Aquarius Full Moon & Saturn Direct: July 30- August 1st


Here’s what you need to know about this Full Moon & Saturn Direct:

by the power of Saturn and Uranus!
errrrrr… lol! sorry sorry!!

I mean ahhh…

Bright Light + Chances + Choices = Consequences.

The future is NOW.


Our Full Moon falls on Friday the 31st, early morning.
You can already count it as active.

You won’t be able to help seeing what you are actually doing.


Saturn is about to go direct again, to finish a final obsession,
rewards and punishments both modest and severe,
but no less valuable for those qualities. It’s a countdown to September 20th.

Look back two and a half years. Have you accomplished your goals?
It’s the beginning of the END.
Which, naturally, is the preamble of the next beginning.

The numbing desperation, the compulsions, trainwrecks, and ultimatums that drove you to make the changes you have endured, and necessitated, the glorious and inglorious realities you have wrenched into being, over the last two and a half years, process of transforming your reality in the area of your life where Scorpio has hit your chart, will soon be ending.

The experience of disembowelment, of eviscerating yourself in service to the highest cause you can find, while pledging allegiance to your own survival, will become a thing of the past.

These experiences will be with you, not as they are now, actively, verbs, excavating, but instead as nouns. Results. Consequence. History.

You will own it now. Yours.
By the end of September, you will discover, if you don’t already know,
how well and how fully you solved your problem.


It will be time to learn something NEW.
On September 20th, Saturn moves to Sagittarius once more, and in earnest.


For more on Saturn in Sagittarius click



So what about this Aquarius Full Moon?

The Sun in Leo and a revelation upon us?
That’s it! That’s just it. Bright lights at 7 Aqua/Leo.

Aquarius brings the water of enlightenment.

Awake Aware Electric

Saturn wakes up on the 1st of August and over the next month and a half, finishes the job.


See what you’ve done.
See what god(s) hath wrought.
so to speak

Grand Water Trine for the Full Moon: Chiron/Saturn/Mars
With Uranus in Aries kickstarting Mars to activate.
That sounds like a surprise shove in an inevitable direction.

Looking back to February 18th… are there results related to that time?
You bet there are!

My best advise is given by Pablo Neruda here:

How Much Happens in a Day

In the course of a day we shall meet one another.

But, in one day, things spring to life –
they sell grapes in the street,
tomatoes change their skin,
the young girl you wanted
never came back to the office.

They changed the postman suddenly.
The letters now are not the same.
A few golden leaves and it’s different;
this tree is now well off.

Who would have said that the earth
with its ancient skin would change so much?
It has more volcanoes than yesterday,
the sky has brand-new clouds,
the rivers are flowing differently.
Besides, so much has come into being!
I have inaugurated hundreds
of highways and buildings,
delicate, clean bridges
like ships or violins.

And so, when I greet you
and kiss your flowering mouth,
our kisses are other kisses,
our mouths are other mouths.

Joy, my love, joy in all things,
in what falls and what flourishes.

Joy in today and yesterday,
the day before and tomorrow.

Joy in bread and stone,
joy in fire and rain.

In what changes, is born, grows,
consumes itself, and becomes a kiss again.

Joy in the air we have,
and in what we have of earth.

When our life dries up,
only the roots remain to us,
and the wind is cold like hate.

Then let us change our skin,
our nails, our blood, our gazing;
and you kiss me and I go out
to sell light on the roads.

Joy in the night and the day,
and the four stations of the soul.

– Pablo Neruda ~

Love YOU!!!


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July 26, 2015


Shake it off.

The Moon moves to Sagittarius, not every avenue is closed.

Hands UP!
How was that for a high drama weekend?

Who made it through the tipping point with soul intact?

Cardinal signs represent.
Aries, Crab, Libra, Capricorn, I’m looking at YOU.

What’s up grand cross?!
still reading this, still alive.

Just past the dark squeeze of Scorpio Moon/Saturn.

Taurus and Libra feeling extra undone.
Backward to reconsider, backwards to the abyss.

All is logic and no beauty,
logic without beauty is a heartless wasteland.

For beauty carries it’s own organization, the signs and symbols, that lead us forward, that tell us to hope, a reflection of divinity on earth, and therefore valuable.

For what is beauty, but value expressed? Externalized logic of the interior heart.

~ We all make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give. But in some special circumstances, this special circumstance, this Wintston’s boy will have to earn a living before he earns enough living to give.~
Benjamin Clementine

What a revelation he is!
His astro is HERE

These lyrics smack of Venus/Saturn,
though the story his chart tells is that of his Mars in Aries
square his Neptune/Saturn/Uranus conjunction in CAPRICORN.

