Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast: New Moon in Virgo September 17, 2020

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You’ve been problem solving your health for a little while now, I think it’s working! Your daily life gets an upgrade, & your counterpart shares a secret that’s not a secret anymore. Helpful? I don’t know, maybe, but it kind of blows the doors off the barn.


Are you shocking yourself, or does someone do it for you? This time in a good way. Your creativity is taking you somewhere, you don’t have to keep holding back. Investigate whatever rabbit holes you need to, and most importantly BEGIN.


MyMyMy your words pack an extra punch these days. You can be subtle, but right now snarky might be more like it. It’s a perfect moment for sex with at home with your sweetheart if you can forgive them for not following your advice.


Someone picks up the other end of the jump rope! Oh thank God! I thought you might hold that thing forever. You do have an audience, but you’re not in the tournament yet. Easy does it, light swing. Whatever song you’re singing we hear you.


Busy, and getting that validation you crave. Ok it’s not on your terms. Still works, though, you are still adored. Ethically, are you honest, or following the rules? Can you be both? Yes, let it wash over you. Yes, keep digging.


It’s your Moon baby! You don’t necessarily get your way. You DO get a massive boost of energy that you can use on what you love best: making improvements! Also God has a plan for you, don’t tell me you haven’t heard!?


If you don’t have anything nice to say… but I think you do, or you of all people can make it nice. Your unconscious has a message of unity for that absolute quagmire of a home/family/internal landscape. It doesn’t solve everything, but what can be acknowledged or what is broken in to pieces can be handled and perhaps changed. Your package arrives from IKA and you do have all the tools to assemble it.


Are you watching your dreams spring to life? Whatever delays come up, you need them, Your opinions might not be popular, but you are. Something you have been trying to understand finally loosens up and lets you in. It’s the gift of optimism, a way takes shape.


The stopped clock of your finances finally moves a tic, and that behemoth on your chest lets you breathe. Well, it lets you breathe a little. So how do you look? Responsible! That’s how, & no I’m not insulting you. You wear it well. <3 Capricorn

Are you, dare I say it, having a good time?? Well, no. But are you? I mean, a little? Personal archaeological core excavation continues unabated, or it SHOULD and yes, so does your internal frustration. That said, in a few short months you will have all the keys you need to decipher your past.


If you have a sex partner this is definitely the time to act on your fantasies. If not, maybe you are just saved by the bell, by the money, by the loan or gift. It’s all an advantage.

Now that you know what you believe is true, you can still take your time deciding what to do about it.


The offer is there. It doesn’t mean you have to take it, just do what feels strong. Do you want an accomplice or an adversary? This Moon is a reboot, a fresh start on your ideas of partnership, of commitment.

Remember, your most valuable allegiance is to yourself. Genius ideas show up. For goodness sake, use them! They’re your ideas!

Love YOU!!


What could be more Virgo than this?!

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For the New Moon in Virgo on September 17th, 2020

There may be a conversation. It may start with a conversation, news between partners, between enemies, between friends who have been friends forever, a conversation that promises, oh I don’t know what. Something comes in and out of focus.

It might be a book, a song you hear on the radio, or one your friend posts on social media, a sign, some sort of symbolic information, a short trip and the meaning derived somehow from language. Something is translated, something is exchanged, something makes itself known with words.

And the words describe values and the values are what you will need, what you need, if you are going to look at yourself in the mirror, and see yourself reflected with your own value integrated, your actions balanced and kind.

We have what we are, here in the fullness of our struggle and our growth.

Can you see the hope in your face? In a face necessarily imperfect, imperfectly beautiful. What plant or animal ever has more than it needs? Don’t we need every mark, every line?

We ARE growing and you will feel it, if you have not already, I promise you will feel how it is possible to grow, even now stripped to our essentials, especially now with nothing extra, we act as our own witnesses, we witness each other.

Who wants to love the you that no one else can become? Who wants to love the you that is not a sketch, not a cartoon, not an approximation of what you believe might be a lovable type, or close enough?

Who wants to love the you that could lay down in the dirt and cry for a hundred years over what the world has become, or has always been? For the way trauma spins out into a thousand intersections, and your hands are only able to catch one or two threads, the clumsy and embarrassing you who cares, who cares to the point of madness, and goes on caring and caring?

