October 19, 2016






Between fight and flight
we may do both

Bright, harsh, and optimistic,
eager to drop the handle of the burning pot.

Security Issues

Precision vision, heartless, fair, and perhaps correct, as correct as you can be without a heart.

How will you use what you know?

detach, get clarity, move on.
Our commitment now is to success.

Busy day. Conflicts are to be expected.

Don’t be surprised if your innocence is repaid with abuse.

Self control is massive here,
if you fear you have little of it, keep your mouth sealed,
release your balled fists and use them to wave.

hello, goodbye, godspeed.

Mars and Pluto both at 15 degrees,
Mutable Grand Cross

The emotions and perspectives we arrive at today may shape our long term future.
Awake to detached understanding?
Commit to a plan?

A shift that suggests ambition, and highlights…. well let me ask you this?
Do you feel that you are, and that everyone around you is aging rapidly?

Love YOU!!!!



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October 17, 2016 Mars Conjunct Pluto + Here Comes Venus in Sagittarius!





Great Bravery, Fierce Temper,

Capricorn Mars/Pluto trine the Taurus Moon, & Virgo North Node, AND square Libra Mercury and Uranus in Aries.

Venus at 29 Scorpio
The capacity to move mountains, the desire to get what you deserve and not a penny less.
Wild streak of hopeless even as you see hope returning!

Can you feel your temper pushing against the wall of playing nice, all the while, as you double down on your commitment to protocol?
By tomorrow we will care less about structure & emotional content,
& more about achieving our actual goals, never mind how.

I’m looking forward to it!


That’s because tomorrow Venus moves to Sagittarius.
It’s a short run. She sprints!

By November 12, it’s Venus in Capricorn and watch your pennies again.
Venus will make investments and power plays in Capricorn using every last wile for the win.



Tomorrow we loosen our ties, and shift the change in our pockets, give it away, give it away, give it all away!
Generosity will only be to your benefit. Beautiful chances will arrive, because they know your door is open!

Meanwhile Mercury is working toward an opposition with Uranus,
more, more, more, with the sudden shifts perspective, in opportunity, in relationship.

We have been working on this pivot for quite a while, and we certainly don’t stop now!
This week is a cascade of changes. We remake our paradigm, set it up to move beyond.

Love YOU!!!!!




What happened for your Full Moon?!
Tell me in the comments!

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On Your Way to the Aries Full Moon, October 14, 2016




Breathe into it?

If you take everything that happens over the next few days as allegory,

as diagnostic,
as augury,
or portent,

what will it tell you?

What will you learn?

This Full Moon arrives with an event, a message, a surprise, a shift, a change, a chance,
and it’s not the least bit subtle, I described it HERE as when the sky goes boom.

But is there a message behind the message?

You tell me!

Alright, I’ll tell you too


Long term thinking
Being willing to tighten your belt to achieve your goals.
Inner discipline.
Recognizing value when you see it.*
The go-for-it moment that requires you to keep your balance while others lose it.

Meanwhile, be safe. Drive safe, work safe.
Life shows itself to be extra accident prone, and it doesn’t need any help from you!

Love you!!!!


*yes even in the face of annihilation

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Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, Cardinal Changes, Aries Full Moon October 15, 2016


On Friday I began to talk about tipping points


It’s so messy.

Whose fault is it?!
Yours or theirs?


so where does that leave you?

That’s right!


forgive yourself

Destruction comes with two faces and we need them both.
We need them all.

Fault is the wrong premise, mostly because it’s circular, you can follow the blame anywhere you like, (and back to you Bob), in part, because we learn to describe our thinking or choices through cause and effect, but it’s nothing like that, or more accurately that’s a sliver and we are looking at an oak, and it’s still alive and still growing! What?! My metaphors are running away… It’s a multiverse, associative, nearly hallucinogenic, you can feel your way forward as you move through the dark.

The light is about to turn on anyway.
It may already be on.

A super bright white hot spot light.
As if truth itself was the next step.
Step in to it.

Get simple. Bold steps.

Forward, that’s the direction. I promise.


It’s already hot in here and getting hotter.
Expect it. Believe it.
The sky does in fact go BOOM. And not for nothing.

Fire + Air
but with real steps, earthly consequence and fueled by instinct & emotion

To change a life, you have to have life changes. As you know.


It you have placements at 10 to 15 degrees or between 20 and 27 degrees of any sign you will feel this very keenly.
If you don’t have these placements you will feel it because you are surrounded and the music is LOUD.
Life feels precarious, because it is.


