Cardinal Grand Cross, Weekend Feb. 27, 2015




Crab Moon today & over the weekend.

That makes for a Cardinal Grand Cross
Venus and Mars in Aries headed for the South Node/Uranus
all square Pluto and the Moon in opposition.

Crab makes you feeeeeel it
you may not want to…

the past ripping out of your hands torn away, just as fabric is torn.
irreparable, or not without a scar.
the North Node in Libra suggests that the best way out is the fair one.


Not the most relaxing weekend, & I would say we have been here before….

But OH NO, we have not!

The backdrop has changed for the better, more flexibility.


Mercury in Aquarius is a key player,
not that he is flexible! HELLS NO! Aquarius is a fixed sign!
Innovative tho, and ready to become the future.

It’s that Saturn ruled by Jupiter that is giving more than one way out.
Do the work, and your team may step up for the assist.

What is the rule to live by?

Ever Onward.

Seismic Shifts?
You bet your life.
They can’t, they won’t, they don’t stop.

WHUT?! Whatever
. Give yourself a little freedom where you need it.
No one to hold you back, alliances to move you ahead.

It’s a flow as needed basis.

Our Sun/Neptune/Chiron in Pisces is going to help with this.
Letting solutions appear, or allowing imperfections to improve.

Pisces + LEO Jupiter suggests you dress for the part you’ll play.
Fantasy is a legit strategy for coping…
as long as you don’t believe your own press.

Dazzle dazzle, eyes on the ball.

It’s all about the bottom line, which is sort of unpredictable at the moment.
Best life skill au courant: Roll With It.


February isn’t over, but our March of AWE begins NOW.
Who expects to be surrounded by eggshells having made nothing but omelets for days?

a little something for the Crab Moon under pressure:

you gotta eat!

Love YOU!!!!!


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February 25, 2015


I know!

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces,
Gemini Moon in the mix makes a T-Square with Saturn.
Mercury in Aquarius trines the Moon.

If you like Neptune today has plenty to offer,
It’s busy and dreamy…

Who you gonna talk to?

Love YOU!!!!


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Saturn/Neptune + Mars/Venus/Jupiter, Pisces Sun


A dream of stability in unstable times.
Some type of commitment that keeps you centered,
even as it changes…

While the nature of the commitment itself wavers, flickers,
deepens, bends and reappears.

Once upon a time
when I was receiving advise about how to use psychic energy,
I was told that because I had so many guides,
I shouldn’t expect them to appear the same every time,
to think of a flame, always moving, full of light.

Venus and Mars in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius.
Retro Leo Jupiter says ~OH YES YOU CAN,
but you have to take into account the current conditions~


which may vary according to transit


It’s not that you are looking backward, not at all,
in fact the past is a rapidly receding fuel pump in the review mirror,
nothing more.

If you are about to receive what you wanted, do you still want it?
Now Jupiter holds up a possible yes to your old hopes


Do you like them ?

Does the old ambition, correlate well with the new reality?
Is it possible to assess what that new reality even is?

~ Not when you are mid process in co-creation with chaos~
It’s better, different, more costly, and harder to focus.


Not god(s) who look down and laugh with a cruel smile.
Nor is god, at the moment, a benevolent type.

It’s a twist of fate maneuver.

You can’t see clearly, the blind spots are immense, that’s a given.
Trust then, in the value of the journey (saturn in sag.) because it’s plain you have not arrived yet.

Wake up over and over,
close your eyes and begin again.


Love YOU!!!!


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February 23, 2015


Pisces Sun
square Sagittarius Saturn

Taurus Moon

square Aquarius Mercury

Aries Venus conjunct Aries Mars
trine Sagittarius Saturn

SargentYoung Man

It’s pretty gravity.

The conversations that matter.
Moving ahead now, you can’t not…

What you know will be put to use.
Make that you,
you be the one using the information.

Saturn in Sagittarius points up the need to be learning,
to be teaching & learning all the right things…

Mercury still in the shadow zone, tech glitches and obvious slips,
these are delays not true detours.

The Sun is close to Neptune,
close, closer…

Uranus square Pluto


This unavoidable piece of my childhood came to mind.

Wow did we ever listen to that at my house!!

The earnestness!
Or even the pre-fab ~necessary in order to be cool~ earnestness!

The 70’s = a residual gritty optimism,
I’m going to put that down to Neptune in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra.
(optimistic dreams of Brotherhood + Relationship Equality)

These days Pluto in Capricorn + Neptune in Pisces….
what have we here now?

The destruction of hierarchy & beautifully possible/impossible dreams?
Which are they!?!?

Possible more often than not.

The current juxtapositions are immense.
~just do the work~

Saturn in Sagittarius wants slow growth.
Please don’t let that stop you.

