May 22, 2015


Happy Birthday Gemini!


Still emo, easing our way out of Yesterday’s Crab KA-BOOM.

Sun, Mars, and retro-Merc in Gemini,

Moon in Leo by evening.

If you are hotheaded, you should be able to find a way to enjoy it.
and if you are recovering from emotional excess, from interpersonal dealing, it’s a perfect day to spend money on something that cheers you. Yes I did say that! Whether it’s buying a nectarine, a movie ticket, getting your nails did, museum ticket, or beautiful clothes…

Let go? Or reinvent?
Crab Venus square Uranus, after that hit of Plutonic reality.
Deeper and deeper, or go head and pull the plug?

We don’t have to cave to every possible temptation.

As Mercury backs into Mars, make sure you do what you want,
not just what you can.
There a myriad of avenues open,
more than one film showing at the multiplex cinema.

The likelihood of a workaround, or a re-do is quite high so easy does it on the itchy trigger finger syndrome.



Love YOU!!!!


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May 20, 2015


Why is it we are the very material we have to build our lives out of?
As if there is nothing else?

Reality based on perspective,
perspective based on biological experience.

A grouper is examined by three kittens at Marineland in 1938.

A grouper is examined by three kittens at Marineland in 1938.

High drama potential, even if it plays out as an interior fight.
You wrestling with what you know, in order to take the next step.

What role has obligation?
What role has value?

How to integrate the unseemly, where it must and cannot go?

It’s sort of a primal day.
Last day of the year in Taurus for 2015.


I started listing out the aspects,
but let me retract that ambition…


lets just say,



Jupiter to Amplify!

Saturn opposes the Sun.

Crab Venus is sensitive too!
Potentially reactive.

Is there a woman to help you?
Softness is available… the Moon will touch Venus…
Some of our most connected moments come in the midst of pressure.

Are you comfortable?
I doubt it!

Are you indebted ?
Must you stay in your role?

Listen, if the potato salad is spoiled, just don’t eat it.
It’s not going to ruin anything that can’t or shouldn’t be ruined if you don’t want to go to the party.

and yet…
Sun Saturn makes it a do right/gotta do right.
Nose Clean, Chin Up.

~Una grande scultura posse rotolare giù per una collina senza rompersi, Michelangelo is believed to have said (though he never did): To determine the essential parts of a sculpture, roll it down a hill. The inessential parts will break off. -Sarah Manguso~

Is that a good idea for today?
In a word… no.

Pressure to be ~good~ may be part of the discomfort.
Does it hurt if I press here?
How about HERE?

Whatever info is incoming…

The more you know, the more you know…
even if you don’t wanna know…

How does knowledge alter perception?

Why, in every way!
that dawning moment, understanding what the lamb we eat actually is…

~Why, It’s a LAMB!?!~

Yes. Yes, it is.

Love YOU!!!



Delusional happenings are completely possible!
Look out!!!!


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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/New Moon in Taurus/A Special day in June


Who are you going to talk to, &

what nourishment is it going to provide?

Can you learn the language you need to succeed?

If you follow your thoughts, where do they lead you?

Is the true story something it’s possible to know?


We had our New Moon in Taurus on Sunday late night.
With Mercury turning back it somehow feels less fresh, but no less potent.

Did you eat a lot of food, or wish you could have?
What dynamics were born out of Sunday’s supper?

What kind of resources would you like to activate now?
Revive some missed connections to help you on your way?

Don’t wait for it all to make sense.

Be alive to the electric possibilities, flexible, casual, ready to fall back, pounce, question, intuit, redirect. Play.

Plenty of crossroads amidst our soon to be chaos.
If you catch a wiff of Pluto, you are smelling right.

Zap! not only Merc/Pluto
Venus Pluto as well.
raising the dead what do they want from you?!

Under no obligation.
cut cords if you feel like it,


Enter back into it,
to make it right.

Redo, to undo, to become, to move ahead.
threads that bear untangling
Or is it that the more you touch them, the stronger they grow?

turn your attention where?

~Yes,~ while conscious of an interior ~No~ ?

or vise versa?

Thanks Gemini!

No holding your breath.
Jupiter/Uranus still building freedom’s foundations.
Long term ultimate successes hope to be underpinned with the lucky choices or chances we take now.

Now as in the next 5 weeks.

Juno joins Jupiter, trining that Mercury.
The conversations regarding partnership that open and close doors.

By June 29/30 there is a BEAUTIFUL trine and conjunction:

Venus conjunct Jupiter at 20/21 degrees Leo trine Uranus at 20 Aries

The Sun in in Crab, and the Moon in Sagittarius.
Each at 7 degrees.

Mars close to the Crabby Sun at 3 degrees to give the Sun bravery,
Mercury @ 16 Gemini inconjunct Capricorn Pluto at 14.
The North Node in Libra pings the Sun/Mars conjunction,
Chiron tags Venus/Jupiter.

Circle the date!


Now in our preamble,
now in what will soon become notable history,

in a way, all doors appear to be open.

If things end now, it’s because you move on, let go,
change the paradigm,
step beyond.

