!!


~We have to recognize that the world is not something sculptured and finished, which we as perceivers walk through like patrons in a museum; the world is something we make through the act of perception.~ Terence McKenna

do you ever go HERE? I love this place!!!

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This Week: Pluto Direct, New Moon in Libra, 2014


What exactly does God(s) have in mind?

I have to admit, I’m a curious cat…
Though more cautious now, than I have been.

There is a cost to everything, no matter how indescribable…

…the quantity…
the quantity, the exact amount of impact…

You can’t escape damage,
and without it, you learn nothing.

I shouldn’t say that. We learn from self-control, from encouragement,
from amassing our successes,
and yet, there is a kernel of truth in there somewhere,
as James Agee put it,

~ As a whole part of “psychological education” it needs to be remembered that a neurosis can be valuable; also that “adjustment” to a sick and insane environment is of itself not “health” but sickness and insanity.~

and also, famously, ~ God doesn’t believe in the easy way.~

Where is the balancing line between self value, self protection,
and Experience?

Experience, in plain language, is our only teacher.

All the rest is interpretation.
Invaluable too, the slant we see by, the shade of our glasses,
the refection someone with skill in such maneuvers is able to provide…

Experience though, it’s what we have been gathering all the while.


Even as events drain off you, leaving only their faintest trace,
residue like salt on your skin, you shower, but the ocean is still with you,
in the crease of your arm. The soft sand remembers you, you can’t shake that echo.
We go to the sea, and the wind blows in, primordial beginnings,
the ocean as biological mother, the place where we belong.
Keep that place close to you, and let the week unfold.

Neptune gathering up what we suspect to be true.
There is instinct involved, and necessity.


The New Moon in Libra, occurs with astonishing precision late night September 23rd.
Relationships begin and end now.

You balance yourself against who you were meant to be.

What starts is no accident, Libra is famous for accuracy.
Who or what calls to you?

How do you call to yourself? In relation to what, asks Libra?
Mercury contributes key information, it won’t be the last time we go over it.
A measurement?
~don’t worry about getting it wrong~


2007-2008 Pluto moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn,
If you recall, bubbles popped!

Now, we return to these directions, these obsessions,
that began 6 and 7 years ago.
oh we have come far!
& ever more far to go onward, traveling.

Our lord of darkness wakes up from his slumber,
shakes off his blankets and moves ahead September 22nd.

Pluto pulls strings.


sickness, death, disaster,
sex, commitment, inheritance,
betrayal, loyalty, compulsion, and this beautiful number:

It’s the sound behind the sound,
the music that turns the key in the lock, opens the door and pushes you out the window.
It’s where you learn to fall or fly. I think everyone learns both.

We begin again, whether or not we want to.
Let yourself, it’s so much better if you help.

You can’t write the plot,
but there is no one else on earth who can pen your lines
…as for your entrances and exits, well…surprise… it’s a dance.

A new stage?
You should be. You should be on a new stage.

Is Neptune involved in a bait and switch?
Or is it a glimpse ahead, a connection that you need to see around the corner?

Look for some answers (Scorpio Moon) on Friday. Connect Connect.

By Monday we are On Fire:
Sagittarius Moon/Mars trines Jupiter and Uranus, and sextiles the Sun.
Mercury moves to Scorpio.
There is Luck involved, and it’s possible to have some!

Love YOU!!!


a little Libra light humor


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September 19, 2014


Hi Drama/Low Energy weekend.


Meet half way?
Meet one third of the way?

Processing the news, however you take it.
Wherever it takes you.


could be some of this:


let’s try to avoid that.

New experiences?


Sure thing.
Listen and believe with an ear to the facts,
What is known?

Tipping points before Pluto Direct and the New Moon in Libra.

Release, let go. Everything that is leaving is supposed to leave.

If a door is shut, go ahead and look for a work around,
but don’t hammer it open.

people from the past, those threads and tendrils…

a listening heart will go a long way.

Love YOU!!!


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