If only we could place events in the right order to have a single premise we could regard as truth.


The fragmentation doctrine the world has been preparing for us is nearly complete.
Howev, facts do come to the rescue, if only you can see them from far enough away to use.

Libra is a strategist, with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn there is a likelihood of making the right choice to advance your agenda. Pick a good one, without vendetta.


Working together is desirable and stressful.
There is an emphasis on trying to bend so you don’t break, and an undercurrent of doing whatever it takes regardless of whoever breaks.
Some will leave one sort of partnership for another, and others will realize they left long ago, so why are they still here?


Right now, Pluto is a huuuge factor, sex, and death, and regret, what you owe, or what is owed to you, how much you have paid, and just as you feel you are finally fighting them off, the messy threads of the past, toxic psycho sexual connections, or imperfectly decimated relationships of all kinds, throw their greedy tendrils on to your chest to see if there is yet a pulse.

It’s a two way street with cars suddenly driving fast in both directions. Why?
Because you are finally about to make a break, the past threatens to drown you.



This astro does not support backward motion.

We need to attack and grieve and grow, because while we are still living, life is tumbling, burning, swirling, it’s a fight in a forest fire, and we are not dead.


Our words are magnified. What you say will expand and carry out. Jupiter joins Mercury.
By Saturday/Sunday we have an ARIES GOD OF WAR FULL MOON conjunct Uranus, opposite our Libra pile up.

Mars is at 13 Capricorn, Pluto is at 15, together they trine the north Node,
and square the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Libra.
Saturn in Sagittarius SQUARES the North Node, and sextiles the Libra planets.

This Full Moon is not only a culmination. It’s a beginning.

Since (hopefully) you don’t want to begin a war, (there will be some that do exactly that), look ahead. Conflicts on the horizon for you to juggle/wrestle/outwit.
Apparently we need the pressure.
Our forced growth regime begins anew.

The celestial Cardinal T-square will segue into a Mutable Grand Cross on the 19th of October,
and a Cardinal Grand cross appears on the 21st with the Moon in Crab.

You can’t miss it.
And you won’t.

Love YOU!!!



Be kind to yourself, and your sweethearts, you all deserve it!

Do you love these cloud paintings?! Ian Fisher has made some serious atmosphere! CLICK HERE



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Weekend of October 7th, 2016


Tipping points have to arrive, and if you haven’t had yours over the last few days,
it may well be coming up.

Toy with emotions at your peril. Try not to make a mess.
Emotional, career, or family related news.


Right down to the bone.

Sun square Pluto, Mars square Jupiter
Today through Sunday calls for self control.

The Moon is about to tip over to Capricorn,
if you can’t be self-possessed and strategic now, well,
you may wish that you could.

Cuts are deep and voices are amplified. It’s not simple, you will have to act under compromise.
Mercury in Libra offers, not an olive branch, more like a laced cup of coffee.

-you will do as I say-

There is a sincerity to it tho, mostly because we are all desperate,
there is a raw uncovered quality to the proceedings even as the subtext, or roofied coffee slips in.

People do or say the things they do, because of real needs and feelings.
The underpinnings may be complex, but the choices are simple.

No no, is it the other way? The underpinnings are simple, but the choices are complex?
Watch as words and thoughts invert and split and reform.


It’s a Mercury in Libra thing.

So too is someone saying you are selfish, hungry, defensive, or whatever because they are.
Go ahead and let someone take credit for your idea, but only if that is the ticket to where you want to go.
Selfless and selfish swap and reform like amoeba

Generosity in the form of patience is a solid move, as is a kind word,
as long as you don’t hold your breath for a kind word back.

To remember: power is a gift, and right now restraint is the high priestess of power.

That doesn’t mean do nothing.
It means be aware of what you do.

Strong feelings demand recovery time, if you can take that it may serve you well,
and if you can not, listen and breathe.

Love YOU!!!



by – David Levithan
from The Lover’s Dictionary

~ elegy, n.

“Your grandfather dies a few months after we move in together. There is no question that I will go with you, but there are plenty of questions when we get to the funeral. I know you haven’t slept. I know you’ve spent the night on the computer, trying to pin down what you feel. I know why you didn’t accept my offer to help, just as you know why I felt I had to offer it anyway. On the car ride down, you practice what you’re going to say. You use the word confliction when you really should just say conflict, and you use the word remarkability, which I’m not sure is even a word. But I don’t say a thing – I just listen to you say them over and over again, because they are what you need to say.

