The Mars Station Approaches


Mars is at 23 degrees Scorpio,
which is the degree of it’s station when it finally turns direct on the 29th of June,
after all this time of backtracking
to find a way out of the labyrinth.

and THIS

What’s about to happen?

July and August are a catapult the likes of which we have not seen in ages!

The ways in which this is coming true personally, nationally, and internationally are mind bending!

Can you read it and think it doesn’t apply to you?!
I bet not!


because, that is true, realize your life is about to get better.
Pay attention, between now and mid July let your moments find you.
You nearly into the new reality.

Just think how many things you know NOW that you did not know even two months ago!

Realizations flood in.

Let them

When you allow those thoughts to bloom in your heart,
it’s possible to feel that the waiting has been worth it, or that it will be worth it.

As uncertain as the logistics are, the core of the matter is central to your progress, to fluidity, to movement, to justice, to making sense of your place in the cosmos. You have to use what you have come to know as truth.

The problem has been mapped. Thoroughly.
There are places where nothing has emerged, and you so very need something, anything, a way out…

Here it comes. A catalyst is on the way. An opening where you can get a leg up.
Wait until you feel it, some hasty last min moves have disastrous results.


Stay open now.

You have a strong analysis of the size and scope of the problem, and you are about to arrive at the place where you can actually solve it, not all in one go, but over the next year and a half, no, that’s really how long it takes, (is it wrong to be excited for the end of December 2017?) You will use your deep sense of ethics, the tools that you have amassed, and a missing element that is about to make itself known in the next few weeks, especially as Mars goes direct on the 29th of June.

What else?

Use the freedom inherent in knowing a situation is already f*cked and that you had better tackle it according to your own lights.
To do:
Use what you know. Don’t trick yourself out of your brilliance, or undersell your understanding.
Knowledge is not only power here, knowledge is FREEDOM.

Not to do:
think problems will sort themselves or be paralyzed.

Do your homework, take the steps you see. A tipping point.
Lungs: that’s Gemini to balance Saturn in Sag.

if you need help sorting through, give me a shout!

Change is on it’s way, yo.
Key word? TRACTION.

Love YOU!!!!


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June 23, 2016


Perfect day to feel sorry for yourself.

To see how far you have come only to circle back on yourself.
Realize that we are in the dark feeling for answers to questions we thought we answered a long time ago.

Somehow it’s not settled.
We are at the point just before the band snaps and the boomerang arcs so that we catch it in our hands, rather than being knocked cold.

Saturn in Scorpio issues 3/4 and one little fragment solved, the gains we make are about to be huge.
Perseverance, endurance,

Keep breathing,
Keep making your body happy.

Love YOU!!!!



if you have long wanted a consult, check back soon, a re-vamped pay structure is headed your way…
Astrology for all!


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June 22, 2016


It’s all logistics,
and you can’t rush it, not really.

Don’t wait, let me tell you not to hold your breath.

Instead breathe deep.

1,2,3, B R E A T H E

Logical next steps?

Take them.

Are there power moves you can be making?
but don’t expect to see the results all in.

Know that by the New Moon of July 4 you are kicking off a new reality.
In the meantime, the 30th of June will see Mars direct, and believe me Kittens, that’s what we want to see!

Remember THIS?
We are now in the thick of solving some of those puzzles.
Don’t give up, let your mind float free and allow some solutions to make themselves known.

No judgment, that’s how we grow, letting our actual feelings,
& our actual thoughts, emerge unedited so we can see them.

No need to believe everything you think,
but what a tremendous help to be able to know you think it!

Aquarius Moon coming on, and the essential detachment we need to feed our brilliance.
For reals yo.

Rob Brezney put this in his ‘scopes this week.
I hadn’t read it in ages, but had to print it out quicksmart yesterday and put it up where I can see it.

1. Focus on the solution, not the problem.

2. Complaining is a garbage magnet.

3. What you focus on expands.

4. Do what you have always done, and you will get what you have always gotten.

5. Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.

6. Success is simple, but not easy.

7. Don’t listen to your drunk monkey.

8. Clarity is power.

9. Don’t mistake movement for achievement.

10. Spontaneity is a conditioned reflex.

11. People will grow into the conversations you create around them.

12. How you participate here is how you participate everywhere.

13. Live your life by design, not by default.

Dianna Kokoszka wrote this list, it’s absolutely genius for now!

