Uranus Retrograde 2016


First of all, READ THIS and remember.

Think back to July 17th 2013, marvel at 3 years worth of sudden events and transformations.

The accumulated growth, the pile up of eventful decisions,
the pile up of difficult focused work and achievement that you have managed to accrue, while encountering unforeseen circumstances which in turn triggered your eventful decisions, (amirite?)
has driven us a long way from where we stood on July 17, 2013.

Are you grateful to be here?
It’s come at a cost.
Is your conscious higher ?

Are you more awake?
Uranus works by power of subtraction.
It removes, because with distance we see.

Independence, intelligence, on your way to something new.

Truthfully, Uranus is already a selfish planet, in Aries even more so.
Uncompromising. The urge to get what we want because we want it.
Impatient, Inspired, Reckless, Careless, Intolerant, Rebellious,
Full of the Imagined Freedom to Conquer.


So what happened way back then?
On July 17th 2013 Uranus in Aries began moving backwards from 12 degrees Aries to 9 degrees, in order to successfully square Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn during the last to weeks of October 2013.
Take a look at old emails from that era, or think back, see what you find…

What kind of fights did you have then, in October 2013?
What worlds were you crumbling, or were you watching as they crumbled around you?
What new strategies for survival did you employ?

Can you breathe a sigh of relief to have moved on to a new conversation,
even as you acknowledge that some ghosts persist?

You can look back, but don’t go back.
No really, DON”T.


What do you think of the life you have now?
In Flux.
The bulk of the cracks have already appeared on the fault lines.
And not only that, you have SEEN them.

You know earthquakes are coming.

What will you do with what you know?

How are you coping with the fallout, with the demands of knowledge?
What does it mean to be awake?

Uranus in Aries = Awake to Violence.

Saturn in Sagittarius asks, what is the moral response?
What is your ethical obligation?

Now, right now, Uranus in Aries will be retrograde from July 29th until December 28th 2016
His goal this time is not simply to fight with Pluto in Capricorn, they do agitate each other, but there is something else. Oddly, it’s as much about initiating and supporting new ideas and constructs as anything.
They are not brand new this is a retrograde, but relatively new. Things you have been trying to get off the ground for some time.

From December through April, Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries!


And Goodness knows we need it!
Whether Saturn in Sag will play as tolerance and restraint, as a structure for the much needed growth, a “controlled burn” so to speak, or the structure for just the opposite, destructive belief systems, for example, remains to be lived.

Think new laws and structures regarding refugees or foreigners, think sudden emergence of new genius and/or new stupidity, (honestly!) that prompts new beliefs, restrictions, and devotions.

What will we have to do to positively enact these ideals within the context of war and crumbling hierarchy?
We can expect to find out in ways that are literal AND ideological.

Those choices are not written ahead of time, but rather by our lives, and since that much is clear, I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be one or the other, but both.

Meanwhile…. & this is really interesting… MEANWHILE,
Jupiter in Libra, & Uranus in Aries, oppose each other and square Pluto in Capricorn.
The Pluto square is not ultra tight, but it def is active, within 5 degrees, close enough to feel it!


Hot Cardinal T-square Action!

It will be HUGE. Truly.
High drama, for all Cardinals (aimed right at Crabs)
and when Cardinal signs have drama, every one has drama, because Cardinal signs take action.

Between November and the end of January, we will encounter increased discord with the prevailing structure.
The prevailing structure, meaning government, big business, law, do expect it to be reflected in the microcosm of the structures in your life. Even if you are expecting random, do expect to be surprised.

Jupiter in Libra puts these changes within the context of partnerships and interpersonal relationships.
Peace and Justice, Balance, Fairness, Equality.


20 degrees Cardinal is a hotspot for the current year and into 2017.
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
It was pretty hot last year as well, from the middle of June 2015 to 2015 mid-September.
This year, will be hotter. The Square to Pluto much tighter, and more active, and with Jupiter in Libra going big by tipping the scales.



Still, We have had some practice with this, and we do have some support.

Expect to feel the effects of power, against you, through you, from you.
There will be more on this Cardinal T-square topic as we get into it in the fall.
much Much MUCH more!

High pressure, rapid growth, particularly of new ideologies

Friday the 29th of July, Uranus in Aries will station retrograde to begin a move from 24 degrees back to 20 degrees.
When our God of the unexpected reaches 20 Aries, he stabs in a acupuncture needle and stays for half of November, all of December and half of January 20 degrees Aries.

Uranus will be direct after December 28th, but on that one point, vibrating.
On January 30th 2017 Uranus hits 21 degrees, by March 31st, 23 degrees.
For something bringing lightning, Uranus moves slow, and that tells where his revolutionary focus will be directed.