Benjamin’s Moon/Venus is in Scorpio ruled by that Mars. (also pluto)


Moon @ 24 Scorpio,
Venus @ 17 Scorpio
Pluto @ 13 Scorp.
Jupiter @ 29 Taurus.

Think he is feeling our times ?

Sagittarius Sun and all that Scorpio:
depth and an opportunity.
It’s the friction on his Mars that causes him to take it.

A story of being cut off from certain material resources and thus open to others.
A story of chance, motivation, and talent, of obsessive depth, and ethereal escape.

He does have Jupiter in Taurus, a saving grace, and an opportunity built in.

Even with Benjamin Clemetine’s glorious Sun in Sagittarius,
won’t it be nice when Saturn returns to Sag.?
They can handle/channel the discipline, & this ~no margin for error routine has GOT to stop!

Love YOU!!!


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July 23, Summer Skies 2015



Sun conjunct Mercury @ Zero Leo!
Welcome to Lion and Tiger Time!

Be a tiger, think like a tiger, be a lion, think like a lion.


Mars still hanging back in Crab.


Flamboyant Cuttlefish anyone?
Defensive reactive posture?

Crab Mars @ 19 degrees squares retro-Uranus in Aries @ 20,
and trines retro-Chiron in Pisces @ 21

Go your own way,
(within the rules, K.thks Saturn)
See it with your personal vision?

A Virgin Venus about to turn around.
~take care of the details? how to arrive at what it is the best value for everyone?~

Our desires are not easily met.
There is a timing issue, and a irritation/frustration factor.

Saturn STILL a HUUUUUUGE player.
The old man squares Venus/Jupiter, & sends an out of sign trine to Sun/Mercury.


The bottom line shows up, and it’s best you know.
Not the easy way, but some which way…hope still makes an appearance.

Get what you want?
after an exhaustive ordeal?
or ummm not?


Cardinal Grand Cross with today’s Libra Moon:
Moon, Mars, Uranus, Pluto! YEOW!

~ It’s not fast
Though it may be sudden. ~

a pressurized build up

hot! hot tempered!
Flash point:



Being cut off from resources & therefore realizing what’s important?

That’s Venus Square Saturn for you.
Work work work for it!


Leo reminds us to present with our heart intact.

Let’s ENJOY. (not kidding!!!) Let’s create out of the endless richness of our core.
Lets move with our inspiration.

Love YOU!!!!


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July 21- 23, 2015


Use the push from Uranus in Aries
+ the flow of the Grand Trine in Water to get where you are going.

The Crab Sun, Mars, Mercury, Scorpio Retro-Saturn, & Pisces Chiron all work together.

Shows to go, you can change it with words, but not just words.
There must be action!

Right words = right time?
Wrong words = wrong time?


Who writes this?!
Muddle through.

Saturn Square Jupiter gives us the Hurry-up-STOPS!

Got to trust in that staccato rhythm that the universe is beating.


It will all be revealed in the fullness of time?
After all, what else?!


Do it again, Do it better, Do it differently!

Hold it right there! NO. Get it done before the opportunity slips by!!!

Crab season wraps up with a bit of a finale,
as the Moon heads into Libra,
to give us the relationshipic stress test that is our lives, from now through the July 23rd.

This road forks all over the place!

It’s adventure time!

ahhhh……!!!! Ummmm….
I mean,

Isn’t there a bit mid-adventure where the $$$ dries up, & the love is questionable, & you have to wonder if you have boxed yourself into a corner or off a cliff?

That’s NOW. Enjoy it!!! I mean it.


You GOT this!

….meanwhile, in an underground lair…..

Venus vibrating at zero Virgo,

Harken Back to Venus Transit the Sun circa 2012?

Are you wondering about those connections you made so long ago,
& the details you have to overcome today, to get the goods/worth/value you desire?

~It’s not about knowin where you are. It’s about thinking you got there without taking anything with you. Your notions about startin’ over. Or anybody’s. You don’t start over. That’s what it’s all about. Every step you take is forever. You can’t make it go away. None of it. You understand what I’m saying?~
-Cormac McCarthy~ via whiskey river

Love YOU!!!!!



time, time, time

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July 17, 2015


The way out isn’t easy.
The testing points remain and return.

Catch a break?

You’ll catch the break you make.

Frustration level, high to the point of hopeless.
Yet who can deny the beautiful genuine changes in awareness.

Jupiter trine Uranus must be good for something.
A glimmer, a glimpse of the world beyond.

past what we know as possible, there is a restructuring in process,
and seeing the ugly, the unformed, and corrupt is a part of it.

As everyone on the inside of anything knows,
nothing is as glamorous as surfaces.

Tension breaks the surface and the disruption creates fall out.

Is it good?

Yes it’s GOOD.
Is it pretty?

No. No. No.

Love YOU!!!




