Aries New Moon March 27, 2017

prt_373x463_1459389502_2x ana montiel!!



What kind of dawn was it when you woke up this morning?

Still taking steps that you feel in the dark. Taking them, not imagining them only. Venus retrograde keeps us wrapped in old concerns, important people from the past pop up like whack a mole, do you whack them, or simply nod and keep moving? It may not be as complex as you could make it. Stay in the life you’ve made, keep going. Aries has goals.

Mercury conjunct Uranus (in the shadow of the retrograde Merc is about to make) gives us a fresh start on the problem. Make a clean break or try a new approach.

You won’t, still even now, have all the answers, but the ship will sail, because the wind fills her sails. Now is the answer to the question when. So much to do, with your heart held in the hands of old friends, family, or in your own hands, trusting yourself.

You may not be able to see outcomes, but you are well aware of trajectories.

Our New Moon arrives at 7 degrees Aries

It’s lucky-ish and free-ish.

As John Crowley sez in Little, Big “Jus only the Brave deserve the Fair”

You begin again, not as the young do thinking they will get so far, farther than anyone, ever. No one is young with Saturn in Sagittarius, especially not youth.

You begin again, as the old do, consecrating everyday with the force of cracking knees, with breath that becomes sacred because your lungs are able to breathe it.


Windy City

The garments worn in flying dreams
were fashioned there –
overcoats that swooped like kites,
scarves streaming like vapor trails,
gowns ballooning into spinnakers.

In a city like that one might sail
through life led by a runaway hat.
The young scattered in whatever directions
their wild hair pointed, and gusting
into one another, fell in love.

At night, wind rippled saxophones
that hung like windchimes in pawnshop
windows, hooting through each horn
so that the streets seemed haunted
not by nighthawks, but by doves.

Pinwheels whirled from steeples
in place of crosses. At the pinnacles
of public buildings, snagged underclothes –
the only flag – flapped majestically.
And when it came time to disappear

one simply chose a thoroughfare
devoid of memories, raised a collar,
and turned his back on the wind.
I closed my eyes and stepped
into a swirl of scuttling leaves.
– Stuart Dybek
from Streets in Their Own Ink ~


My Crow
A crow flew into the tree outside my window.
It was not Ted Hughes’s crow, or Galway’s crow.
Or Frost’s, Pasternak’s, or Lorca’s crow.
Or one of Homer’s crows, stuffed with gore,
after the battle. This was just a crow.
That never fit in anywhere in its life,
or did anything worth mentioning.
It sat there on the branch for a few minutes.
Then picked up and flew beautifully
out of my life.
– Raymond Carver

Love YOU!!!



Dear Edie,
I have a lot of things to teach you now, in case we ever meet, concerning the message that was transmitted to me under a pine tree in North Carolina on a cold winter moonlit night. It said that Nothing Ever Happened, so don’t worry. It’s all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence of mind is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever. Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky ways of cloudy innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere, or one universal self. Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That which passes through everything, is one thing. It’s a dream already ended. There’s nothing to be afraid of and nothing to be glad about. I know this from staring at mountains months on end. They never show any expression, they are like empty space. Do you think the emptiness of space will ever crumble away? Mountains will crumble, but the emptiness of space, which is the one universal essence of mind, the one vast awakenerhood, empty and awake, will never crumble away because it was never born.
The world you see is just a movie in your mind.
Your eternal old man,
via The Portable Jack Kerouac ~

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Aries and Pisces, March 2017



That’s it! That video is our sky.
And what do you suppose the ocean floor looks like under that flow?

Aquarius Moon today, inching closer to that BIG New Moon meet up in Aries!
Sorry I’ve been MIA!!!
Spring sprung all over me, and I’ve been scrambling to catch up!

Innovations, Solutions,


Not all of them good.
However, information activates us, as the kool kidz can’t stop saying ~ woke. ~
Empowered to take on the responsibility of shaping your own way, as Sweet Honey in the Rock said once upon a time, That’s Good News!

Yesterdays Cardinal T-square with the Moon in Capricorn asked that you respond to new evidence, how will it shape your steps?


Control yourself and make a plan, realizing you don’t yet have every piece of the puzzle?
You Bet.

