Uranus Direct 2014


For a blast from the past as we head into the future,

Click HERE

Uranus turns direct on the 21st.

Love YOU!!!


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December 18th 2014 dark of the Scorpio Moon


It’s the big let go before the new start.


Ouch that smarts!
Dark Dark Dark of the Scorpio Moon.

Venus Pluto pulling people from the past, or what will soon become it.
Second thoughts and second chances, but no doubt that we are on our way…

a simple story?
That depends on where you stand.

The end overlaps with the beginning.


Moon heading toward Saturn,
Venus toward Pluto/Square Uranus.

Some players holding the final cards in shaking hands.

Love YOU!!!


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New Moon in Capricorn December 21, 2014


Today (december 17th) the Scorpio Moon trines Pisces Neptune,
Mercury newly in Cap. betwixt.

Got something to think about?

As forces gather in Capricorn,
it’s worth considering what does this New Moon on the 21st have to offer?


A new beginning at the top of the chart.
You have your work cut out for you.

What is it?
What is the new work?!?!!
Where do we conceive our next achievement?

Uranus in Aries gives your Values, & Structures a Shove,
~a shove like a bulldozer shoves~

It shouldn’t be any surprise where the emphasis is.
~Neptune holds your hand~


Find the Cap. pile up in your chart,
and you have found what begins with this Moon.
The Birth of the NEW.

Look to Aries and you have found WHY

With the ruler of Capricorn at 29 Scorpio,
you should be getting the REWARD and/or RESULT
of your Saturn in Scorpio lesson.

~the depth of blessed blackness that allows our eyes recognize a single spark~
Look to the house where Scorpio falls in your chart as well.

Special delivery for YOU.


It WILL be on topic.

~A revision of boundaries~

It’s a very plain New Moon actually.
It shouldn’t confuse you too much, though like as not a crossroads will come.

Chiron suggests that the pain of sorting through your deeper emotions and values will not be wasted.

A caution: there is no one like Capricorn for believing that you get what you pay for, while simultaneously trying to cut corners.
No corners should be cut here.
Come Correct.

Remember the rules:
Fear is the Mind Killer.

Don’t worry about it.

Sincere Professionalism though. Complete.
For the Win.

Love YOU!!!!





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December 16, 2014


So what did you think?
How did you like it?

Uranus square Pluto once more again…

Anything remarkable show up to be noticed?

Libra Moon between the Sun and Jupiter,
& the Sun shines on a New Day.

Venus inching closer to Pluto.
Status Values Passion the old and the NEW.

Love YOU!!!


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December 15, 2014


everyone gets a jolt of some kind or another.

Oh you know!

Keep on veering…
bear in mind that actions have consequences today
Perhaps more or greater than intended.

It’s Uranus square Pluto!
By this Sunday, with Uranus direct on the 21st,
& a New Moon in Capricorn, it’s a whole other world!

One that we cannot fully see yet…
Oh but we will…

In the lee of the port bow while becalmed, 1932–33

Right now we have Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio…
Zero Degrees Sagittarius can not be far away…

Love YOU!!!


~Just around the corner, there’s a rainbow in the sky…~

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December 10, 2014


Leo Moon

a mix of hot and cold, good and bad.
It’s swirl and a cocktail, not all one way.

Yes you do get nuts with that,
along with
a whole pile of other stuff that is a little more challenging to categorize.

Communication is amplified as Jupiter backs in to the separating Sun/Merc conjunction.
Venus moves on to cold cold Capricorn.

With the sextile to Neptune it’s not a mercenary pragmatism… yet.

Still, the wind could fall flat on a few sails trying to float your boat.
Chin up!

Take the steps you see, and enjoy that you can.

Love YOU!!!



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Astro December 2014


* that’s Federico Fellini praying right there.
Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Capricorn. 5th house :)
Venus in Sagittarius, Jupiter/Neptune in LEO.
Virgo Asc. Saturn in the 12th in Virgo.
Uranus at home in Aquarius.
Pluto in Crab.
Mars in Libra, & Scorpio North Node.

Of note in his chart:

~Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto
In their Detriment: the Moon and Mars!~

Don’t let anyone tell you what time it is.
You’ve got to hear that inner clock.

Today Jupiter turns retrograde, where is our hope flying ?
… away away away..
Metaphysical buyers remorse?

Don’t look down.
Steady on.


Feel free to step outside any paradigm that doesn’t suit you.
As long as you remember we are playing for keeps!

Jupiter backs up to trine the Sun…
Another chance to solve the puzzle, stay humble with it, work from the heart.

Mercury conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius today
It’s not really a thinking place, but a believing one.
Keep your head up,
that is the direction you want to go.

Saturn makes his way out of Scorpio
the last two years, man
~ a low point requiring drastic solutions~
A prolonged death, we have been there.
Now we can go somewhere else.