Still opening up, still moving ahead.

God’s hand seems so prevalent these days,
it’s as if we catch a glimpse of the puppet strings or see behind the curtain. (Saturn in Sag!)

If this is so, the comfort is found in the fact that there IS a pattern. Rather than the sense it seems to make from the angle we view it.

Necessarily biased as we are, for all our reasons.

Saturn at 2 degrees now, plans on vibrating at 0 degrees Sag, from June 1st until halfway though, when he dips his toes back in the underworld, for a final review of debts owed and pain.

Commitment is not a dirty word, but no one said it was clean either. Can anyone spell closure?

~By fall 2015 we learn how.~

Enjoy the informational detours as best you are able!
at the moment more seems to be more

Mercury in Gemini is retrograde from the 17th of May to the 11th of June. Expect a Mercury Storm for this one, and a genuinely active Shadow Zone.


Love YOU!!!


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Jupiter/Saturn Neptune/Chiron, Dark of the Aries Moon


Dark of the Moon in Aries.
It’s always darkest before the, wait don’t tell me.

New Moon @ 26 Taurus on Sunday.

The scope of our problems takes shape, Mars opp.Saturn, we seem to know what we are up against, and even as the shape of the solution forms in our mind’s eye like a 3D holographic image spinning in the latest tech savvy adventure flick,
there is an awareness that we do not as yet possess the technology,

AND, that this is in fact dangerously close to a diversion.

What does it take to bring these images to life?
To put on the dropped shoes and walk out of the house.

In the main,those shoes have dropped.
We should be able to see the un-glamour of our dream situation, and yet still feel the magic that surrounds us.


time is speeding along

No matter how fast we run, there is no escaping our early imprints.

Do we set up the patterning to relive and thus to save or alter?
Do we set it up to see it with a witness, and leave it behind?

Simple problems with multidimensional answers,
Not all on the same path here,
You feel your way in the dark. Everything takes so long to enact, while time could not be racing away any faster.

away, away

If we are living for the thrills, and not the cheap ones either,
(birth, death) how do we say ~no~ to what will potentially harm us?


Risk factor.
Jupiter/Saturn Neptune/Chiron

and that crazy crazy Gemini Merc Retro
flying thoughts

Imperfect growth.

Prince has coined so many lyrical classics, this one comes back to me:

~ Would you run to me if somebody hurt you, even if that somebody was me? Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be. ~

Could be.


Put on your own, not someone else’s dropped shoes, leave the house and walk a mile in them.
Then another mile.

Maybe your head hurts

You are not alone, and there will be plenty of people to talk to.

Sit down and stare at the chipping paint, the moss growing on the rocks, that faded bit of red cracked plastic that finds its way everywhere. Get back up.

Aries gives us the capacity to go on.
Life force, no matter what.

Love YOU!!!


a good poem for today

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May 12, 2015


Lots of wild words being thrown around today.
Moon Neptune in Pisces square Mercury in Gemini gives us some form of Glossolalia

also deranged blurt factor

You can’t un-say it.

I recommend listening to this music for Cats

I feel like they are speaking my language,
whereas the song for monkeys does relatively little…

Tongues that are often tied may loosen today,
Compassion is available.

it’s a bit of a preview for this nonsense.

Can you handle it?

Well probably yes.
Take even the deep things lightly.

Is that what it means to walk on eggshells?
I hope not!

Let your heart be at peace, breathe deep.

Love YOU!!!!


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Merc. in Gemini Retro… coming into view


Taurus Mars tips into Gemini
to be ruled by a Mercury that squares Neptune.
That Merc will go retro in a week,
You are or we will be, of two and four minds
re: decisions/opportunities.

How will you know if you got it right?

A) Talk it through with a friend.

B) Move toward what brings your soul to life, viscerally.

If you have big plans, big dreams, & we all do now, (Saturn In Sagittarius)
Or we should 😉
the process has to be nearly worthwhile as the imagined result.

Our planets are NOT supporting self sacrifice
& self-abnegation at the moment.

You know if I’m saying it it’s GOT to be true.

Neptune and Chiron plan on clouding your mind.

It’s not the clouds I mind, it’s the confusion.
Let the clouds draw you toward inexplicable conclusions,
reached through looking at all sides of the prism.

misunderstood language? reconnection with siblings?
astrology can be ridiculously literal

Don’t bet the farm on luck making it happen, in fact,
it’s not about betting at all this time,
though Jupiter does trine Uranus wonderfully well.

A lucky break?

Not if you can see it coming!

Love YOU!!!




Accidents, Mishaps and Complications.

Using our bodies to process emotion.

What is the purpose of these painful detours?

Clean it up, streamline.
Take a Listen from the physical reminders.

Accidental Symbolism is often clear and concise.


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May 8, 2015


The Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn.
Ambitions that are realized precede success.

You want it, you work for it.

When I was looking for this song I wrote it the other way around.
~Wrap your dreams in troubles… ~

LOLZ!! Capricorn Much?!?!?!

But don’t we live it that way sometimes…
we need the troubles
to prove we deserve the dreams.

to whom? for what?

