Pluto Direct, Mars in Capricorn, Dark of the Leo Moon




Everything is not going to be alright.
Pluto in Capricorn goes direct and we remember that regardless of what we are attempting to build, the world is burning.



While we may or may not delight in the microcosm, the world we look out upon is darkening, curling up at the edges, turning into ash, char, and smoke in some rather significant places, ideologically as much as anywhere. The frameworks we use to form our thinking can be thrown on the fire now. They have as much current use as a whalebone corset. *

Once again, Pluto goes direct.
The unspeakable shows it’s face, or it’s you know, genitals, and we look not only at sex and death, but debt and consequences.
Easy to say, but when you are looking at death, you know it’s not easy.
Power plays, and ugly moments, as well as forgiveness, union, and a reawakening of our will to live.

We are forced into contact with who we are, and how we are going to handle our role in the deep murk of our current existence.

Mars moves to Capricorn on September 27th, Pluto is direct, and Saturn in Sagittarius combine to tell us that promises don’t matter. We want results, long term results and we are willing to work for them, provided we can start now.

With every heart wrenching question reality poses we must remember we are all the only answer, the only antidote that it is possible to possess.

Check this:
It’s a video from September 26, 2013

We already live during wartime, so no use holding our breath or closing our eyes waiting for it to all be over. Our surrounds combine dissipation and careless, bloated waste with poverty and violent oppression. In response, is there a singular construct that we can enact that is unassailable?


Only love in it’s many forms, and as love becomes action, becomes choices, once again, perfection/completion is the enemy. Instead, can we live remaining open to opportunity, open to the half-steps, puzzle pieces, unexpected, inadvertent or hard won increments and avalanches of change?

Do things get worse before they get better? In this larger context, I dare say they do.
~but not every single thing~

Pluto in Capricorn promises us the death of big business, an experience of fear based totalitarian regimes, crumbling authority and a constricting noose to go with it. There is no widespread prospect of a positive outcome in the near future (look at U.S. politics!) only dire, and slightly less dire.

Which doesn’t cancel out all the good. Which doesn’t make this moment monumentally worse than moments of the past, even a cursory look will tell you that things have certainly been bad before! The powerlessness we feel regarding our positive impact on the evils of our time, does not actually mean we have no impact! On the contrary. Any light will show up in the dark.

This pervasive nightmare does not erase scientific advances in understanding, It doesn’t destroy the comfort of your kind words to a friend, the joy and unexpected delight that can overtake you, a chance granted, a love returned, hard work rewarded, or a much needed moment of release. It doesn’t erase the powerful work that you do to understand your role in your life and grow into it. It doesn’t evaporate your ability to fight for justice, nor does it invalidate your personal ambition, and potential to thrive under adverse circumstances.

How will you work?



What else?

Neptune in Pisces provides universality, we care across borders, across boundaries, even across space and time. Jupiter in Libra has arrived, thank goodness! You will socialize, you will *gasp* leave your house, you will interact, and undoubtedly for many, you will partner for biz and pleasure. Saturn in Sagittarius does not only reject foreigners, he also provides some genuine victories for human altruism and formal religious development.

This moment, every moment is yours to use, heroes have always had their time.


Love YOU!!!!



October 19th will see a Mars/Pluto conjunction that trines the North Node and squares Uranus. Are we going to act on our desires? More likely than not.

*thanks Saturn in Sagittarius!


What happens when Pluto finally leaves Capricorn in 2023?
We rebuild! That’s what.


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Mercury Direct, Fall Equinox, Libra Sun, September 22, 2016


Have we caught up with ourselves?

At the Equinox, in the balance of the year, tipping to darkness as we gain strength.

Mercury at 14 degrees begins to move ahead.
What will we discover?
Which delays have worn their welcome?

You have had to pause, even in the midst of chaos, to incorporate the unexpected, a time wobble, extra depth.


The Sun is at zero degrees Libra, Libra Jupiter at 2 degrees.
A lucky day just before Venus moves to Scorpio

Libra, the sign of balance, of partnership, is at the heart of so many relationship triangles!
Combine the will to partner with the ability to vacillate,et voilà!

See also, the need to be desired.
Family dynamics, Love and even biz partnerships.

Venus in Air values connections.
She collects every advantage, why give up a relationship that may yet be of use?

Our New Moon in Libra arrives in a week and a day.
Between now and the 30th of September we lay the groundwork.

There is interpersonal framing at every turn now,
what you see depends on where you look.