And in the wake of that feeling, this new moon will dust you off and find you something to do. An accomplishment in the making. A way to move ahead.

W.S. Merwin wrote:

Rain Light

All day the stars watch from long ago
my mother said I am going now
when you are alone you will be all right
whether or not you know you will know
look at the old house in the dawn rain
all the flowers are forms of water
the sun reminds them through a white cloud
touches the patchwork spread on the hill
the washed colors of the afterlife
that lived there long before you were born
see how they wake without a question
even though the whole world is burning

We are not moving toward the imaginable future.
We are moving toward the UNIMAGINABLE future, to celebrate that, let’s realize it’s not only the numerous ways things can go wrong, that we don’t know.

We don’t know what magic will come out of this moment or the next. We don’t know in what ways our small generosity, our kindness, our fair and gentle touch is rescuing each other and even ourselves. We can’t see what new loves, what stark and simple avenues will open to us now that so many complex entanglements have closed, are closing, will soon be done.

Look to yourself with kindness and creativity. It’s a self acceptance new moon. And a practical one! Sign for the package before you open it up!

Virgo often wants to be someone more exciting, and is at an absolute loss at how to do that. No need. Virgo is now exactly the correct way to be. The Capricorn pile up wants you to get it right, and Virgo is humble enough to practice and follow through.

It’s a pivot connoting progress, not the easy way, just A WAY, a way ahead.

Who wants this??? Oh I do! I really, really do. I want some sort of method, a map maybe, to change the quality of time. We welcome the New Moon in Virgo, who only wants to help.

I would say Fate is standing by here, but actually Fate comes along with a shove. A hearty push of information, of observation, it’s obvious what you should do.


Jupiter @ 17degrees squares a 17 degree Mercury, North Node at 24 Gemini, squares the Sun/Moon conjunction at 24 Virgo. It’s precise, and most likely tangible, not abstract.

We are tasked with creating, for the joy of it, out of necessity and because we need to share. A beautiful vision is born fully formed. Something arrives all of a sudden and manages to be good for everyone. Not easy, good.

Let’s highlight the bravery of the small gesture, one that can be made simply and with an open heart.

Look at the incredible shapes we make and the joy we still have access to. Aren’t we allowed our joy as essential, as the essential impossible reality of breath? Of consciousness? Is consciousness itself perhaps endowed with spacious and joyful awareness? Is our joy our freedom?

Where there is breath, there is life, two lungs and a heart, that’s how we like to do it.

I recently read something scientific to the tune of a black hole which somehow coordinates with a star cluster to have what is being described as a heartbeat, two heart beats together: call and response. I read something else that told me about the heartbeats of trees, a pulse, slowly, slowly, but actually real.

Let’s breathe now, imagining the multiplicity of organisms breathing with us. Their hearts reverberating in times and tempos throughout the cosmos. In every way you are indivisible from the limitless power of creation.

There is no way to meaningfully separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. In every conceivable imagining, we are in this place together. Let’s take another breath. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!



double p.s.

*the sartorialist

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Simple ‘Scopes and a podcast for the Pisces Full Moon September 2, 2020

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Pressure to act, and perhaps some health related revelation. It’s the body/etheric body
continuum. Allow yourself to be informed not only by the facts, but by your responses to them.


Romantic, creative, and filled to the brim with deeply suppressed anger you won’t be able to release anytime soon. Gratitude, communication, creation; whatever you have, give it wings.


Maybe if we all stare at you long enough we will know how to behave. You have deep level support for what you are up against. Release Release Release.


Somebody loves you and it doesn’t make your life any easier! Not the way they show it. If you open up your mouth, remember to put what you want in it. Co-create.


What happens financially? Do those roots go deep? A change is for the better, you are in a growth phase, backward, forward, sideways, it’s all progress.


Queen of the world right now! But what a world! Your own deep motivations get you into uncomfortable situations. Look at the big picture, open your heart.


Enemies don’t give up, but neither do those who love you. You are shaking free of something that continues to plague you, and this is a very long time to continue shaking and shaking. Congratulations on your perseverance. Using your voice has a direct impact on your health.