The combo of Uranus opp.Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Sag, and the Cardinal T-square Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter
suggests that once again change is coming.
A new wildly tipping balance, a partnership, a structure to support new ideas…
What will we make out of these tools we are given?

Love YOU!!!!


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As Mars activates the last of our Saturn in Scorpio flashpoints…


By August 3rd Mars will have left Scorpio.

Now, Mars likes Scorpio, but don’t kid yourself that this has been an easy transit. In Scorpio Mars holds a ready knife behind his back, and a powerful will to survive, a will to cut out that which can not contribute to the health of the organism, and a dedication to secure and bond with that which is deemed essential.

Life or death?
Oh yes. Life and Death. Scorpio deals not only in absolutes, but in what is owed.
I can’t say this strongly enough. How to have someone serve you? Do them a favor.

Sex and Death are the boundaries that guard our existence,
Intimacy is the currency of power.
The intangibles; what power buys, money, authority, favors owed…
We see that all around us now.

As Leo shines a light, as Chiron trines Mars, illness of all kinds is brought forward to be witnessed.


What is the consequence?
A domino effect?

Mars travels on in Sagittarius before he gets to the end of his original retrograde territory.
He began his backward voyage on April 17th, with Mars at 15 degrees Sag, and it won’t be until September 3, that we actually cover new ground!

But, between now and August 3, (New Moon in LEO on August 2nd) it’s worth looking back to look at how well or poorly we have accumulated and absorbed our Saturn in Scorpio lessons of Pain and Retribution, errr, I mean of Depth and Intimacy, of Solitude and Solicitude…How about lessons of Truth and Consequences?

Mars now activates the seeds Saturn has planted.
Saturn is the stone in your shoe, and Mars what you do because of the blister.
If Saturn is the disease, Mars is your will to survive.

No question, the house that Scorpio occupies in your chart has had problems to solve!

For your reading pleasure:

the O.G. Saturn in Scorpio Message

So Key thoughts on Saturn in Scorpio regarding Intimacy and Authenticity

Two Videos about Saturn in Scorpio with Pluto Direct

Saturn in Scorpio/Mercury in Leo

Remember waaaay back in March 2013?

How far we have come!!! Thank Goodness!!!

More recently this May, Our Mars Retro and Jupiter/Saturn Square

The good news?
It’s getting hard to shock you, and you do have tenacity, and an ability to tap into an almost eternal will for self preservation.
a higher more selfless love?
We are a bit clannish now, but yes if can you devote your altruism to a cause…

Keep on keeping on!

Love YOU!!!!


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Happy Birthday Lions!

Get outta your head!

Y’all should be able to start feeling more like yourselves, all ready to rrrrrawwrrrrr.

I mean ROAR!
Now you can rock n roll, and get on with it.
Let’s have some LION LOVE.




All planets do indeed revolve around the SUN.
Now you know that’s right.









did I mention drama?

For Leos, everything they love is the BEST.
and if they love you, you are the BEST too!
Leo’s are happy to generously include you in their magnificence!

Never mind the few who suck all the air out of the room,
Let’s consider those who bring the party to LIFE!

Man I love LEO!

I got mars and merc. in Lion so I would…



Leo is a Fixed Fire sign.
That means a steady warmth you can count on.
Leo is the sign of performing, CREATIVITY, children, romance
Living your life as a novel to be written.
or better yet
Always playing at a Theater Near You!!

Leo: the MOVIE!!!!


from tearful reconciliations and enduring love,
to stormy walkouts, fiery tempestuous star-crossed lovers,
dark nights of lonely desolation,
the creative highs and lows of our as yet unsung hero,
passionate sex, Artistic Triumph! windblown hair,
an incredible soundtrack by a-list artists,
the most amazing set designers known to man and fantabulous costumes!

All Leos need an audience, even the quiet ones!!!
Especially The quietest ones!
It’s a symbiotic relationship, the audience needs a LEO!!!

Here is some vintage Banderas, pure Leo!

This cut has violence, in case you don’t want to see.

Antonio = LEO Sun, Aries Moon and Jupiter in Sag.

and Selma? Virgo Hottie with Venus and Mars in Lioness.

Listen, all Leos need proper care and feeding!

That means, if you are a LEO,
make sure you have someone to worship and adore you!
Worship might be a one way street headed your way,
but you can do adoration back.

If not a person, check out Leo’s and their pets.
Nobody does little dogs or cats like a Leo.

Lions who feel unappreciated or who doubt their own worth
can get up to some serious nonsense.

