April 24, 2015


Taurus Sun, Sentimental Crab Moon today,
traditional conservative duo, even so, our Moon is motivated.

Merc/Mars sextiles…

Crab is a Cardinal sign, reflective, yes, but she does take action…

just past yesterday’s Taurus Merc/Mars trine Pluto drama point..

The Moon moves to Leo over the weekend!


The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter,
Sextiles Venus
inconjuncts Pluto,
trines Uranus,
and squares Mars/Merc in Taurus by Sunday!

is that enough? snort!

High impact words and actions!

Better play well with others!
Better Play, period.

Self Expression.

Some big commitments, News coming thru?
What do you know NOW?!
I mean then.

As in, ~ what do you find out?!~

A jolt for the better?
Strong Medicine.


Love YOU!!!!


Tune in next week….


What do you think, is this what Taurus sounds like?!


Have a Beautiful Weekend!!

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Saturn & Pluto Retrogrades 2015

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) in a eucalyptus tree

Accept where you are.

Do what you know you are supposed to do.

Will it be time wasted?

In a word, NO.

Walk and don’t look back.

Whether or not we keep the baby after the bath water is gone.
The direction is plain, this is not a detour.

Uranus/Jupiter/Neptune has done an awful lot to bring you to the impossible places that Pluto insists you go.

One for you sentimentals:

Nope. Somebody was right.
It IS like water under bridges that have already burned.

You are already on the other side of the river now.
You move ahead from this bank right here.

Accepting the terrifying confines of the new reality is a challenge.
You are about to enter the zone called: No more wiggle room.


I’m all about the wiggle room.

Where is freedom found?
In this case it’s found in mastery.

Set a course. Completion. Man, that word gives me the shakes.

You DO have to go with the process you find yourself in the midst of.
Take a position and see it through.
Itchy trigger finger or no.

You have been kidnapped and set on another course.
Infinitely more rewarding than anything you could have come up with.

What did I say the other day?

~A crisis is a transfer of power.~

You’ve had that, and now you are asked to use the power you have.
Stored energy.

Do something that frightens you in a good way,
because, what if it works?!


Love YOU!!!!


It’s worth keeping in mind that the true test comes in September
with Saturn and Pluto direct. That’s when we see if our birds can truly fly.
Eagle or Chicken, bro?
That you can not stall until then.
Your life is a living, breathing, fluctuating process.
Do your homework, also…

Make progress NOW.

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April 20, 2015


Now it’s Taurus time.


The lush fullness, the green green grass.

Is it any wonder I took a moment this morning before my blog was even written to look at Philly Cheese-Steak, and Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes?
Taurus is both traditional and ummm…. hungry! lol

I mean, Taurus is as traditional as Gemini is distractible.
Venus is in Gemini, and the Moon is on it’s way.


With Gemini we become interested in possibilities!

What did you think of our New Moon on Saturday?
I got into a fight Friday night! Yeah I did!
+ Taurus Mercury/Mars in aspect to Jupiter/Pluto!!!
anyone ever notice that Taurus does not like to be pushed?! lolz

~When am I gonna do that?! When I feel like it. That’s when!~
Temper temper.
But also, Autonomy.

By Sunday I was watching the trees speed by,
their soft new leaves the color of hope,
listening to the radio and singing along on my way to the ocean.

I lay for hours like a happy lump amidst my favorite people,
listening to tiny waves kiss the shore,
cooling off in sweet salty water, then eating my weight in sea creatures while I watched the sun set over the water.

TAURUS. that’s what.


Of course there is a tiny bit more going on in the sky…
Pluto describes a nearly unalterable and indescribable deepening in the area of your chart it touches…. what you are asked to face may not be pretty, but it sure is true.

What’s the plot?
ask an astrologer! lol!!!

Love YOU!!!!!



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New Moon/Dark of the Moon April 17, 2015


Happy Friday!!!

It’s still dark in here, but our New Moon in Aries is in the works.

It’s a funny little vortex that lets you know how fast the past is sliding away…


Where ARE we?!?!

What comes next?!


No need to stay with old answers, ancient solutions
The Moon scrapes past the South Node, on her way to a jolt, that opens a door…
of perception?

~if you are aware you are not satisfied~


The mixed chemical compound that is human emotive interaction,

how to measure the fluctuating reality of how you feel about someone,
what they stand for, how they do…

To get what you want, just stand there and WAIT.

KIDDING!!!!! Oh I’m so Kidding!!!!

you have to admit Taurus is good at that tho!

Great day for giving away whatever is inessential.


The New Moon on Saturday the 18th @ 28 Aries
is all about that Taurus Mars square Leo Jupiter & trine retro Pluto in Capricorn.

The long term Plutonian power moves*

With the New Moon, we begin.

Robin Switzman 2008

Mars is ruled by Venus in Gemini who in turn is ruled by a Taurus Merc that kicks it right back to Gemini Venus. She likes her options open, she likes to play.