Bottle it up? Not this time. You’re not invisible, everyone can see, so act, don’t react. You might have a really good idea, or just get drunk and need a nap. If you take the nap, you still might wake up with a really good idea.


A watershed moment? A flower blooming inside your heart? Creativity, Money, & Intimacy; it’s a hell of a cocktail. What happens at home?


Since you are long term remodeling your internal landscape, including your views on, oh let’s see… responsibility, integrity, humanity, & freedom, you might as well rework intimacy, and creative pleasure… kidding, kidding, not kidding. Don’t judge yourself if you have a big cry.


Does something spill out of your unconscious to fight with you? Any losses now will be gathered as gains in a few weeks time. Strangely enough, this is prep.


It’s YOUR MOON. Should I tell you you can cry if you want to? You know that already. What you might not know is that all the tiny elements are conspiring in your favor just like woodland creatures in a Disney Movie. Whatever the challenge, you are the protagonist that we all want to help.

Love YOU!!!



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Pisces Full Moon, September 2, 2020

The Full Moon in Pisces shakes us free. It’s a sort of preparation for a very potent New Moon in Virgo on September 17th. We need this one, just as it is, even if we cry.


Let’s make room for emotions of every color. For every messy, wet, smeary, heartfelt, imperfect, fleeting, half believed, mutable, transitory, second and third act of a play, a butterfly on a rainy day, liminal space, and spaced out, vague drift of a sudden choice. If something arrives, it HAS been building.


What works so strongly here is that you can talk it through. Practical Mercury in Virgo may be opposed by Neptune, but she also trines Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Will something end? Yes probably. But that seems extra true each month now, reality is both plastic and unforgiving; anything can leave your hand.


Between the Crab Venus square Aries Mars aspect and the Capricorn complications, there are pivots and conflits aplenty, but even so, this time, the Sun and the Moon steer clear. The Lights only aspects are to Uranus. Let go, get free, Genius up!  Accept the change.

I’d like to read you a poem by Dean Young. He’s got a wonderful book that came out in 2019 called Solar Perplexus. He says:



It’s been days since hoppy frog was wound up

but he’s still got jump.

Like a dead bee.

Like a liberal arts education.

Like a tree storing lightning inside itself.

Like a window broken in a good way.

Like cardiac tissue.

Like when the apprentice assigned

to paint the background shrubbery

has some sort of seizure

like when the soul blazes out in the eternal

and pierces your foot

like in Blake.

Not torn in two with gray claws.

Not rotting deep in the pancreas.

Not being hung upside-down.

Not the stabbed-out eye of a peacock.

Not losing your virginity to a scarecrow.

The sky will fill our graves.

The sea is entirely bells.

I love you.

The easiest way to win at this Full Moon in Pisces, is to cast your whole self, your mind, your heart, your patience, your desire into the infinite. As you fly or float above the Moon, some part of you, maybe every part can still be in your sensations, can feel it all. Poor little Crab Venus can’t have what she wants as she wants it. Not today.

Is necessity a catalyst? I guess so. The biggest element you have in your control is your ability to roll with it. Time to figure out what you think, and then just marvel at it.

Good thing Virgo likes details. It could be an emotional story, but if it is one, and if an ending is required, you’ll be able to make it happen alright.  You can walk away from the car crash, call whoever is important on your cell, and make a new plan for a new day. Pisces is a dreamer, a happy little half smile. Detach. Make a wish. See it all.


This Moon makes me think of a note found in Roberto Bolano’s manuscripts after he died. He says: ~ And that’s it, friends. I’ve done it all, I’ve lived it all. If I had the strength, I’d cry. ~


This sort of astro-weather is very human. and the conflicts described are human sized. They place us, as small as we are, in an infinite expanding universe. Virgo wants to talk forever and Pisces would like to listen to the music.


Let’s take a breath now. Let’s feel how wonderfully our molecules are in motion.


We have so much to experience by way of existence. We have so much to offer with our participation. In every way, we are inseparable from our surroundings, we grow as plants grow, and we die the same way. Our consciousness is awake now, vibrating along with our body.


There is no meaningful way to separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you, what could be more beautiful? I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.


Love YOU!!!



