March 30, 2014


Happy Monday!!!

A Jolt of Freedom, & Surprise,
neither good nor bad, by that, I mean it can be either…
Both is likely wrapped in a single parcel, a marriage of mixed sentiments.

Taurus Venus hits Retro- Leo Jupiter, & the Moon, while trining Pluto,
taps into those dark feelings to give them some sunshine.

A blast from the past, compulsion, & hopefully release.

Mercury moving into Aries, and Mars tipping over to Taurus.

We begin to think fast and act with deliberation.

Is this the move you want to make?

Our brains are catching up to our abilities, to our potential to create,
to vivify, to see with potency what comes next.

That Merc trines a Retro Saturn,
still taking care of old biz/planning/building for the time soon to come…

If you want it… you gots to make it happen.

~ it’s in the works ~

Sun/Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto/South Node all in aspect.
Saturday April 4th we have our Full Moon Eclipse in LIBRA!

Yes people, Relationships.
I am to you, as you are to…

and yet

Can you play sincerely?

It’s not all in your control,
but here you are, playing a part.

Interaction, with yourself,
with others, your environs…
The sunlight plays with the trees, the street,
lighting the world, shading, color, texture


With Pluto involved there will be consequences!
Uranus guarantees that some of them will be unforeseen.

How are you liking your life between the Eclipses?
Presto Change-o!

Certainly some puzzle pieces have showed up that can’t be ignored.
What will be after the next shakedown?
What would you like?

Don’t forget, it’s YOUR LIFE

My friend Bill McHenry used to have a poster from the ’70’s in his hallway that said:

Play Every Day!
Damn Skippy, People.

Love YOU!!!!


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March 25, 2015


How many Taurus are overspending and enjoying every min of it!
It’s worth it!

Not just Bulls, certainly Rams, a boat load of Pisces, some Crabs…
the list goes on…

Taurus Venus building a square to Jupiter in LEO.
~that’s some beautiful shopping!~

The key element is pleasure.



I saw Taurus Sun/Mercury, Aries Moon/Venus Stevie Wonder last night.
Libra/Neptune on the Asc.

Stevie is like the Dali Lama of music.
He spent so very much time talking about LOVE.
+ as you know, EPIC GENIUS

Mr Wonder has Jupiter in Pisces.

He makes enjoying yourself look and feel
So Good!

The Moon is in Gemini,
Great day to socialize.
Both Depth and Happiness are on tap.


Love YOU!!!


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March 23, 2015

92113smoke0591web *

Aries Sun trine Retro-Saturn and Pisces Mercury pushing into Chiron.
The space between two Eclipses…

Can you reserve judgment without drowning?
I mean, can you reserve judgment while still attentively perceiving?

the nostalgia in that song!

The past is catching up,
we are somewhere else completely,
but still can’t quite get rid of it!
Even as the world is unlike anything we have previously known.

I’m not certain you are supposed to make sense of reality yet.
It’s early for analysis
Survival will do.

Not that it’s so very awful,
it’s more that the contrast has been turned up and like an old television,
the picture is skipping.

A lack of familiarity with the proper procedures,
don’t try to operate under the influence, or while your hand is asleep.

Taurus Moon, but it’s not as easy to eat as usual.
Maybe try sleeping…

So much to do tho!
that agitated undercurrent!!
It’s real!! It matters!!

Venus and Mars are strong in their rulerships, but what, exactly, to do ?
Exactly? Nothing.
Exactly has left the building.

We have approximately, imprecisely, indeterminately,
there is a whole, a HOLE, in your thinking, as you may be aware.

Knowing a whole/hole is there, knowing that the ~big picture~ is a flame.
A flame changing color, temperature, shape, bright and burning all the same.

Pain/hope is unavoidable,
A fly did just land on your strawberry,
this makes the entire thing that much less understandable.
Even if, as I’m sure you do, even if you understand it.