Love YOU!!!


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June 20, 2016

Victo-Ngai-600x771 Victo Ngai!

You made it!

Crossed over to the other side!

Now you know. You are in a position to act.
The tipping point has been reached,


Hands up!
Who saw some key information coming in?!

Summertime now, the heat we need.

Take what you learned and make your moves, gently, lightly, and with skill.

Love YOU!!!!


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Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius, Summer Solstice



Early, early in the morning on June 20th 2016, we have a Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius.
Venus has already moved to Crab on June 17th, so she stands at 3 degrees, pincers out ready for a solstice kiss.

By the end of the day the Sun will be in Crab and the Moon in Capricorn.
Mother and Father. It’s the balance of the year.
Both yin signs, both protective,
not patient, but calculating, willing to endure in order to receive.
Goal oriented.


What does the Sagittarius Full Moon have to offer?
We just had one, at the beginning of the month.
We got a kick in the pants and an ideological exchange with actual impact.
For some it was time to leave, for others a chance to go deeper in.

~ Value ~ was the watch word.

This time?

~ Destiny~

but more than that, because destiny is what happens,
this time it’s meaning,
meaning is the re-alignment, the meaning we make out of our lives.

Hard to tell if the luck is good, (tho god knows you are due)
What you can know is that it is luck, or should I say fate?
A heavy hand that turns the clock.

Saturn opposes Mercury
The news isn’t exactly new, and not easy to talk about. could be frozen, absence.
Uncertain which dream to believe in, but knowing this is real.


By June 21st the Moon will have hooked up with Pluto to trine the Jupiter/North Node conjunction
That’s a power move.


Issues of home, parenting, career, work/life balance

It’s some next chapter shiz as Jupiter/North Node makes clear.
A catalyst may emerge from something typically Virgo, health, schedule, routine.

Moon/Pluto wings a throwing star (inconjuct) at Mercury
(who is at this point the key player in our Mutable Grand Cross.)
Uranus does the same for Mars,
Sudden Action! Strong feelings.

Mercury delivers
the package,
the conversation,
the information,
the letter.

Take it, hold it in place a moment, and see the design come together,
whether or not you like the look of the picture.

5 impersonal planets and the North Node take aim.
That’s high impact.

And you say whatever it is you say, because life is short,
because life is short, because life is short.

What do you think God and the Devil do when they get together in the details…. hmmmmm?

Love YOU!!!


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Neptune Retrograde 2016


Throw back to the summer of 1983, late June early July NYC
Neptune in Sagittarius was retrograde then, as was Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius,
& Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Libra. All those planets were retrograde.

Neptune sat poised on the South Node, just as it is now, a message about the surreal nature of infinity, circles in time.

There was interpersonal violence and sudden ambitions, what had seemed out of reach was moving closer, or was it that things were getting worse? Cocaine and nightclubs were fun for my father and his friends, some kind of bubble, by it’s nature ephemeral, with consequences unimagined, just around the corner. Could you escape a hustle when life is a hustle?
Those terms, those times.

In 1983 I was a little girl in the center of a heat wave.
Everywhere people were blasting the message, an inescapable portrait.
Above, below, around, among.

Still sounds good, doesn’t it?
Blondie was popular, and those black rubber bracelets


In the summer of 1983, our apartment was broken into, and the trains were a world unto themselves,
a subway car caught on fire with us inside it. Not long after, my father watched a man decapitate himself as he was about to catch the 2/3. As soon as he made it home, my father described the scene to me in our large dark apartment at the glass table with the modern design chairs, guitars and Mexican art. It was a floorthru, seven rooms, a size a “Super” would never have now, but he had it then, while he looked after a block of brownstones, taking out the trash, and hosing city sidewalks.

Every day, Mrs Shatner from two doors up brought us rotting fruit as a gift, a bag of sweet mold, decay, maybe nectarines, which my father graciously accepted and promptly threw away. It was like a mission for her, she would ring the door bell until we answered, or find us on the street. I developed heat rash on my chest and my father brought me to see Mrs Shatner’s husband. He was a former doctor with some sort of antiquated medical chair, surrounded by gynecological tools, a dusty primeval clinic arranged in the dining room of their apartment. Everything worn and faded, smelling of old leather and rusty metal, as though an antique elevator to a dim alternate dimension, replete with trash, abstract horror, and neglect.