Annie Dillard sez:
~ The interior life is often stupid. Its egoism blinds it and deafens it; its imagination spins out ignorant tales, fascinated. It fancies that the western wind blows on the Self, and leaves fall at the feet of the Self for a reason, and people are watching. A mind risks real ignorance for the sometimes paltry prize of an imagination enriched. The trick of reason is to get the imagination to seize the actual world – if only from time to time. ~

Ok. Fair enough and true enough, to warrant reflection, BUT, how do you reconcile this with the idea of the living universe? A universe where when the wind blows over leaves it can only, unquestionably, be there for you, though not you only, as you are there to feel it? If you were not there, it would blow on, without you, for whomever/whatever was there, and you would be involved, encompassed in something else; something offered up to you with no resistance, the slick feel of your keyboard as you type, the chickadee who takes a moment to sing close to your window, close where you can hear. Or more broadly, there is nothing from which we can experience separation, it is only a matter of degrees. We cannot feel a single cell dying inside us, or another one being born, but could we, in any way, be said to be separate from the process?

Love YOU!!!!



Read this, it’s a letter by Martin Scorsese written after the death of Federico Fellini

New York,
19 Nov 1993

To the Editor:

“Excuse Me; I Must Have Missed Part of the Movie” (The Week in Review, 7 November) cites Federico Fellini as an example of a filmmaker whose style gets in the way of his storytelling and whose films, as a result, are not easily accessible to audiences. Broadening that argument, it includes other artists: Ingmar Bergman, James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, Bernardo Bertolucci, John Cage, Alain Resnais and Andy Warhol.

It’s not the opinion I find distressing, but the underlying attitude toward artistic expression that is different, difficult or demanding. Was it necessary to publish this article only a few days after Fellini’s death? I feel it’s a dangerous attitude, limiting, intolerant. If this is the attitude toward Fellini, one of the old masters, and the most accessible at that, imagine what chance new foreign films and filmmakers have in this country.

It reminds me of a beer commercial that ran a while back. The commercial opened with a black and white parody of a foreign film—obviously a combination of Fellini and Bergman. Two young men are watching it, puzzled, in a video store, while a female companion seems more interested. A title comes up: “Why do foreign films have to be so foreign?” The solution is to ignore the foreign film and rent an action-adventure tape, filled with explosions, much to the chagrin of the woman.

It seems the commercial equates “negative” associations between women and foreign films: weakness, complexity, tedium. I like action-adventure films too. I also like movies that tell a story, but is the American way the only way of telling stories?

The issue here is not “film theory,” but cultural diversity and openness. Diversity guarantees our cultural survival. When the world is fragmenting into groups of intolerance, ignorance and hatred, film is a powerful tool to knowledge and understanding. To our shame, your article was cited at length by the European press.

The attitude that I’ve been describing celebrates ignorance. It also unfortunately confirms the worst fears of European filmmakers.

Is this closed-mindedness something we want to pass along to future generations?

If you accept the answer in the commercial, why not take it to its natural progression:

Why don’t they make movies like ours?
Why don’t they tell stories as we do?
Why don’t they dress as we do?
Why don’t they eat as we do?
Why don’t they talk as we do?
Why don’t they think as we do?
Why don’t they worship as we do?
Why don’t they look like us?

Ultimately, who will decide who “we” are?

—Martin Scorsese

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Welcome to Aries!


~ Let life kick you off your pedestal time and time again, until you lose all interest in being on pedestals.
– Jeff Foster ~

I like this week better than last week. And I like today better than tomorrow, and also much better than yesterday, even if I don’t!
Gotta Love the skin you are in.

If not now, when?

Aries places you in the moment.
Go back for the rescue?
Not back in time, but back to what you have been trying to accomplish.
Back to what you care about, and whom.

Love YOU!!


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Venus conjunct Mercury in Aries





Venus backs into Mercury as one would stumble backward in a bar.
What she lacks in elegance she substitutes with wavering, flickering, fiery, (inconsistent) enthusiasm.


Trying to make plans to catch a whale, while fishing nets tangle around your ankle?
What exactly will it take to get free, and aren’t you free now?
Isn’t that the point that you are free to do this, exactly what you are doing now.

Watch for some completion around the 13th of May, when a message is delivered and entered into the book.

Are you going to catch the whale?
That story has not been written yet.

Love YOU!!!


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March 15, 2017



Scorpio Moon, with Chiron and Saturn punishing the Sun. Or pushing him. Fear is a motivator, and fear of failure is one of the best! Lol. I mean,

Not a good day to be lazy, but you don’t have to race around scattering energy, if you are willing to go a little deep. Take a look at the underside, avoidance won’t help. Do, as the saying goes, what you gotta do. Pay those bills.

