Venus Direct, Jupiter in Virgo, September 2015


Now that we are all familiar with the unglamorous turn our life has taken,
can a little of the bliss found in beauty return to us,
can the ethereal realms be revived, can aesthetics resume their pride of place?

Pretty please?

Certainly it will be better.


Jupiter has moved from Leo to Virgo, while Venus fretted & slept.
Frugality takes the place that Luxury occupied so recently.

All we want is a clean place to rest our heads.
Humility expands our perspective.

The micro informs the macro

All the same,
Saturday Night = Venus Direct
thank you god(s)!!!

Pleasure for it’s own sake.
A value immeasurable found in joy.
This time it’s simplicity.

Earnest sincerity,
a scrupulous attention to the details, and as the quote goes “no little innocent bliss”

There is no one who enjoys being ~bad~ so much as a Virgo does!
Oh the thrills of self-punishment!
ahahaha!! You know who you are!!!

Still, for the time being Venus and Mars reside in Leo.
We may get a party out of it yet!
That trine to Uranus still in play.

Could you suddenly fall in love or be reunited in just the right way?
Oh you could!!
In case anyone is wondering I DO want a present!!
don’t you?!?!

Is there an undertow?

Gods YES!!!

All weekend long: Easy to say something lethal!
Be aware, & Watch you mouf!!


Jupiter in Virgo glorifies the small things.

Last night I stayed up late scrubbing the kitchen floor,
I showered, climbed in to bed and dreamed of moving to a small Greek island.

All those beautiful dream whites and blues.




All this year we are going to specialize in the magically ordinary.

Love YOU!!!!


* Sofia is a Sun/Venus/Neptune in Virgo,
Jupiter/Mercury in Libra,
that Venus ruled Libra Mercury leading her Mercury ruled Venus around
Sofia’s Libra trines her Aquarius Moon/Saturn which opposes her LEO Mars!

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August 31, 2015


Virgo/Pisces Axis Represent!

What did you think of your Full Moon surprise?

Have a little upset with your insight?

We are rich in unrealized possibility right now.
Don’t press it.

Progress without pressure.
Just kidding.

Feel that pressure?
Keep going anyway, it’s all a mirage.

Is it?!?!

Well no. But thinking it’s real won’t help either.
Let’s pretend we’ve got this sanity thing in the bag.

Desperate times call for desperate, no. NO they don’t.

Put the gun down and enjoy the Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo.
There is pleasure and talent there somewhere.


Waiting on $$$ that never appears while money flies out the window?
One week out shows us a solid improvement.

Love and Beauty will be back.
A whole new chapter about to come to life.
Out here in the daylight, where we can see it.
Oh that will be good!!

Who is waiting for compulsions to stop dictating extreme responses from addle-brained psychopaths? hmmmm….

Honestly, sanity is in the works.
I promise.

Another two weeks of finality style insanity.

Be the most adult version of you.
~that’s what’s up~

Pluto direct puts us back in the game by the end of September.

It’s not like you can’t see it coming, you totally can…
or imagine it anyway, if not exactly it, something like it…

Love YOU!!!!



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Pisces Full Moon, August 29, 2015


What appears right in front of your face
in order to call attention to how disappeared it is?

Smoke and a smoking gun.


Sequester your favorite intoxicant,
fortify yourself with or without.

movies, sex, dreams
go along for the ride?

Full Moon in Pisces coming on.


To do list:

1) Cultivate a quiet escape.


Scattered? Spread too thin?

Sacrifice so intrinsic as to be invisible?

Admission to humanity, permission to fail?
A request to be forgiven?

Don’t try to solve the problem with your mind only.
Use the hit of insight, to make the emotional jump.

Don’t prevent yourself from knowing what you actually know.

Gratitude for every massive & infinitesimal step.


Our Pisces Full Moon is wrapping things up in an endless way… to ensure they go on forever.

It’s not the beginning.
It’s what comes before,
what about entanglements you have already just begun?
Or have you?

It’s messy.

See the past with clear color stained eyes.

As happens every month, Our Sun opposes our Moon.

Use your internal reality to illuminate your daily life,
or the other way ’round…

Feeling the price of love for what it is.

Love which costs everything,
which provides every illumination.

and yet,

Something is happening underneath whatever is happening.


Pisces to Virgo:
From telescope to periscope, to microscope,
& round the cycle back in a whiplash flash.


Lost in a whole.

A whole what?
A whole everything.


This Lunation is full of Marriages.
Venus backs into Mars, where they inconjunct Pluto and trine Uranus.
that sounds rather intimate

Who needs to be seen, and would love to hide?

Neptune conjuncts the Moon for extra slipperiness, & true illusions.

Saturn in Scorpio provides the last ditch chance feeling.
Last chance to connect.
Breathe easy, panic has never looked good on anyone.