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Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast for the LEO New Moon August 18, 2020

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Pregnant? With who? With what? You have a direction, take it.


A revved engine in the background can’t be silenced but you can still sing. Start over from your core. The sound of the song is love.


Somebody told me you have all the power you need, to say everything you want to say. Make it new in your mind.


It doesn’t matter how strange everyone thinks you are, what you have in your pocket is pure gold


Yes there are hoops to jump through, but you have a guardian angel. What you learn now will open doors for a long, long time.


Your slip is showing, and um.. also your freudian slip is showing, what’s more, it looks lovely.


Partners and enemies, take a break from them and join a new group. Hope itself is a way out. You have something to wish for.


Uncloud your mind. Even though it’s not the least bit your style, since we all are watching, blow us a kiss.


Money matters are still holding you down. All the same, a door opens and a rocket is prepared for take off.


Is dept a form of love? Are you about to find out? A message from your ancestors moves the chess piece, bishop takes queen.


Who is that staring at you, and what do they want? You won’t have to wonder for long. The details now are the saving grace.


As your mind wakes up, your body reminds you that when you like something, you should do it again. p.s. who’s that? Is it a pet?

Love YOU!!!



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New Moon in Leo, August 18th 2020

Meadow in Aso, Kumamoto, Japan.
Photo: Kenken (@kenken_728)

Our world revolves around the Sun. We know that, but somehow, it’s hard to comprehend. No Sun, no us. LEO is our heart, our Sun as the heart of our body, our system. Our solar system. We say systemic, that’s one of our words these days. We unravel our systems to arrive at the beating heart, to kill, remake, or revive. We are worlds within worlds.

On the evening of August 18 a pretty New Moon in Leo arrives. It’s a bright beginning. The LEO Sun and the LEO Moon conjunct Leo Mercury at 26 and 28 degrees and there they trine Aries Mars at 24.
We will surely learn something worth knowing. Maybe there is somewhere we suddenly have to go!

What information comes through? What now begins to dawn on you? What are you talking about? Write it down. A letter, a conversation? The next step of your story. The TRUTH? Could be a little painful, but it will help you on your way. This is about a journey, and somehow, about building a world within a world.

Let’s radiate. Let’s possess our domain by sheer brightness. A circle of warmth, from which we emanate a circle of sanity. Our own owned enclave with a fire at it’s heart, always tended, fearsome, passionate. Only the best, the best for you, and the best for those who you love.

Go on, move ahead, back straight, eyes level. It is dark under the new moon, so we plant a seed in the earth, and that seed comes up because of our own light.

That’s where we are now, at our beginning of a story inside a story. What happens?

Well, I’ll tell you:
In this lunar cycle gifts begin to show up. The color palate shifts, it’s not all somber now, we see lilac, and lavender, bluey greens. The Moon, Venus, and Neptune share a dance on August 24th. Dramatic, maybe, but beautiful too.

It’s a season of thunderstorms, the transition of time from Leo to Virgo, creation to critique. We harvest flowers, pick some blackberries or apples, at least in our minds. Pleasure becomes useful, and we are not done with play.

Freedom is a theme. Relationships may end or begin, you may turn a corner where something, someone, or some set of expectations is left behind.

Let go of your perception of the limitations. Whatever is subtracted now, you look so much better without it!
Trust this cycle is good for you. Whether it tastes like starlight or fish oil, it has a benefit, and you will see that goodness grow in your life. Your dreams, your imagination, your vision, or even what could be divine intervention helps soften the edges.

A new focus arrives, something allows us to move ahead with our creativity intact. We have a sense of ownership of our experience, perhaps regardless of circumstance we live more freely, with less worry, less fear.

“From the backstabbing co-worker to the meddling sister-in-law, you are in charge of how you react to the people and events in your life. You can either give negativity power over your life or you can choose happiness instead. Take control and choose to focus on what is important in your life. Those who cannot live fully often become destroyers of life.” – Anais Nin says that.

Mars does square Saturn, Jupiter, & Pluto, that push is still there. Harsh friction, consequences, violence: these are our times, and they are not through with us. They believe we have more to give. They could be right! A bright star, and a direction. GO THAT WAY.