How good are you at accomplishing your goals with a minimum of materials? The bottom line may rear up to bite you before the week is over. Is it good if we want what we have not got? Don’t give up. Work for it. Go deeper.

Love YOU!!!



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Venus Retro/Pisces Sun Conjunct Chiron/After the Full Moon

tumblr_ojfxoqbPki1sm3gldo1_500 Kim Beyer-Johnson




Last night I dreamed about unfinished relationships.

A woman from the past reaching in to my life, a man asking Are you sure?
Are you sure?
After all I have done for you.

Venus is retrograde in Aries.
Are you dreaming of who or how you used to love, even if you don’t want them back?

Is the past prologue, as Shakespeare would have it, or is it not even past, as Faulkner penned?

The Moon moves across Libra today and tomorrow.
A Cardinal T-Square points the energy at Crabs.
Family and inner circle connections,
it can be any bond, any intimacy you used to share.

In my dream I was trying to buy shoes, (Pisces) and I could never arrive.
But every day I woke up with the ambition to make it to the mall, like a fish swimming upstream, and I never did. That was my dream. First my mother was going to take me, then I was going to take my children.

Which roles do you play, and what value do you place on them?
Is a successful mother one who raises her children to move out, beyond, to occupy the larger world? Should children come home for holidays, send a card on your birthday, let you know when they move?

Or would success be the child that takes it’s place beside the family, adjacent, making it larger, more complete?

What about when families used their children’s marriages to build clan alliances?

Are we building anything now as a culture?
Is anywhere our home? And if we have a home do we live there?
Is ~ Home ~ a myth, and what power comes from it?

To where, to whom do we belong?

mother and child

What about mothers who leave their children?
Have they given enough?

Are Fathers even a myth anymore? Or just a man?
Or is it the other way, only a myth, never a man?

What kind of a place, a city, a town is it you live in?
Is it quaint to imagine occupying one place?
Is it as an author (perhaps Jamaica Kinkaid) suggested ~ An American is someone who does not live in the house in which they were born. ~
The crumbling structure of western government, of western civilization, of societal mores, is not theoretical, but real. Family, for some, as a concept has become smaller and smaller, from extended, to nuclear, and boom. It’s gone, evaporated, a vestigial organ. It is, as the saying goes, what it is.

Beyond a biological imperative, what are we making when we make a family?
Are there ties that actually bind?

What are you owed? What do you owe?

Have you paid your debts?
The debts you can not see.

Invisible hungers.

Who has been fed and at what cost?
Who is left hungry now?
And for what?!


Love YOU!!!!!


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The Week of March 6, 2017



For this week, we have a Cardinal Grand Cross on Tuesday, Pluto shoots the Moon, and Uranus aims at Jupiter, all together they spin the wheel. It’s forces beyond your control combined with active choices, and active results.

Saturn trines Mars, we may yet be effective, though circumstances beyond our control will set the parameters, deal the cards. It’s a week to play at the top of your game, or to fold early if you don’t have what you need, or what it takes.

Try not to push the bolder up the hill, but with luck you may be able to ride it down.
If you do have to harness your strength, align yourself with those in power.
Mars and Uranus are supported by Saturn, so this is not the moment to challenge the establishment on your own. You need back up. You need community support.

The Sun separates slowly from his Mercury conjunction.
All week be receptive to unspoken messages.
Dreams, Intuition, and then there will be some that are spelled out directly.
They may hit you on the head.

shell girl

What did you learn?
Powerful information.

The Sun and Merc move toward Chiron, supported by Pluto, and challenged by Saturn, with Mercury leading the way. How to work with what you find out? Deep truths don’t always respect conventions, friction is a force, you may be rubbed raw, attempting to follow the rules, squeezed into a shoe that does not fit. The toe that bursts through may find you relieved, embarrassed, and sore all at once.

The Moon moves to Leo on Wednesday, then Virgo for the weekend. Some people will sparkle and others try to stomp them out. Leo wants status, recognition. The sparklers offer entertainment of a sort, or by Thursday, even joy! Can you stand the dazzle? Could it turn into fun?


