November 27, 2014


A little space to breathe,

The Moon in Aquarius suggests we can come together with enough distance between us to enjoy the process.

S P A C E,

Not that it’s simple,

but, air opens us up, and with space comes understanding.
Pleasure is available too, a well supported Venus in Sagittarius suggests it’s alright if you stray off the beaten path, if this year there is a surprise, or a detour, or a last min change, that kind of thing can bring people together as much as anything…

Saturn keeping a casually controlling hand on Mars,
that’s just as well.
We need it for the balance.

If you in the U.S.A are gathered with friends and family,
I hope you have a beautiful time.

Love YOU!!!



a force field around planet earth?
What do you think?!

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November 25, 2014


Newly direct Chiron in Pisces squares Sagittarius Venus
& sextiles our Capricorn Moon/Pluto.

Last year I had this to say about Chiron:

~ Can you hold more than one truth in your heart at the same time?

…To heal pain, it has to be all right to have pain.

To accept not an end, tied with a bow, a package that you throw away,
instead a living awareness, something active, that keeps you honest,
even a scar describes something too closed… ~

Uranus in War squares the Moon/Pluto in Authority,
Chiron ensures there is an opportunity for ~growth~
but the mood carries as much finality as dynamism.


Mercury conjuncts Saturn in I’ll never forgive you.

That same Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Saturn could describe fear for your life.

Counting the North Node,
and we should count it,
We’ve got ourselves a Cardinal T-Square with the outlet in Crab.
How do you want it?


Cancer is the sign of family, of birth
of giving birth to yourself, as much as giving life to anyone else.
Endings are found in Crab as well, lineage.
The idea of having ~a people.~

What kind of Justice (Sagittarius)
are we seeing in response to the collective (Pisces) pain (Chiron) ?
and with Chiron, you know it’s ongoing…
not a simple fix

# Ferguson

A News release from the National Bar Association
is well worth reading.

The Ethics of Money and Power,
The Value of PAIN.
The Consequences of your Beliefs.

Personal responsibility for our words and actions.
Take a look at This Letter from Military Veterans to the National Guard

look too at Darren Wilson’s testimony
Not easy to read.

While that plays individually one person at a time.
This moment also plays politically, en masse.


Take care of your beating heart,
& be aware of the hearts around you.

Each person alive,
including you (!) each difficult individual, (uranus in Aries)

living as we do, amidst the complexity and symbolic value placed on each of our existence,
given the way we look and talk, according to how we dress and walk…
We all began in the same way, as a mother’s new born baby once upon a time.

and right from the beginning, a contract surrounds us, the way we are seen, and mirror back, the various worlds and circumstance we are born into…
not just our sense of our people, our family (cancer) but our collective imagination of who we are to be, (pisces/neptune) a contract we accept, reject or negotiate with…

So, with history (Capricorn) piled up as perspective,
and with our best hope for seeing the humanity (Chiron) in ourselves and in those around us,
we arrive at today.

Love YOU!!!!


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November 24- 25th, 2014

Capricorn Moon,
and by tomorrow, Moon/Pluto
Mercury closing in on Saturn.
Chiron Direct

Think about time.
The limiting specifics determining the possibilities.

Sagittarius Venus trine Uranus,
is there a good surprise?

Some freedom, one way or another?


Sun square Neptune, and no chance to keep your eye on the ball.
Instead, just stay afloat…

~In Essence, My Lifeblood

In a quaint dive, clammy with years
of cooking oil coagulated
under squeaky barstools,

I clawed at
dozens of ethereal thoughts

Much in the same way that I scrapped
linty change from my pockets
to pay for this stiff cup of coffee.

“Is this exact?”

I sure hope so.~

- Spencer Perez

Love YOU!!!


*Check out the AMAZING David Hale!
David drew the picture up top and is a seriously accomplished tattoo artist as well!

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Sagittarius New Moon, November 22, 2014


Ready? Steady. Spaghetti!!
ahhahaha! We can say that stuff now, it’s allowed.

New Moon in Sagittarius!
At 0 degrees.

Square Neptune in Pisces!
The Jupiter Crew!


Open up.

A Big Blurry Beginning.

The Sun and the Moon party down
in a Venus on one side, Saturn on the other, type sandwich.

Jupiter and Neptune in full force.

Our Luminaries are moving away from Saturn,
into the embrace of Venus as party girl.
Why Not?

Scorpio season is closed until next year.
The door shuts with a slam, and the wide world beckons.
Sure Mercury is still stalking the halls in a little black dress,
sharing one or two curt sentences, clues only.
Sure Saturn in Scorpio is not finished with you yet…

( there will be mastery)

But for now, our entré into the chamber of secrets is closing.
Instead, ethics and morality versus physical impulse,
Sagittarius at it’s finest, the chance to LEARN.

Never mind the supernatural, it’s allllll about the natural!