Then we get there, and the first words out of your mother’s mouth are “Nobody’s speaking at the service.” That, more than anything else, throws you off, makes it seem like you’ve been bequeathed a bad patch of gravity. I’m bombarded from all sides – most people don’t know my name, and nobody knows what to call me in relation to you. Something more than a boyfriend, something less than a spouse. I met your grandfather once, and he was nice to me. That’s what I can contribute – that I met your grandfather once, and that he was nice to me.

Something happens to us that day. It’s there during the service, when you don’t let go of my hand. It’s there back at your mother’s house, where we retreat to your childhood bedroom and go through your old chest of drawers, where we find stale jellybeans and notes from high school you hadn’t wanted your mother to unearth. It’s there when your mother bursts into tears after most of the guests have gone, and I don’t need you to say a word to know I am not to leave the room until you’re leaving it with me. We have fallen through the surface of want and are deep in the trenches of need.

That night, driving home, I ask you to tell me stories about your grandfather, and as we travel farther and farther from your mother’s house and closer and closer to our own apartment, you unspool the memories and turn them into words. From behind the wheel, I learn the difference between a eulogy and an elegy, and discover which is more vital, in life and in death.” ~


and just in case

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October 5, 2016, Working Our Way to Saturn Square the Nodes and Mercury in Libra

tumblr_odh9c9gyah1qigaa4o2_r1_500 *

Air, Fire, Water and Earth all represented today

stability enough to build on, flying along Sagittarius Moon style, stronger now.

The Bright Spark of Life?
Could it be more real, and less, I mean more, metaphoric?
Click HERE

Is everything going to turn out to be true?
All possible theories finding a way to exist simultaneously?

Sagittarius involved in a narrative that explains the truth, the truths,
anything but the truthiness!

~ As long as you have mystery you have health; when you destroy mystery you create morbidity. The ordinary man has always been sane because the ordinary man has always been a mystic. He has permitted the twilight. He has always had one foot in earth and the other in fairyland. He has always left himself free to doubt his gods; but (unlike the agnostic of today) free also to believe in them. He has always cared more for truth than for consistency. If he saw two truths that seemed to contradict each other, he would take the two truths and the contradiction along with them. His spiritual sight is stereoscopic, like his physical sight: he sees two different pictures at once and yet sees all the better for that. Thus he has always believed that there was such a thing as fate, but such a thing as free will also.
– G. K. Chesterton ~

Variations on a theme as we coax something into existence,

seeing progress as a spiral, try to not let that undermine your concept of accomplishment.

Capricorn Mars builds an empire with an awareness of history.
Where we put our foot down, we make an imprint on earth soft enough to feel it.

Mercury in Virgo finds us distracted, finishing errands and attending to details which will free us later in the week to engage in the larger story, which is Saturn square the Nodes.

The tipping points of time,
the moment the cup overflows and a single drop of water spills,
the heightened sense when you feel a pivotal question arrive on a lover’s lips before they speak.

The cool sorrowful electricity knowing this is the last time you listen to your parent’s voice because they are dying, and now, will soon be dead.

Finality is a poem, a lie, and the only song we learn to sing over a lifetime.
All songs are praises, are protests, are sung with breath
which we imagine is the metric of consciousness,

having heard it once, is there a weight to the sound you never stop hearing?

a beat,
a breath

Marking the clock like 12 and 6,
as we spiral around, ticking through key resonances to new destinations.

Do you have a sense of urgency to achieve, to arrive before your clock stops?

Make a working truce with yourself.
To hear things as you hear them, to see with your own eyes.

Easy to be absent minded, but there are your tasks waiting for you,
as the sun moves through the sky, as your heart beats, awake and dreaming

Love YOU!!!



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Week of October 3, 2016

~ People think of education as something they can finish.

-Isaac Asimov ~

When a man falls in love with a piano, he gives up an awful lot,
doesn’t he?
And he gives it up because there is so much to gain.

A musician and an instrument make a pair, even if the instrument has no choice.
A prisoner and a guard, master and slave, a mother and child, a surgeon and patient, an artist and an audience, a pair of lovers, prosecution and defense lawyers, a marriage.

Are dusk and dawn a collaboration between day and night?

Inequities do not prevent partnership, but as we will see with Jupiter in Libra, a strong interest in just alliances has recently arrived.

Let’s set our intentions wide as sunset,
this is a beautiful moment to affirm respect for all life.

As we begin to take a deeper look at our relationships,
consider the various roles of letting go, negotiating, and trusting in our journey.