Have you ever, as a child, run fast down a beaten muddy path or a dark alleyway that takes you somewhere you very much want to go? Not caring, not stopping as a bramble scrapes your leg, or as you doge a dumpster, pushing weeds out ahead of you, not cautious, sure of your direction, sure of your reward.

Let’s cultivate a little of that energy, unsure as we are. There must be some therapy in the running, in the heat of the earth beneath your feet, and in your will to arrive.
If you lack what is needed to move ahead, maybe begins something that looks like a college. Piece it together, cast your arms out receiving, use what you find. It doesn’t have to be yours and yours alone. You can share.

Here is a poem by – Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky It goes like this:

Good poetry
Makes a beautiful naked woman Materialize from
Who then says,
With a sword precariously waving
In her hands,
“If you look at my loins
I will cut off your head,
And reach down and grab your spirit
By its private parts,
And carry you off to heaven
Squealing in joy.”
Hafiz says,
“That sounds wonderful, just Wonderful.
Someone please – start writing
Some great

Magic remember magic? What is magic but Art, and Leo is the Artist. The heart of the system, the one who builds a world within the world. Our world.

There is no way on this earth, to meaningfully separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you.

Your heartbeat is fundamentally inseparable from the heartbeat of all other creatures in every continent, in all of Air, and oceans, and on every land.

Every little bloody red beating drum, a prayer of hope. A wish and a will to survive. What kind of sound would it make if we had ears to hear? Hearts, wings, lungs. Not harmony, maybe closer to cacophony, but there you are, alive.

Let’s take a breath together now.
I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!!


LEO Milford Graves!





and go here to 7 Daughters to contribute!

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(Simple Scopes for a Complex Time) Aquarius Full Moon and Beyond








Chew off your own foot to get out of a trap? Don’t do it.

Recognize the creative and generative power of language, of framing.




Is there a value to interdependence? You are going to go your own way no matter what. Your life itself is a love poem. New chapter, new verse.




Don’t keep secrets from yourself. Write down what you know, so you can see it.




Allow yourself something for the sole reason that you like it. Desire strengthens you.




Your courage gives others heart. You don’t blend in, and especially now, are not supposed to.




Be careful where you point that knife. Opportunities that emerge rest in your ability to translate pressure into durable creations.




Don’t take it personally. (I know! I know! ) What you are being asked to do is revolutionize your deepest pathology. To let go of what you tell yourself you need.




Give yourself a much needed  release. Also, write what you have in your mind.




If you are looking for validation, talk to a tree. Long term goals don’t make you a sellout.




There’s a blast of energy right here for you if you can direct it. What is it you want to prove? If it’s not dangerous, go ahead, prove it.




Isolation and loneliness so often accompany revolutionary energy. In whatever ways you find yourself destabilized, look for the love, the pleasure, that shows you your new direction.




You could go for some sacrifice, or take a rest if you can, but you do have some very powerful ongoing support. Unconscious words?  What they reveal is how much you have grown.




Love YOU!!!!








Oh Look!




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Aquarius Full Moon August 3, 2020

The tipping points of time,
the moment the cup overflows and a single drop of water spills,
the heightened sense when you feel a pivotal question arrive on a lover’s lips before they speak.
The cool sorrowful electricity knowing this is the last time you listen to your parent’s voice because they are dying, and now, will soon be dead.

Finality is a poem, a lie, and the only song we learn to sing over a lifetime.

All songs are praises, are protests, are sung with breath
which we imagine is the metric of consciousness,
having heard it once, is there a weight to the sound you never stop hearing?
a beat,
a breath
Marking the clock like 12 and 6,
as we spiral around, ticking through key resonances to new destinations.
Do you have a sense of urgency to achieve, to arrive before your clock stops?

* * *

For the Full Moon on August 3rd, accident mixes with anger and intent. It’s not friendly and it’s not forgiving. Cancer Mercury does have a sense of humor, also, she holds a grudge.

It’s CREATIVE but maybe in the worst kind of grammar school teacher speak. As in, there’s a lot of other things it is too, and we don’t like those things.


perhaps we are surprised by them, perhaps our situation suffers a removal, which may be initially constructed/construed as a loss.

That could be the catalyst, necessity being the dictate that throws our awareness over those cliffs that supposedly bring on the wing creation…anyway that’s what I heard.