Venus is trine the north node in Libra, Opp. Saturn in Sag and Square Neptune.
The rosy vision might help in this case.

There is more than one way to skin a cat,
~but you don’t necessarily want your cats skinned.~

what is trust? who is telling the truth?

Our lady of love and commerce has multiple solutions based on forward thinking alliances and practical limitations.
Now doesn’t that sound sexy, (not)


It’s Mars that makes it sexy in this case.
If you like power exchange, you can have some.


By Sunday there should be an opening for pure pleasure,
What does your body like?
Moon, Mercury, Mars in Taurus trine Pluto, square Jupiter sextile Neptune.
If you don’t get some carnality out of that one….
sex sex sex, listen to music, make music, eat the best food, dance, experience the natural world, slide right up to someone you like.

It’s Taurus ruled by Venus in Gemini,
trine North Node in Libra.

Meanwhile the practical realities continue unabated…

Walk through one door and face another two,
an entrance, an exit? It’s the same damn thing.

This video features a lot of stamping and smoking,
which may, or may not, be among the most important things we can do today.

Take today to surrender.
Tomorrow you’ll be a sexy warrior once again.

or ummm,
you know,
the other way around….

Love YOU!!!


*Who remembers Power Moves on the show with Ze Frank?!
or what he did after that

a show

Ze is an Aries Sun, and it seems to me he was rather hard hit these last couple of years…
reinvention? Come back Ze, come back!!!

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April 14, 2015


Saturn/Neptune in a Mutable T-Square with the Moon this afternoon when it slips to Pisces.

In the dark of the Dark Moon,
but the room still vibrates with agitated energy.
Mars trine Pluto square Jupiter.

Heavy undercurrents asking for deep release.

Great day to have lots of deep sex, or to set up solutions that will be put in to play after the New Moon on the 18th.


Bills are due. Debts are called in.
The price and the value of love.

Your beliefs shape your world view, your view of what is possible.
Mercury moves to Taurus.

Long term investments.

Do it right, once, the first time, forever.

Love YOU!!!!


Pimps and prostitutes for Venus/Saturn

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Week of April 13, 2015


Venus is in Gemini,
suddenly our heart is ruled by our mind.

quick witted
short sighted?

Or just someone who remembers the spice that IS variety.

Just for a day or two…
Tuesday the 13th Mercury moves to Taurus to give us that Venus/Merc mutual reception.

The slow down works to our benefit.
Love/Money makes practical rules

Venus opposes Saturn, exact on Wednesday.
Gemini to Sagittarius, that’s a measuring stick right there.
What is the cost of your responsibility?

You can’t be everywhere.

All week tho:
Mars square and Uranus trine a newly direct Jupiter:
bold opportunities, if Venus says yes, it’s ON.

Thursday Pluto stations retrograde.
History, Memory, Consequences, and how far we have come!

Your wish was granted,
you will be unimaginably new…
foreign to your former self, a self you should be no longer romancing btw.
that past is past
and to paraphrase…what you have lost is what you possess forever…

Dreams do take so many years to come true.

The moment your life changed in 2007. Because it had to.
Inexorable power of a force or a vision… yours.
Yours?! Really?!

Forces beyond our control…

is destiny the manifestation of deep interior longing?

Or ummmmm…

and by the time you become it… who are you?

stronger, stripped of pretense

Perhaps it’s not what happened…
or more, that what happened…
a key and catalyst,
to push you beyond

what you do with it.

A crisis is a transfer of POWER.

Love YOU!!!



New Moon on Saturday, in Aries, where the re-evolution is the everything.


Uranus square Pluto is on it’s way out!
The change has happened!
Now it’s up to you to live it!

I KNOW!!!!!

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Jupiter Direct April 8, 2015


Whatever you are aiming for, go ahead and try now.

Jupiter in Leo is back and he LOVES YOU!!!

Close your eyes and listen.
What a beautiful song!!!

I think Quvenzhané Wallis is all that and then some!
I first encountered her reading an interview about Beasts of the Southern Wild,
which I had to immediately go see!
I love her voice, and honestly everything about her.

Sia wrote Opportunity, and sings it with Quvenzhané


Today we have Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn and square Neptune as she passes.
The real truth and nothing but?

err… well

Put your highest ideals in to place, & plan for the future you want.
What does it take?

Bravery, Patience and EGO.

This is LEO: Create, Perform, Enjoy!

Love YOU!!!



if you are curious about how Jupiter in Leo will affect your life, and would like a consult about that or anything else … give me a shout… I’m around…


Quvenzhané is an UBER Virgo. Virgo Pride for all you super perfection people.
Her Sun, Moon,Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are in the sign of ~get it right~

So why the Leo vibe on the shortstuff?
Pluto! Our girl is having a 5th house Pluto transit supporting all her planets!
and that is the power of Astrology!


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Mars/Saturn, Moon opposition Venus, Jupiter Stationary


Can existential crises be met with material solutions, and if they can’t,
what are we so upset about?