Mars moves to Taurus on Friday the 10th, giving us a Warrior that is not so quick to fly off the handle. He watches and waits, seeking permanent rather than short term solutions. Taurus Mars wants sex, steady cash and plenty of it. Not so much down for a quick roll in the hay, he wants to groove you all night long. This set up is marked by a gender bending mutual reception between Aries Venus and Taurus Mars. Until Venus retrogrades back to Aries on April 3, Mars is ruled by Venus, and Venus is ruled by Mars.

This Friday we see a strong trine between the Virgo Moon, Taurus Mars, and Sagittarius Saturn, with the Moon heading into the North Node. That looks potent, watch and see if fate plays a hand.

By March 12th it’s a Virgo Full Moon with Saturn to square it. Ouch? It’s critical. A pinch, a pin prick, or worse, as Chiron opposes and Saturn, as I said, squares it. At the same time, Uranus inconjuncts the Moon, an emotional harsh surprise?.

You’ll have to surrender to the truth of the situation and do your best to help others. If you’re not dead, and most of us won’t be, then your care will be needed.

This Full Moon,is not easy going. Judgemental, with themes of finality, loss, and commitment. Could it be good? It could, but there will be disclaimers, qualifications, and caveats. When signing a contract, the details will figure in to it, even more than usual. Read the fine print. Clean your house, your body. Pay what you owe. Be simple. Sincere service, and devotion to others is a way out. Virgo knows that by giving to others, we come to life.

Love YOU!!!!


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Venus and Jupiter Retrograde 2017

larger* Kehinde Wiley!! I mean!

Much of the following post is excerpted from Astrological 2017, which you can find HERE
As Venus stations now at 13 degrees Aries, it’s time to take a look at what is about to unfold…

~ The path into the light seems dark,
the path forward seems to go back,
the direct path seems long,
true power seems weak,
true purity seems tarnished,
true steadfastness seems changeable,
true clarity seems obscure,
the greatest art seems unsophisticated,
the greatest love seems indifferent,
the greatest wisdom seems childish.

-Lao Tzu ~








Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn take a retrograde:
Venus spends hers in Aries/Pisces, from 13 Aries to 23 Pisces.
Jupiter all in Libra travels from 23 back to 14 Libra.
Saturn stays in Sagittarius, traveling from 27 through 21 degrees.

The positions of Venus take on extra importance this year as we are involved in a chain of command that goes as follows:
Jupiter in Libra is ruled by Venus.
Saturn in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who in turn in ruled by Venus.

Are you noticing a THEME?!

Our opportunities (Jupiter) and the rules/structure/authority that allow us to access them, or not (Saturn) are both heavily influenced by the position of Venus. Until October when she turns Jupiter over to the influence of Mars, (and even then, Mars is in Libra until December.) For 2017 Venus holds both the rules to follow, and the way out of the maze.


The Retrograde Mechanics:

Venus slows to a stop at 13 degrees Aries on March 1, 2017, with the Moon Uranus and Mars also in Aries.

She begins in Aries moving backward on the 3rd of March while the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces.

Whatever you thought was a ‘go’ in love or money may seem to suddenly dry up, and something or someone you had written off, may yet reappear. Sudden finished biz, and the unfinished biz awaiting your attention.


It’s a dance that begins in ~ I must have it my way ~ Aries, and moves to ~ take a look at the big picture ~ Pisces on the 3 of April. And then of course back again to define what you want, or will get, with renewed perspective.

Is there something, someone, from the past Venus will help you with?
And ‘help’ with Venus in Pisces may be enacted by blurring the lines, adding confusion, or even fear, or sacrifice. What is real? Who is trustworthy, is it as valuable as it appears? Do you dare to believe?

Venus in her Exaltation is miracle territory. Spiritual connection, is possible, bliss, deep selfless love, and near impossible dreams that actually can come true, but wait for direct motion, because they also, can not!
Altruism, with Venus direct in Pisces is a distinct possibility, but as the song says, ‘compared to what’?

On April 14th, Venus Stations Direct, conjuncts Chiron and squares Saturn for a true hit of painful reality and potential healing, with the Sun conjunct Uranus and the last kicks of the Virgo/Pisces axis version of Saturn/Uranus/North Node in action.

Mercury is retrograde then, and the whole story may not be as brutal as it initially appears, but it’s a f*cking doozy of a moment.
Circle the date.



Jupiter arrives at his station of 23 degrees Libra, just in time for the New Moon in Aquarius on the 27th of January.

