Jupiter + Uranus = Um What ?


It should be a beautiful time. It SHOULD be.
It should be, right?

The things we are shaking free of
leave us in a world that has recently been shaken.

Or wait, I mean,

What has atrocity to do with freedom?
Certainly one doesn’t purchase the other

Is it that the scale tips,
when the contrast is made more stark?


Commonalities seem to bleed together,
all can be free because there is no us versus them, but simply all of us?

There is a certain je ne sais tumble-over-a-cliff-factor,
as a couple of beautiful
& as a couple of terrible
massive avalanches take place in alternate directions.

Our Jupiter Uranus trine inconjunct Chiron is/was a gold mine of hyper speed big change surprise activity no matter how you cast it.


Health may be a factor, mental, physical, emotional,
oh health

Pluto, never one to be left out when he is in aspect, was not ummmm… left out.

Death, destruction, freedom, liberation, bondage, repeat.
(and because uranus) suddenly, always suddenly.

Something New

We are moving into the real meaning of Uranus square Pluto, with Neptune in Pisces, as promised.
As foretold by the elders, lol. I mean, as described by me and everyone else.

It’s a combo of the 60’s and the Revolutionary War Era, we said.
So it is.

Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce, it’s that life thing!
No. really. REALLY.


Dig yourself out of whatever pit you are in,
we can all start to cover new territory now, as mercury FINALLY clears his shadow.

The same old same old convos are done.
As of June 27th it’s at least uncharted contradictions…
Still Gemini, still undecided,
but FRESH for Summer 2015.


Why is it that you find yourself face to face, with what are, on an interior level, the deep dilemmas of the the last 2 years, now revealed in their most plain, stark, complex & somehow alternate forms.

…oh these ARE special snowflakes!

If it’s so simple, what’s the answer?
Why are you in over your head?

The finality is frightening, like the sound of someone saying
~I’ll fix you for good~

Thanks Saturn in Scorpio!
Thanks for the apparent impossibility of finding an acceptable scenario.

Do you want to solve these puzzles?

You will.

and before long, too.

So many things have already changed.
Catch up with yourself?


~ So there is a door out of here after all

And to visit a new place creates one
in the brain
-Franz Wright ~

Love YOU!!!!


* Zach Condon Uranian as always!



~There is a permanent amnesia planted in us, which just as we keep forgetting our dreams, we sometimes keep on forgetting our reality.
–Isaac Bashevis Singer~


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June 23, 2015


There should be an opportunity somewhere.
There IS one.

Find it.


Something sudden happens to make you grow.

Could be some emotional caretaking that goes along with it…
By tomorrow Mars joins the Sun in Crabcakes.
Less skitzo, more indirectly (lol) direct….
as in the objective is direct

Love YOU!!!



Are we getting ready for Jupiter in Virgo?
Why so many dog movies?!
Is it a sign of Regulus in Virgo?!

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June 18, 2015


The Moon is at home in Crab,

Humanity as family

Family as resource & responsibility we might like to evade.
~good luck with that~


Sweet water from a deep well,
or poison water transformed with a drop of our own,
or (foreign) blood.

The sky loves a fairytale right now.
Position yourself as the player you would like to be.
Princess, Knight, are you on a Quest?

Our Moon is in a loose face off with Pluto
danger past the tipping point.

Jupiter trines Uranus Leo to Aries 19 to 19
The early bird catches the worm,
or the unexpected cat sneaks up on the early bird…

Venus close to Jupiter by tomorrow the Moon joins them in LEO
Deep Enjoyment (partypartyparty)

Hey!! Where you going?!


Fire signs/placements see a windfall, an open door,
a free lunch, a way out, a new hope, an expansion to an unknown world

A Ghetto Hour 011: Africa by Ghettospheric on Mixcloud

Meanwhile the Sun & Mars are conjunct in Gemini,
the combo inconjunct retro Saturn in Scorpio.