As John Crowley reminds us in Little, BIG

~”Oney the brave,” said Fred, “jes’ oney the brave deserves the fair”~

Love YOU!!!



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New Moon February 18, 2015


Here is the power we were promised.

We have suffered for it
finally ready

Now it’s ours.
What will we do with this beginning?

Open wide!
You can’t swallow it all.
what spills out, spills over, colors your life with unbelievable mystery.

Pisces puts a potion in the water, Aries plants a seed by the riverbank…
What springs to life has a force.


inevitable surprise?

New Moon’s are always marriage,
The Sun marries the Moon

This time I see it more than ever.

Saturn in Sagittarius insures that you get what you pay for.
Or you live what you believe.

Watch the next couple of days, it’s not ordinary.
Not even the tiniest bit ordinary.

Venus and Mars kiss now.
They Kiss everyday.
Our girl is already pregnant.
By Saturday/Sunday Venus has a baby,
Mars is handing out cigars:


Our New Moon is 29.59 Aquarius.
Does that make it Pisces?

I had been thinking Aquarius, but there is so much Pisces in the sky:
Venus/Mars Chiron/Neptune, moments later, the Sun and Moon,

It feeeels like Pisces, only weirder! LOLZ


Here is what we know:
Strangely, some of these impossible dreams will last.

There is a healthy serving of destiny in these proceedings.
The beginning of the end, for some people.
Or the end of the end,
isn’t that, in a way, a true, true, long awaited beginning?

Jupiter Big Ups Uranus square Pluto:
If you are not making a change now, you should be.


A seed went in to the ground Jack and the Beanstalk style.
What will you do with a golden goose?

Oh there is treasure alright, giants to kill…
yes, really

Where does the Aries point fall in your chart?

~Is it resurrection if it has never before existed?~

Find out.

Love YOU!!!!!



Sorry I was gone so long!
…combination of Mardi Gras Vortex,
and tech difficulty…

I’m back I’m back I’m back!!!!


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Friday 13, 2015

Heidi by Ellen Von Unwerth

Sagittarius Moon
Grand Trine in Fire: Moon, Uranus, Jupiter


A fair amount of discord all the same.
It’s Chiron square the Moon,
the trine spreads the flavor.

Things don’t go according to plan,
your soup has a hair in it.

Take extra care of your body.
it’s easily and accidentally hurt.

Sentimentality brings pain and ruthlessness brings true heartache.

What’s good?
a new way to be vulnerable

Adjust, Accept.


Love YOU!!!!


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Mercury Direct 2/11/15


What did you learn today?
It’s a bit sharp!


Mercury Direct at 1 Aquarius,

That haze is receding, we don’t have the softness of a deep almost otherworldly remembering… the things you do in your sleep…


Instead the light comes on, like the lights at the end of the party…
and who are these strangers you have entangled yourself with?

No matter. Proceed.

Scorpio Moon squares Leo Jupiter
trines Pisces Venus and Mars

Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter as well.

Depth and Potency,
a little push sends that boat out into water that is very deep.

~Oh my my how the divers are learning to swim!~

Our Detour is Over!
Right time, the right place, and the shock of contact.

Love YOU!!!!





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February 10, 2015


Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon.

Mercury just vibrating at 1 degree
asking you to change your mind.
Not to change it from black to white,
more like from grey to prism.

Freedom to see things with your own eyes.
Autonomy, that’s Mercury in Aquarius.
An unconstructed perception, a revelation.

Keep wide open with clear eyes…

Love YOU!!!


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February 9th, 2015


Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon.

Venus just beyond Chiron,
the crisis point is past, for the moment,
but you can still feel where the knife went in.

and what you know now…

I wish I could say, what you know now you can take to the bank,
but it’s not true.

What you know know is one piece of the puzzle.
There will be others.

Mercury vibrating on that first degree where he will turn around.
Are we working out the kinks or creating them?
Watch yo mouf.

Pay attention,
it could take a full month to work out all the reversals,
tho, some may show up with Wednesday/Thursday’s direct motion.

easy does it…

far as you know it…
Pisces doesn’t make it easy.


Our reference points are vanished
Invisible, intangible, as compared to what?!

That cut seems to be my Saturn/Neptune square theme song…

Get into your body and out of your head where you can,
but also…
talk to friends

Libra = partnership.

Love YOU!!!!


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February 5, 2015


Stellium in Pisces, Virgo Moon.

How you categorize makes all the difference.
The definitions create the concepts.


Retro Leo Jupiter opposition the Aquarius Sun
Over the top?
Over the whut?!

It’s all a little much, you’ll have to trust that a little much is what is needed. Flow with it, easy now, remember: define, then allow.

You don’t have to say yes to everything,
but you can!

It’s time for my theme song:

Love YOU!!!!


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