One foot and then the other foot. They call them steps, don’t forget to take them!
I’m sure in a way you are racing! This week could not really be busier!

Oh but here is that underwater molasses honey feeling,
could it be you have a date with the couch?!

Love YOU!!!




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Pisces New Moon Eclipse/Sun on the Aries Point 2015

NGS Picture ID:362606



When we get to Friday March 20th, take a deep breath.
Happy New Year!!! I mean it!

Our Spring Equinox & a New Moon Full Solar Eclipse in Pisces are the same day.
That means a beginning, an end & a beginning again all in one go.
The Sun meets the Moon at 29 Pisces and moves to Aries,
just like that!

If you have been waiting on a ride, your car is here.

If you want to know what’s next, well,
you do know.

It’s in the air today,
can you feel it?


You can’t see the end, and you shouldn’t see it, not because it’s bad…
but instead because you are inherently part of this creation.

There you go… walking into uncharted lands,
and laboring to carry some of the past alongside you.

Do you still want what you always wanted?
Now that you could have it, or something like it?
Do you?

A very strong wind that is blowing

To make a connection from one world to the next

If you need to stop doing what you have been doing,
go ahead and stop.
If you need to begin, you really can’t wait any longer.

Trust it.
It, being you.

Not trusting in neat solutions, it’s messy,
plus there is plenty of finality to go around.

~that’s allllllllrighhhhhht~`

Stop waiting for things to get easier.
No one else is going to handle this,
though God(s) may, MAY meet you half way.


Mercury in Pisces to dream it up, to dream it in to being.

Mercury begins to sextile Pluto,
put some depth to it, some deep radar, sonar,
X-ray vision.


We plant our seeds in the either, Pisces the land of dreams…
and then soon…


Aries Sun, with MARS in Aries, that’s what:
Life Force.


The will to live.

~ Collective Body Possum by Jess Arnt

I want a body that I can live in
I want a body with two dicks, five pouches, and fifteen holes
A body with no internal and no external
I want a body that no one can kick out of bathrooms
And then, I want no bathrooms
I want a body that screams, “Yes”
I want a body that says, “Yes, I’m hot for you”
I want a body with healthy organs
A body that sweats medical marijuana and golden dandruff flakes
I want a body in every color
I want a body that turns seas into land sculpture
An anti-toxin, a counter agent, to every shade of sex abuse slinking back from generations
I want a body that’s not afraid to fuck, and to be fucked
That can take it, that begs for it, that makes you beg for it
I want a body that spurts fountains
A body that dentists write fan mail to
I want a body with no “neos” or “isms”
A high-rise, free body
A low-rent body, a no-rent body
An unfriskable body
I want a body that I can offer up to you wherever and whenever you need me
A tocoti body, a body with no history, no plastic, and no dread
I want a Baywatch body, in tight red shorts, and someone to rescue it
I want your body
A body to play possum with when it’s too lonely out here
A nocturnal, musk filled body
I want a body that no matter how dead we seem always wakes up, clawing ~

Oh Man!!!! ARIES MUCH?!!!?!

Mars in Aries
Venus in Taurus

Each at home in their Rulership.
That’s perfect expression.
Pursue and Attract.

Taurus Venus is the antidote to excess frenetic energy.


She will be there until April 11th.
Venus in Taurus likes the raw goods.
Beautiful, Harmonious, Physical, Fresh, Luxe.

This Venus is not in any hurry.
Lean back, drink it in.


Love YOU!!!!


it’s Saint Denis for your head!



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March 16, 2015


Uranus square Pluto
So this is what it looks like….


made you look!!!


But there is love and help all around you.

Aquarius Moon with Aqua’s traditional chart ruler Saturn retrograde
& Uranus (modern ruler) tightly square Pluto.

Unfinished biz becomes part of the clean up.
It’s there to clarify, no moving back.

When something breaks, it opens up

I see every conceivable opportunity.
God is going to tell you in plain language which ones are for you.
There is only forward.