Let’s remember that Jupiter rules the truth, and Libra rules relationships.
His backward motion begins on February 5th, and lasts until June 9th 2017.

Whatever you have begun before February 5th, and whatever you have long been trying to get off the ground, to this, Jupiter lends a hand. After all, the extra time moving backward, is extra time in Libra, and this is deeply needed.

He underlines a moment of very significant change with a cautionary note.
If you are uneasy about your choices he seems to say, look deeper, think again, he positions himself to support the idea that there WILL be change. In that, you have no choice.

But here, as he moves backward, Jupiter seems to ask that you deal urgently with what is already on your plate.
Chew what you have bitten off, it may be harder to swallow than you think.


For these two retrogrades,

It’s not only about who we pin our hopes on, or how we invest our love and money.
It is about the meaning and VALUE of Dependence and Independence.
(YES dependence has a value)
Does it make it easier if I say Interdependence?
Because that’s what partnership is, it’s Interdependence.

While this happens, Uranus keeps pace by opposing Jupiter in Libra, and trining Saturn in Sagittarius.
This year we will be asked to put our money where our mouth is.
And more than that, with Pluto in the mix, to change our lives because of our beliefs. Only you know that with Pluto, we won’t be asked, we will be forced. The winch that began to tighten at the end of 2007 and gained momentum in 2008/9, is back.

Processed with VSCO with e4 preset James Jean!


No, wait, DO YOU?

Haunting is not too strong a word for what happens in the first half of 2017, every cage will be rattled, just to make sure you not supposed to be on the OTHER side of the bars.

Which prison is yours?
Which freedom?
Which partnership?
Which ambitions?

What is it you can NOT do without?

Is it like a check up from the doctor, will you be able to look at your development and say ‘All Good’ ?
But others will climb over your wall and into your garden, just to ask ‘Are you sure?’


~ Are you sure? ~

You will have the opportunity to find out if what you are attempting to do next belongs to you.
If yes, you will have help. Strength and power will arrive to buoy you up, and if not, it’s overboard, a long way to the bottom, and again, a long way back to where there is air to breathe.

All the usual caveats and provisos apply for Venus retro Do not start a biz under any circumstances. Do not get elective body altering surgery unless you are correcting a past surgical mistake. No new tattoos.

For Jupiter retro, take heart, this is planning time. Don’t wait, figure it out.


For more, on Jupiter Retrograde click HERE


~ Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace? Yes. Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive; inner peace does not.
-Eckhart Tolle ~

Your life IS changing.

Jupiter is going to help you to get it right.
Jupiter in Libra is about the intersection of Justice, Equality and Harmony.
Shadow side?
err yes that too…
self-destructive competition, lazy expectations of happiness/harmony without the hard work of making it so.

Still, Above all in 2017 we can be grateful for increased clarity of vision.
Once we make it through the early retrogrades, perception is enhanced.

The point, I guess, of unfinished biz is to finish it. Or maybe that simplifies things in a way that lacks respect for the subtlety of emotion that retrogrades can engender. However deep and unwieldy the roots of them, the retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter have decidedly practical outcomes this time. Our choices now will make a difference in what happens, in the directions we take our lives. It’s as if we are swimming to the shore, and we must look back for landmarks, to see if we have been traveling in the right direction and to be certain that all of us make it in. Those lost slips of our psyche, the ‘could have been’s, those brilliant escape artist bits of consciousness can sink to the bottom and grow with a disproportionate force. A stray tendril can become an invisible thicket that will strangle you suddenly, when you didn’t even feel the vine at your throat.

To catch up, you must go back.

Are there opportunities you missed that might through further action make themselves available to you?
Or could it be that there are strings left to untie?



All Night No Sleep Now This
Daytime moon. Moon like some guy you grew up with
who won’t go away. Moon like God’s weird tooth.

Won’t go away.
Is impersonating a slice of cake. My stupid heart
blinking like I imagine a button
on a black box does
up until and maybe even after
we have given up trying to remember.

I have given up trying to remember
the train’s schedule or the quiet that scatters
from its whistle
like the seed head of a dandelion.

I don’t know why it makes me feel better
to imagine a child
blowing pollen across a darkened field.

Up on the moon, my friend lies down
beside the ghost of his wife.

Their bed is a block of ice and soon
they are frozen.

On earth, the terrible things
and the beautiful things
continue to happen beside each other.

