September 17, 2014


Venus/Chiron 14 to 14.
Virgo Pisces axis.
The big hurt within our particular context.
Venus trines Pluto
Crab Moon trines Chiron

It’s not the devil in these details,
it’s the power of being who you are, unapologetic.

You are who you are, you want what you want.

an imperfect love?
aren’t we all,
*and the light we grow toward is worth the skins we shed along the way.

never arriving
(ow!there’s chiron!)

Don’t believe it! everywhere you are, you have arrived.
it’s always NOW.

are you learning something?

You can’t control anyone who doesn’t look out from the mirror when you look in.
What a relief!

AND now, with the Moon in Crab, pass me those scissors and a bottle of wine,
I’m making a collage, and a new playlist. Wait NO!
I’ve GOT to leave the house… Sag. Mars insists!

It’s a full sky, and you can get nearly anything you want out of it,
except a cool ten million & a clear conscience.

Never mind.
Keep Breathing. Slide along like a snake through the rocks.
Be in touch with those you love…


Speaking of stars of wonder…
I watched this on the lovely Stars of Wonder,
I was way impressed!
Kutiman has made a whole slew of videos well worth watching/listening!
and now he has put together a band!
I know, right?!

What a beautiful way to bring people together.
Cool composer! SUCH an easy accessible retro sound!

Love YOU!!!


*err… because we are snake-trees


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September 16, 2014


The sky is so complicated these days, there is something for everyone.

all the while, the Cardinal Crew with their lives in flux… shaking up themselves and everyone around them… Challenge, Support, Evolution

I tend to run with Jupiter flavored peeps,
I like the bounce.
We are Uranian too, and often airy… we intellectualize,
& seem to crave a little distance from our lives, even as we live them.

I look at our charts, and our lives
& I notice we are always running away.
I’m sure Neptune is a factor there as well… escape.

What kind of security is built in to the open door?
Or how about this:
What kind of security is built in to a lock you can never pick?

The Moon is in Gemini this morning, moving to Crab in the afternoon.
From thinking to feeling.

Mercury is on the North Node,
Mars begins to square Neptune.

You can visualize what you want now.
You can see the future, as it could be.
Crystallize an image in your heart and begin to make it so.


I think Mars/Neptune is unfairly derided.
Yes, you need stamina (Saturn) to do anything with it,
but that is true of everything.

Read this on Mars/Merc/Neptune
This one too!

Remain present through your feelings this afternoon.
Are you receiving messages?

Over the next few days, Mars/Neptune will put a dream in your pocket…
do you have any use for it?

Only one way to find out.

Love YOU!!!!


*read this to understand the video,
It is an ancient story about a princess from the Moon.
The Moon that always changes, the Moon that never (always) stays.

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Oh Hello Pluto…. the 2nd half of September


Pluto wakes up. Officially direct on the evening of September 22,
but you can hear it rumbling now.


Gears grind, wheels turn.
Things that happen on a biological level
Things that happen without the grace of higher logic,
instead animal power, the strength of something beyond necessity.

Lizard Brain.
what do you suppose dinosaurs knew beyond eating and f*cking?
It’s more than that.…though no mistake… it IS that too.

Who you would save if the house was on fire?

It’s every trick you try,
& where the house of cards falls if you fool yourself.

Your fear trigger, & your fear response.
Gritty mechanics.

It’s whatever is left that won’t die,
the stubborn weed that even evil roundup could never kill.

The things we share… sex and money.
What are they? Intimacy.

…and what is the power which can never be taken from you?
What is intrinsically your own?

Absolute honesty at best,
& worst?
Pure manipulation.
Who winds up manipulated?

and YET, honest as you are,
what is this strange position you find yourself taking?
Pay attention, there is something for you here.


Pluto wakes to trine a Virgo pile up on September 22.
Moon/Venus and the Virgo Sun’s last sparkle,
Ms Fix it, and the Clean Up Crew have arrived.

* * *



Mars in Sagittarius begins to look at Jupiter’s dreams in earnest…
a leap of Faith?


Coming soon to a theater very near you.
and staring someone inescapably dear to your heart…

yes. I DO mean YOU!

The one and only.
Chiron backs up to poke Jupiter. You are worth it!



The Sun moves to Libra September 22nd
We will have the New Moon in Libra on the 24th.
with the beginnings of a building Fire Trine: Mars/Uranus/Jupiter

That’s our kick off!
Intense times for a loooong while
Celestial happenings -R- US


Mercury decamps to Scorpio the 27th of September

Venus gilds her lily,
graciously accepts her tiara,
and smiles winningly at a rather stubborn, seductive, impulsive and passionate crew,
as she moves to Libra on September 29th.

