October 29, 2014


It is taking us time to assimilate the new information.
~Retracing steps~

This is how you got here. And now you are….


Mars in Capricorn moves slowly.
Fear or doubts may be a factor.

Do you have to excel or there is no use trying?

Can you begin, despite threats of an uncertain outcome?
Over then next few days we will tighten loose screws.

By the 31st a confirmation:
Libra Mercury conjunct the North Node trine the Moon in Aquarius.
Distance to see into the future….
I think the pass lies through those mountains…

Today: Aries Uranus square Capricorn Moon Pluto

Is that a jolt, or a sinkhole?
A jolt that propels you into a sinkhole?
Maybe it’s the recognition of depth,
a lever that puts you on solid ground
grateful for your capacity to extend infinitely, to encompass the unseen.

The balance of power has shifted.

Money. Time. Fear.

We recalibrate.


Love YOU!!!!


Who has won the war and lost every battle along the way?
Can we start a club?

* Capricorn Sun/Mercury, Crab Moon/Pluto trine Uranus, Eartha Kitt <3

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October 27, 2014 Mars in Capricorn, Post Eclipse


Here we are on the other side of the river.
Post Eclipse

What’s over here?
Look around…

Mars in Capricorn!

There will be conflict AND there will be control in November.
Played out against a background that pits Leo against Scorpio
and rubs them together.
Want versus Need,
how to open doors to the new, while maintaining your old responsibilities.
Promises will catch up to us like as not.

For now, we use the Mars in Cap. discipline to get what we want.
Sandwiched between Sun/Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces…
Which dreams become real because you take action?


Color drains out, we see silhouettes stark, sharp.
A clear thought, bell sound.
Meanwhile a world of perception continues unregulated,
immoral or likely amoral, a wild impossible thread.
What use is perception?


I wrote this via text to my bestie yesterday:

~XXXX still haunts me. More than anyone, which is weird because when we first got together it felt like nothing at all… not important… Everyone’s role is a mystery to me except you. ~ Yeah… Like why should **** have rescued me so many times, and be so awful and impossible? Someone should write a book about life as it really is without true roles, instead, with the wretched complexity that is so inspiring and infuriating, and above all demoralizing. I would love to read that. They could call it True Life Story.* ~

She wrote back
~ It’s true that our roles are really just to survive.
Singular biological role: temporary mothers and husbands etc… but just temporary.~


Scorpionic morality is central to survival.
The will to live,
one of the gifts Scorpio brings to their psychic surgery.
When A Scorpio operates on you,
all primal principals are brought to life.
Resurrection? Oh Yes.

Post Eclipse, look around…
What made it through the eye of the needle?
You’ll know soon enough when your belly begins to grow.

Dig Deeper

Scorpio’s lesson is always to know what you can control, and what you can not.
With Mars and Pluto both in Capricorn, that goes double time.
Self-control: It’s beautiful.

Mercury Direct, but still full of kinks.
On November 29th- 1st, Mercury conjuncts the North Node
That answer is the answer.

Love YOU!!!


Sagittarius Moon this morning.
Get out of the house/office! Go your own way!

*To my mind, James Baldwin and Roberto BolaƱo come closest.
But who can resist the occasional comforting morality in art?
No matter how unlikely, I’m looking at you, Tolstoy!

AND, as most know, the deeper morality is embedded in your life, the simpler, more beautiful, and perhaps embarrassingly, but most rewardingly of all for those of us who tend to take the long way around, the faster puzzle pieces fall into place without false confusion or a near dishonest expenditure of energy.

True true and true again.
Sometimes you need the detour to find out what you just didn’t know.
You knew it intellectually, but you had to learn it viscerally.

Is there such a thing as fate?

That’s enough of a circular argument for one morning.



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Scorpio New Moon Eclipse * Mercury Direct * Weekend October 24, 2014

Ziegfeld Model - Non-Risque - 1920s - by Alfred Cheney Johnston.
It’s a beautiful and pivotal weekend.
Even if nothing notable happens, it’s the kind where you look back and say

~ Ahhhh that’s when the seeds went in the ground~

We have had time to think
We have had time to talk
Now this:

Venus conjuncts the Sun Friday.
Saturday: Scorpio Moon/Saturn + Venus Sun
Mercury Direct.
There it is.

This far and no further?
Or the further in you go, the deeper it gets?

Mars moves to Capricorn ~STAMINIA~,
Sun/Venus to sextile.

by Sunday… Sagittarius Moon and Sun + Venus trine Neptune!


Now that it is officially Scorpio Season should we spend our lunch breaks listening to erotic city and getting down with the post man?