Which elements are you assembling that will exponentially increase in importance?

Love YOU!!!!


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Aftermath of the Pisces Eclipse 2016


For a moment, I was wondering in this mess of an Eclipse, if we lost the plot.

Such a muddle of information, action, and emotion,

A surrounding swirl of our personal weakest links,
& the varied pieces of the beautiful heart that we use to grow through the tangle.
Watching time melt and reform.

Stepping back a moment, can you see a multiplicity of messages?
It’s what you do next that counts.

Dualism is the theme, and acceptance is the policy.


Can you see that witnessing the absurdity, incongruity or even the outright surreal quality of what comes next, in no way excuses you from participating?

Instead, we follow our muse, and if not fearless, perhaps amazed that we have been forced (have we chosen?!) into these corners, and we leap in, inexplicable. You have to participate!


Over our heads, or more likely beyond, as in a new world, a new set of norms.
It’s as though we have made it through the rabbit hole, the tunnel, and opened up.

Open to what?
To new a new framework, and thus new symbolism and meaning: same world, new glasses.


Are we catching up to the lives we have already lived, so we can shake them off like seaweed? Discarding ribbons of kelp, unwanted ankle bracelets after a swim?

Or perhaps something more subtle, the difference between knowing what you know, and seeing that you know it.
You are your own witness, and therein lies your freedom.


With Jupiter in Libra, it could be that someone is coming with you,
or that you begin to look for that someone.
Someone who could be holding your hand as you take a next step.
How much do you bend to their wishes?
That’s a Jupiter in Libra question, and we will be finding out…

Love YOU!!!!


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Also Recommended for the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse September 16, 2016





An Ocean of Tears
Caught in your throat and you can’t even cry them out?
Oh wait, here they come.




Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune?




Love YOU!!!


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Pisces Full Moon Eclipse 2016



Fully in the Eclipse Zone now,
and though Mars/Uranus and Mercury/Pluto aspects are not widely regarded as beneficial they are far and away the best things we have going, that and Venus sextile Mars, plus a smidgen of a Jupiter/Saturn sextile.

Bring it! Reject the past, use your penetrating mind to perceive the message behind the message,
AND feel free to not become obsessed with that message.

You get to decide what is meaningful.
People’s past actions are a damn fine predictor of their future choices, and this particularly is no time at all for dispensing outdated 2nd chances.

Move on, move up, move out.


Solidify your links to future progress.

Take steps now, or handle the ones you are forced in to.

Have you noticed that your energy has returned?
If nothing else, in the form of frustration.

It should be possible, suddenly, and with some effort, to have desire meet result.
It’s not a precision game. There are accidents and hold ups, but your opponent’s hand is tipping, you can spot what you need coming toward you, particularly if you try.


What does the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse on Chiron hold?

Potential accidents, surprises, realities beyond your control.
Outbursts of temper. Delays, unjust setbacks, and the glimmer of hope.
An ending.

The seductive lure of old patterns (if you are into that sort of thing) and a chance to kick your fantasy life in the nuts wherever you find it debilitates your actual growth.

Some awareness of you what you can control, (you!) and what you can not (other people!) is arriving via display method.
Resist the urge to prove who you are or are not, resist the urge to prove, well, anything at all.
Narrow your focus in the face of the big, messy, emotional, blur.

Letting go and opening up to the reality you are already in is so currently à la mode.

Inherent in the ending, you guessed it!
A beginning.

Don’t let anything lull you into thinking you can camouflage your defects or idiosyncrasies,
from these quirks come your best and deepest knowledge, and with knowledge, strength.

There is a lot of energy here and it’s yours to use.

Try to breathe through it, we may be going over the waterfall,
We SO ARE going over the waterfall, might as well enjoy it.

Our Eclipse takes place on Friday September 16th at 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces.

Love YOU!!!!!



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September 12, 2016




Virgo Sun conjunct Mercury today, and with our Mercury retrograde half over, let’s take a look around…
We are gathering information, digging a little deeper,
Which puzzle pieces arrive to click into place?
It’s not really a feelgood thing, it’s a catalyst.

Capricorn Moon, those family legacies.
History, obligation, mining the past details for gold.


The next steps appear without the ability to take them.

You are still in the fact finding zone.
A leap of faith could be on the way


A chance to reject messy unethical entanglement, yes again!
Jupiter has arrived in Libra,
but we are still processing Virgo/Pisces problems until we get beyond the Eclipse and our Mercury retrograde.
It seems a little unfair that we still have this gum on our shoe, or can not cross the river due to a hole in the boat and a world of trickle down problems that result.