Uranus in Taurus squares the Leo Sun and the Aquarius Moon. A surprise, a withdrawal of support? An accident? A shock?

Mars is at 19 Aries under this Full Moon, and due to a very long retrograde that he has not even begun, by the middle of October 2020 he will be at 19 Aries AGAIN, and not done going back.

Eris conjuncts that Mars and together they square Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury. Unkind words, unkind actions.

A challenge to the status quo. Somebody stirs the pot.

The Capricorn pile up opposes Crab Mercury: That’s an easy one to decipher, the answer is no. Or you say no. Or yes, but there are consequences, conditions.

Venus is on the North Node in Gemini, inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn, the same Saturn that opposes Mercury.

Money and valuables. It’s the results of past actions for sure, but not only your own actions. In fact, what you contend with is probably mostly beyond your control, or somehow tied in to choices you made before you had all the information.

Back, before you knew about the crack in the rockface, the danger of avalanche or altitude, waaay back when reasonable risks were assessed. And they seemed, well, reasonable.

The Full Moon has a way of pulling things out, of ripening consequences, bringing our actions to fruition.

It’s not that your choices now won’t be final, but that final as they are, you will be forced to face them over and over.

Suppose under this sky you get really angry and make a foolish choice? Turn a sharp corner, set a bridge alight, a fire, a flame that will not be put out.

You won’t be able to fix it, not easily, not likely, nor will you be able to forget what you have done.

Allow yourself to realize everything you think.

This Full Moon is an ending, like they all are, but there is something here that has the nature of a long goodbye.

Under this sky, and in this world, at this time, we say goodbye to so many, to so much.

Goodbye not only to the dreams of life we had imagined: this partner, that apartment, this city, my friend, my job, my business, but to whole worlds, to whole imaginary futures of what seemed possible, or even important, once upon a time.

The door to the fairytale of everything you ever knew is closing faster than you can squeeze your desperate and deeply needy body through it, no matter how heavily greased by hope, faith, or abject and slippery prayers.

We have to look at some of this lead up to 2021 as potential dream time. As blurring the line between conscious and unconscious life.

What we live now, with so many rules and so much suspense, is a way to get at something, painful as any penitent’s confinement, it’s a chance to get at who we really are. A chance to see what’s inside.

You may have to give something up in order to be true to your values.

There may be consequences for telling the truth, or perhaps a more complex situation where you don’t know if what you adhere to is correct, or if who you are forced to follow has any integrity, and what does that even mean in this day, at this time?

– Richard Rohr sez: -We do not find our own center. It finds us. We do not think ourselves into new ways of living. We live ourselves into new ways of thinking.-

He’s right. It takes practice.

You may need nearly a week, or a week and change to come up with a fully workable plan.

What’s good here?

There is some support for the individual, and for knowing your own mind, even if you don’t know what to do next.

Being yourself, deeply, emphatically. Radical self acceptance. Being able to see your weakness or idiosyncrasies as strength, & individual character, which they can be, and if you’ve done your homework, maybe they already are.

That’s the Chiron in Aries angle, coming at it head first. Chiron trines the LEO Sun. I could say -you do you,- only and exactly how you want, except that won’t work. The Full Moon is full of conditions.

Instead, you BE you, doing whatever you need to, with your whole self, as you ARE.

Oscar Wilde tells us – Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer.-

…and isn’t he right? Didn’t he live to know it?

How can I describe him as a help here? I think because his hardships didn’t diminish his humanity or his genius.

And that’s all we are promised, the ability to try to retain our humanity.

Our curiosity, our multiplicity even, our ordinary ability to want to know, to see every side possible, to connect to anyone, that’s what leads us out of this mess. Our ability to be amused, distracted, honestly that helps!

The pleasure of our friends and neighbors, asking what happened next, because we really want to know.

Is there a story in here? OH MY GOD THERE IS.

There is a story, so many stories… the colors and shapes of them, a garden of experience.

However crushed or shut down you may feel, allow yourself not only to plan, but to dream, to wonder, what could happen, what becomes possible, wherever in whatever ways you become liberated?

Can you feel the space that opens up in your chest with curiosity? What would you like to know?