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New Moon in Crab, July 15, 2015

water This picture is a single drop of sea water magnified

Listen UP! Things are about to get weird, or possibly weirder.
The Moon moves toward Cancer for our Double Crab encounter:

A New Moon on the 15th of July.



A Uranus/Pluto jolt strikes with the New Moon in Crab on the 15th.
It may be here already.

Shock brings Awareness


That’s quite a beginning!!!

Tipping point?
Rock + hard place?



Alright alright.
Best to know a tipping point when you see one.


Look out!

Here come the flying emotional/emotionally driven ultimatums
as Mercury conjuncts Mars and is opposed by Pluto, while Uranus squares the Sun/Moon conjunction.


This past week, and even now with the Moon in Gemini,
Holy What?!

Mercury Trouble Much?!!!


The Slow Down, the Hold Up, the Internet Delay or Lack of service,
the Security Breaches.

The Car, Bus, Bicycle, and Plane Sudden Trauma?

The narrow escapes, the confusion, the delayed response,
unclear outcomes, the mix ups, the duplicitous motives, the misrepresentation.
What exactly are we preparing for?!

All that plus a Venus/Saturn smackdown!
There are Limits, Hard Edges, and Fear.

We have been there. We are here.

Neptune still blurring perception and causing evasive communiques.
It’s a trine, could these dynamics be for the best?
…they could…

… when I say they could,
I mean in the big picture ultimate way.
Don’t things sometimes have to fall apart before they come together?

Don’t go down the powerless road.



Venus/Jupiter in Leo has given you a sweet spot amidst the turmoil…

Along with all the messy trouble,
there is perhaps a (seeming) resolution,

~ the new alliances,
the tentative possibly of promising bonds. ~

Somewhere, there has been an affirmation, a yes has found you,
along with a rededication to goals

simple tho? No.


A (possible, potential) limit is now being set.
A timeline about to be enforced.

Letting go, moving on, mid-flux progress.

All with real world commitments and financial repercussions.
The cost?
Generally speaking, quite high.

The value?
as yet somewhat undetermined…
but possibly high as well.

Venus/Saturn measures,
We do have slow, real, unadorned rewards for playing fair & shooting straight. Consolidated Gains in the making, based on conduct.

It’s a long range outcome, and the risk/benefit analysis is skewed by the double dose of random about to make itself known.

As Mr Brown has written,

Trouble spot: what if you don’t know what you want?

Keep angling, keep fishing, taking all steps in all directions

Venus now at 29 Leo, where we would like her to deliver the love and money before leaving.
She has others ideas…

Venus soon to be stalled
at 0 degrees Virgo about to retrograde on July 25.

A Sun/Moon/Saturn/Chiron Grand Water Trine :
The high road is the place to be.

Authenticity + doing your homework is going to keep you in the right place at the right time, whether it looks like it or not.

Jupiter still in aspect to Uranus, these endings are doors.

Tap into your life force.

Not only is there a way out, there is a way ahead.

Messy, but that’s what we know of birth, to begin with, it’s a mess!

Love YOU!!!!


These peeps say:
Earth-Like Planets Could be Present in Every Planetary System


~Let everything happen to you:
beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.
– Rainer Maria Rilke via Saturn Rising~

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July 7, 2015


Pisces Moon moving rapidly to Aries,
…….and tomorrow we have…


The information comes in,
things change.

Go Go Go,

Something’s got to give,
getting all Cardinal Grand Cross-y up in this joint.

Saturn is inconjunct Mercury, and Square Venus/Jupiter
Hold it right there!


The love/money/family/security axis

Watching it change.

Crab Sun/Mars square Uranus,
Start something new? In a way, but even that takes time.
It’s an ongoing revolution.

Re-imagining, taking ownership of your life.
How are you going to do it?

It DOES require compromise, and quite a bit of finesse.
Optimism figures in there somewhere…
~you’ve got to have dream~

Looking ahead to an imaginary finish line?
Or having trouble seeing around the nearest corner?

Make mine a double!
Both are true.


Love YOU!!!




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July 4, 2015


It’s an Aquarius Moon again for the 4th of July,
just as it was when this Nation was born.

A nation of individuals.

Circles of time just spinning. A widening spiral?

Not really sure what’s going to pan out at the moment?
Which wires are live?


Can’t hold still and not about to…
because you can’t you won’t you don’t stop…
Eeeeep! sorry sorry!!!

Fact is, it was pretty hard for this man to write a bad song.
Mr James Brown had Saturn at home in it’s rulership in Aquarius.
My my, did he ever innovate!

If you were born in the USA, or arrived here to stay,
then no matter the backstory, you are what this country is all about.

Every 4th of July I think of Ultra Aquarian Chan Marshall,
~Cat Power~

Check this: she wrote it with Iggy Pop!