Look outward!
What is around that corner?
It’s time to find out something you didn’t know.

Permission to play?


Go Outside!


A Journey is just the thing…

and here is an idea:
if you have a problem…

Think about it!
Not feel about it, or emote around it.
Use you brains, then follow your impulse…
Keeping in mind what your brain had to say!! lol

Arm chair philosophize?
Sure you can!

Plus other people’s ideas are interesting…

Out of your comfort zone
& in Luck is the place to be when the Sun shines in Sagittarius.
From now, ’till the 22nd of December

Enjoy yourself, man.

A tourist in your own life?

That can be nearly as fun as traveling.
What is the one place in your town you have never been?
Or where could you go to see things differently?


Love YOU!!!


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November 20-21, 2014 Scorpio Moon


Scorpio Moon is good for looking into dark corners,
It’s quiet time in the Dark of the Moon.

The Moon trines Neptune & Chiron as she goes.
Scorpio Mercury sextiles Capricorn Mars.
A perfect day to find out ~why~

Venus squares Neptune, there is a cushion, a bevel for the edges,
and a way to keep breathing while you go ahead and look.

Let your eyes adjust.

There is a chill in the air, that makes silhouettes that much cleaner.
It feels simple to do what must be done, though you know in the end it won’t be.

Debts and payments come in every form imaginable.

Look and listen,
to yourself most of all.
What kind of discourse can you develop with the the subtle unsettling shapes that appear?

What do you know about yourself that it might be easier not to know?
That’s your strength right there.
Anything you know, you can use.

Don’t let anyone separate you from it. Give it time to unfold.
There is meaning in the layers, like a rich vein of gold.


Approach yourself with interest, as though a stranger.

Is there a way in which you are the strongest person you know?

The New Moon is coming on Saturday the 22nd of November,
and with it we journey out. Our worlds will become wider, we take flight, to learn what only experience teaches. To learn it by doing it… experience first hand.

It’s happening!
But first we have to squeeze by Saturn,
to know the shape of the box you have been in, before you set it alight.
Would you like to climb out of a hole?
Look around now for the handholds.

Memorize this place so you never have to see it again?

Or begin describing it in a new way.
It’s where you have been.

Something has died, and it’s time to take out the trash.
Can you forgive yourself for all you have been through?
For not getting it right the first time?

I think you can.
You were made to grow, just as a flower does, and you are not done yet.

Love YOU!!!


*Enrico Caruso: Sun Moon and Mercury in Pisces trine Mars In Scorpio!
Born 18th into a family of 21 children.
His mother was said to have lost 17 children before his birth.

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November 19, 2014


Where do dreams come from?
What gives you the idea that there could be another way?

In the midst of everything you have to handle,
there is a flicker of possibility…

The Moon still in Libra,
Partners and Pairs.

Motivation to move ahead,
Social obligation and responsibility.

The idea that there could be a glimmer of light just around the next corner…
Our New Moon in Sagittarius…
Where will it take us?

Where do we want to go?

Love YOU!!!!


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Scorpio Sun/Saturn, Neptune Direct, New Moon in Sagittarius 2014


It’s that in between time.
Virgo Moon on it’s way to Libra by afternoon.

All the while…
Scorpio Sun/Saturn


Things matter, and they take time.
As if you needed a reminder! Who writes these plot-lines!?!

It DO go slow!

An Open Book?
I think not!
If you find one lying around you can be sure you are not reading right.

Finishing up unfinished biz. Putting everything behind you. Clearing out, Clearing away. Letting go.

Consequences. Rewards and Punishment.

Even the subtext has subtext, but what does it matter at this point?
Lines will be drawn, and you either step off into the next reality,
or you stay where you are, and simply turn the page.

This album gets better as it goes.

What with all the recent No’s that were said,
isn’t there a YES about to show up somewhere?!?!

Neptune in Pisces is Direct now.

Makes me think of that Nadia Gilchrist title:
In the Land of the Dreamy Dreams.

Something is about to loosen up.
Welcome to Paradox!

Go HERE for a post on the retrograde

New Moon @ Zero Degrees Sagittarius on Saturday November 22nd.
Me likes.

Good or bad, we get some kind of adventure going.
An Opening.

We step away from obligation, walk a moment with experience.
What kind? Who knows what Jupiter/Neptune will provide!
Big Talk, Big Dreams, ESCAPE, or just disappear!?


Something to learn, & a little anesthesia goes a long way.
By the time you get to Saturday,
what could sound better than a chance to begin?
To open a door into where?
Where are you going?!

Some place you don’t already know.

The New Moon brings us our Sun in Sagittarius,
Looking on the bright side will once more be permitted.

Especially after the 28th of November when Mercury moves to Sag!

Take advantage! Capricorn season is crazy-bats this year.