You need a credible witness for your absolute stunning prowess and magnificence!

Plus having a love object is good for you,
it reminds you not to eat the whole pie,
you gotta save some for your sweetie!

A Leo also needs perfect hair (crown) glamorous clothes (royal robes) and your undivided attention!

Check out accommodating Libra Peter Tosh, with Uber-Leo Mick Jagger!

what a crack up!

p.s. word to the wise:

As a Leo you need to feel that your life is making a difference.
Especially these last 7 years, when Pluto in Capricorn threw that curve ball that become your life.

It’s 2024 when Pluto gets to Aqua.

Leo must make a passionate HELPFUL contribution.
It’s a change from being the pure Rock Star you imagined,
although it’s not to say that you won’t make your contribution,
by being a Rock Star.

It’s saying that the fame is not enough on it’s own.

You realized you have a gift for helping others and it won’t do to see it squandered.

Not the life of Pure Glamor you imagined, but one infinitely more rewarding.



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July 21, 2016




Most of what happens now, in this tiny little bit of Full Moon aftermath has a positive implication.
It’s not over, not truly over, so who can really say….

But bad news? I think not.
That’s already happened, and this, as a commentary, an opening, a possibility, is good.
Action is taken, responsibility accepted.

Crab season is over, today is the last day.
Mañana we are Lions!



Love YOU!!!!


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Capricorn Full Moon July 19 2016



Boys Dressed Up on Easter Sunday




Pay your bills, put it on the line.
A big astrological kite in the sky suggests that events don’t have to be pain-free to be worthwhile.

Every planet is involved, directly or by implication.
This moment, this apotheosis, will have extended meaning.
If you don’t see it now, look back here in six months and you will.

The truth is we have rocky times ahead, the next 3 years are critical, beyond.
Shore yourself for the unimaginable.
You can’t. Only try.

Venus conjunct Mercury trines Saturn,
a Saturn controlled Moon, looks for realistic good news.
The halo surrounding the $20 you find on wash day.
Glimmer of a promise that will actually be kept.

Aries Uranus Squares the Sun and Moon, and inconjuncts a potent Mars.
Full Moons have a rep. for revelation.
Sudden Bright light.

How do you use your position?
Uranus whose gift is subtraction.
The instant take away.

Is your heart in your throat?
Is witnessing eroding your ability to function?

The Full Moon in Capricorn reminds us of what power can do.
AND, that so many choices have already been made.

Security issues,
Your Home, Your Health, Your Wallet. Your family.


Maybe saying -shore yourself- is misleading. I don’t want to give the impression that there is anything anyone can do to remain unmoved. In fact that’s the worst advise ever. Remain moved. Be ambitious, unfinished, aware.

Mars (the god of War,) is strong now.
Not only other people’s Mars, yours too.

Stay with yourself, your value, your power.
Mercury and Venus in LEO trine Saturn in Sag,
Mars in Scorpio trines the Crab Sun.

You can play, sparkle, shine,
at least within your circle, sigh..

Willing to work for what is valuable, and, this is hardest for Cancer/Capricorn, unprotected.
Place your trust with eternal forces.

Love without end.

Love YOU!!!!



Look at what Spencer Tunick, has organized and so many women participated. Perfect example of the energy.

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Grand Water Trine, Mutable T-square, Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune, with the Moon involved +Uranus square Pluto Fallout


~ I am so tired of waiting,
Aren’t you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?~
-Langston Hughes

On never arriving,
we are never arriving, and the good of the world is never in our hands.
Nor is it in the hands of anyone else.
Everyone all together doing what we do.

Another way of saying it, is that the good of the world is always in your hands, of course it is… Where else?

And yet how to grasp it, invisible, impossible, intangible.
So many people, everyone’s hands.

Approach is the determining factor. Perception being the bulk of our possessions.
Possession translating into what we become. The thoughts that possess us.
The time we give them.

No good is ever wasted. I do believe that.*

I went out last night and danced my little booty off to to the Jazz that is still very much alive in this tiny city of overlapping lives and dreams.
Earlier in the day I did a couple of readings in the back of a nail salon for the women doing mani-pedi’s. No astrology, I just looked at hands, and listened to the people in front of me, all the information arriving at the right time, in order to speak and listen. Such a privilege to be trusted with the knowledge of what someone most would like to know, I felt lucky, and I was lucky.

There doesn’t seem to be any final destination,
and that is the thing I wish I had known as a child, and even as an adult, younger than I am now.