With Mercury in Scorpio as Pluto’s agent,
the artful machinations could begin…
the scene behind the scene. but for a short time only…
instead it’s more likely that we have a hit of scorpionic truth boosted by Neptune’s knowing and come to our senses to deal with it.
Mercury retro brings us back in to Cardinal Libra,
lasting decisions with the heavy hitters in the outer planet crew,
+ a mid-month Cardinal Grand Cross with the Moon in Crabcakes.

I wrote on Friday Looking Around the Corner,
sort of a heads up, Oh LOOK: Eclipse Zone Ahead type deal.
But really it is time to start your October preparedness regimen now.

Whatever you feel will be a factor, will prob. be a factor,
but with Uranus in the Eclipse pattern, you can count on a surprise as well.
This week is not too early.
Everyone gets a surprise!


Mercury retro begins October 4,

If you have plans requiring paperwork:

buying and selling,
marriage or divorce,

by all means, finish it now in September, if ever at all you can.

October asks a lot of everyone in it,
and not to frighten you, but I pray that we will all continue to be around to live it.
So that’s it, you’re up, you’re on. Go you!

Love YOU!!!!


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September 12, looking around the corner… 2014


Everyone is on their own trip, trying to navigate the specifics,
of which there are many.

The breaking point is past, and now we look at how to place the pieces.

I think the blue goes next to the other blue…
it looks like we are making some sky. If you start in the corners it becomes easier to slowly fill in the middle. What’s missing?
What is there?
Plenty also.

It’s different than a give and take,
although you have to do that too
A major shift leaves almost a blank space where perception is supposed to be.

How do you take that?
As best as you are able, not really sure how it is meant.

Mercury in Libra
keeps on playing house with Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto.

~You be the Daddy! No you do it!~

Did you say the right thing?
How they took it is anyone’s guess,
but there is more than a little on the line for the outcomes.

Trying to be fair.
In this politeness counts as much as content.
Method matters.

Mercury makes for the North Node like a weary sailor seeks land.
They meet on Tuesday at 19 degrees Libra, with the Moon in Crab and Mars in Sag.

A defining moment with adjustments all around.
Monday’s Gemini Moon helps us sort through options flexibly.
Seeing from a slight distance, less stubborn = good.


We have beyond major Eclipses in October, the 8th and the 23rd.
The first, a Full Moon at 15 degrees Libra/Aries
& the second a New Moon at Zero Scorpio!

They both look to be massive for partnership restructuring.
I know you hear me Libras, and Libra Risings!
But it’s true for EVERYONE.
Each Eclipse deserves it’s own analysis, and we will do that, FOR CERTAIN.

Relationships Change. Not only romantic, partnerships, friends and enemies,
the balance in our lives will be shifting.

Right in the middle of Eclipse Central,
our Sun hits the North Node

destiny calling…think back to october 30th 2013

A very special Libra pile up on the week of October 12,
again the Moon, as it is next week.. in Gemini Moving to Crab.

On October 12th we will have Venus, Retro-Mercury,
and the Sun/North North Node in Libra.
All loosely opposing Uranus, & tightly sextiling Sagittarius Mars and Leo Jupiter.

Change is Life.

Think of this time as a preview, or where you set the wheels in motion.

Mercury Retrograde October 4-19th,

means that Mercury will hit the North Node with finality
and forward motion on October 31st.
See whut I’m getting at?

Allow for the best possible outcome.

Allow that valuable alliances will sustain you.
Allow that you will be enough, that your state of becoming is a gift to the world around you.


Love YOU!!!!


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September 11, 2014


Don’t let your ship run too far aground.

Use the space wisely when things don’t work out.
Void Moon in Aries, then later inconjunct ruler Scorpio Mars.

Give yourself a pass.
What actions can be taken?


This coloured counterfeit that thou beholdest,
vainglorious with excellencies of art,
is, in fallacious syllogisms of colour,
nought but a cunning dupery of sense;

this in which flattery has undertaken
to extenuate the hideousness of years,
and, vanquishing the outrages of time,
to triumph o’er oblivion and old age,

is an empty artifice of care,
is a fragile flower in the wind,
is a paltry sanctuary from fate,

is a foolish sorry labour lost,
is conquest doomed to perish and, well taken,
is corpse and dust, shadow and nothingness. ~
-Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Well then. May as well enjoy it.

I love that poem, bitter as it is, because I love paradox, and what is that poem after all but art, art the only solace against time by whom we are all individually defeated.
One at a time, and no matter how together, alone.

There, have I finished cheering you up?
The poem is still there to be read, and the connections we make, bring us as close to heaven as earth allows.

Continue on,
Taurus Moon for late night and mañana
will be better…
we will have Moon Trine Venus in Earth and everybody loves that.