Completely soak up all the actual joy and pleasure you find,
wherever you find it!
Open to the new, Open to the unexpected…
Open to not knowing the answers.
Stay with it! Stay with the questions.

But first, a word from our sponsor:


Love YOU!!!!


~You cannot always stay on the summits. You have to come down again… So what’s the point? Only this: what is above knows what is below, what is below does not know what is above. While climbing, take note of all the difficulties along your path. During the descent, you will no longer see them, but you will know that they are there if you have observed carefully. There is an art to finding your way in the lower regions by the memory of what you have seen when you were higher up. When you can no longer see, you can at least still know… —René Daumal from The Art of Climbing Mountains~


lol! Neptune Much!

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November 14, 2014


Leo Moon/Jupiter this morning.
Can you get a little of your bounce back?

Virgo Moon over the weekend… Neptune’s wave sliding ahead.

Venus into Sagittarius, Sun/Saturn, and Neptune Direct.
Truth or Consequences anyone? lol!
How about delusions and results?

Sunday Mars ruled Mercury in Scorpio makes a nice trine to Chiron,
while Chiron opposes the Moon & Exalted Capricorn Mars trines it!

Patch it up and play better?
Get it done because now you know how.

Go forward with confidence?

It’s a chance to stretch out, open up.
Take responsibility, move on.
Happiness and Sadness can be found in equal measure
if you know what you are looking for… aim for what you want!


It’s going to be quite a relief to Air and Fire signs to have
Venus in Sag. after all those Scorpio Kisses of Death!


Look in your chart at Sagittarius for signs of an adventure that will please you!
Where could you find something or someone new?

Love YOU!!!



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November 13, 2014


Leo Moon. Scorpio Sun. Mars beyond Pluto,
Venus just beyond Saturn.

Things ease up a bit.

We are past the squeeze, & see what remains.

Lost and gained.

Some of each?

Waiting on the dust to clear?

Love YOU!!!


~…Hope is borne on wings. Look at the trees. They turn to gold
for a brief while, then lose it all each November.
Through the cold months, they stand, take the worst
weather has to offer. And still, they put out shy green leaves
come April, come May. The geese glide over the cornfields,
land on the pond with its sedges and reeds.
You do not have to be wise. Even a goose knows how to find
shelter, where the corn still lies in the stubble and dried stalks.
All we do is pass through here, the best way we can…
– Barbara Crooker~

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Week of November 10, 2014


Hope is a cruel mistress, but what are your alternatives?

Use Force. But use it wisely.
Watch out!

Ambition this week, &
a large reality-check quotient,
alongside a huge dream that floats through the middle of a startling abyss,
don’t look down! Actually, look down. They are building a high-rise!

At least three rivers reach the sea
Sink or Swim.

It’s deep.

Grand Water Trine today

Mars/Pluto in Capricorn
~Square Uranus in, gulp, Aries! ~

Frustration and pragmatism built right in.
~don’t let it stop you~

Venus/Saturn in Scorpio.

Scorpio Mercury delivers messages.
No air in the sky at all.

It’s serious.
as a heart attack, as a wedding ring,
It’s a promise.
Make one from you to you, to value yourself.

There is enough strength here to scale a mountain, or seal a tomb.
Biology rather than logic, but strategy is still instrumental.

If you want vanilla, stop ordering chocolate and acting surprised.

Meanwhile Neptune wakes.
The intangibles surface. In which pocket is hope stored?
If you bite down hard do you get bitterness or just a cracked nut?


~Wise men have regarded the earth as a tragedy, a farce, even an illusionist’s trick; but all, if they are truly wise, and not merely intellectual rapists, recognize that it is certainly some kind of stage in which we all play roles, most of us being very poorly coached and totally unrehearsed before the curtain rises. Is it too much if I ask, tentatively, that we agree to look upon it as a circus, a touring carnival wandering about the sun for a record season of four billion years and producing new monsters and miracles, hoaxes and bloody mishaps, wonders and blunders, but never quite entertaining the customers well enough to prevent them from leaving, one by one, and returning to their homes for a long and bored winter’s sleep under the dust?~
– Robert Anton Wilson via whiskey river

…Listening to the video with the sound off because you can hear it in your head.
They’re still singing.
How do you proceed?
Don’t be afraid. You’ll know.

Reverberations of our last Eclipse?
We start fires, internal or otherwise, get the heavy lifting out of the way.

Venus moves to Sagittarius by Sunday, and you would think we could party properly,


This is a Scorpio Stellium, with Saturn at the end of his reign.
Finish it!
Passion, secrets,
Strange inevitable beginnings, & the endings that correspond.
Something going on under the table or behind the scenes?


Clarity is the everything, wherever you can find it.

What do you want?
Everything costs more. Or is it that you have less?
VALUE, Something to think about.

and the people you commit to? that you have committed to?

Not least of all, Commit to yourself!
You need you on board here to handle your life.

Love YOU!!!


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