I really did think, for a time, that you fell in love and got married and made babies, if you could, or if you wanted them, and that all the rest happened around you, that these things, life things, would take care of themselves, if you were in love and your heart was true. Do the best you can, then one day you would look up, and it would be your grandchild’s high school graduation and just a little while later, you would hold hands with the one you loved the most and slip into death, which at that moment, was your right, that you had earned, as hard as it was to leave.

How could I not know?


How could I not know, the impossibility of correctly assessing and measuring all that life throws at you, of navigating the wilderness that you actually are?**
How could I be innocent of the challenges, when life had never been innocent to me?
When I had grown up, not in the world of my imagination, but in the real world, rich with difficult tragedy, obscene and unexpected, inexplicable transformation, not always for the better. Sourness seeping into to those who seemed so nice, or perhaps seeping out? How was I to know?
Or how could I not?

It’s a good question and one with no answer at all.
I’m a dreamer?
I had no parental guidance to speak of, none that taught me about life except by watching them live it, and trying to avoid their particular pain.

Is that common?
It seems to be.

I will say this, the longer I live the more I am aware that it is by trying too little that we fail, failure by imagining that we need the answers before we live the questions.

By giving up halfway, by expecting life to do it’s part if we have done ours.
In my experience life asks for more each time. A real Rumpelstiltskin!
And when it tips the cards to help you, the knife edge of what could have happened is so thin, you don’t know whether to be grateful, (of course you are!) so grateful, or to curse what you have become, while living so close to annihilation.

On never arriving,

Is it alright that we are always becoming that we never arrive?
That we are never able to say, HERE, THIS.

That we are a bittersweet amalgamation of fragments, and that any absolute we have arrived at can be summarily humbled and defiled, because there is always an element outside of our understanding. Because people will never be symbols, will never be complete, will remain impossible, like sparklers lighting the night and burning your child’s hand, like an ear grown in a science lab, created someday to actually hear music so impossibly divine, an intimacy composed by strangers you would never like, much less love and worship, and played by people even stranger still! Just fragments, of light and energy moving, colliding, bringing multiplicity in each human, a universe, inside infinite multiverses, a series of constant chemical interactions creating sickness, health, inspiration, hope, and death.

It has to be. Breathe, move and then move again. Those things that stop are dead.

Love YOU!!!



*And when trying cuts our lives short, often there is someone to begin our work again after we are gone.

**Is it just the arrogance of youth to assume that people do things badly, perhaps because they are weak in ways we imagine we never will be?

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July 14, 2016


Scorpio Moon, Cancer Sun.
Mercury and Venus conjunct in Leo.

The Moon about to crash into Mars, with encouragement from Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.
Strong feelings, or just quantum level frustration?

The Water Sun, Mars, Chiron trine still working.
The idea is to push past humiliation, or imagined humiliation,
to open up, not only to the world around you, which, (especially now) can be painful,
but also to open up to yourself.

Great day to feel that passionate longing or dissatisfaction which is so awful and so fundamental to our progress.
Great day to cry and then go out dancing.
Perfect day to spend horizontally occupied with a like-minded co-conspirator.

It could get dramatic, ideas are uncompromising, and the fear quotient is high.
Open when you want to shut, and if that is too much, let go, reconnect with yourself.

Accomplish what you can. Keep breathing.

What you are trying to avoid here is the hide under a rock and lash out routine.
drama, drama, drama

It’s very brave to stay in touch with your actual feelings while not judging yourself or others, while not imagining that this series of emotional triggers will perpetuate into infinity, or that these decisions, (so pressing, so imminent, so impossible) can not ever be made into a functional next step. They can, they will, frightening, thrilling, and extraordinary, obvious of course, but no less inexplicable.
If you do hide, there’s always tomorrow…

Love YOU!!!


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July 11, 2016



Mars woke up and didn’t waste any time, the God of War doing what he does best.


Scorpio Mars implies that more than one thing is happening. There is a motivation below the surface.
There are advantages being taken, manipulation is a given.

Paranoia won’t help.


the problems are not new, but new solutions are imminent

Accomplish your short term goals and position yourself for the long term.
Not that you may be certain what the long term looks like, given the level of flux.

Come as close as you can while you keep your eyes open.
Ready to roll.

Use all the water in the sky to keep you open, flowing, breathing.


Unfortunately Jupiter Virgo can not corral opportunities and progress into manageable steps,
but you will manage them anyway. The slow victory of paperwork. The correct document at the correct time.
Focus on the specific over the general.

Mars direct puts people back in touch with their anger.
Anger is an incredibly useful emotion.

It’s often easier to cope with Mars in retrospect,
but where in the world would we have managed to arrive without it?


In your personal history, right down to the microcosm, what made you mad, and you vowed to accomplish, to protect?

Manage it like a fire, where you burn only what is dead.