How’s your breathing? Let’s breathe together now. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!!


EEEEEEEEEEEp!There is a podcast for this!!!!
(What could be more North Node in Gemini?!)

It’s The Starshine Show ! Take a listen!




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New Moon in Crab July 20, 2020

The New Moon in Cancer on July 20th looks painful. In a simple way it suggests bad news. A sucker punch, a bad beginning, someone has hurt the baby, the mother, your feelings.

If a New Moon is an image of a fresh start, this one comes bearing an old fashioned ball and chain, For a newskool spur of the moment sabian symbol, how about:

– An imprisoned woman, pregnant with the warden’s baby, picking up roadside trash –

A new beginning, along with pressure, regrets, complications, fear of loss, lack of autonomy and an abundance of backward motion.

Comparing what we have, to what it should have been. And as much as we need the contrast, that really is a waste, a bad habit.

We seem stuck on a loop: saying it’s not supposed to be like this, as though reality will then say, oh right, I’ll bear that in mind. I’ll be shaping myself up now. We’ve nearly fixed it.

All the same, all the while, we can’t stop looking back. To see what? What we used to have? The way it was -supposed to be?’ Is that a thing?

Was it supposed to be ok?

It seems we are all wandering down the haunted hotel hallway in David Lynch’s film Lost Highway. We open the door to a room like every other, and like our protagonist Pete, we share a deep uneasy certainty that we have not only been brought to a very evil place, but that we have become an evil person simply, and without any real malice. We have followed our basest needs, taken what we imagined was the easy way out. We chose to ignore our own conscience, or we never had the strength to build one.





And yes, that’s all we want. We want to talk. We want to ask why! Even as we form the words, we know it’s too late. Wrong words. Wrong thought. No escape.

I think it’s important to realize you ARE, you are giving birth to yourself right here, right now. in a situation far beyond your control. Not only are you giving birth to yourself, but also to an unimaginable future, which you participate in but do not control.


As you are growing, you are developing the skills you need, even if they can not yet be seen.

This is a process in one direction, a process that can’t be undone. You are being molded now. BECOMING becoming becoming becoming.

For this New Moon in Cancer, ( the second one in a row! ) The Sun and Moon are of course together in Crab @ 28 degrees, a retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto oppose them. Retrograde Neptune @20 Pisces makes a loose trine to the New Moon, and a sextile to the Capricorn pile up.

Mars conjuncts retrograde Chiron in Aries at 12 and 9 degrees, and they sextile Venus @15 Gemini and square Mercury at 8 Crab.

Uranus in Taurus sextiles the Crab Mercury. The North Node @28 Gemini is inconjunct Saturn and the rest of the Capricorn crew.

It’s very sharp, but there is a suggestion of integration, of acclimation, of growth in the aftermath, or growth potential.

You are learning to tolerate new kinds of pain & uncertainty, learning which kinds of pain you no longer will tolerate: FROM YOURSELF.

Above all, learning that the only person you control on this earth is you. A lot of this time is an up close and personal look at how exceptional we all are not and how much we will bend and sacrifice.

But all the same, all the while, in every moment, how beautiful, how various, how particular we are, how infinite in our spark, how precarious, and how very simple we exist in execution, and in fulfillment. How we might could hold these truths to be self-evident, how we grow as every flower does, no different.



We are learning how all of our relationships must become alliances for them to even exist.
Look ahead, can you? Look where you want to go. Begin to realize how many lifetimes it may take to arrive. Imagine what arriving looks like. That’s your homework.

And as we prepare to accept whatever comes, to be willing to digest reality, to metabolize it, in order to gather strength, let’s remember, that there is no meaningful way to separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you.

You are inherently at home in the limitless power of creation. As we are breathing now, let’s do it together. Let’s breathe together on purpose. It feels good. I’m so glad you are here with us.


Love YOU!!!!




Listen to the podcast about this New Moon at THE STARSHINE SHOW

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The Starshine Show

On the Starshine Show, Sibyl Kempson and I talk about

Astrology  G E N E R A L L Y.  Take a listen.

Tei Blow hosts, John Gasper produces.