If you’ve not made the progress you wanted,
you might see your finale in the fall.
Let it slide and begin again over the summer?
Kick it to the curb with finality by September 18, 2015.

Saturn in Sag.
A Serious Journey!
Sagittarians and mutable signs, ready yourselves.
This will be a test!

You’ll be the Authority now,
December 19th
with the weight in your pockets to stand up and make it so,
or, ummm… be dragged down to earth.

Mars into Aquarius over last weekend,
ready to give us a break through on something new.

Veuns in Cap. wants to make certain she gets her money’s worth.
(From the 10th of December)
That means she will enter the cardinal chaos.
Venus/Pluto as part of the revolution the 20th.
(with the moon in freedom loving Sagittarius)
In or Out. Innovate. Who returns?

Venus always plays, but here she plays for serious and for true.
Don’t attempt to shortchange the lady with the alligator purse.

Uranus squares Pluto

It has, It does,
Exact the 15th and building now,
Who has not on some level seriously reformed their life?
I can’t think of a soul!
Not all plans have been put into action, but the unexamined life….
I don’t know anyone still taking up residence in that dusty coatroom.

Establish now that seeing things in Black and White is a waste for time.
Forget shades of grey, think interdimensional volcanic rainbow.

Actually, think interdimensional volcanic rainbow violently shuddering and breakdancing, along with something infinitely more solid:

A speeding train, a 22 floor apartment building
The impact they make when they come together,
if they were both living entities capable of metamorphosis.

Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn by the 25th
Authority Much?
Take a look at where that falls in your chart,
that’s valuable info right there!
This year everyone is getting relentless pragmatism, and a new way forward for the holidaze, whether you celebrate or not!

Strobe lights of the soul.
We are lucky to live through these times that force a certain clarity,
and redouble creative confusion.
When the doors are shut, and you need a way out…

~Emergent Windows~
That’s some of the best of where we are headed.
Don’t sell yourself short.

This life is the one you have in your possession.
Unstable, Rich, Fertile,
impossible to completely define or obstruct.

Neptune & Chiron in Pisces are busy now for a reason.
Compassion and Possibility,

Healing miracles can’t be counted on,
yet here they are, fully in the mix.

As Jupiter retrogrades and things become more complex,
Pisces suggests looking in, in order to see out.

Love YOU!!!


Who noticed that I became a total endless blowhard incapable of subtlety talking about Saturn in Sag?!?! the spirit of our times, man… the spirit of our times….

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Gemini Full Moon 2014


Gemini Full Moon

The Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius.

It’s a tiny bit spicy

You ought to learn something you didn’t know before.

What kind of twins can you hold in your mind?
The inverse is of equal importance.


Lots of people nearing an actual crisis point,
plenty more merely enjoying the fact that there could be someone’s crisis point ahead to hit.

Some lucky souls falling in love,
Finding just what they need, right place right time.
Plenty of near misses too,
and things you let slide because you are sure there will be another train along any min.
There may not be,
wait and see

There is enough to keep everyone busy like it or not

Is that your ship coming in?
It’s A Ship, and every one of us is going somewhere.

All the true things scattered around

What is it that comes to life, when you can speak in your own language?
Clarity of mind.
Culture as defined by whom?

Slang words, language as an identifier and a carrier of identity.
What does it mean to have a vernacular?
To be of and from a time and place?

and the importance of dictionaries?
Root words?
The source of the idea that carries the thought?
The weight, or is it the wings of history.

Wherever we are going, we will all (every imaginable perspective) be there


Love YOU!!!


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Saturn in Sagittarius


~Samsara literally means “wandering-on.” Many people think of it as the Buddhist name for the place where we currently live. But in the early Buddhist texts, it’s the answer, not to the question, “Where are we?” but to the question, “What are we doing?” Instead of a place, it’s a process: the tendency to keep creating worlds and then moving into them. As one world falls apart, you create another one and go there. At the same time, you bump into other people who are creating their own worlds, too.

The process can sometimes be enjoyable. In fact, it would be perfectly innocuous if it didn’t entail so much suffering. The worlds we create keep caving in and killing us. Moving into a new world requires effort: not only the pains and risks of taking birth, but also the hard knocks – mental and physical – that come from going through childhood into adulthood, over and over again. — Geoffrey DeGraff ~


After this, after this metamorphosis, we are headed in to an easier time.

Not now, but soon, soon in the sense of next year
by next Autumn…

I shouldn’t say that, because someone’s mother will die.
Someone’s best friend will be hit by a bus in a traffic accident no more remarkable than any other. A man will be shot for nothing he said or did. A sister will get breast cancer, and a father will lose a job he is in no position to lose.

At this moment full of high and heightened possibility,
we are embarking on short voyage to a crisis point, actually, more than one.