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September 10, 2014


Whew! Wake UP! Get on it. Get Over it. Take action.
Aries Moon conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter!
Let’s GO!

Change things? YES Indeed!
This is attack energy, tackle it energy.

Cardinal T-Square Whut?!

Aries Moon/Uranus + Capricorn Pluto + Libra Mercury/North Node
The outlet for the energy is Crab.

Fresh News /Scenario

Negotiating with a partner…
impacting home, kids, family?
Big changes afoot?

Could be good… once again the past is past.
You can handle it.


Saturday Night….
We can totally look forward to….

Mars in Sagittarius!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!

True Story:I like Mars in Fire!

This weekend: Bring it on! Be forthright! Take a chance!
Innocent fun? Fun for it’s own sake?
Enough scheming and machinations
Get up on it!


~Fire Fire Fire~

Super YAY.

With Jupiter trine Uranus our luck is actually building…

To Do?
Be Brave and look the part to get the job!
This will only get more true, but don’t wait for it.


Love YOU!!!!


Plus, everybody who did not read THIS yesterday,
read it today~ It’s about mapping our place in the universe, and it’s incredibly lovely interesting and detailed~


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Post Pisces Full Moon, September 9, 2014


Bite the hand that feeds you?
Feed the hand that uhhh…bites you?

If you haven’t read Mikey’s take on the Full Moon, Neptune/Chiron go read it.
It’s very good.

What to do with the intimacy created when someone harms you?
or when you harm them?

The bond that suddenly exists, vulnerability creates an opening.
What do you do with it?
Ignore it and wait for it to go away?
Acknowledge the useless of feelings in general?
(wait did I just say that?!…laughs)

I think you use your vulnerability for your own ends and means.

When my father was dying, a kind woman once told me that
when your heart breaks, it breaks you open to the world.

Something has to crack that nut and pain has a very large hammer.

~Not that I want to be a god or a hero. Just to change into a tree, grow for ages, not hurt anyone.~ Czesław Miłosz

Oh I know the feeling! I have the feeling.

Contrariwise, the miracle of it, is that each touch brings us to life.
Whether pain or pleasure, it’s valuable sensation.

Participation, our existence offers untold, unfathomable impact on others.
Beyond what our senses allow to penetrate, there is more, always un-glimpsed more.

I looked at THIS and thought how very like a map of brain synapses.

So biological, those bright impossible connections! Is that how we are made?
Is it really? How can we ever feel ugly when we participate in the most unimaginable mysteries?

Everything ever becoming, and with no sign of stopping now.

Somehow we can feel ugly though,

pretty is as pretty does.
Part of moving through Chiron, is working with shame.
Not losing the lesson, AND not letting it define you.

Can you allow pain to stick around until it leaves willingly,
without feeding it or shutting it down?


Love YOU!!!


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Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Chiron, September 8, 2014


Looks like a tear-jerker that will settle some scores.
Settle is too strong a word. It implies complete resolution.

There will be some culminations, & eye-openers,
but fish swim off, away in a vast sea,
Water seeps through even the tightest crack.

Leaky eyes?

Full Moons are always a moment to see that we have come this far.
and unfortunately sometimes no farther…

I watched this today and cried like a baby,
because if only for this year those whales will be free from fear.


A thirty year achievement. How is that for Saturn/Neptune?
Compassionate/selfless ideals at work? New rules for the ocean?

Our Full Moon takes place at 16 degrees Pisces/Virgo
With the Moon itself conjunct Chiron at 15 degrees Pisces.

Your individual flawed and beautiful humanity is visible.
The beauty is in the consciousness, the attempt.

The trine to Saturn at 18 degrees Scorpio is strong.
truth and consequences
whether holding or letting go.

You have to be who you are…
And Yet, who are you?

Dualism of the individual is close to the heart of it.

an absent minded drunk or a family man?
Depends who you ask.

Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac: two fish, two directions.
The possibilities that endings have to offer…

Sun in Virgo is double as well
Saint and sinner trading places?
Could it matter on which side of the telescope you place your eye?

{Consider that our next Full Moon in October will be relationship high drama!
Moon Conjunct Uranus in Aries
with the Sun in Libra! Cardinal T-square, Heads Up!
A Grand trine in FIRE comes with, Moon/Mars/Jupiter!!!}

With that in mind,
let this one flow through you.

Today and tomorrow,
look around under the soft, bright, luminescence,

Mercury is opposite Neptune, if you place reality in a box,
she leaks like light under the door…

Love YOU!!!!


dictionary of obscure sorrows

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Advice from Your God(s)


It’s raining where I am, & I have a porch to enjoy it.

Huge rolling thunder, glamorous lightning, beautiful fat drops of life-giving water.