Errrr…. well…mischief potential does return
So too the idea that traps set may catch you.
Hearts engage

Saturn in Scorpio nearing his final death match ensures that there is content.
Life force without pity or mercy instead;

A non-verbal honesty
A bit sober, but no less primal

This is deep water.
and you have found your way here at last.

Dive Sweethearts.

allllllll the way dowwwwn.

If something is leaving you, take note:
It is already gone.

What’s left is yours to keep.


Where has Saturn in Scorpio been schooling you for the last two years,
by solar and natal chart?

What have you had to learn?
Can you learn it now?

Are you in a position to find out what you need to know?
the value of intimacy is…
and the cost?
with whom? for whom? because why?



Love YOU!!!!



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New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio October 23, 2014


Give something away?
Is that the best way to receive?

New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd.
Over our heads, aware of the cost and no turning back…
Yet it’s hopeful.

A beginning.
Who doesn’t want a change?

~That’s right, everyone wants a change.~

The old way has taken us this far, but we can’t stop here,
we put some blood into it,
and that most precious vial of scorpionic fluid: hope.

It hurts for Scorpio to hope, it’s almost as if there was a limited supply.
~that’s what you get with capricorn in the 3rd. A fear, or should we say knowledge based pragmatism.~

No matter. There is hope involved here.
Venus in her darkest and most irresistible guise brings forth her small store of atomic … passion… potency… surrender?


A biological imperative is released.
A sudden temperature change.
What kind of new arrangements are born now in love and money?

A few days pass before the concrete dries,
Mercury turns direct on the 25th of October, &
hits the North Node with direct motion on the 30th.
By then you know.


Our New Moon trines Neptune, Our Jupiter ruled Mars approves.
Go for the new.

The past is dust, & the wind is blowing, you’ll never find these scraps again.

Instead, a ferocious biology.
More than a bend in the river, it’s a seed in the ground.

Fresh blood, fresh life.

The stump of a tree sends out a shoot,
Life inside makes a push to be recognized, to be reordered, reborn.

A New Moon is always an opening
Say yes to what you want, what you actually want,
even if what you want is to let go.

We breathe in and out.
Our life suspends us on our breath, from first to last.
Open to what is calling you, what thrills your heart and pulls you by the hand.
You will always be moving in two directions, held between,
and irreparably, also only in one.

Since this is your life, live now.

Breath in, & inevitably out.
Trust in your ability to renew, to make promises worth keeping,
to make your way through the wild world.

Love YOU!!!




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October 20, 2014


Still Post and Pre-Eclipse, in the in between zone.

Retro-Mercury conjunct the North Node, sextile Jupiter.
What important messages came through yesterday and today?

Not quite able to land yet…


Love YOU!!!




from the sublimely ridic TurqNay Universe

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October 17, 2014

Have you had your lucky break?

What are you going to do with it?
Nothing comes without a price.

When you step out in to the world, you close the door behind you.
These are not clean victories, but celebrate none the less.
don’t wait, don’t hold your breath

Leo Moon touches Jupiter
Mercury kisses Venus, they stand close to the Sun.
North Node presiding.
No one could argue that the future is not here.

Keep moving.

The Moon is LEO into Virgo for the weekend.
You can’t please everyone.
Scorpio Saturn squares and then accepts.
By Monday a story has been told, Mercury hits the North Node @ 19 Libra,
are we through it?

Not yet, another week in the works…
Mercury Direct at 16 Libra on the 25th, post eclipse.

Love YOU!!!!


Muy Interesante!

*nice, right?!

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Cardinal Cross, Libra Convention



Mercury, Sun, North Node, Venus

More fair? More Beautiful?
More Balanced?

Work it smarter?

Crab Moon for the family dynamics,
fire trine hurries us along…


Emotional crossroads with kids and sentiment involved.
Home, health, hearth, harmony,
what do you need?
You were here anyway, so it’s no surprise to have these convos.

Boundaries are key.
Putting it together while staying nearly professional in your grace and composure.


Cardinal Grand Cross just passing through.

Remember to place yourself in the light you would like to be seen in.
A carefully curated honesty?

More simply,
as you turn to focus on each aspect they spring to life.
Your attention is a gift.

With so much Libra, other people’s opinions impact our own.
We ARE seeking alliances here, even if, or,
as we move through other epic disconnections.
Be aware of what belongs to you, and what does not.

Contagious thought.
It’s a good idea to consult an expert,
& run everything through the feel-o-meter.
The feels may be strong today, with no time to feel them!
If at all possible, acknowledge, at least inwardly…
give yourself your due.

Comparisons are both destructive and complex ingenious motivators.
The only way to get the “life” someone else has is…
wait, it’s impossible to get the life someone else has.