Uranus Square Pluto,
I think you know.
Whether the crisis is ours or not makes only a fraction of difference.
Life during wartime is strange for everyone. n’est-ce pas?

It’s not wrong to think that extreme solutions are needed for extreme success.
Nor is it wrong to take the opposite approach, a small change,
enacted permanently for good makes a revolution.

In this life there is only one certainty.
Take hold, and embrace it with both hands.


I’ve been avoiding writing about Saturn in Sagittarius, because, you know, SATURN.

What will Saturn say no to this time?

Or what will he emphasize?
Where will the notion show up that ~here~ is where we care too much?

For every boat, an anchor.


This time Saturn in Sagittarius develops contextually with Neptune in Pisces,
They share a ruler, and a Square. Over the next 2 and a half years
Jupiter, working in this way with Saturn, enacts First as a Lion,
then as an as a Servant to a Principal or an Ideal; from a thought to physical manifestation that takes us a year and a half in already.

It goes Sun, then Mercury, Venus and lastly Mars as delivery boys for our openings and opportunities.
Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

It’s December 26th, 2017 when Saturn comes home to Capricorn.

As we begin it Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune/Uranus are the players…

Making dreams of the future real?
Learning the cost of innovation?

The responsibility of JOY
Understanding Foreigners

Valuing Faith,

The Loneliness of Freedom
The Weight of Morality
The penalty for Justice

The Meaning of Death!

Rigid Faith ?
Unshakeable beliefs?

The work it takes to structure or understand our Beliefs?

Work for your future?
Building it, as one would build a house?

Structuring your Sport or Religion?

A Religion that supports your Art
Art or Sport as a Religion?

An Open and Strong Mind
Depth of Training
Depth of Study

New Religious Law that supports or undermines our Goals?

Fear of Faith?
Fear of foreigners?
Restricted Travel
A closed and confused mind?

you know what?! ETHICS.
that’s what.

Conspiracy Theories?
Going off the Grid…it’s all here.

Waiting for for help that never comes?
Refusal to think things through.
Invisible strength of the military?

Colleges and Libraries close?
Or they transform?
Free University?

OMG WHAT ABOUT THIS for Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune/Uranus?!
brains that are suddenly “liberated” or Disappear?!

Travel for Work?
Saying NO to traveling for work?

Is it refusing to help, or helping that becomes popular?

Bending the Rules?
Flaws in the BIG PICTURE

With Saturn’s square to Neptune,
a big part of this is letting go of preconceived ideas about what the structure is supposed to be, in order to establish

A New (uranus) Reality (saturn)

When we think about Saturn,
remember that the word Fear trades places with the word Wisdom
& HOPEFULLY vise versa!

The space between one and the other?
Experience and self-control.
Think about boundaries and discipline,


which permits and denies all things,
law, accomplishment
bones and teeth.

Saturn square Neptune trine Uranus:

The things that dissolve now will be many, as if to wash away our old concepts of what is possible, as if to remove our footing, and make way for the unexpected, for the future..
neither good nor bad, but NEW.


Saturn is a patient teacher, even in Sagittarius.

With Saturn Squaring all the mutable signs:
Gemini, Sag. Virgo, Pisces, do we look for our butterflies to be pinned to their mounts?

I don’t think so, not this time, With double Jupiter involved (pisces/sagittarius)
There is growth, mastery of knowledge, perspective…
It becomes time to transform something blurry and ethereal into a solid opportunity

Someone gets schooled!

Proof is the hallmark of any Saturn transit,
with Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune, do we look for Proof of Faith?

Something New To Believe In?

and this is the core of our Jupiter/Saturn exchange:

Can you you learn to grow Slow?

But first, a shock and a vaseline lens to help you loose your way.

Love YOU!!!!



The Serenity Prayer,
truly never out of style.

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Epic December 2014



Welcome to your December 2014

It’s a good week: Active and Interesting.

Sagittarius Sun + Aries Moon/Uranus today.
Are you impatient?

Fire Trine tomorrow, Moon/Venus/Jupiter.
That’s Good News!
See what comes your way if you have Fire around 22 degrees…

It’s taken me all day to write this, because there is simply too much I want to say.
I write, and rewrite and erase.

It’s Wheel of Karma Hour down at the star factory.

Be careful what entanglements you enter into now


In December,
Saturn leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius, & Uranus squares Pluto exact.

Massive scene changes and re-directions.

Some of which will provide immense relief.

a plot twist before we yawn and stretch and leave our particular theater, to walk right into the next theater unsure if the film is already running?
Is it supposed to look like this?

Saturn in Sagittarius right away squares Neptune in Pisces…
well, forgive me for saying so again, but:


We can feel it already,
unfinished biz: money distribution, power dynamics, and the final say in certain relationships.

I’ll be posting details of the month as we move through it…

Love YOU!!!


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