If you have something to say, say it, freely.

Jupiter expands the Sun (and by opposition the Moon)
Mercury and the North Node think ahead.

Not one casual thing.

It’s a spare, message rich sky.
Read into it.


Love YOU!!!!


************** ******************** ******************

~ Undoing

Unfamiliar with the logic of the physical world,
As a kid I did not understand repair.

My mother warned,
If you break that lamp

We can’t replace it, but I couldn’t believe her.
The world can’t be that stingy,

Not the same world of tulips erupting from bulbs,
Moths emerging from cocoons, smooth upholstery

Cradling my cheek in the backseat of my father’s Chevy
Driving back roads to supper clubs, cornflake-crusted

Fried chicken, doughy dinner rolls, so much food
I had to push the plate away. There must be

A scientific process by which something broken
Can be restored entirely, the mistake undone, nothing lost.

Today a commercial tells me that a fire in one room
Can damage a whole house. A woman drapes a shawl

Over a space heater and it announces flames.
I have littered the past year with anxiety,

And it is spilling over into the rest of the house.
Taking it on, my cat breaks a figurine on the vanity.

Make it like it never happened, the commercial promises.
Even if I glued the shards together, I would comprehend

The fissures webbing the porcelain, the pressure points of weakness,
Which is my undoing.

Having broken many things
In my life, I have grown to accept

We could undo anything if only we could forget.

-James Cihlar via Saturn Rising ~

Only what I have lost is what I possess forever.
-Rachel Bluwstein

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August 24, 2015


Sagittarius Moon/Virgo Sun
Would you like to be distracted?

Honestly the pleasure you get via distraction
may cause more anxiety that anything.
That’s a Virgo/Sag conundrum.
Virgo Sun conjunct Jupiter square Scorpio Saturn.

Middle ground?

Find the little things you can control.


Saturn putting the squeeze on the nearly empty tube of toothpaste that is our very soul.


I mean, the disassociation, the hesitancy, the flails at the details, (because too many of them!) the uber-accomplishments only to fall flat like a deflated balloon at the worst possible moment, the inability to reconcile who we have been with the mystery, the unknown and blank slate quality of who we are becoming, whether we have RUINED everything, irreconcilably squandered our chances, and are heading now, even now, into the most wasteful absurdist abyss, have we wasted the only chance we have ever possessed?!


I mean, take a big breath, we are all going to die.

I mean, the reason for standing still while the world rushes around you, and the number of things pile up that must be done, is more than the inability to accept what has happened thus far and choose a path, it is also the knowledge that as you open one door completely, another one slams shut behind you!

Errrr ahhh it does seem awfully dark in here at the moment.

does it sound the tiniest bit tempting to make big mistakes?

Better do something you like,
as Krs-one said waaaaay back in the day… make sure got what you need,
put at a safe distance all the things that you want.

Or Even

You will be measured, and this is a test.
Howev’s it’s mostly a test of your humanity.
Use that part of you which replenishes itself with love when you let it.
Open. Open your heart to yourself.

~For darkness restores what light cannot repair.
-Joseph Brodsky~

Love YOU!!!!!




for the next month as we wait for Scorp to stop and Venus to return:

& Yes, this was written/recorded in 1985 as Saturn made it’s way through very last degrees of Scorpio!


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August 19, 2015


Venus trine Uranus 20 Leo to 20 Aries.
Venus inconjunct Chiron @ 20 Pisces

Unexpected, Impossible, Sentimental, Confused

roll with it.
In motion, moved.

a double sensation of time,
the time this is,
& you can already see yourself looking back on it,
as you look back now

pivotal, pivot.

Cardinal Libra Moon, takes the hit.
Mars/Neptune slowing us down.

*It’s an emo-re-evaluation evolution, revolution moment.
Great day for a sad/happy cry or vice versa.

Freedom of Love.
Love of Freedom

acceptance of the transitory nature of all things?

It’s authentic,
or is it?

all feelings being equally valid,

Love YOU!!!!



Mute the sound and watch this video if you haven’t already:


deep thoughts…


also as ever..

*Thanks Retro-Venus, thanks Saturn.

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Leo New Moon 2015


About to enter Lion Level 14000
I mean ummm… our New Moon on the morning of the 14th.
We have the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in the only sign that brings us light.

The heart, from which blood renews itself
the center we circle, the warmth to survive.

We are all in a Sun cult now, and Scorpio is here to measure the depths of authenticity.

No free rides, no easy way out,
but look, some generosity is enacted, as Venus touches the refreshed Sun and Moon,
and trines the Rebel with genius surprises that cut one thing from another.

If you are being separated, it’s in your best interest to rejoice.

What could be next?


A High Drama New Beginning
that ummm…seriously tests your patience.