Our next step IS coming, but first what may be an illuminating kick in the teeth,
or at best,
the slap that wakes you from hypnosis.

New opportunities do arrive. The chance to take them involves not leading with your wound, and not pretending.
We are not required to be invulnerable, we are required (if we want to succeed) to make healthy forward thinking choices.
No justifications, no enabling explanations, if you have to go there, know that you are in the wrong place.

What you do now, this week, and for the Full Moon Eclipse is to seek health, simplicity, purity.
Don’t hold on to outworn solutions that are partial at best.

The goal of looking back this time is deeper understanding, not backward time travel.
Use what you know, all of it, and admit (to yourself above all) what you don’t.

There is a love story beginning with Jupiter in Libra, clarity, balance, fairness.
By losing what is no longer relevant we are on a path to arrive at these.

Our Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces arrives on the 16th.
A part of the shift involves a new assessment of the past.

Once again: RELEASE.

Love YOU!!!!



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Jupiter in Virgo says Goodbye/Chiron Sends a Message to Retro-Mercury



Yesterday I made a mistake setting up a chart to do a consult.

*so embarrassing!!!*
I’m a fast messy typist, (Surprise! Not!) I inverted a number, and used the chart!
Before long the mistake was caught, I apologized, updated the consult, my client was gracious, and all would be well, except you can’t un-spill milk.

This morning, as I drove back from dropping my daughter off at high-school, I passed the bridge that I always pass, and saw a man sleeping that I often see. His black sleeping bag is carefully lain out perpendicular to the road. He lies on top of it. His orange shoes are placed neatly by his bed, and his clean blue and white clothes are carefully folded underneath his head. He looks like a man who works nights. Everything about him is cautious and careful, there he is, eyes closed, feet bare, asleep under a bridge.

Jupiter in Virgo is the wish to be good, diligence that pays off, humility that brings success.


But just as often, it might be success that brings humility.
The doors that open to you when you know you are not flawless, a goal that is never fully arrived at, as we are always becoming, the excruciating quality of having to witness and endure our own faults, not only known to ourselves, but obvious and in plain sight. Is that pain not a door that can open? A door that can bring us closer to others?

With Luck it will be another Saturn cycle before I switch numbers, but as Virgo Jupiter turns to Libra, and Pisces Chiron touches Mercury, he gives one last kick in the pants or kiss of encouragement.

There is a stray cat who comes round my place, he is grey, like my departed best cat ever was, and though he has the tiny body of the local strays, as does my own current rescue cat, he is kind and smart, and my cat is not. We gave my cat a good name, but instead we call him Marbles for the two glass balls that seem to click in his head, empty of sense or compassion. I would adopt Mr Grey, but my boyfriend is allergic, and already suffering from the cat I won’t give up. Instead I feed and pet him when he comes, and worry when he is away enchanting strangers. This would be a parable, but instead it’s exactly life, and there is more Virgocity in this little story than just about anywhere. Virgo is the details that shape a life. Health, pets, obligation, tiny trials and imperfections, service and servitude.


Virgo arrives as the daily acts of care and diligence. We have had our reminder. Now Libra comes to hold a scale, to expand our quest for Justice, to save us from being lonely. More to come….

Love YOU!!!



Who is following THIS STORY as a natural development of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces?
With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, let’s pay attention to water, here and everywhere, as water has more power now, and as ever, is without boundaries, no door is closed to her, inseparable from every life-form, inextricable as blood.


* I think the quote up top is by Satsuki Shibuya


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September 8th & 9th, Cardinal T-Square, Prelude to the Eclipse, Moon/Mars/Saturn

Robin Switzman 2008

Sagittarius Moon riding toward Saturn.

Libra Venus, across from Aries Uranus, both Square Pluto in Capricorn.
Loose Cardinal T-Square, Look Out Crabs!

Sudden Lost Love, Lost Money,
Revised or Destroyed Aesthetics,
Powerful almost violent commitment.

In this climate, don’t look back unless to excavate,
to grasp the fallen soldier of your psyche and pull yourself out of the rubble.

A kiss goodbye?
Be careful with that, easy to listen to the siren’s song and drown.
you know who you are


Ever more likely that you will gnaw your foot out of the trap and move on.
That’s a Good Thing!
Sagittarius Moon can’t be held.

Jupiter lingers in Virgo one last day,

our choices are ruled by Mercury retrograde, we may yet change our mind.