Is it that it changes today?
or that it already has,

Saturn, in Sagittarius OHHHH but headed on back to Scorpio,

& this Kittens, is an Important Message

Make certain you read this Important Message because there WILL be a test!

Now that Saturn turns back to re-enter Scorpio
let’s look at this video about extreme moments in time:

it’s ages old, but we are not done yet!
Here today = perfectly applicable.

~ Every degree between the pit and the pinnacle ~
It’s an all major transits available moment.


& chiron again



and because I’m me… one more Neptune again! lol!!

Life is making you over.

tumble down the well, climb out…

Right now, the correct analysis isn’t as important as the imperative to stay with it,
and by it, I mean YOU. Stay with yourself.

Don’t let anyone diminish or separate you from your deep capacity for joy and regeneration.

Love YOU!!!!


p.s. Venus home in TAURUS tomorrow!

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Retrograde Station of Saturn & Uranus Square Pluto 2015


Facing the realities which are multilayered,
& the surprises which are deep.

There is a lot of infinity going on,
making it harder to grasp the steps and move sequentially.

~Asking God(s) to move me, these days I can’t move fast enough,
I can’t see around the corner.
The tasks and expectations pile up amidst change after radical change.
God(s) who is everything and knows everything.~

There is a place for us & that place is full flow,
in the current.

By Tomorrow it’s a stellium in Pisces,

A deeply unconscious consciousness?
There are advantages!

Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Neptune.

Let’s see it the other way….
Tuned in to the magic, & therefore the door is open to change?

Swim Little Fish!


Going Somewhere?

With Someone Else?
On Your Own?

You have the power of an Aries Mars conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter.
don’t run over grandma!
Venus and Saturn at either side.

Sagittarius Moon today, just past Saturn
giving us a Grand Fire Trine.

Look at the shifting contours of your surroundings.



Good day to to see in all directions.

By tomorrow Mercury slips into Pisces:
The Feels.

Beautiful and Terrible, you can have them now.


You gonna ride the wave, or you gonna drown?
If you are reading this, there is someone who cares if you make it or not.

Close your eyes and jump?

I don’t think so. LOOK. Look now and see.

…. here’s a good question… what are you avoiding?
and what sort of evolution will come to pass when you have that HUUUUUUUUUGE cry and just stop?


Stop, so you can move ahead, where all this time you wanted to go…
in real life, with all the real life trauma, where you have to be brave.

We are among the gods and monsters we meet.
Thank Goodness.

It’s ok that things take time.
Take the time, and do them.

The past is very much out of reach,
but those traitors, those complex treasons,
the symbols of our Saturn in Scorpio experience are close at hand.

Don’t expect a scorpion not to sting you.
Use what you have already learned.


What you know now must be acted on,
even if resolving the situation takes time.

In this climate denial will kill you, so wise up Kittens,
No Joke No Doubt.

Be as smart as you truly are.
Wits are becoming…
as my father used to say when we crossed the street,
~ look sharp~

Saturn is at the degree of his station.
4 degrees Sag. and prepared to go back.

One last round of finality.

A kick in the teeth for them holding on to what has died.
A solemn vow and a promise for them that needs one.

Oh this summer is bright and dark with promise.


It’s the last hand of the card game before we stand up from the table and begin to walk ahead with our new lives. Our new lovers, sweethearts, and friends, our new enemies and standing solidly on the graves of those who have been buried these last two years.

Oh that WILL happen…

Not Yet! We are in the earthquake, and there is something here for us after all.

Love YOU!!!


What else?


I’m so glad you asked!!
It’s our Eclipse series!
A New Moon Solar Eclipse March 20th! At 29 Pisces!
That’s an end and a beginning all wrapped in one!


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Week of March 9, 2015


Cardinal Crusaders, this is it!

Prime time, Center stage!

We are here.

What a week! We won’t have many like this in our lifetime.
We might as well enjoy it for all it’s worth.