Pisces Neptune turns retrograde today,

across from Jupiter, and square to Saturn.
Mercury in Gemini doesn’t keep track of a linear truth.
Jupiter conjunct the North Node makes a strong trine to retrograde Pluto.

Once more we try to get the ship in the water.
Venus conjuncts the Sun, while squared by Chiron, and inconjunct Mars.
Hold still this will actually hurt, but there is no time to dwell on it.
Move and then move again.


Neptune’s retro will last until November 20th
The transit is characterized by a square to Saturn in Sagittarius.
Partial truths and obscured information, fear, fog and lies..
Perhaps we become aware of the levels of deception, (or is it more simply imperfect incomplete information?) personally, regarding love, regarding health, regarding money, regarding idealism, and certainly with a larger political context of “truth”. And yet, even as we imagine we are -waking up- doesn’t the genuine nature of the matter seem prismatic?


A sense of the necessity of action and equally the notion that you are feeling in the dark toward uncertain half-truths and potential futilities.

Without clarity, without moral purity, absolutely human.

Don’t give in to temptation, but is a compromise or two about to be made?
How does it end?


It’s an ordinary thing, the God of the seas, the God of all that is both real and unreal; being drunk, drugs, movies, fantasy, dreams, he moves backward today and our illusions are hi-lighted and then dimmed. It should help. It should help us to see.
If you are depending on illusion to make your life bearable, it becomes that much more bereft.

I would say:
Let go.
See what is, so you can see what can be.

Only it’s complicated by all of the current mutable planets,
by Sun/Venus/Mercury in Gemini, North Node/Jupiter and most of all SATURN

In fact tho, it’s still good advise, only imagine that you may hold only a fragment of the information.
imagine that it’s a pivotal moment, imagine behaving with kindness and not spiraling out of control.

What can you do?
Your logical best.

Let go of fear. It’s never going to help you.
Embrace the genuine love you find.

~The world is the closed door. It is a barrier. And at the same time it is the way through.

Two prisoners whose cells adjoin communicate with each other by knocking on the wall. The wall is the thing which separates them but it is also their means of communication. … Every separation is a link.
-Simone Weil ~

Also this:

~ We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy. -Pema Chödrön ~

Love YOU!!!!!



For More on Saturn/Neptune read THIS

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Mars Retrograde Even Now, June 10, 2016


How is it that the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line?

How is it that the shortest distance between two points is not even short?

Jet Lag?
A nearly supernatural sense that your life cannot catch up to where you are?
I mean, that life, your life cannot catch up to, awww f*ck it.

Will you get to the place you so clearly see is the next step?
Obviously yes, I mean totally yes, power of positron thinking, I mean, whatever, probably, right? How can you not!?

It’s ordinary, the most ordinary.
With Jupiter in Virgo, what we want is a healthy normalcy.
There has to be a way. It’s not even asking that much.
These hopes wouldn’t even qualify as minor miracle material,
it should all be (somehow) able to happen.
What’s the hitch?


Your success is a labyrinth of interdependent factors. You can not enact the next steps purely on your own.
Not all votes are in, not all votes are counted, and not all people are really certain of the choices they have made.

Choices your subconscious made a long time ago are brought to life, as a literal translation.

Nothing subtle except a sense of futility.

A futility/necessity/hope swirl double dip cone,
kinda dripping on your shirt, though.
Better clean it up, & the clean up takes the rest of your day.

enmeshed, entwined, entangled,
there are limits, AND bonds yet to be made.

Fall will find us having sorted this biz nearly for good.
We will see growth once the guidelines are set.

There is a glimmer of hope now, and that almost fuels the impatience.
The details are massive.

Not so much a fly in amber, as a beetle in molasses.
We may yet emerge.

It’s still MARS Retrograde, ever onward, even now.

Love YOU!!!