If only there was something to blame.
Mercury conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter & square Pluto, violent mind.

Tie yourself in knots waiting for the future to arrive, waiting for whatever is true now, to be untrue.

It’s the complex untruths that strangle you.

Is it possible to be understood?
And if you were understood in what proportion would relief mix with devastation?

Being known,
What do we know of being known?
How much misunderstanding has brought us how far?
Or held us back?

The moment has past, but there is residual anger and frustration.
Hurts of the past tripping people in the present.
It may be possible to think your way out

The Moon opposes Venus, the seeming impossibility of getting both what you want and what you need.

What would you have to give up to be satisfied?

Mars/Saturn less acute today, does that mean more hopeless?
Jupiter in LEO paused at 12 degrees, Scorpio Moon.

For Something Beautiful, read THIS

~There is an underbelly of terror to all life. It is suffering, it is hurt. Deep within all of us are intense fears that have left few of us whole. Life’s terrors haunt us, attack us, leave ugly scars. To buffer ourselves, we dwell on beauty, we collect things, we fall in love, we desperately try to make something lasting in our lives. We take beauty as the only worthwhile thing in this existence, but it cannot veil cursing, violence, randomness, and injustice.
That is why spiritual progress is slow: not because no one will tell us the secrets, but because we ourselves must overcome sentiment and fear before we can grasp it.~
– Deng Ming-Dao, via whiskey river

Love YOU!!!


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April 6, 2015


Scorpio Moon + Aries Sun conjunct Uranus
It’s a good day to peer into the corner & shine a bright light.



is in Taurus ruled by Venus in Taurus again.


How are you working to promote the harmony?
How are you making yourself feel good?


Mars in Moo is inconjunct Saturn in I told you so.
It’s not bad… there is plenty of cake even if you drop it
and also have to wash the dishes…

Jupiter turns direct on Wednesday the 8th.
Then we gone see.


Beautiful bottom line VALUES show up, you can see what must be done,
It won’t be tooooooo long now, before you actually do it!

Love YOU!!!


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Full Moon Eclipse in Libra April 4, 2015


One of my favorite books is The Education of a Gardener by Russell Page
in the introduction he writes:

~ At each new attempt, I see that which is superfluous, that is, everything that clutters up my understanding of a problem must be discarded.~

The Moon is in Virgo, on it’s way to Libra for a Full Moon Eclipse.
Lol!! They always are.

You are all about the cultivation of clarity,
no matter what crazy falls into your path

of Clarity.

or ummmm… at least you are unwilling to be derailed.

but isn’t there a tiny bit of ~unkowingness~ a certain lack of definition that is an unavoidable marker of Saturn/Neptune?

hmm? itsn’t there?

Stand up, look around, move ahead…

There is a sting to the sweetness.

A long and worthwhile poem by Robert Hass came to mind this morning.
My Mother’s Nipples,
yup, that’s what it called.


People from the past, do they belong in your future?

On April 4th, for our Eclipse,
the Sun conjuncts Mercury, the South Node, and Uranus,
It trines Jupiter, & squares Pluto:

Getting free of the past, using the NEW info to make our way ahead,
telling those we have been involved with about our plans for the future.

also… something comes to an end.
inevitably, inexorably

The Libra Moon conjuncts the North Node, sextiles Jupiter, & squares Pluto
It’s feeling that brought you here.
Partnership, surfaces, intellectual handling of emotional situations
The Moon is reflective. A mirror of what has happened.

& Of course the Sun and Moon oppose each other

You can see in the bright light of the dark night. Full Moon.

Watch it HERE

Both the Moon and Mars are ruled by Venus at home in Taurus.
Venus sextiles Chiron: limitless hurt and specific healing.

Mars in Taurus:
you will have to motivate continually, over time, earth won’t move itself.

You are the only one who is going to solve your problems.

Things that disappear.
Eclipses promise them, this is a big one coming up!


One of my favorite poets Tomas Tranströmer died on March 26th 2015.

He wrote:

~It is always so early in here, it is before the crossroads, before the irrevocable choices. I am grateful for this life! And yet I miss the alternatives. All sketches wish to be real.

A motor far out on the water extends the horizon of the summer night. Both joy and sorrow swell in the magnifying glass of the dew. We do not actually know it, but we sense it: our life has a sister vessel which plies an entirely different route. While the sun burns behind the islands.~


~Don’t be ashamed because you’re human, be proud! Inside you, vaults behind vaults open endlessly. You will never be finished, and that’s as it should be.~

He was quite old and had suffered a stroke a few years back,
but I was sorry to say goodbye to his visible presence on our planet.


Accepting the richness that loss brings,
& moving ahead with a complex reality that has many open doors and avenues,
no matter how frightening.

Pleasure is among the gifts of this moment.
Do not retreat.
Stand still for a moment if you can’t move ahead, then continue on your way.
You are going to be able to say you lived through the spring Eclipses of 2015.

Love YOU!!!!



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