What is the nature of a pair?

How do two sets of childhood patterns fit together?
And if they fit well, is there hope for growth?

What does it mean to open up to the best possible outcome?

The Scorpio Moon today is conjunct Venus and sextile Pluto,
while the Sun and Jupiter square Mars and Pluto,





Did the New Moon in Libra give you the strength to wake up to who,

what, where, when, and how you connect with others?

How you see and are seen,
does having a witness change behavior?
How could it not?

Did you find a mirror and a promise to the one you will go home with every time?*

Where do you see a disconnect?

What will you give yourself?
What kinds of marriages have you made and what are the terms?

Over the week the Libra Sun moves into a square with Mars/Pluto,
something of a bomb set to detonate on Friday/Saturday.

Saturn squares the Nodes, with Neptune still close to the South Node,
fate arrives and you can feel it.

There is no way to unspill milk, the lure of past involvements come with speedy reprisals, those snakes do exactly bite the hand that feeds them. YES THEY DO.

We are finally moving on

Scorpio Venus has deep hungry desires.
Mercury enters Libra on Friday.
He plots his mission.

Key Word:

Libra is a masculine Cardinal sign concerned with Status, Fair Play, Beauty.

Libra works to achieve goals indirectly, their happiest win is a win for both sides,
because, among other reasons, here bitterness carries shame.

Libra is an Air sign and Air will elevate the conversation,
no matter how dark the subject matter.

We are making deals, compromises and alliances.
Power struggles are there for the taking.
The way to win is with poise.

I’d wager you learned a lot over the weekend about where to place your bets.
Not that all answers are in, but no doubt this round of personal demon/history/pattern confrontation was a gift to your evolution,
AND along the way if you have been shaking the tree, maybe a few apples hit the ground not too far from your feet.


Let’s celebrate our survival, our recognition, our success!
As well as a renewed commitment to internal (**and perhaps interpersonal) honesty.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, though with Libra it may be polite
as the kids say: stay woke.

It’s an active goal oriented week.
Already our lives become more social, busier, and open to change.
No more hiding like a Virgo mouse in the mouse house.
We ask, try, begin.

Jupiter in Libra has had it’s true launch finally with our New Moon on the 30th, the bottle is broken and the champagne drips from the hull, our voyages are relationships.

There are people to talk to, steps to take.
Working with Saturn in Sagittarius,
Mercury’s move to Libra on Friday will begin to ask the big, (right) questions.
She will be ruled by that Capricorn Mars.
It’s all machinations, once the balls start rolling, everything/everyone begins to move.

Love YOU!!!



Libras: with Jupiter in your sign, this is your year!
Doors will OPEN, some with a fight and to unexpected worthwhile destinations.
TO learn more about Libra click
HERE for a little love song from the archives
* I mean YOU of course!
** Libra is all in the strategy, so sometimes she shares and sometimes not.
Triangulate much tho? 100%

was there ever life on Venus?

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October 1, 2016



That was the sound of your head whipping around to face the day, the situation, the time you are in.

There is a hint of unhinged wildness here as we attempt to metabolize the life we woke up to under the New Moon in Libra.
Don’t pretend you are not as crazy as the situation you are in.

Or maybe you should,
maybe that is just the device that will allow you to make the change you want to make.

This is your life, and your situation.
To handle it, look around and make the most proactive practical choice you can,
while not expecting that anyone else is going to do the same.

As the saying goes ~ be reasonable ~ yeah, I know.

Take it from Libra Fela Kuti

Regardless of practical generosity some ropes will snap.

Deep Breath

as we untangle what partnership means,
what obligations entail, how to work with others and get where we are going.



SargentYoung Man


as ever,

Love YOU!!!!


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Libra New Moon September 30, 2016


A beautiful opportunity?

Our New Moon arrives on September 30, at 8 degrees Libra.
Libra is ruled now by a Scorpio Venus, who trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto and the North Node.
It’s not casual, not superficial, and not evil.

What beauty, what strategic beginnings, and partnerships?

Pluto Direct and our Pisces Eclipse raised the issues.
Wake up to the deeper reality, penetrate the opaque?
Yes we did.




Now what?

Dress well, you may want to impress someone, be prepared.

The Lunation is conjunct a newly minted Libra Jupiter,
and square a fresh Capricorn Mars.

You begin to work wherever you have to, while weighing, balancing.

You may even be passionate enough to end OR deepen relationships,
as you invest in something new.

What are the chances?

It’s an opportunity delivery, but not fresh, fast and on a silver platter.

