Dark of the Moon in Gemini, Duality


Why do we always think the future will be simpler?
More linear. Bold lines, & space flight.
Freedom and Uranian attitudes.

Never mind that Aquarian/Uranian is often code for rejection.
Or for an early abandonment/rejection

…reject them before they reject you…who is strange now?
that comes later on.

The future is by nature more complex.
we can forget the past, but the past never forgets us.

Multifaceted and not simply so like gems, like jewels,
Or like jewels seem to be
all that unearthing to get to,
& if you look into the mining of precious stones…
*Light and darkness always shaking hands.

Maybe we can say there is not one simple thing on this earth.
It’s swirl far surpassing any ice-cream treat.

More luxe even than 9 kinds of heaven or hell
Pond like, an ocean ecosystem,
scum on top, godknowswhat beneath it.

Or should I say everything imaginable
Beneath, Below, Above.

I know we are supposed to feel a renewed commitment in the face of pervasive challenges,
but, in the Dark of the Moon there is…
Life Experience Fatigue.

Even amidst the good stuff.
as Keats writes,
~in the very temple of delight, veiled Melancholy has her sovereign shrine.~


The old life is gone, but threads and tendrils of it are still with us.
Very much alive, and in need of our… What?





The Dark of the Moon is quite dark, and the New Moon on the 25th is not without difficulties.

What do you let go of?
What comes along? Where do you place your energy?

Jupiter so often has to do with letting go..
co-ruler as it is of Pisces
easy to forget this…

which way do you swim?


Letting go of love?
Is that the surprise present?
A new love? or a new lovely freedom?

*Some problems can only be solved by living them.
The webs we weave in exactly that way, just living…

Let the cares of the day fall from your fingers,
in some cases you do this by handling them.
So much easier not to worry, when you have done your part.

We can’t avoid noticing that people we know are dying,
or that the time to live is now, while we still have our breath.

Does it make you want to pull the covers over your head, or stretch your hand out?
Options not now, or ever, mutually exclusive.

So difficult to shine on while the Moon wanes.
The Leo imperative, is still there, but it is going to take deeper measures.

If it’s an ocean ecosystem, we can float while breathing,
but no one is exempt from responsibility.
In this world we eat each other to live, and we help each other to survive.
As the joke goes, regarding our relationships,
it’s complicated.

Love YOU!!!


*Perspective? that’s Jupiter…
but watch out for problems of Pride that mess with your perspective.
(Leo Jupiter)

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August 18, 2014


Trust yourself?
Oh I dunno…
Mercury already in Virgo across from a notorious sea captain and his pack of lies.

Great day to watch a movie.
Take care of the practical and let the rest slide.
‘Course that practical may take the whole day…
You are the Hero, so if a task looks daunting, that’s the job for you!

Still, better set aside a moment somewhere to enjoy.
Out in the world where people can see you, or surrounded by those you love.

There is a present in here somewhere,
It helps if you can recognize good fortune when it touches you.


Sometimes Good Fortune is having the opportunity to do good.
Could it be the gift of beauty, which bestows pleasure on the object of the gift?
Surely one of life’s requirements.
not useless at all!

If you get a bit of insight, at least don’t resist it.
allow your self to know as much as you actually DO know.
Even if it means you have to take responsibility for yourself,
or change your life.

Let go of the old problems.

Don’t worry! There will be new ones to take their places!
Honest! And they’ll be familiar in no time. ;)

In the mean time, play the hand you are dealt fully and with a generous heart.

Love YOU!!!


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August 17, 2014


Teetering between great happiness and great sadness,
banality a thread between them weaving together the moment.

Matching it with all other moments, as if to say,
~Yes you will deal with this too.~

Jupiter and Saturn
Up and Down
Expand and Contract

Keep on breathing

Venus conjunct Jupiter @ 7 degrees mañana
look for that kiss!

Love YOU!!!


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August 14, 2014 Venus/Jupiter Mars/Saturn Weekend & Beyond


What strange and fateful meetings are about to take place?
Mars drawn to Saturn, the point of an arrow hits a magnet of massive proportions.
They’ll meet the for the New Moon in Virgo on the 25th,
but you can feel the gravity from here.

Luxe LEO Venus, drawn to more is more, LEO Jupiter
Mars already against it, Saturn disapproves.

The Sun wants it’s own way.
Delays and extra steps have an unspoken significance.
An imprint is being made.