Live it.

If you want to talk, give me a shout!

Love YOU!!!


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Weekend March 6, 2015


Cardinal T-Square over the weekend.

Libra Moon/North Node, square Pluto in Cap,
opposition an Aries South Node/Mars/Uranus/Venus sandwich.


The God of War, trining the God of Opportunity
You wanna catch a fish?


Pisces Sun conjunct Chiron sextile Pluto adding some depth to our destiny.
Jupiter is backward, so we may pick up where we left off long ago,
or where we should have gone in the first place. ;)


A course correction?


There is plenty of DRAMA for them that needs it
(or wants it)

Great sky for making it!

Sex, Love,
or the both of them!

Oh yeah, I totally did post Roberta Flack.

Key Word?


Even in the worst of it,
Gratitude, Patience, Love.
Not that you will automatically feel it…

More that it helps immeasurably to find your way to those feelings,
those centers of release and relief:

Gratitude, Patience, Love.

So Umm…

Actually it’s fine to cry… Day time, night time, anytime

Love YOU!!!


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Under the Full Moon, March 5, 2015

Under the Full Moon in Virgo there seem to be quite a few flies in the ointment.

The way out, is through.
Did you receive your surprise?
The one I mentioned HERE.

I did! I totally didn’t love it, AT ALL.
thanks Jupiter/Venus. snort!
I know, I know, it’s a complex configuration!
Venus/Mars/South Node/Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter

and that’s only the half of it!

Working on the reframing biz. You can only solve problems you know about.

Still listening to Concha Buika,

…because, how could I not?!

I don’t have a birth time,
but she is famous as hell, so a noon chart gives us:

A Double Taurus Sun and Moon,
with an out of sign Moon/Mercury conjunction
Mercury at 28 Aries, Moon at 0 Taurus


an out of sign Venus/Mars conjunction!
Mars 29 Gemini, Venus 0 Crab.

That gives her a perfect set of double sextiles as well as Pluto at 29 Virgo
for a perfect Square to that Venus/Mars.

Chiron at 15 Aries, opposing her Uranus at 14 Libra,
Which brings us back to today.


It’s our Full Moon in Virgo, with Venus/Uranus at 14/15 Aries
square Pluto trine Jupiter.

Some of these persistent problems may be solved with sudden solutions…
at least the ones where that is possible, for most, it’s not that simple.
In a bind that tightens as you twist.

The crisis hi-lights the underlying issues.

Mercury is the best bet here.
Think First.

Love YOU!!!!


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Virgo Full Moon, March 5, 2015


Tools are a method of becoming.

Flaws, that’s where possibilities reside.
Just ask Saturn,
he trades mastery in exchange for insecurity.

Taking care of what and who you value.

Use the idea you have.
Don’t wait for another day, or different brilliance.

It doesn’t have to go all the way to the finish in one step.
Irregular puzzle pieces

Is it close?


Move ahead and keep listening.

Do you have to give something up to get something?
Ummmmm yes.
That’s natural enough.

Your prize may be intangible, while the cost is easily measured.

Creating the future that never arrives, this is it! we are here!
Or arrives backwards, as if we face it going the wrong direction.
and we do…


The Full Moon makes us bright, lit up in our imperfection


~There are spotless maidens and evil crones in fairy tales, true, but there are monsters as well, and it is in the monstrous that good and evil exist together, much as they do in our own hearts. The Beast has a prince within him, the selkie a beautiful maiden or youth, the werewolf an innocent man. Sometimes these monstrous shiftings, these transformations, are arguing simplistically for Divine Right once again … but sometimes, oh, sometimes they enact something far more wondrous strange. Red Riding Hood emerges from the gut of the wolf, and we are hunter and girl and beast all at once as we hear the tale. We see ourselves reflected in the broken mirrors of all these imperfect stories.~ –Betsy Cornwell

Love YOU!!!!




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