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June 8, 2016


I wanted to take a little break from the constraints of existence,

(I know!!)
I wanted to offer you a window and solace, but everywhere,
everywhere as I write this is the evidence of the swirls and eddies
of many rivers that come together to mix the sick with the healthy,
the inexplicably wrong with the intrinsically right.

Nothing’s A Gift

Nothing’s a gift, it’s all on loan.
I’m drowning in debts up to my ears.
I’ll have to pay for myself
with my self,
give up my life for my life.

Here’s how it’s arranged:
The heart can be repossessed,
the liver, too,
and each single finger and toe.

Too late to tear up the terms,
my debts will be repaid,
and I’ll be fleeced,
or, more precisely, flayed.

I move about the planet
in a crush of other debtors.
Some are saddled with the burden
of paying off their wings.
Other must, willy-nilly,
account for every leaf.

Every tissue in us lies
on the debt side.
Not a tentacle or tendril
is for keeps.

The inventory, infinitely detailed,
implies we’ll be left
not just empty-handed
but handless, too.

I can’t remember
where, when, and why
I let someone open
this account in my name.

We call the protest against this
the soul.
And it’s the only term
not included on the list.

—Wislawa Szymborska, from The End And The Beginning, 1993


Can you see anything beautiful from this vantage point,
the shape of a branch outside your window, light on the water, or a flower opening itself to the day?
A postcard pinned to your cubicle? The face of someone you love?

Perhaps as we look away, as we tend to our own immediate lives, we can let the shapes fall into the places that gravity dictates for them. As we attend to the what, where, when, why and how, how much, how soon, how late, how often, perhaps the implications of the details can be set momentarily aside, as we don’t have all the puzzle pieces to answer the questions. ~ But we must!~

But we know we don’t.

Love YOU!!!



*poetry and images from the lovely Wait- what?

Things not as constant as we have long supposed?
Check out the way in which the speed of light can be slowed…

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Saturn Squares Neptune June 6, 2016


It’s hard to imagine, though there is no imagination required.

It’s puzzling to understand that events unfolding,
or not unfolding,
are genuine and in real time,
on both national (or international) and personal/interpersonal levels.

Is this somehow not a mirage?

Could this moment in time possibly be an accurate consequence of a believable chain of events?
And if that is true, why did we not see it coming?

Why did we imagine there was going to be a happy or wholesome happenstance that would prevent this moment from taking place? Did you project that the accumulated good will would some how carry you over?

Or, because we don’t know everything, because there is so much more at work than we can ever see, that some of it, some of what was to happen, would potentially be good, and would solve these particular problems incidentally, as we continued to grow in the directions we imagined for your lives…

Could you now conceptualize that some of these results are good luck?
Emphatically so.
is that disrespectful to the wealth of our feelings, and the absolute need we have for a certain solution?

Could it be simpler to say we have had good luck in some areas and not in others?


There seems to be some paradox at work where we are called to acknowledge how little we are in control and simultaneously required to get a grip.
Boundaries are the key here, and yet every action spills over.
There is a ridiculous amount of bleed.


Yes and No.
In the face of other people’s perspectives and wishes,
or is that other people’s psychosis and delusion?
but also,
we are up against larger more regional practicalities,
the cost of living, or the job market for your skill set for example.


Is it all your fault?
Something to the tune of not wanting to believe the warning signs?
Was there a way out as the road narrowed to unacceptable choices?
Or have you made the choice and a way to live with it,
but find yourself still swinging on the fence?

How could you have been prepared?
And yet why are you not more so?!
These ghosts are fierce!

Dreamers fare poorly, it is they who need the most protection,
yet, isn’t this when we find out that every person has a dream?

Let go of all that backward looking self-blame.

How do we arrive at our paradigm shift?

It’s not so much that there is a reason for everything, rather there is a USE for everything.

However little you are in control,
taking full responsibility for your position instantly places you in the drivers seat.

If you can’t, (and since you shouldn’t) protect yourself from knowledge,
realize that it is only with knowledge,
through knowledge that you CAN protect yourself.

Actively working with the Mutable planets is your best bet, Particularly Saturn.

READ THIS if you have not done so already and READ IT AGAIN if you have done it once before.

What seemed so theoretical, we are living it now!
Amazing! Exhausting! Terrifying!