Regretting today’s choice is easily imaginable.
and so is overreacting.

maybe it’s fine, for true! perhaps in context it will be fine, process, process, process, nothing stands in isolation, it’s all on a journey…


Uranus sends an inconjunct to Mercury it’s a jolt.

A scratch in the record. But we play on, nowhere near to the end.

Sagittarius Moon cozies up Saturn, (lol) if we want to succeed we are going to have to do what?!
Venus inconjuncts Neptune, a little bit of paradise lost in this. Just in time to see the happy bus leave without you.

Beautiful day for a walk?


Tomorrow, the Sagittarius Moon/Mars conjunction trines Uranus and squares the Sun.

Boom. High Action. Energy Returns.

All The while, Chiron opposes Mercury, that’s the under-story,
acknowledging your vulnerability will give you strength.

The unwanted thought? The very one you need to accept, and release.

deep breath

No matter the level of difficulty Sagittarius Moon will bounce back,
not innocent, not this year anyway, rather seasoned,
like a cast iron frying pan

nothing sticks because you have already been burnt.
& I think we all have some fish to fry before the next two weeks are over.

(ok that’s the end of the bad metaphor parade!)

Love YOU!!!




Come get a reading!! My prices are low, Low, LOW! Lowest they have been in years!
$80 an hour, $40 for half!

Why so suddenly low?
Because life is so deliriously expensive.



Circle the 21st of September for Mercury Direct, it’s a busy day with a Mutable Grand Cross.

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September 6, 2016, Neptune and the Nodes




Try to allow yourself to know everything you do know.
Might be easier to know it, if you don’t force yourself to act right away.

The swirl that surrounds you, the slow motion vibe is hiding the speed of the whirlwind which is actually blowing.

Everything on your list will be added to some concerns you haven’t met yet…
Or are they adventures?

A bend in the river you can not help but float down?
A swift kick in the pants that you knew was coming and/or someone stepping on your toes without prior consent?


It’s a little more desperate isn’t it?
Or is that what we know of life?
Try and move through it lightly, because there is nothing but goodbyes?

Goodbyes to the old you, the single you, the coupled you, the you you were last year, last night and will never be again.

Stay an ever limber contortionist,
Stasis is not in our cards.

Not only that, your opinions might fluctuate.
So too, everyone else’s.
Forecasting out as though things will continue on this arc, is bound to be inaccurate.


It’s not time for the final word on anything.

will there be fallout?
-stand strong ? or duck and cover ?-

One of the things I find strangest in life is that you are absolutely required to take responsibility for decisions you made with absolutely no qualifications to make them, and no way to get those qualifications before the decision must be made either, and as the song says:

Embrace it!

Between the continued Merc Retro, Jupiter entering Libra on September 9th (YES!)
and our upcoming Pisces Full Moon Eclipse on September 16th, we posses a sense that things cannot continue as they are, and
although the resolution may be in part an emotional shift, take heart.

and yet…


as messy and unloved as this moment might seem… well it is… go ahead and cry….

:::: laughs ::::

Distraction is an alright strategy, and so is feeling your feelings.

Mutable signs offer multiple answers,
the ending on this time period is not lain out waiting to be experienced or discovered,
rather it hasn’t been written yet,


There is a crossroads or morality moment in the works,
a time when you move toward health and progress, where illusions are revealed,
& not only revealed but discarded.



Love YOU!!!!


The otters of Jupiter in Libra


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September 2, 2016


With Mercury Retrograde in Virgo,

it may take longer to decipher the whole message you no doubt received.
It’s not that it’s a whisper, for most people something came through loud and clear.

It’s more along the lines, that it’s as yet unfolding… our Saturn/Neptune dream versus realty/what is reality?/lost track of reality issue is peaking, & we are in the Eclipse Zone, that is to say between Eclipses, our next one is at 24 Pisces, a Full Moon on the 16th of September.

There is a fair bit of haze in the air, and the pollen hangs thick with the potential of new life.

It’s possible you want to shine a light from your decoder ring to decipher the ramifications…
Of which there will be many.

You may not need a full understanding in order to let go of what isn’t helping,
and to begin with what is.

Embrace health on every level it occurs to you.
This is a power of positivity moment.

if you are as sleepy as I am, it’s the power of positive lethargy.
Don’t beat yourself up, enjoy what you have, and when in doubt, go wholesome, go Virgo.
Ixnay on risky behaviors.

Keep your nose clean, look ahead.

Love YOU!!!!


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