Love YOU!!!!



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Capricorn Full Moon July 1, 2015


Here comes the Full Moon in Cardinal Capricorn to kick off July.
Easy to see what you have and have not.

Mom and Dad dynamics, Capricorn and Cancer.
Lineage, heritage, where you come from

Saturn in Scorpio gives it an edge.
There is finality here if you want some.

Watch out for bitterness.

but here too is Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, trine Uranus
& inconjunct Chiron,

What you possibly could have if everything were not exactly the way it is.
Or maybe you will have it, over time.


Pleasure is undercut by what you imagine it will cost you ultimately.
Or more simply,
there is a rock in your shoe

The uneasiness of the impending Venus retrograde,
what is about to be given, then taken away? And will it return, changed?

Mars in Crab opposes that Cap. Pluto,
~Something Must Be Done!~

temper temper

It’s actually better to do something than to accumulate feelings of powerlessness.

Get into yourself.

Of the Earth.
Obligation. Material Success or poverty, accumulation of past action.
Self Control,

Responsibility and the fear that goes with it, like a partner to the dance. Corsage and everything.

What do we know about that?
The Moon is reflective,
Rock, Bone, your father and his legacy.
tonight we think about the earth that the river runs through.



Gemini Mercury taking hits from a retrograde Chiron as well.
Old wounds still active, still sending small arrows,


You can hear the song playing, but you don’t have to dance to those worn out tunes. You might have to answer to them.


No escape.
Though Neptune says there is one.
Faith makes a nice play here.

Breathe Deep.
Open out.


Try not to flee from the heart of the world,
but instead to soften in to it.

That’s where possibilities begin.

Can you make contact with yourself?

If you need to talk it through with someone, talk it through.
Make sure you are present for the interaction.
No hiding out and going through the motions.

Cap. Moon is strategic.

That clarity will help you to make sure you have your own best interests at heart. If you have already made a mess, come from your core when you try to clean it up.

also, take your time, you don’t have to say anything you don’t want to say

Love YOU!!!



* the incomparable and deeply mourned Uber Outer Planet Libra Lhasa de Sela with her Moon/Saturn in Gemini, her Jupiter at 0 Capricorn and her Venus in LEO. Lhasa’s chart HERE


did you SEE the Jupiter Venus Conjunction?!

Great interview of Heems by Ali Shaheed Muhammad


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Jupiter + Uranus = Um What ?


It should be a beautiful time. It SHOULD be.
It should be, right?

The things we are shaking free of
leave us in a world that has recently been shaken.

Or wait, I mean,

What has atrocity to do with freedom?
Certainly one doesn’t purchase the other

Is it that the scale tips,
when the contrast is made more stark?


Commonalities seem to bleed together,
all can be free because there is no us versus them, but simply all of us?

There is a certain je ne sais tumble-over-a-cliff-factor,
as a couple of beautiful
& as a couple of terrible
massive avalanches take place in alternate directions.

Our Jupiter Uranus trine inconjunct Chiron is/was a gold mine of hyper speed big change surprise activity no matter how you cast it.


Health may be a factor, mental, physical, emotional,
oh health

Pluto, never one to be left out when he is in aspect, was not ummmm… left out.

Death, destruction, freedom, liberation, bondage, repeat.
(and because uranus) suddenly, always suddenly.

Something New

We are moving into the real meaning of Uranus square Pluto, with Neptune in Pisces, as promised.
As foretold by the elders, lol. I mean, as described by me and everyone else.

It’s a combo of the 60’s and the Revolutionary War Era, we said.
So it is.

Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce, it’s that life thing!
No. really. REALLY.


Dig yourself out of whatever pit you are in,
we can all start to cover new territory now, as mercury FINALLY clears his shadow.

The same old same old convos are done.
As of June 27th it’s at least uncharted contradictions…
Still Gemini, still undecided,
but FRESH for Summer 2015.


Why is it that you find yourself face to face, with what are, on an interior level, the deep dilemmas of the the last 2 years, now revealed in their most plain, stark, complex & somehow alternate forms.

…oh these ARE special snowflakes!

If it’s so simple, what’s the answer?
Why are you in over your head?

The finality is frightening, like the sound of someone saying
~I’ll fix you for good~

Thanks Saturn in Scorpio!
Thanks for the apparent impossibility of finding an acceptable scenario.

Do you want to solve these puzzles?

You will.

and before long, too.

So many things have already changed.
Catch up with yourself?


~ So there is a door out of here after all

And to visit a new place creates one
in the brain
-Franz Wright ~

Love YOU!!!!


* Zach Condon Uranian as always!



~There is a permanent amnesia planted in us, which just as we keep forgetting our dreams, we sometimes keep on forgetting our reality.
–Isaac Bashevis Singer~


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