There’s a Pluto flavor to the proceedings. It’s the Scorpio touch.
Active sextile from Mars to retro-Pluto,
You thought you had already dealt with it?
Think again. Differently.
More patience, more respect, (thanks Libra)
but the same scenarios.

Power dynamics? Too True.

Still you can’t help but to enjoy.
To experience something new in the mix…

Uranus: Check
Neptune: Check
Pluto: Check
Outer Planets Represent.

Love YOU!!!


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August 13, 2014


Aries Moon trines Venus in LEO today.
For the love of something new!

Not without impatience, jostling or confusion, but going ahead with it.
Better to open your eyes and look!
It’s on!

Who has planets in early Sagittarius to fill in the gap?


Scorpio MARS

~The Talmud asks the question, “Who is wise?” and gives the surprise answer, “Someone who learns from everyone.” We recognize humility in others by finding something that we can learn from them. Do you hear them? Are you paying attention? There’s something you can learn from everyone, something that only he or she knows, that only he or she can teach you.

It’s like each person’s life has the pieces of a 1,000 piece interlocking jigsaw puzzle. In my experience, no one seems to get issued a complete puzzle. Everyone’s puzzle is missing, on average, seven pieces, and these puzzle pieces are distributed randomly into other people’s puzzles. We spend our lives walking around saying, “Do you need a puzzle piece with a little yellow in the corner and a red line running through it?” Then we meet someone, and he or she says, “Oh, my God, I’ve been looking for it all my life.” We say, “I don’t know what to do with it, I wound up with it, take it, it’s yours.” It’s rarely the author or featured speaker who has your puzzle pieces; it’s usually someone who has a bit part in your life whose name is not recorded in the program.~
– Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

Love YOU!!!


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August 11, 2014


Moon Neptune in Pisces
post the Aqua-Full Moon informational drop-kick

Did you learn anything over the weekend?
Unfinished biz back to bite or bless you?


Did anyone disappear?

Plenty of LEO to shine on in the face of restriction.
Venus about to cross into EGO to make that stellium sparkle.
Go ‘head get your hair did.
For this next stint, hair and nails are required.


The chances of Saturn being reasonable are fair to middling,
if you don’t expect more than your due.
Play by the rules.
Respect the team leader, in fact, respect the team.

Beyond that, Shine On.

It IS everybody is a star weather.

So that’s our Jam.

Do you have a day dream to activate?
Keep dreaming and do your prep work.
Those peaches are ripening…
When the Moon moves to Aries on Wednesday/Thursday, that’s our GO!

Isn’t it strange how fast the past is receding, as if a lake were drying up…
going… going…

Every change that is made in the lives of the people you know affects your own.

The world is not the same place.
Not the wet watery world of last summer,
nor the tedious indecision and endless backward dance steps
of our Mars in Libra Transit.

Doesn’t that already seem a world away?

Venus sidling closer to Jupiter, you know she wants a kiss!
Even if what she gets is not exactly the one she was expecting!
17th, 18th, and 19th
Oh Lucky Days!

~There will come an intermediate, joyous point where you find that certain techniques work even better than the scriptures claim. In the wake of these discoveries, you will also find that life continues to be just as thorny and problematic as ever. Does this mean that the study of Tao is useless? No. It only means that you have been laboring to equip yourself with skill. You must still go out and live your life to the end.~
– Deng Ming-Dao

Love YOU!!!


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Full Moon in Aquarius 2014


Don’t be afraid.
Just because you have never done it before doesn’t mean you can’t do it now.
Saturn Neptune can feed your fears, or make your dreams a reality.
You choose.

Anyone with planets 16-21 degrees Fixed or Cardinal is having an encounter,
even if there is no one around.

The Full Moon Takes place Sunday afternoon,
but you can count it as active starting NOW!

I notice doors rapidly closing and opening,
almost as quickly as butterfly flits it’s wings,
a simple repetitive motion to take them all the way to South America.
Open shut. Open. Shut.

Which side do you want to be on?

You can feel the abundance building. You won’t be left in the cold.
But watch as people place limits with confidence.
Second guessing is SO out of style.
We tested these theories last November.
Saturn is back to carve it in deeper.
Mark it with bone or rock.
This is reality. You have progressed this far.

What does the Full Moon bring us?
News? Yes definitely, perhaps surprisingly.
Electrical glitches, bolts out of the blue.

The more you know, the stronger your position.

Yes to some things, no to others.
Is there a work-around?
Not exactly,there is a process.

You still get a blister, but the man in the cafe gives you a band-aid
& you have the advantage of having seen the city,
even in the wrong shoes.