I’m in the process of scrubbing my life clean.
I can’t be who I’ve been and, the open options to become anyone are a near paralytic!
(spoken like a true child of neptune, with heavy gemini! LOL)

My blog writing seems to be suffering from a surfeit of reality.
So much to glean from experience, every moment rich with potential implication.
What On Earth to Say?

Should we break it down, talk about Mercury in Libra, & Venus in Virgo?
Examine our partnerships?


Mercury is in Libra and Venus is in Virgo:

A nice combo. Mutual reception keeping us smart and beautiful.
As in, we will do the work that being beautiful requires,
whether internal or external,

Harmonizing conversations intended to edit, & to improve,
a keen eye toward justice,
no more, no less.

Social calls that benefit us in the most pragmatic
& critical manner. We will know, how to listen, (most of us)
how to stop ourselves from alienating our allies.

~Yes DO go to the party.
Yes make friends, and no don’t mention salad on their tooth unless they ask you!~

With Neptune in the Merc/Venus mix, motivation & sincerity is questionable
the hazy vision and the vaseline lens,
When you look at someone else, are you looking at yourself?
You’re not. Are you?


Should we pan back a bit?
Neptune waves spread even farther…
Who can survive sudden disillusionment?
Where BIG Neptune goes, bitterness comes after
that’s where Chiron helps you:
A tonic two parts acceptance, one part detachment,
and a large jigger of compassion for our shared humanity.

We began this work with our Water Trine, and the ripples keep spreading.

Don’t look away, no matter how painful…

Witness, integrate, accept, and here is the key:
Move On


What will kill you in this astrology is to stand still.

Which of course is the Very Big Picture!


An opening. A revolution on every level.
Our Cardinal Grand Cross and beyond!

It’s personal.
So personal that without your chart I can’t tell you which directions are emphasized, or should I say that with your chart I CAN tell you?

I can and I’d be happy to.
What I want to say across the board is: move.


Take a moment and listen, really listen.
What advice would God(s) give you if you were ready to hear?

That’s it.
Don’t argue with the word of the God(s)

don’t over-think it.
God(s) will give you the next step when you are ready to know.

Dreams, and what it takes to realize them will become very clear with Saturn in Sagittarius.
It’s a bubble burster, & a faith restorer for certain.
Values and beliefs will be clarified.
A practical faith?
Hello reality check!

As for now, we have to finish up our Saturn in Scorpio Lessons.
The Quiz is coming… and our final exam will be here before you know it!

Balance of power. Trust. Deep Commitment.
You are in or out…

Love YOU!!!



don’t eat these! The caloric hangover is terrible!!!

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September 4, 2014



Sorry I have been scarce!
All that fire kind of caught up with me and burned my house down.
(Metaphorically speaking)

But here I am again just in time for Capricorn Moon/Pluto!
Whoohooo! I actually mean that.
Capricorn Moon = You are the grown up,
You are the one who makes a safe structure for your feelings.
You are the one responsible for getting your needs met.

If you want to be Reborn, Dig Deep, Cough it up, Let Go, Purge,


~don’t hold on to anything that you don’t want to carry with you.~


~ no better time than right now, for a deep breath that clears your heart.~


Moon/Pluto inconjunct Jupiter (make BIG lemonade)
Trine Virgo Sun, (work that POWER, those harvest-y power details…
what you have sown? g’head reap it! lol)
Square Uranus, (ready to jettison into a new life?)

Put it all together with the North Node in Libra and you have a Cardinal T-Square!
you knew I was going to say that.

Take responsibility + individuate + act + interact = find your balance = find your destiny

a turning point? Yes, Please.

How did that New Moon in Virgo affect you?
Who lost their way in Neptune’s mirrored palace,
or whose life was submerged in an invisible sea?


Grab a hold of this straw, and keep kicking as you move toward the light…
there is air you need to breathe.

Chin Up.
Mercury in Libra wants to make a deal.

keep it practical, don’t ask for heaven… what can you have here on earth?

Leo Jupiter/Aries Uranus is a good surprise,
(even if it looks like a bad one)

You have some bounce, and it will bring you in to the future.

Love YOU!!!



photo 1

Zheng He
did not give up, not even after he was captured at age 10 and castrated!
(pluto topic) His life is completely fascinating on every level.
To begin with his family were Muslims in 13th century China!

Wiki sez:
~Zheng He (1371–1433), formerly romanized as Cheng Ho, was a Hui court eunuch, mariner, explorer, diplomat, and fleet admiral during China’s early Ming Dynasty. Zheng commanded expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa from 1405 to 1433. As a favorite of the Yongle Emperor, whose usurpation he assisted, he rose to the top of the imperial hierarchy and served as commander of the southern capital Nanjing~

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