You can’t start for real while clinging on to what might have been,
or who you used to be.

You can’t control how you are seen,
or if your audience values your work.

Themes of competition, insecurity, re-evaluation

Whole lotta Kings and Queens,
better give EVERYBODY a throne!

In working out the kinks, sincerity/or lack of, is the everything.
The stellium in Leo + Virgo Jupiter make it so.

Speaking of, all Mutable Signs have epic hypocrisy potential built right in,
I say this as someone with full on Gemini!!!
Self acceptance, Self awareness, watch yo mouf.

Lions, refresh yourselves.
Commit once again to your life.

and where you have Leo in your chart…
You know the drill.
re-boot. Begin again from your core.

Authenticity is currency of the most valuable kind.

and yet, in this moment too….
Politeness for the win.

Dust off your sense of humor, you’ll need it.

Love YOU!!!!!



plus so often these days… sort of a Mercury Storm vibe in the air…
That high test Uranian energy makes computers and convos go sideways

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Jupiter in Leo & Saturn in Scorpio Say Goodbye







The need to survive,
as everything threatens to collapse, to spin out of control,
amidst the joy of Leo season.

And yet, what is happening?
An emphasis on physical strength (or weakness) alongside
mostly ordinary things.

A crush and a crunch.
Love and Pressure,

You can’t talk your way out of this box, there must be action, the rewards are delayed but substantial. Time is a factor, and the prize comes with a twist, at a cost.

Your prize, however sweet, marks a bend in the road. FOREVER.
You took the turn that caused you to leave a world behind and enter a new one,
here in our twilight, it’s barely perceptible.

Oh you imagine it, and here it is, close enough to touch

Can you feel it underneath,
a memento from the last time your life made a shift this deep?

So long long ago and far away,
each step led you to this moment where you stand on the precipice of a new reality,
and JUMP!


Yes absolutely. JUMP.

Well, wade in anyway and don’t look back.

You are going, so enjoy the freedom!

A whole new chapter of your life is starting as the old chapter dies.
Do you abandon everything that has come before?

You don’t have to,
if you want someone to come with you, in whatever form,
however altered, you’d better let them know.

Cords are now being CUT, and bonds established.

New life is going to spring up with the strength of a mutated virus,
a will to conquer, then grow strong and slow in wisdom and power.

That’s what you want, right?
If so, FAITH

Pay now, and receive later.

Love YOU!!!



Taurus Moon today:



Mercury heads into Virgo by Friday night:
We will work smarter!
Jupiter not far behind, by next Wednesday opportunity loves VIRTUE.

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Aquarius Full Moon & Saturn Direct: July 30- August 1st


Here’s what you need to know about this Full Moon & Saturn Direct:

by the power of Saturn and Uranus!
errrrrr… lol! sorry sorry!!

I mean ahhh…

Bright Light + Chances + Choices = Consequences.

The future is NOW.


Our Full Moon falls on Friday the 31st, early morning.
You can already count it as active.

You won’t be able to help seeing what you are actually doing.


Saturn is about to go direct again, to finish a final obsession,
rewards and punishments both modest and severe,
but no less valuable for those qualities. It’s a countdown to September 20th.

Look back two and a half years. Have you accomplished your goals?
It’s the beginning of the END.
Which, naturally, is the preamble of the next beginning.

The numbing desperation, the compulsions, trainwrecks, and ultimatums that drove you to make the changes you have endured, and necessitated, the glorious and inglorious realities you have wrenched into being, over the last two and a half years, process of transforming your reality in the area of your life where Scorpio has hit your chart, will soon be ending.

The experience of disembowelment, of eviscerating yourself in service to the highest cause you can find, while pledging allegiance to your own survival, will become a thing of the past.

These experiences will be with you, not as they are now, actively, verbs, excavating, but instead as nouns. Results. Consequence. History.

You will own it now. Yours.
By the end of September, you will discover, if you don’t already know,
how well and how fully you solved your problem.


It will be time to learn something NEW.
On September 20th, Saturn moves to Sagittarius once more, and in earnest.


For more on Saturn in Sagittarius click



So what about this Aquarius Full Moon?

The Sun in Leo and a revelation upon us?
That’s it! That’s just it. Bright lights at 7 Aqua/Leo.

Aquarius brings the water of enlightenment.

Awake Aware Electric

Saturn wakes up on the 1st of August and over the next month and a half, finishes the job.


See what you’ve done.
See what god(s) hath wrought.
so to speak

Grand Water Trine for the Full Moon: Chiron/Saturn/Mars
With Uranus in Aries kickstarting Mars to activate.
That sounds like a surprise shove in an inevitable direction.

Looking back to February 18th… are there results related to that time?
You bet there are!

My best advise is given by Pablo Neruda here:

How Much Happens in a Day

In the course of a day we shall meet one another.