When you have it, it will be yours and substantially altered,
as you will be through the process of becoming…

What is it that reflects back at you looking at someone else?
What recognitions and challenges?
Libra is the ultimate competitor,
he does it beautifully, with good sportsmanship and style, balance and harmony.

Always looking for the Win/Win.

Do it to it!

Love YOU!!!



Mavis, complete cardinal queen!

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October 13, 2014


Who has it, and for how long?

It’s a transitional moment if ever there was one.

Be open to your feelings.
Be open to how not in control you are.
No one has to or gets to control life.

Flux: a series of changes : continuous change,
also,: the rate of transfer of fluid, particles, or energy across a given surface.

The idea here is to keep your balance.
Don’t pin your star on anyone whose chest doesn’t rise when you breathe in.

Stay with yourself, & play fair with others.

It’s a partnership puzzle.
Stay grounded. Stay adult, (not like the song!)
Don’t try to solve it all in one go.

I always think of Lucius for Libra!
Those matching sets!

Love YOU!!!


Busy Bee….?
I bet. That Fire trine just keeping on…

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Jupiter Trine Mars, Libra Merc Retro, & Venus Complexities


New things aren’t comforting, and they are not comfortable.
Opportunities now offer no guarantees,
people need be only the most chilly version of nice.

Jupiter in LEO trine Mars & Uranus is nothing like
Jupiter in Crab with Chiron & Neptune in Pisces.
No one is looking out for you.

There is no gentleness to the doors that open,
and no certainty they will stay open for long.
Your first sudden chance may well be as good as it gets.

but, is there, could there be some other chance? In many cases yes

A wide open disconnect, akin to a parachute drop,
if you walk though that door, can you ever come back?
Oh who wants to go back anyway!!!
No one. No one really. The truth is we are all learning to fly.

Amidst emotional puzzles and relationship renegotiation,
Nothing is certain now.

Venus opp. Uranus, sudden disconnection, or sudden connect?
Everyone wants to go their own way
How to have your freedom and maintain a connection?

Balance wins here if at all possible,
but its not a simple victory
and it plays out over October.
Venus square Pluto, and Opp. Uranus!
oh no you didn’t!

It do get complicated.

Triangles, an attempt at distance, new love, old love,
what is fair to whom!?

Mercury hits Libra and begins to wonder where he went wrong,
or is it that he is about to go wrong?
Or he finally pointed in the right direction?
and by he, I mean you.

This may take a while.

Libra experiences a conflict between what is true, and what is right,
or between ideals and reality.
If we succumb to reality are we losing our ideals?
The pragmatist says no.
The idealist says yes.

Libra, wants what he wants,
AND also wants it to be fair…
(that is a thought loop all by itself)

Equally important, solutions should be kind, or at least not messy…

Yet in the search for smoothed feathers,
who but Libra can enact these lengthy uncertain scenarios,
& who but Libra has the patience to get out of them, with and in/tact.
Libra wants a life boat in place for every sailor who jumps.

Is it possible? Well, is it?

Romantically play fair. Sun, Venus, North Node, and now Mercury.
That is a lot of Libra. No clinging, and no histrionics.

To win love and money,
Be beautiful, poised, clear headed and willing to work together.

Love YOU!!!


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October 9, Beyond our Full Moon in Aries Eclipse 2014


Taurus Moon

Slow down, You’ll accomplish more that way.
Sequential. You be the calm, Life itself will supply the random.

Jupiter trine Mars:

Sun/Venus/North Node opposition Uranus, and Square Pluto:
Cardinal T-square
Still kicking ass and taking names,
but not particularly triggered, unless by your own chart.


Mercury at Zero Scorpio mulls it over.


In between Eclipses, we float, curious about the wave of the NEW.

A world is forming around us, but the contours aren’t completely certain,
glass or jellylike, not a shadow but an outline.
We see the shapes and yet see through.
What will it look like with density and color?

Which of these sprouted seeds will grow?

No need to rush in, or hold back.

eat something! Taurus insists!

Love YOU!!!


*There is some debate about a birth date for Eric Dolphy.
Astrotheme gives him June 20th, a Gemini,
while Astrodienst, goes with the 28th, a Crab.

I’ll go with the 28th:
Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Crab, in the 8th and 9th house,
Square Uranus in Aries in the 5th, and trine a 1st house Scorpio Moon!

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Taurus,
Neptune in EGO,
and Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries.

For today he’s our Man.
It continually surprises me how long ago Mr Dolphy was born, no one could sound more contemporary…

There is that Pluto in Crab generation depth,
and Uranus in Aries innovation.
It makes me wonder about the lasting contributions of children born today.
Go team Cardinal!


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