Saturn weeds out the weak willed, the overly fragile,
howevz he is so willing to reward the impossible ambitious.
Provided you do your homework, and you don’t give up.

Strong Feelings
Growth comes with a price.

Non-duality is a helpful thought process here.
If you can’t have strawberry and you are allergic to chocolate,
caramel ice-cream could suit you if you’d give it try.

When you allow for the possibility of a solution,
some kind of solution, you are that much closer.
It doesn’t be need to be one that pleases everyone seamlessly.
Not even you. Not this time. Steady On.

*Lee Perry Version!!!

Aquarius Moon

Not practically, EMOTIONALLY.

Free UP

Let it go.


p.s. Yes, this is what they call a SUPERMOON!
It’s extra close to earth!

Bob: Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon.
Saturn in Crab, Uranus in Gemini, Mars in Capricorn.
Sagittarius Asc, Venus in Aries. Jupiter in Virgo.

Love YOU



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August 7, 2014


The Moon heading into it’s routine meeting with inexorable power
(Pluto conjunction) USE IT!


Full Moon building for Sunday on the Leo/Aqua axis.

The Sun tightly conjunct Mercury Squares Saturn,
Work for it!
You do have to push the boulder up the hill…
Keep trying. Go back and do it again.

A trine from Uranus in Aries rewards:
heavy lifting gets the boat in the water,
but then she floats like a Mars/Neptune dream.


~Style is the physiognomy of the mind. It is a more reliable key to character than the physiognomy of the body. To imitate another person’s style is like wearing a mask. However fine the mask, it soon becomes insipid and intolerable because it is without life; so that even the ugliest living face is better. -Schopenhauer~

Chiron trines Saturn pound for pound.

The real you is the one required, put in the work, see tangible results.
It’s not one size fits all in this scenario.

I always think about how people inhabit their faces, the soul shines through beautifully, and our faces have no choice but to work with it, to become.

Love YOU!!!



Some SCIENCE about those beings who live all around us and underfoot.

~Loneliness is not cured by human company. Loneliness is cured by contact with reality. People don’t really want to be cured. What they want is relief; a cure is painful.
- Anthony de Mello~

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August 5, 2014


What’s it like on the other side of the looking glass?
Even if Alice wrote home before leaving, there would be no way to express it.

Experience is the teacher here.

It took me exactly twice as long as I imagined to to get a foothold in the new world,
and here we are still trailing flakes of chrysalis.

Let’s rest on this leaf for a moment and dry our wings in the sun.

Look around,
your losses are gains, I promise.

It’s not so much that the bridge has been burnt as it is,
if we walk back across it we will not be entering the same land.

~No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.~


Sagittarius Moon trine the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.
Mars squares Jupiter, and trines Neptune.

Great day to take everyone out for a treat that furthers a higher cause.
It’s alright to have reasons behind the reasons.
Grease the wheels for more rapid success.
Dance party in the kitchen?
Dance party in the kitchen of your mind of higher understanding?

Call that friend you have been meaning to call,
or better yet, here you are stepping of the plane and saying hello.

The day will pass too fast, and tomorrow will ask us different questions.

Grand Fire Trine tomorrow,
Expect the unexpected, while Saturn in Scorpio sternly disapproves.

Watch out for moral indignation.
That’s usually low ground masquerading as high,
swamp water in a champagne glass.


The benefit of doubt comes in handy, big picture, wide perspective:

Go with the new. Doors must open!

Love YOU!!!!!


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July 22, 2014 Leo Sun, Uranus Retro


Sun/Jupiter in LEO square Mars in Libra.
Goodbye Crab!

Don’t fight about how to get it done.
Share out the portions, divide and conquer, or
work together on something difficult.

People may go for the power play,
Let them,
not your problem. You are busy re-making the world.

Breathing life into circumstance.

Skill. Mastery. Beauty. Knowledge.
Put your Heart in the right place.

Just past the Mercury Pluto opposition.
Perception is heightened, but you don’t have to use everything you know at once.
It’s enough just to know it.
In some cases, it’s as good as money in the bank.

Venus trines Neptune, you can still feel the love, music makes it sweeter.
Change the music, change the scene

Uranus turns back.
Weren’t there some changes you had been planning on making?

It’s time to go back and do it right the first time, all over again.

Love YOU!!!!


I hate to say it, but I am traveling once more!
I may be out of touch for a week or so.
I’ll be thinking of you!!


Double p.s.

yeah! right?

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