But, in one day, things spring to life –
they sell grapes in the street,
tomatoes change their skin,
the young girl you wanted
never came back to the office.

They changed the postman suddenly.
The letters now are not the same.
A few golden leaves and it’s different;
this tree is now well off.

Who would have said that the earth
with its ancient skin would change so much?
It has more volcanoes than yesterday,
the sky has brand-new clouds,
the rivers are flowing differently.
Besides, so much has come into being!
I have inaugurated hundreds
of highways and buildings,
delicate, clean bridges
like ships or violins.

And so, when I greet you
and kiss your flowering mouth,
our kisses are other kisses,
our mouths are other mouths.

Joy, my love, joy in all things,
in what falls and what flourishes.

Joy in today and yesterday,
the day before and tomorrow.

Joy in bread and stone,
joy in fire and rain.

In what changes, is born, grows,
consumes itself, and becomes a kiss again.

Joy in the air we have,
and in what we have of earth.

When our life dries up,
only the roots remain to us,
and the wind is cold like hate.

Then let us change our skin,
our nails, our blood, our gazing;
and you kiss me and I go out
to sell light on the roads.

Joy in the night and the day,
and the four stations of the soul.

– Pablo Neruda ~

Love YOU!!!


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July 26, 2015


Shake it off.

The Moon moves to Sagittarius, not every avenue is closed.

Hands UP!
How was that for a high drama weekend?

Who made it through the tipping point with soul intact?

Cardinal signs represent.
Aries, Crab, Libra, Capricorn, I’m looking at YOU.

What’s up grand cross?!
still reading this, still alive.

Just past the dark squeeze of Scorpio Moon/Saturn.

Taurus and Libra feeling extra undone.
Backward to reconsider, backwards to the abyss.

All is logic and no beauty,
logic without beauty is a heartless wasteland.

For beauty carries it’s own organization, the signs and symbols, that lead us forward, that tell us to hope, a reflection of divinity on earth, and therefore valuable.

For what is beauty, but value expressed? Externalized logic of the interior heart.

~ We all make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give. But in some special circumstances, this special circumstance, this Wintston’s boy will have to earn a living before he earns enough living to give.~
Benjamin Clementine

What a revelation he is!
His astro is HERE

These lyrics smack of Venus/Saturn,
though the story his chart tells is that of his Mars in Aries
square his Neptune/Saturn/Uranus conjunction in CAPRICORN.

Benjamin’s Moon/Venus is in Scorpio ruled by that Mars. (also pluto)


Moon @ 24 Scorpio,
Venus @ 17 Scorpio
Pluto @ 13 Scorp.
Jupiter @ 29 Taurus.

Think he is feeling our times ?

Sagittarius Sun and all that Scorpio:
depth and an opportunity.
It’s the friction on his Mars that causes him to take it.

A story of being cut off from certain material resources and thus open to others.
A story of chance, motivation, and talent, of obsessive depth, and ethereal escape.

He does have Jupiter in Taurus, a saving grace, and an opportunity built in.

Even with Benjamin Clemetine’s glorious Sun in Sagittarius,
won’t it be nice when Saturn returns to Sag.?
They can handle/channel the discipline, & this ~no margin for error routine has GOT to stop!

Love YOU!!!


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July 23, Summer Skies 2015



Sun conjunct Mercury @ Zero Leo!
Welcome to Lion and Tiger Time!

Be a tiger, think like a tiger, be a lion, think like a lion.


Mars still hanging back in Crab.


Flamboyant Cuttlefish anyone?
Defensive reactive posture?

Crab Mars @ 19 degrees squares retro-Uranus in Aries @ 20,
and trines retro-Chiron in Pisces @ 21

Go your own way,
(within the rules, K.thks Saturn)
See it with your personal vision?

A Virgin Venus about to turn around.
~take care of the details? how to arrive at what it is the best value for everyone?~

Our desires are not easily met.
There is a timing issue, and a irritation/frustration factor.

Saturn STILL a HUUUUUUGE player.
The old man squares Venus/Jupiter, & sends an out of sign trine to Sun/Mercury.


The bottom line shows up, and it’s best you know.
Not the easy way, but some which way…hope still makes an appearance.

Get what you want?
after an exhaustive ordeal?
or ummm not?


Cardinal Grand Cross with today’s Libra Moon:
Moon, Mars, Uranus, Pluto! YEOW!

~ It’s not fast
Though it may be sudden. ~

a pressurized build up

hot! hot tempered!
Flash point:



Being cut off from resources & therefore realizing what’s important?

That’s Venus Square Saturn for you.
Work work work for it!


Leo reminds us to present with our heart intact.

Let’s ENJOY. (not kidding!!!) Let’s create out of the endless richness of our core.
Lets move with our inspiration.

Love YOU!!!!


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