I heard Dr John, The Blind Boys of Alabama, and Terence Blanchard do this song at Jazz Fest, and it chipped off a little corner of my heart.

Now I’m broken, just like that.
There is a broken spot open to the mystery of whatever comes next.

open is a two way street.

Too much sweetness won’t rot your teeth this time.
Try it. What if you move toward the heartfelt, simple, plain, true?

Send your energy to the places it will do the most good.
Who loves you baby?!

That’s the one! That’s who gets the cake.

Feeling bad? Take care of biz, help someone else, in the small scale.
Micro actions: always a straight route to bueno self regard.
The sweeter your actions, the better you feel.
Self protective?
Do it with sweetness.

Here is the original:

This advise brought to you by Mercury in Gemini square Pisces Neptune!

Venus moves to Crabcakes.
The Taurus Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn.

So deep, so sweet, so STRONG!

Love YOU!!!!


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May 5, 2015


Sagittarius Moon/Saturn today.
Consolidate to move ahead.

It’s your future. Contingent on ethics. Contingent on belief.
Contingent on faith, and what was that other one…?

Oh yeah, wait, which was it?!?!

Hard work?

For the next two years that’s our mantra:

Imperfect solutions that give you room to breathe.

You can’t feel trapped and have it work out.
and yet, without commitment what do you have?
right, nothing.

Mutable Signs = Motion.

What’s it going to take to get that last little bit of ice out of your heart?
~looking forward to the Saturn/Pluto thaw in September~

Between then and now, heavy lifting.
Set the plinths in place.

Phox, the band is perfect for this.
what does she sing on that third song?

~Everything I do I do in slow motion, all that glitters is fire…~

Love YOU!!!!



Little bit of reverb on that Full Moon in Scorpio.
Echoing out.

Being witnessed changes the experiment
N’est-ce pas?

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Our Full Moon In Scorpio on the 3rd of May


I thought THIS take on Tarot was interesting. The project is complicated.
You could find a bone to pick…
actually I could.

In some cases the people look like props,
and that’s huge, that’s a huge problem on multiple levels.

True also, there are quite a few arresting images.


How do we live in the archetypes that populate our minds?

What constructs do we allow to govern our perception?
creating what we understand as… wait for it….

Who is ready for the Scorpio Moon?
Not all one way. Depth.
Richness, that makes a bond.
thickened with blood.

Where there is passion, there is…
it’s more than possibility, more than intimacy,

What seeps in uninvited?
Or invited only by the unconscious?

Scorpio Moon Full Moon on Sunday the 3rd of May.

Time to make a big commitment.
Maybe you already did.
You will see it now, plain.

oldie, but a goodie:

For our Full Moon In Scorpio

Jupiter in LEO squares the Sun and Moon,

It’s big opera!

Mercury opposes Saturn.

Its serious! Codified thinking.
Align your commitments and your values.
A pinned butterfly. Delays, shutdowns. Ethics.

Pluto trines the Sun, and inconjuncts Jupiter.

strong medicine

Neptune is inconjunct the North Node

a jolt! the dream or the loss of the dream!

Chiron sextiles Mars,

authentic passion


The Moon trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto.

open to bliss and those dark possibilities,
what small temptations and big promises?

Venus out on her own, incongruously capricious.

Is it a revelation, or a type of resignation she bows her head to?

A solution requiring big picture acceptance?

Clever is the word for this Venus.
Charm doesn’t stand on it’s own, but makes a solid opener,
Deep needs are met with tactical and perhaps practical solutions.


~Each landscape is a state of mind, he once told me: mountains for awe and remoteness, meadows for calm and the steam of the lulled senses. But some views are slippery. This place is both beautiful as the sun and full of menace: dark green, with now and then a red splotch, like a punctured vein, white like a flare; stench of the half-eaten. Look at it carefully, see what it hides, or it will burst in your head. -Margaret Atwood~

Happy May!
Have a Beautiful Weekend!!!

Love YOU!!!!


Jeremy Neal over at Chriotic Journal is back with a nice piece on Rulership Theory!

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April 29, 2015


Virgo Moon, Taurus Sun, Mars and Mercury.
Understand it with your body.

Venus in Gemini receives squares from both Chiron and the Moon.
Don’t let that finger get infected,

I was going to write ~clean mind, clean life~

But but Virgo’s and Gems are frequently ingeniously, beautifully, filthy minded,
plus that’s not what I meant anyway.

Edit, Pull weeds… but only if there ARE weeds.

Prioritize inclusivity, what you want here is a feeling for nuance,
an accurate image of the whole.

There is no need to stay simple, or to say everything you know.

Plenty of complex Depth and Content.
Handle heavy constructs with a light hand.

Under-do it, just enough is plenty
It’s the puzzle pieces that don’t fit, that lead you to your solutions.

Easily distracted by the undercurrent? Undertow?

Embrace the quirk.

Love YOU!!!


~Consciousness, unprovable by scientific standards, is forever, then, the impossible phantom in the predictable biologic machine, and your every thought a genuine supernatural event. Your every thought is a ghost, dancing. – Alan Moore ~


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