Meanwhile…Incremental practicality. Try it.
Again, again, again.

as Zach Condon so plainly puts it in his song AT ONCE

Additional notes:

Saturn squares Neptune
12 degrees Sagittarius, to 12 degrees Pisces,
and opposes the Gemini Sun and Venus,

Jupiter in Virgo at 14 degrees opposes the Fishes and Squares the Archer.

There is no conflict free zone, nor is there the purity of blameless conviction.

I think it may have been Uber-Virgo Astrologer Liz Green who pointed out that there is no planet that Saturn will not immediately contradict.

Jupiter Expands,
Saturn Contracts

Venus Loves,
Saturn Fears

The Moon Feels
Saturn Represses

The Sun is Warmth and Health
Saturn is Cold and Disease

Mars Advances
Saturn is Immobile

Neptune is Dreams and Saturn is Reality

Pluto Destroys
Saturn Maintains.

It’s a tonic, corrective.

In this case, Saturn is in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius which makes it it’s own contradiction,
no other planets needed, though of course we have them all.
Jupiter in Virgo = Also a contradiction.

To contract what should be large,
and to expand what is perhaps better off small.

Big oaks come from tiny acorns, not only as a parable.

If we can not ground our hopes in reality,
we may have them, but we will never keep them.
Just begin.

Doesn’t this also describe a grass roots political movement?
Or a humble yet innovative invention?

To do:
Eat, sleep, move your body, don’t isolate.


Believe in your life and in the lives of of the people you know.
Faith in the Journey.

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Love YOU!!!!


For more on Saturn/Neptune click HERE


How is THIS for Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo?
Heaven is in the details, which bring us closer by expanding our boundaries.


Rest in peace, rest in power to the Greatest of All Time.
Capricorn Muhammad Ali


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Gemini New Moon June 4, 2016



So now we deal with the aftermath,
which has not only to do with endings and revelations, but practical long term outcomes.

What responsibility do you have to your thoughts?
Do you believe the things you think?

It’s a beginning actually.
Our New Moon in Gemini on Saturday, invites us to find another way to communicate.


The Sun is conjunct the Moon and Venus,
While Saturn opposes the conjunction.

All the pressure of the world is brought to bear on your existing love/money/resources.

A Mutable Grand Cross: Sun/Moon/Venus/Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune.
A Grand Trine in Earth Pluto/Mercury & Jupiter, with Jupiter conjunct the Virgo North Node.

The Lunation is ruled by a twin Mercury,
AND every planet in the sky is in complex aspect to the other planets.

Of Note:
Retro Mars trine Chiron & opposite Mercury in Taurus.

It’s not only pressure,
it’s also vision.
What is your dream future?
Who is involved as the passing of time makes itself evident?


Something may be dissolving you. Breaking you down to be more easily digested.
It’s not a bad move to ask God to guide your hand.

Resources slipping away, or consolidating?
Closer together, or further apart?
Turn the page, find out.

A natural evolution?

Could it be that the stasis you have evolved toward has evaporated?
it tumbled down a well,


and here is a big one:


How about this?


Failure to thrive.



Is it a much needed pivot toward what you really want?

However beautiful or awful, you have outgrown the limits that held you.
A bigger more complex imagination is required.

These two ideas, neglect and growth, are not mutually exclusive.

On the flip side, and at the same time

Are you perhaps being rewarded, only under adverse circumstances?

A gift of trust,
A healing bond,
A teacher arrives,
or is the gift that you yourself are able to teach?

The crisis is obvious, the gift may be less so, but there it is.
Make certain you see it.


The clarity of your connections, a bell sounding despite the tangled layers of history.
The complications enrich the moment, like a dish that manages to be sweet sour and salty all at once.

If you want something simple you won’t have it, and the complexity may not even be pleasurable.


Start now,
especially if you or your loved one needs a kick in the head.
~KIDDING~ only kidding

Move ahead, Move beyond, Move aside,

So the key word?



Begin again.

Think of it this way, lightning has already struck, and more than once.


Breathe deeply and slowly,
Try it right now.
See if this deep slow breath is able to help you be the most deeply yourself.

Love for yourself, and love for the process you are in.

Love YOU!!!


bill domonkos

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