The Moon in Libra is a catalyst today, caught between the Sun/Mercury/Venus and Pluto in Cap, while Uranus in Aries will arrange a kick in the head that throws us into a Cardinal Grand Cross overnight.

So much to keep up with,
Structural Changes.


Do you remember way back in 2012, where we talked about the decade to come as a sort of hybrid between the 1960’s and the USA revolutionary war era? Here we are, and as ever astrology astonishes me with it’s accuracy. A mirror and a measure.

Don’t forget to love hard & to breathe freely, wherever and whenever you can.
This is the time we have, and you are here now with breath in your body and love to give.


Tomorrow Venus will be in Leo, that’s our cue to radiate.

Model what success looks like. Offer your warmth.

Our Water trine, Sun/Mercury/Mars/Chiron, continues to encourage us to protect our own.
Saturn in Sag. adds a potential xenophobia that can be truly frightening.

Another angle on this is to act with compassion when we address the wounds of ourselves and others. Remembering that we are all wounded.

You can’t fix everything, trust your intuition on when to press ahead, and when to regroup.

Love YOU!!!!


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July 6, Mercury Conjunct the Sun & Looking Ahead to Mars conjunct Saturn



Sun/Mercury in relationship to Saturn and Pluto kicked down some pretty heavy truth serum between last night and this morning.

– How do you feel now that you know? –

I def said some things that I had never said before, and bluntly too.

Not that I regret it.

That was Sun/Merc with the opposition and the inconjunct in action!


As they say… -the truth will out-
but sometimes it takes so many years to arrive.

Does it matter?
Howev, it may not be until the week of August 22 through 29th that we see the full magnification and fruition of this moment.

Saturn takes time.
Mars is still catching up.
On August 22 through 29th Mars conjuncts Saturn which is by then Direct.
Boom. Impact.

Mark your calendar,
there is a Grand Trine in Earth on August 23,
at that time, Jupiter in Virgo begins delivering the gifts promised since August 11th 2015.
From August 23 through September 12th, Jupiter in Virgo wraps up his tour, hands out rewards, and heads to Libra.
Stay humble and take care of the details to stay on his good side…

For now, assemble what you know, and see it as the wealth it really is.

Love YOU!!!



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July 4, Crab New Moon 2016


Try to start something now, within the next 2 days, a week tops.
Make the internal shift.

A commitment to nurturing what you want to grow in your life.


Anything related to house, family, children, food, the personal reflection of your cultivation, for yourself or for those you love, creative, inspired, protective, to provide for, to shelter, to empower.

Money wants to come to you now, got to find a way to let it.

Robin Switzman 2008

It’s your re-boot!
Now not only are your goals clear, but you have a trajectory.

Do you remember way back when I did a look at 2016,
I said the first half of the year was much harder than the second half?
We are crossing that finish line NOW.

(thank God, right?!)


Possibilities open up.

Genuine connections begin to be possible. the sense of being lost in the fog and alone is about to ease up.
The endless waiting for for a window, a thread, a clue, a glimmer, a glimpse,
It’s over.

You can function now. It’s not that is will all be good, it’s that we will have movement and light.
The held breath, the wish for a way out, without even knowing what that way out could look like, that’s done.
All the delays have forced us into contact with ourselves.

Next Stop:
Making the dream real.

Talk to people, They want to say yes.
An inconjuct to Saturn might not let them give you the green, but more likely it’s a checks and balances situation.


We have a Grand Trine in Water.
The Cancer Moon/Sun/Mercury/Venus Trines
Pisces Neptune and Chiron and
Scorpio Mars moving ahead.

Virgo Jupiter/North Node sextiles the Sun/Lunar pile up

Take care of the details and they will take care of you.
And by details I mean, work, paperwork, fixing things, care for your body, pets, favors you promised, food that keeps you healthy, clean it up.

A retrograde Pluto pressurizes the planets in Crab.
The issues are not new, but the opportunities are.

Pluto sextiles Mars and Neptune, it’s a good thing.
Visceral motivation, adds the depth of necessity. Or the feeling of it.
You know where to go.

Love YOU!!!!




p.s. happy 4th if you are in the U.S.A.
This is my July 4th song, let’s use our vulnerability to live more deeply.

Always arriving, never finished, always transforming, never fixed, always fixing, becoming, and open to it, discarding as we go, collecting as we come to it, loving consistently, for only love allows this much growth, letting yourself know everything you do know, and loving anyway, endless.

Come with me?



Remember THIS?

and THIS

how about THIS from 2013?!

How Lucky we are to make it this far!!!


what do you think, should I go back to making movies?



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