An opening.

Take your best shot.


Try for it.

You are not wrong to think this moment is deep.

Worth finding:
your self-control, an awareness of subtext, and the ability to be precise.

To be clear:

You don’t want to hold back.
You do want to hit the target.

If you make a choice there may be some longevity.

People may be a little judgy. Shake it off.
And in fact,
Judgement is called for, use yours.




Jupiter expands indiscriminately, and yet he offers his own expansive benediction.
If you choose poorly you may land well, and if you choose well, you may do quite a bit better than that.
It’s good luck if you lose, and better luck if you win.


Prospects and projects to come to life,
fear is momentarily alleviated,
goals are set like stars in the firmament, and we orient toward them.

Saturn is now ruled by Jupiter, and in turn by Venus, who then looks to Mars, and Mars to Saturn.

We will have diligence or nothing.
Long term dreams can be set in motion.

A wide penetrating glance is cast over our alliances.
Those that continue will be made to work.

Open up, with a view to your future.





Love YOU!!!!


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Pluto Direct, Mars in Capricorn, Dark of the Leo Moon




Everything is not going to be alright.
Pluto in Capricorn goes direct and we remember that regardless of what we are attempting to build, the world is burning.



While we may or may not delight in the microcosm, the world we look out upon is darkening, curling up at the edges, turning into ash, char, and smoke in some rather significant places, ideologically as much as anywhere. The frameworks we use to form our thinking can be thrown on the fire now. They have as much current use as a whalebone corset. *

Once again, Pluto goes direct.
The unspeakable shows it’s face, or it’s you know, genitals, and we look not only at sex and death, but debt and consequences.
Easy to say, but when you are looking at death, you know it’s not easy.
Power plays, and ugly moments, as well as forgiveness, union, and a reawakening of our will to live.

We are forced into contact with who we are, and how we are going to handle our role in the deep murk of our current existence.

Mars moves to Capricorn on September 27th, Pluto is direct, and Saturn in Sagittarius combine to tell us that promises don’t matter. We want results, long term results and we are willing to work for them, provided we can start now.

With every heart wrenching question reality poses we must remember we are all the only answer, the only antidote that it is possible to possess.

Check this:
It’s a video from September 26, 2013

We already live during wartime, so no use holding our breath or closing our eyes waiting for it to all be over. Our surrounds combine dissipation and careless, bloated waste with poverty and violent oppression. In response, is there a singular construct that we can enact that is unassailable?


Only love in it’s many forms, and as love becomes action, becomes choices, once again, perfection/completion is the enemy. Instead, can we live remaining open to opportunity, open to the half-steps, puzzle pieces, unexpected, inadvertent or hard won increments and avalanches of change?

Do things get worse before they get better? In this larger context, I dare say they do.
~but not every single thing~

Pluto in Capricorn promises us the death of big business, an experience of fear based totalitarian regimes, crumbling authority and a constricting noose to go with it. There is no widespread prospect of a positive outcome in the near future (look at U.S. politics!) only dire, and slightly less dire.

Which doesn’t cancel out all the good. Which doesn’t make this moment monumentally worse than moments of the past, even a cursory look will tell you that things have certainly been bad before! The powerlessness we feel regarding our positive impact on the evils of our time, does not actually mean we have no impact! On the contrary. Any light will show up in the dark.

This pervasive nightmare does not erase scientific advances in understanding, It doesn’t destroy the comfort of your kind words to a friend, the joy and unexpected delight that can overtake you, a chance granted, a love returned, hard work rewarded, or a much needed moment of release. It doesn’t erase the powerful work that you do to understand your role in your life and grow into it. It doesn’t evaporate your ability to fight for justice, nor does it invalidate your personal ambition, and potential to thrive under adverse circumstances.

How will you work?



What else?

Neptune in Pisces provides universality, we care across borders, across boundaries, even across space and time. Jupiter in Libra has arrived, thank goodness! You will socialize, you will *gasp* leave your house, you will interact, and undoubtedly for many, you will partner for biz and pleasure. Saturn in Sagittarius does not only reject foreigners, he also provides some genuine victories for human altruism and formal religious development.

This moment, every moment is yours to use, heroes have always had their time.


Love YOU!!!!



October 19th will see a Mars/Pluto conjunction that trines the North Node and squares Uranus. Are we going to act on our desires? More likely than not.

*thanks Saturn in Sagittarius!


What happens when Pluto finally leaves Capricorn in 2023?
We rebuild! That’s what.


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