On the moon in the darkness, nothing.
On earth in the darkness, sometimes
rain swells like applause.

– Jeffrey Morgan ~

Love YOU!!!!


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March 1, 2017


Hey! Sorry I was a tiny bit M.I.A. it was Mardi Gra here in New Orleans, and you can’t refuse that!

The Sun and Neptune mix it up at 11 degrees today,

the Moon will run into Mars and Uranus, expect accidents and sudden flares of misplaced anger, reversals. It’s the cosmic random. If it’s not clear what the direction your Eclipse is taking you, this Aries Moon will set it in motion.

Love YOU!!!


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Pisces New Moon Eclipse, Mars and Uranus Meet in Aries


Big surprises now, seven planets worth!

New Life Forms Trapped in Crystal!

Not Science Fiction, but Science Facts.
Where will these discoveries take us?


Fully in the Eclipse Zone, your New Moon arrives on the 26th of February at 8 degrees Pisces. It’s a good time to make a new start, if you are not busy responding to the new start life has made for you.




So many ramifications will spring from this moment. We can’t see them all now, but it would be crazy to imagine that they aren’t on their way, or that the forms they take won’t be BIG. This moment is a catalyst, we will likely react or respond without knowing the full scope of what is set in motion.


Like many other planets, Mars and Uranus meet up every so often

April 2011, March 2013, March 2015, February 2017, and February 2019 for example.

With Uranus on a long term transit through Aries, for these dates, Aries is where they meet.
On our New Moon in Pisces Eclipse, Saturn trines the Aries conjunction/explosion, makes it real, sets it in stone, or with the strength of Sagittarius: Law, Politics, Religion, Belief.

Aires the first sign, the God of Anger, of War, and Beginnings.
Uranus can act as a higher octave of Mercury the Messenger.

Uranus is a Genius, a connection that separates, as only information can do.

He is the sudden surprise, science, exacting methodology that causes unexpected outcomes, perverse and unpredictable.
The random that creates by taking away.


Within the myriad of possible outcomes, one is that you have the opportunity to release some very potent illusions. It’s often hard to know what you are doing while you are doing it.

As Dean Wareham puts it, ~ I really don’t mind you keeping secrets from me, but please don’t keep them from yourself.~

Our Pisces Eclipse will help with this.
How do you feel when you are deprived of illusions?

You might be tempted, before it happens, to say you will feel great, feel grateful, but look at the word: disillusioned.




These can give you a deeper understanding, an Awakening that causes you to leave, to sacrifice, to make or take an end, an inception. As Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden, a world began. Sounds like a starting point to me. A sharp cut that cauterizes the wound in that instant?
That’s a possibility.

As Mars and Uranus combine, exact at 22 degrees, with the Sun and Moon in Pisces at 8 degrees for the Pisces Eclipse, it’s about New Beginnings.

This is a moment that brings about a fresh start that comes in answer to a dream, or by way of letting go of a dream. Possibly both.


Mercury has arrived in Pisces at the time of our Eclipse.
Will you know the whole truth?

It seems unlikely that Pisces will give away all in one go, what can instead be eclipsed, disseminated, bent, and twisted, refracted, used as a mirror, a lens to magnify, to start a fire, information seen perhaps underwater, certainly sideways, and here is the thing, it’s about letting go of the past. Most likely the recent past. Mercury falls close to the South Node in Pisces, whatever our illusions now, try to set them aside, to be practical.

Let’s allow the form to follow function, let’s allow the details to serve our dream. And in doing this, we may come to realize that our concerns are not the most important element at play.

What we give up may be in service to a higher goal, or a person, such as a friend, parent, partner, or child.

How do you arrive at a solution when none can be reasoned?
Dance, take a walk, work with your hands, have sex, go for a swim, ride your bike, work out, a physical release that guides you with instinct, circumventing intellect, but not excluding it. You will explain why later. It will make sense by then.


What’s more, Jupiter and Pluto are involved with Mars and Uranus, but you knew that already. The sky does in fact go KABOOM.
Jupiter makes it bigger, makes it personal, (because Libra), Pluto makes it urgent, unavoidable.

Wherever Mars/Uranus hits your chart, expect a paradigm shift/explosion. If your heart beats near 22 degrees of a Cardinal Sign its a direct hit. If not, the closer you are, the louder the boom. Some of these shots will be heard round the world, and it may take a minute for the smoke to clear.

Love YOU!!!!



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