The details won’t take care of themselves.
Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.
What you don’t know, what you fear,
might hold you back,
even/or especially if you are not fully aware it’s happening.

fix it, feature it, or forget it…
I mean…

If your going to do it, do it right.

Sun/Mars in Gemini turns over every stone looking for clues,
makes the call, the connection.

(shadow) Mercury square Neptune doesn’t let you in on all the results.
Something is still missing
Not every dot connects.

Faith, Cats & Kittens, Faith.

and ummmmm on the weekend



Love YOU!!!!


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Gemini New Moon June 16, 2015

that’s Gemini
and hands.
Take a deep breath before you say it.
Take another while you listen.

Blurred or double vision,
thinking along mutually exclusive lines as if they could both come true?

lucky breaks ARE happening.


better act fast,

be aware of the potential for empty empty promises, giving or receiving.

Driving around? Errands and short trips? What is the symbolism?
Where are we really going?

around and around, like a spiral deeper in…
where you place your attention commitments multiply


The Sun and the Moon meet in Gemini.

I guess you better talk to somebody.

Jupiter Trine Uranus,
with Venus coming near to Jupiter
What new avenues open out into beautiful (or imaginary?) vistas?
What is taken away?

Do you have a sibling to call?

Has someone been lying to you?
How is the self-honesty going?

Could be easy to make a big deal out of relatively little
if wounded pride is involved.

Mercury, as in communication, is still well within the (super bats) shadow zone.
He won’t hit new territory until June 28th,
& on that day he will be tagged by Pluto.
interior unconscious motivation.

We are beginning to have some idea of what we are capable of,
which is pretty exciting after all those years of living in a hole in the ground or a van down by the river. (Thanks Saturn in Scorpio)

Howev, capacity does not mean finished results, ~ it’s a mid-process thing~ the higher we climb, the more clearly we see where we ought to be going.

This summer is the final word on so many topics.
Where you have Saturn transiting back, look there.
It promises to be messy. (with that Leo Venus retro, how could it not?!)


Let fate do some of the heavy lifting.
Trust in your life. It has taken you this far.

Love YOU!!!


* this absolutely lovely image comes from the delightful saturn rising

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June 15, 2015


Gemini themes continue on unabated.
double double, double, and not the mirror image, not the same.

Something more creative.
A fork in the road, but no real choice.


Did we just get closer together or further apart?

Both! amirite?

Saturn in Scorpio sends a chill through the most heated conversation.
It’s good to know the truth,

Is that bottom line you feel closing in, or setting you free?

It sure does seem like there was flooding at the zoo this weekend!
Plenty of craycray along with some deep revelations.

Neptune themes: love, art, longing, drugs, escape, water, booze, glamour, loss, redemption…

pick a card, any card…

Today release, tomorrow regroup.

New Moon in Gemini mañana.
I’ll post about it, asap!

Love YOU!!!


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Jupiter/Uranus, Mercury Direct, June 11, 2015


Ready to go?!

Now, you’ll find out.

Maybe not today,
but within a week you may as well be on another planet…

Old routines will be left behind, or incinerated.
The new will have sprung up like a barn framed in a single day, simply add siding, which, you know, only seems simple, with wind, rain, weather, and other human style delays of time, ability, and capacity. But the next step leads to the next step, and before you know it, these cows go here.

Of course you are of two equally important minds about all developments, but you still know which one to choose.

It’s the one that sets your pants on fire*,

A lightning streak of one part joy & two parts panic,
that says thunder thisaway, & you have never been here before.

It’s different now, we become.
Grow to suit our situation.

The luck is good whether or not it IS good,
it’s the boot slammed in the door that keeps it open,

Or, for that matter, the door blown off it’s hinges.

It’s a goodbye that keeps on giving, and a hello that just won’t quit.

Love YOU!!!



* because Gemini


and umm
I mean

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June 10, 2015


This morning I went to my uncle’s wiki page for no particular reason.
Both he and my father are long gone, and gone too the worlds they inhabited.