To open it, I read this bit I wrote for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 4/5 2020:

It’s time to get real about what you know. It’s the best and only strategy. We are not done going backward. We are nowhere near done looking back. Oh we want to be done. We want more than anything to be done. Are we close? We are not close.

Come in, come in with me. It will be our friends, our friends and neighbors on whom we ply our principals.

It will be between friends and neighbors that our morals, our laws will have relevance. You will not be able to stop applying the rules you have learned.
Whatever is stuck in your throat, you will cough up.

Are you breathing? Are you breathing with us? Keep trying to breathe.

So many people will die. Can you hear me? So many people will die, because they should not die. Because they can die. Because it’s not time for them to die. Because it’s time.

Death is everywhere, and death wanted me to let you know not to choke on your words, not to stop speaking until you are dead.

Maybe if we listen now, the dead can speak?

Who is so serious? It’s all of us. Pushed to the part where you snap, having snapped, and still pushed.

Big death, big sickness, big disease, big secret, big skeletons, big unholy nightmare, and who is going to pay for this mess with their bodies?

Who in your family has already paid, and are you going to talk about it? Is your silence a form of prayer? In what ways do we communicate?

The wheels turn, biological wheels, state appointed wheels, the wheels of justice, the wheels of commerce, the wheels of terror, and it’s fair to expect we will be caught up in the teeth of the gears, run over by the cars, be mangled, broken or die.

Every day we don’t die we have to face this mess. A human mess. Who can face it? Who can look away?

It’s time to get real about what you know. It’s time to hold your knowledge in esteem, however small your personal store, what you know will guide you, and it’s all that you possess.

If you are going to act you will have to do it from your painful individuality, you will have to arrive with your deeply broken heart and every one of your flaws. There is no escape. We are not coming out of this time, not for years, baby, not for years. We ALL, everyone who lives and the dead to watch us, we are all going further in.

This horrible time, this magic time, this blessed time. This time we are born over and over. This time where we have been frozen in order to unlock.

This time where we attempt to answer the same questions with different parts of our bodies. With our hands, with our breath, with our bones, we will try to live the answers.

Projects restart after a disordered interval. People return to us after long separations. Or we are finished with them. We change our minds. Virtually, or literally. Venus is direct and Mercury reconsiders.

The full moon eclipse on Saturday July fourth, is a car crash, is a reminder, is an accident that is no accident. It is a fire, and a message that spreads out into the world.

It is a painful word and the word/the world was GOD. There is nothing here that is not natural. Only it’s so hard to watch.

Remember, whatever world you see, you are in it. Love, and Fear. Violence, Bravery, Transcendence, Hope. Hope without which we are as lost as a toddler in a supermarket.
Hope for whom we give up every other aspiration. Hope, on whom we pretend not to subsist. Hope for whom we will sacrifice all idols, all avenues, if only HOPE.

For this Lunar Full Moon Eclipse, the Moon along with a Retrograde Jupiter/Pluto & Saturn, is in Capricorn, The Sun in Crab. Mars is conjunct Chiron in Aries and squares the Cap. Moon as well as a retrograde Mercury at 7 Crab. Venus is direct at 7 Gemini. Retrograde Neptune trines the Jupiter Pluto conjunction, Uranus trines the Moon. Eris the goddess of discord transits 24 Aries and tightly squares the Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn at 20, 23, and 29 Capricorn.

That’s the view of the sky from where we are: here.

If you begin to listen to whatever nature is available to you, what do you hear? Thunder, refrigerator hum, the scrape of your chair across the floor, jasmine climbing the telephone pole, the sun has made the pavement really too hot. A dog barks, fruit flies crowd your garbage, ants happy to be on a mission, local crows, distinct and sharply flapping commentators, they seem to organize the street. A crack of summer lightning?
These languages, someday perhaps as valuable as any we might learn. Aliens? At the edge of the frontier of our minds as we conceive of a relationship to all living things. To all living things, what does that mean?

There is no way in this universe to meaningfully separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. There is no way to extricate yourself from the limitless power of creation.

The waiting for divinity is over. Stretch out your arms, and receive yourself from yourself.

Allow yourself to imagine your own death. However it comes, imagine you are dying, powerless and then dead. Take a deep breath and feel that you are breathing, you are alive and here with us.




Love YOU


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