The sensation of of time both looping and slipping. The inaccessibility of the past, and the inevitability of family patterning, one way or another.

Somehow that lead me over HERE for some truly great Music and then
HERE a beautiful place for design and more!

Guest Mix 003: Spirtiual Jazz & Soul by Victoria Topping by Ghettospheric on Mixcloud

Do take a listen!

Mercury/Neptune still the big news as Merc prepares to go forward, and Neptune turns back. Early degree mutables, prepare to be blurred!


It’s something about the combination of dissolving and simultaneous heightened sensation, that makes functioning such a challenge.
It’s those days when all the plants are talking to me, and I have to hide under the bed!

Kidding about the hiding, but not about the plants!

Today, Sun/Mars at 19/20 Gemini

Aries Moon, wake up!
Get back into it!

A jolt is in the works for tomorrow! No lie.
It does come with an opportunity: take it!

Love YOU!!!!



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June 8, 2016



Sun/Mars in Gemini, Moon/Neptune in Pisces.
Venus in Leo.

Jupiter/Uranus is a Major player at the moment.

You can’t really close your eyes and wait until it’s over.
You have to function, your actions have consequences, and here you are moving ahead, to where? To WHERE?

Yes yes, that would be the ideal, but are these flawed and powerful steps the ones you take to get there?

Are they?

Pluto seems to be forcing a lot of hands.
There is a shell game running, and it truly is hard to see if you can’t look underneath. Or if you have to do it anyway…

Retro-Merc/Neptune still the rendering the details unknowable.
did somebody say ~fine print~ ?

How can life change so fast, and move so slow?

or the other way?

Love YOU!!!



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June 5, 2015


Oh But NOW,
It’s a little lighter.


Moon still in Cap. but on it’s way to Aquarius for the weekend.
Venus at 0 LEO trines Saturn at 0 Sag.
It IS real, it IS happening.


Our Leo Jupiter to Aries Uranus trine gets a chance to bring it.

The sextiles to the Gemini pile up are pretty profound, with Mars (who makes it happen) now at 17 degrees.

Air and Fire Sun Signs,
Or peeps with those placements…How lucky are you?!

Saturday gives us a Grand Trine in Air: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, North Node. with a supportive Venus, Saturn, and Uranus.

that’s NIIIIICE.

Just enough of a kick from Pluto for you to feel the potential
That IS a yod in the sky: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto.
that kicks it back to Uranus trine Jupiter & our Air trine full of ‘Luxe Sociability.

DO talk to someone… see where it takes you…

Could that someone still be absolutely delusional?


But there is plenty plenty of good to arrive at your doorstep either way…

Love YOU!!!!


*Check Ana Montiel Jusssst Beautiful!!!!

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June 4, 2015


Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn tapped by both the Gemini Sun Mars/Retro-Merc/ and Leo Jupiter.

Family themes, mixed messages, violence, coercion, obligation.

Brought to mind my father’s favorite movie.
When he said ~ I’m going to watch my movie~ He Got Game is what he meant.

A disturbance in your mind? At home?
The unseen does an awful lot of work here.

At times absence is terrifically loud.

Retrograde Saturn at Zero degrees Sag. just about to slip.

darkdarkdarkness around the corner.
Venus at 29 Cancer, tomorrow she puts on her finery.
Today she simply cares.

Emotional, what it takes to control those tears.

Or let it happen,
Perfect day for a worthy cry.

A lucky break for our Lions
or in the house where you have Leo

It’s becoming more and more possible.
Reach for it!

Jupiter to Uranus 19 to 17, moving closer to perfection.

Chiron/Neptune still tripping dancers and spiking drinks.

Don’t prove what you are worth. Show it.

Love YOU!!!


I mean,
Gemini Sun, Merc-Retro, and Mars continue to
square Pisces Neptune/Chiron:



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